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The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had once shone brilliantly in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. In that battle, many Territory Lords and even Royal Lords who had walked out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had suffered losses because of it.

Many of the Black Ink Clan masters who were originally evenly matched were suddenly struck by the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance and their strength greatly decreased. If they didn’t die, who would?

Facing this kind of artifact that could suppress the Ink Force, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t help being wary.

Unfortunately, that battle had been too brutal and the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy casualties. The Human Race had suffered the same fate, and even the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been completely exhausted.

Refining this thing itself wasn’t difficult, but simply refining it wasn’t very useful. It still needed to be sealed with a purifying light to pose a threat to the Black Ink Clan.

Over the years, the Human Race’s army had experienced several great battles, and even the Purifying Light sealed in the Expelling Black Ink Battleship had been mostly used up, so how could they create a new Evil-Breaking Divine Lance? What’s more, after the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle, Yang Kai, the only one who could produce the Purifying Light, had disappeared, causing the Human Race to fall into a difficult situation.

Therefore, after the battle of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restrictoin, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had basically not been used again. This was also the reason why the No-Return Pass was quickly breached. At that time, with the help of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the No-Return Pass wouldn’t necessarily have been lost. After all, that place was supported by a large number of Holy Spirits, led by Dragon and Phoenix. Even if they lost, they would at least be able to hold on for a while longer.

The Human Race was currently in a state of decline, with more than ninety percent of the three thousand Great Domains occupied by the Black Ink Clan. They could only gather all of their forces and defend more than a dozen Great Domain Battlefields. Facing the attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s armies from all over the Great Domain Battlefield, they were constantly on the edge of life and death, with the slightest mistake and they would be doomed.

After decades of bloody battles, the Black Ink Clan had witnessed the tenacity of the Human Race and had also witnessed the various strange methods of the Human Race, so they had thought that they already knew the Human Race like the back of their hand.

Until Chen Yuan summoned his Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Hundreds of years ago, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had displayed its might in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle. Today, it appeared again, with just one strike, it had severely wounded one of the five Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords who were fighting with the Eighth Order Human Race masters were all shocked as they immediately recognized this weapon as the one that had displayed its brilliance outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

All of them were fearful.

Fortunately, in the ensuing battle, the Human Race no longer showed any intention of using the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. The several Territory Lords guessed that the Human Race didn’t have many such weapons, otherwise they wouldn’t have been so polite.

In fact, the number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance present was indeed not high. After all, it had only been a few months since Yang Kai had returned, so even if the Human Race urgently wanted to refine the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, they wouldn’t be able to do so much.

Of course, the bigger reason was that the Territory Lords had taken precautions, so Chen Yuan and the others didn’t have any confidence in succeeding, which was why they had endured.

Trump cards didn’t necessarily need to be used to intimidate others.

At the very least, after injuring the Territory Lord, the remaining Territory Lords were no longer as aggressive as before, allowing the few Eighth Order Human Race masters to be in a much better situation.

After receiving the message from the Seventh Order Open Heaven, Chen Yuan summoned his Evil-Breaking Divine Lance again and activated his World Force. The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of him trembled slightly, as if it would break through at any moment.

The several Territory Lords immediately felt a headache coming on, especially the Territory Lord who was facing Chen Yuan. His eyes stared fixedly at the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of Chen Yuan as he pushed his strength to the limit, ready to resist at any moment.

After witnessing the fate of his companion, he knew that if he couldn’t defend against this artifact’s attack, the best outcome would be severe injuries.

He was fully focused on dealing with the incoming murderous intent.

The Battleship that had come to deliver the message was fleeing in the vicinity, with countless Black Ink Clan cultivators chasing after it. From the looks of it, it wouldn’t be long before this Battleship met a tragic end.

At a certain moment, this Battleship seemed to be in a panic as it rushed towards the battlefield of the Eighth Order masters and Territory Lords.

The Territory Lords noticed this and were enraged. If this was any other time, a casual blow from them would have been enough to consign this Battleship to eternal damnation, but with the threat of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, none of them dared to be distracted.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of Chen Yuan trembled even more violently, as if it would be sent flying at any moment.

The tattered Battleship was now very close to the Territory Lords, and on the Battleship, the dozen or so Human Race soldiers all wore helpless expressions, as if they were on the verge of death.

At this moment, a fluctuation of Soul Power suddenly appeared, causing the Territory Lord who was fighting Chen Yuan to tremble. In an instant, he felt a sharp force tear through his Soul, and the indescribable pain caused him to tremble and lose his composure.

The Territory Lord was terrified. Although he didn’t know what had happened, how could he not know that he had been ambushed?

Who was attacking him? Who could ambush him?

He had always been vigilant of Chen Yuan’s movements, and the other Eighth Order Human Race masters had also been restrained by the Territory Lords, so he hadn’t noticed any signs of human masters approaching.

The Territory Lord couldn’t understand how he had been ambushed under such circumstances.

However, there was no need for him to think too much about it. The instant the Soul Power fluctuated, the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in front of Chen Yuan was instantly activated, transforming into a streak of light and piercing into the Territory Lord’s chest.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was indeed effective against the Black Ink Clan, but it also had its own drawbacks. After all, it was just an artifact, and if the Black Ink Clan’s masters were on guard against it, it might not necessarily be effective.

