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From the time Yang Kai had hidden himself in the Battleship and used it to approach the battlefield, to when Chen Yuan had killed the Territory Lord with a single sword strike, Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike in three breaths of effort.

This sudden turn of events caught both the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order off guard.

However, in the next instant, the Eighth Order Human Race cultivators reacted and hurriedly summoned their Evil-Breaking Divine Lance to attack their opponents.

The two Territory Lords who had been injured by the Soul Shattering Spike were completely unprepared.

It wasn’t that their reactions were slow, it was just that their heads were aching. The Soul Shattering Spike was simply too insidious, it could silently destroy one’s Soul and injure one’s Soul.

Only Yang Kai, who had experienced this many times, was now somewhat accustomed to it. Any enemy hit by the Soul Shattering Spike would lose their minds.

The sound of explosions rang out as several pure little suns rose up. Under the cover of these pure rays of light, the Territory Lords howled in pain as their auras plummeted.

Receiving this opportunity, the Eighth Order masters all activated their killer moves and charged towards their opponents.

Their fate was already predictable.

On the other hand, there was an intact Territory Lord who quickly dodged the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

There were a total of five Territory Lords, and one of them was already seriously injured. Yang Kai had used three Soul Shattering Blades to injure three of them, so he couldn’t do anything about the remaining one.

This Territory Lord was quite decisive. Seeing that one of his companions had died and the others had been ambushed, he didn’t hesitate to turn into a black ink cloud and flee.

At this moment, Chen Yuan had just decapitated his opponent with a single sword strike and was enjoying the thrill of it. Seeing the Territory Lord flee, how could he let him go? With a wave of his sword, he chased after him.

“Help kill the enemy, I’ll stop him!” Yang Kai shouted, enduring the pain of his Soul being torn apart as he took out his spear and stepped in front of the black ink cloud. Immediately after, a flurry of spear images descended.

Although Chen Yuan’s strength was not bad, if he wanted to stop a Territory Lord who was focused on escaping, he was still far from being able to do so. It was highly likely he would return empty-handed.

Since Yang Kai had chosen to act here, how could he allow a Territory Lord to escape from under his nose? He wanted to capture all the Black Ink Clan masters here!

Spear images filled the air and space distorted. The Territory Lord was unable to distinguish north, south, east, and west, so he could only reveal himself and fight with Yang Kai.

On the other side, Chen Yuan and the other Eighth Order masters were facing off against three heavily injured Territory Lords, two of whom were injured in both physical and soul.

When these four Eighth Order Human Race masters surrounded the three of them and locked down their auras, the Territory Lords knew that they would not be able to escape today.

In such a desperate situation, it actually stimulated their viciousness, causing them to roar and gather their strength to attack in one direction. As long as they could open a gap, they might have a chance to escape.

But soon, a scene that left them in despair appeared. The four Eighth Order Human Race masters all summoned their Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and attacked them without hesitation.

Previously, Chen Yuan and the others hadn’t done so because they didn’t have many Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in their possession, so they weren’t willing to use them unless it was a critical moment. Secondly, the Territory Lords were on guard, so even if they used them, it wouldn’t necessarily have much effect.

Now that the situation was different, there was no need for them to be polite to these three Territory Lords, as for whether it would be a waste…

After winning this battle, with Yang Kai here, would they need to worry about not having the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance?

If they were to be stingy with these external forces, allowing the Territory Lord to break through the encirclement and escape, or if they were to lose their Eighth Order masters, it would be a great loss.

Regarding the situation, the Eighth Order had their own principles.

Little suns exploded one after another, illuminating the vast void. Regardless of whether or not the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had hit the Territory Lords, just the purifying light filling the void was enough to make the Territory Lords feel extremely uncomfortable. The pure light constantly melted their strength, causing them to become weaker.

At this time, the Eighth Order masters began to cherish their own wings. Even though they had the absolute advantage, they didn’t try to fight with the Territory Lords and instead used the Purifying Light to seal off their escape routes, slowly weakening their strength.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, the sound of a Territory Lord falling could be heard.

A moment later, another Territory Lord fell.

Next was the third!

After dealing with the three Territory Lords here, Chen Yuan immediately said, “Jing An, Zhou Heng, kill the enemy. Dai Hong will help the Regiment Commander with me!”

The changes in the high-level battlefield had a direct impact on the armies of the two races. Originally, in this auxilary battlefront, the Human Race could only passively defend against the continuous attacks of the Black Ink Clan army. This kind of defense had lasted for several dozen years, so the soldiers had long become accustomed to it.

But today, when the first Territory Lord fell and the three heavily injured Territory Lords were surrounded by Chen Yuan and the others, the Black Ink Clan army fell into a daze.

They also knew that no matter how great their advantage was, once the Territory Lords were defeated, what awaited them would be a merciless slaughter of the Human Race masters.

Therefore, just now, many Feudal Lords had led their subordinates to rescue the trapped Territory Lords, but unfortunately, these Black Ink Clan masters couldn’t even get close to the battlefield. The rich purifying light obstructed most of the Black Ink Clan’s advance, and even when a few of these Feudal Lords rushed in fearlessly, they were easily dealt with by Chen Yuan and the others.

