Yearning Territory had millions of Black Ink Clan army, as well as a large number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords. Such a lineup was definitely not as simple as setting up a trap for the travelling hunters. Wei Junyang and the others all guessed that Yang Kai’s trip to the Yearning Territory had been predicted by the Black Ink Clan in advance, which was why they had made such arrangements.

The entire Yearning Territory was like a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den.

However, by the time the Human Race received the news, it was already too late. Counting the time, Yang Kai had already entered the Yearning Territory, so it was too late to send a message.

Wei Junyang and the others were extremely worried, afraid that Yang Kai would encounter some kind of accident in the Yearning Territory.

The Head Office Division had no way of obtaining accurate information about the Yearning Territory, so they had sent out some hunters to enter the Yearning Territory through the Domain Gate to investigate the situation, but they had never returned. It was obvious that the Black Ink Clan had used their army to seal off the Domain Gate and had encountered some kind of accident.

Not only that, but the originally peaceful situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory was also broken.

The reason why the Mysterious Nether Territory had been able to remain peaceful before was because the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were afraid of Yang Kai’s unpredictable killing methods, so they didn’t dare act rashly. Now that they had received accurate news that Yang Kai, the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, was trapped in the Yearning Territory, why would they need to fear him?

Wei Junyang, Ouyang Lie, and the others were strong, but the Territory Lords could still handle them. Yang Kai was the kind of person who gave them a headache.

Immediately mobilizing their forces, they began attacking the Human Race on all fronts. The two sides seemed to have returned to their old days of fighting.

So when news spread that Yang Kai had returned to the Star Boundary, Wei Junyang and the others refused to believe it, thinking it was just a rumor.

Even if Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle and managed to escape the crisis of the Yearning Territory, it was impossible for him to return to the Star Boundary immediately. If he wanted to return to the Star Boundary, he would first have to pass through the Mysterious Nether Territory.

While they were still investigating where the rumors had come from, someone below reported that the Regiment Commander had returned.

Wei Junyang, who was currently fighting on the front lines, quickly rushed back to the main camp to investigate. Sure enough, he saw Yang Kai’s heroic figure.

Wei Junyang was stunned.

Wei Junyang wasn’t the only one who was stunned, even Kong Cheng De, who was in charge of the overall situation, had a look of disbelief on his face. When Yang Kai appeared just now, Kong Cheng De almost thought he was seeing things.

Among the Eighth Order masters from the Mysterious Nether Territory, Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie were undoubtedly the strongest, but both of them were masters in the dao of battle. If one were to say that they were capable of devising strategies to determine victory and defeat, they would still be lacking.

Kong Cheng De, who came from a Nine Stars Paradise, was superior to everyone else in terms of strategy. Over the past few years, the battle in the Mysterious Nether Territory had been centered around his will, with the other Eighth Order cultivators assisting him and more than a dozen Seventh Order cultivators assisting him in formulating a strategy to fight the Black Ink Clan.

“Sir!” Wei Junyang stepped forward and stared blankly at Yang Kai, “Isn’t Sir trapped in the Yearning Territory? We received news that the Yearning Territory has an army of several million Black Ink Clan cultivators and many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords. How did Sir return?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed, but I have a way to escape.”

He also didn’t say that he could use the World Tree to travel through the universe, there was no need to say such a thing. Because of the Black Ink Disciple's existence, there were many secrets that needed to be kept a secret. If one day someone was turned into Black Ink Disciple, it would be exposed.

Wei Junyang let out a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that Yang Kai would fall into the Yearning Territory. Now that Yang Kai was able to escape safely, it was naturally the best outcome. It was just that the Black Ink Clan in the Yearning Territory probably didn’t know about this, so they should still be searching for Yang Kai.

Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan from the Mysterious Nether Territory would definitely not dare to start a war.

Thinking of this, Wei Junyang suddenly felt some sympathy for the Black Ink Clan. It was quite difficult to go through so much trouble for an enemy that no longer there.

Soon after, his eyes lit up, “Sir, you’ve returned just in time. The Black Ink Clan doesn’t know anything about this, so Sir can take this opportunity to kill a few more Territory Lords to strengthen our military might.”

The Black Ink Clan thought that Yang Kai was still trapped in the Yearning Territory, so they had started another war, but now that Yang Kai had returned, they could easily find a few Territory Lords and kill them.

Yang Kai nodded, “I also had the same idea and was discussing this matter with Senior Brother Kong.”

As soon as he returned, he discovered that another battle had broken out in the Mysterious Nether Territory and vaguely understood what the Black Ink Clan was thinking, so he didn’t show up to participate in the battle. Instead, he went to the frontline camp and found Kong Cheng De, who was overseeing this place, to ask for his opinion.

It was better to see which way to start.

Last time, he had killed three Territory Lords and forced the Black Ink Clan to retreat. This was a rare opportunity, so it was unlikely there would be a next time.

As long as he remained in the Mysterious Nether Territory, the Black Ink Clan would be on guard against him.

The Soul Shattering Spike was not always successful. After his experience in the Yearning Territory, Yang Kai understood that if the Territory Lords wanted to protect their Souls, the Soul Shattering Spike’s power would be greatly reduced. If the two Territory Lords acted together and were wary of him, it would be difficult for him to kill them in one blow.

There was no way to kill them in a single blow. With his current strength, fighting against a Territory Lord was not very effective.