That was why after Chen Yuan summoned this Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, he had remained silent, waiting for a good opportunity.

At this moment, the attack succeed.

The Territory Lord’s mind had already fallen into a state of panic and was unable to defend against Chen Yuan’s attack.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance pierced into the Territory Lord’s chest and exploded. In an instant, a small pure white sun rose from the void and enveloped the Territory Lord, melting away the Ink Force in his body.

The double blow on his Soul and his physical body caused the Territory Lord to finally be unable to endure and let out a miserable cry.

Chen Yuan, on the other hand, didn’t stop at all. After releasing his Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, he charged towards the Territory Lord.

A cold light flashed from the sword in his hand as it slashed across the Territory Lord’s thick neck.

The moment they passed each other, Chen Yuan’s face became as cold as ice. Behind him, the Territory Lord’s head shot up into the sky, and the cut on his neck was as smooth as a mirror as ink blood gushed out.

The Territory Lord had fallen!

It wasn’t until the moment of his death that the Territory Lord vaguely saw a ghost-like figure flying out of the broken Battleship. Before this, he hadn’t even noticed it.

He finally understood where this sneak attack had come from, but unfortunately, he no longer had the strength to warn his companions. On his massive head, a pair of eyes glared angrily, as if he had died with a grievance.

Compared to this Territory Lord’s grievance, Chen Yuan was feeling quite satisfied.

He was also a veteran Eighth Order with extraordinary strength. Although he couldn’t compare to a monstrous genius like Xiang Shan, he was almost on par with Ouyang Lie. Back then, he was also a Regiment Commander-level figure.

However, even a veteran Eighth Order like him felt powerless in the current struggle with the Black Ink Clan.

In the past, the battles in the Ink Battlefield had been slightly better. At that time, although the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was greater, most of them were weaker than Eighth Order Human Race, not to mention veteran Eighth Order ones like him.

He had also killed some Territory Lords.

However, after the battle of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, all the ordinary Territory Lords had died, while the surviving Territory Lords were all Innate Territory Lords who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. All of them were far stronger than the ordinary Territory Lords of the past.

After hundreds of years of fighting, he had only managed to kill three Territory Lords, and he had even joined forces with others to kill them. Each time, the battle had been extremely difficult and he had even put himself in danger several times.

Today, he had finally managed to vent the bitterness in his heart, allowing him to feel the joy of killing a Territory Lord with a single sword strike.

Although the power of this sword strike wasn’t entirely due to his efforts, but rather because of Yang Kai’s sneak attack, the Territory Lord’s head had been cut off by him, so this was more than enough.

While he was still sighing, the other four Territory Lords’ expressions changed drastically.

The originally anxious battle situation had suddenly become a life or death battle, causing the Territory Lords to be both shocked and frightened, no one knowing what had happened.

Not only did they not understand, but even the other Eighth Order Human Race masters were confused as to why Chen Yuan had suddenly become so brave.

But soon, they understood that Yang Kai had arrived!

After shooting out a Soul Shattering Spike, Yang Kai no longer had any way to hide his whereabouts, so he simply jumped out from the bottom of the Battleship he was hiding in and used another Soul Shattering Spike to attack the second Territory Lord.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to Chen Yuan’s opponent. With the Soul Shattering Spear and the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, if Chen Yuan couldn’t defeat his opponent, it would be a waste of his many years of hard work.

What Yang Kai needed to do now was to kill these Territory Lords as quickly as possible. If he hesitated for even a moment, these Territory Lords could escape.

This was a rare opportunity. The Mysterious Nether Territory’s Black Ink Clan had thought he was trapped in the Yearning Territory and had brazenly launched an attack on the Human Race, but who would have thought he had already left? This was the Black Ink Clan’s loss in information gathering.

However, this couldn’t be blamed on the Black Ink Clans of the Yearning Territory. After all, who could have known that Yang Kai could use the World Tree’s guidance to travel through the heavens with Great Ruins Boundary as transit?

Only a small number of humans knew about this secret.

War was not just about the disparity in strength, but also about the importance of informations.

While the two races’ masters were still in a daze, Yang Kai had already taken out his second Soul Shattering Spike, causing the defenseless Territory Lord to let out a miserable cry as his body swayed unsteadily.

Yang Kai didn’t stop, immediately following up with a third attack towards the third Territory Lord.

The Soul Shattering Spike was powerful, but it was also easy to defend against. As long as one could protect their Soul, it would greatly weaken the Soul Shattering Spike’s power, so he could not give the Territory Lords any chance to defend themselves.

Another blood-curdling scream rang out as the two Territory Lords who had been injured by the Soul Shattering Spike trembled, their auras becoming chaotic.

Of the five Territory Lords, although one of them was seriously injured, the other four were all in perfect condition and had the upper hand against four Eighth Order Human Race masters.

However, in that instant, the situation took a sharp turn. One of the Territory Lords had been decapitated while the other two’s auras had plummeted. Including the one who was already seriously injured, only one Territory Lord were left unscathed.


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