As Eighth Order masters, it was difficult for them to fight a Territory Lord, but killing a Feudal Lord was like fighting a child.

As a result, the pressure on the Human Race’s defensive line was greatly reduced. After the trapped Black Ink Clan Territory Lords fell one by one, the Black Ink Clan forces besieging the Human Race army saw that the situation was not looking good, so how could they dare to remain here?

On the other hand, the morale of the Human Race’s army soared as they rushed out. With the help of Jing An and Zhou Heng, the two Eighth Order Human Race masters, countless Black Ink Clan army's corpse had been buried in the battlefield and countless Black Ink Clan masters had been killed while fleeing.

At this moment, Chen Yuan had already led Dai Hong towards Yang Kai to join forces to attack the fleeing Territory Lord.

To be honest, this Territory Lord was quite shrewd. Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, he immediately wanted to escape. If it weren’t for Yang Kai here, he would have been able to escape.

However, in the face of a Space Divine Ability, escaping was just a dream.

In the entire universe, when it came to escaping, if Yang Kai was said to be second, no one would dare claim to be first. In his life, he had experienced countless powerful enemies chasing after him, countless near-death situations, all of them relying on his Space Divine Ability to escape danger.

This Territory Lord wanted to escape right under his nose, but he was still too weak.

Since he couldn’t escape, he could only fight with his life on the line. This Territory Lord was originally quite wary of Yang Kai. After all, when this man appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory a few months ago, he had killed three Territory Lords in a single battle. At the No-Return Pass, some Territory Lords had also died under his spear.

But in a real fight, he discovered that although Yang Kai was strong, he wasn’t strong enough to crush a Territory Lord. At the very least, he could still handle him.

Suddenly, he remembered the information he had received from the No-Return Pass. The Royal Lord had speculated that this human named Yang Kai had a method to severely wound his enemy’s Soul, because in the No-Return Pass, every time he killed a Territory Lord, there would be a fluctuation of his Divine Soul power. Ordinary Black Ink Clans wouldn’t be able to sense it, but the Royal Lord could clearly sense it.

It was through this method that this human was able to kill the Territory Lord in one blow.

This kind of method was so powerful that it would definitely put a great burden on the Human Race’s body. In other words, he wouldn’t be able to use it many times in a short time.

He had been extremely wary of this method, but after fighting for a while, Yang Kai had no intention of using it. How could this Territory Lord not know that the Royal Lord’s guess was correct?

This guy would not be able to use this method for a short time.

However, it was still difficult to deal with. He had fought many Eighth Order Human Race masters, but Eighth Order Human Race masters that were powerful to this degree were extremely rare. All of his methods were extremely bizarre, and his spear skills were superb, making it impossible to guard against.

After a short exchange of blows, both sides had suffered heavy losses. The Territory Lord’s hair was disheveled and Yang Kai was covered in blood.

Strictly speaking, the Soul injury he had received from using the Soul Shattering Spike in the Yearning Territory had not fully healed yet. After all, it had only been a short time, so even if he had spent some time in the Star Boundary, the Soul Warming Lotus would not have been able to completely repair his Soul.

This time, after activating three Soul Shattering Spike, Yang Kai felt like he had reached his limit and could lose consciousness at any moment.

But even so, he had to stop this Territory Lord and not give him a chance to escape.

Fortunately, Chen Yuan quickly rushed over with Dai Hong to assist Yang Kai, killing the Territory Lord.

The outcome was decided!

On this frontline, four of the five Territory Lords had been killed, and the last one had been besieged by three Eighth Order Human Race masters. Sooner or later, he would die.

Whether it was Chen Yuan or Dai Hong, both of them felt extremely satisfied.

They had been guarding this battlefront for several dozen years now and had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s army countless times, but each time they fought, they would be forced to passively defend themselves. The few times they had taken the initiative to attack were also quite disappointing.

The Black Ink Clan had killed many people, but not a single one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had died. This made these Eighth Order cultivators very discouraged, bitterly cultivating for thousands of years, but facing the current situation, they felt powerless.

Today, in the short time it took to boil a cup of tea, four Territory Lords had died at their hands, and now there was a fifth!

All of this was brought about by Yang Kai, the Regiment Commander.

Originally, many Eighth Order Human Race masters had been worried hearing about Yang Kai becoming the Regiment Commander from the Head Office Division. After all, in terms of age and seniority, Yang Kai was far inferior to the other Eighth Order Human Race masters. Although Yang Kai’s personal strength was great, as the Regiment Commander of an entire army, not only did strength is important, the ability and responsibility to lead the entire army to break through the current situation and achieve victory is also important.

Previously, Yang Kai had led two Battleships by himself and used the Black Ink Clan’s Domain Gate to leave under the watchful eyes of many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Many Eighth Order admired him, but there were also some Eighth Order who felt that Yang Kai was too arrogant and overbearing. If the Territory Lords were to suddenly kill him at that time, there would be unpredictable consequences. As the Regiment Commander, taking such a risk was truly unwise.


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