Inside the tent, in front of Yang Kai and the others was the entire Mysterious Nether Territory’s Void Map. This Void Map was jointly created by many Artifact Refiners and Array Masters from the army and encompassed the entire Mysterious Nether Territory.

In the Void Map, there were three Domain Gates, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan each occupy one place, and another Domain Gate could be said to have no owner. The Human Race and the Black Ink Clan all wanted to fight for the Domain Gate, but unfortunately, none of them were able to occupy them for too long. Over the past few decades, it had changed hands many times.

The matter of Yang Kai becoming the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army was extremely urgent, and he had also rushed to the Yearning Territory to save the trapped cultivators there, so he didn’t know much about the situation here.

If he was just an ordinary Eighth Order cultivator, it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t understand, as long as he followed orders. However, he was now the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, and as the one in charge of overseeing the Mysterious Nether Territory, it would be inappropriate for him to not understand basic information.

Just now, after listening to Kong Cheng De’s explanation, Yang Kai had at least learned about the strength of the Mysterious Nether Army, the number of High Rank Open Heaven, and the distribution of the Eighth Order Open Heaven.

The Mysterious Nether Army was known as a million strong army on the surface, but in reality, it didn’t have such a large number. Perhaps it had existed in the past, but after a few dozen years of war, many of its soldiers had suffered heavy casualties. Now, the entire Mysterious Nether Army had around six hundred and fifty thousand soldiers.

As for the main battlefield, half of it was occupied by the Black Ink Clan’s main force. As long as they could defeat the Human Race’s main battlefield, they would have a chance to seize the Domain Gate controlled by the Human Race and then seize Mysterious Nether Territory.

On the main battlefield, there were many soldiers, and more than half of the Eighth Order were stationed there to guard against the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

In addition to the main battlefield, there were four other auxiliary battlefronts, one of which was fighting over the ownerless third Domain Gate. There were about a hundred thousand troops and eight Eighth Order masters stationed there.

The other auxiliary battlefronts were arranged in smaller numbers, each of them consisting of several tens of thousands of soldiers and several Eighth Order masters.

There were about fifty Eighth Order in the Mysterious Nether Army.

This number was not small.

The other battlefields were similar.

When he heard this number, Yang Kai’s heart still felt heavy. Compared to the accumulation of the Cave Heaven Paradise for so many years, there were too few Eighth Order masters in a single battlefield!

How many years had the Cave Heaven Paradise been passed down? Even if an Eighth Order was rare, after countless years of accumulation, each Cave Heaven Paradise had at least a thousand Eighth Order.

However, after so many battles with the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s upper echelons had suffered heavy casualties. Not to mention the Eighth Order, there were now only two Ninth Order Human Race masters.

In comparison, the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was much greater.

Almost all of the Human Race’s available forces were concentrated in a dozen or so battlefields, but the Black Ink Clan had many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords on the battlefield, as well as many Black Ink Clan cultivators from various Great Domains. There were even many Territory Lords in the No-Return Pass.

The reason why the Human Race was able to persist for so many years was mainly because they were willing to fight to the death!

If the Territory Lords were seriously injured, they would need to enter the Ink Nest to hibernate before they could recover. The Human Race’s Eighth Order didn’t need it, so even though there were fewer Eighth Order than the Territory Lords, the situation on the battlefield could still be barely maintained. Of course, this kind of maintenance was also extremely dangerous, and in almost every battlefield, the Human Race was at a disadvantage.

The Human Race also needed the younger generation to produce more masters to fill the gap between high-level combatants.

“The Black Ink Clan from the Mysterious Nether Territory, is it lead by the Territory Lord named Six Arms?” Yang Kai suddenly asked. He still had some impression of this Six Arms Territory Lord. The last time he had borrowed the Domain Gate occupied by the Black Ink Clan, this Six Arms Territory Lord had come out to communicate with him.

Wei Junyang nodded, quickly realizing something, “Sir wants to use that Six Arms to establish his dominance?”

Yang Kai didn’t deny it, “If we can kill that Six Arms Territory Lord, the Black Ink Clan should be more obedient for a while.”

Wei Junyang shook his head and said, “Six Arms isn’t easy to kill, this guy is very cautious. Once, Ouyang Lie and I worked together to kill him, but we never succeeded. Moreover, he rarely goes out to fight personally and usually only acts as a rear guard.”

Yang Kai frowned, “So cautious?”

He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling that many of these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were afraid of death, and the one he had met in the Yearning Territory was precisely like this.

These people had been directly created by Black Ink, so logically speaking, they should have fought valiantly for the Black Ink Clan.

Could it be that Black Ink was afraid of death? Were these Territory Lords affected by Black Ink?

Yang Kai shook his head and collected his thoughts.

“Moreover, even if we kill Six Arms, it won’t have a fatal impact on the Black Ink Clan’s side. The difference in strength between the Territory Lords isn’t too great, so even if Six Arms dies, the Black Ink Clan will quickly launch a new leader,” Kong Cheng De added.

Yang Kai looked up at him, “Then Senior Brother Kong, where do you think we should start?”

Kong Cheng De smiled and pointed towards a certain spot, “Here!”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “What is it?” The position he pointed to was one of the auxiliary battlefronts, which surprised Yang Kai a little. His original intention was to create some chaos on the main battlefield.

Kong Cheng De said, “There are five Territory Lords on this battlefront. With Sir’s lightning speed, you should be able to quickly kill one or two Territory Lords. If you cooperate with a few Eighth Order masters, you may be able to kill all five of them.”


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