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The Spear Dao was one thing, but the Space and Time Dao had always been the most complicated Great Dao. Since ancient times, very few cultivators had been able to cultivate it. Only the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had been able to use their bloodline power to dabble in these two Great Daos.

Yang Kai’s strength was obvious to all. Although he was also an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, other Eighth Order masters would find it difficult to fight against Innate Territory Lord, the number of Innate Territory Lords who had died under his hands could be counted on two hands. He had even managed to escape from the hands of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, wasn’t he relying on his own Great Dao?

Now that he had used his own Great Dao to open three Secret Realms, it was only natural that people would flock to it.

Putting everything else aside, as long as they could inherit some of Yang Kai’s legacy, they would be able to obtain endless benefits.

For a time, countless people rushed to the periphery of the Star Boundary to explore the three Secret Realms, but unfortunately, only a few of them had any real gains. The Dao of Space and Time was truly too obscure and difficult to understand. Even if many people were conceited and talented, they would still find it difficult to comprehend its mysteries.

On the other hand, the Spear Dao Secret Realm benefited many people. Compared to Time and Space Dao, the Spear Dao was undoubtedly more ordinary.

Everyone thought that Yang Kai had left these three Secret Realms to create good fortune for the Human Race, but only a few people knew that these three Secret Realms were mainly reserved for the disciples who had come out from the Void Dojo. Compared to others, their gains were naturally better, so it was normal for others to not have any gains.

Currently, there were many disciples who had come out from the Void Dojo. Because they had grown up in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, many of them had inherited his talent in the Great Dao, such as the Wan Leshan he had encountered in the Yearning Territory.

There should be many disciples like Wan Leshan, some of whom Yang Kai didn’t know about.

Although these disciples had inherited his talents in the three Great Daos, their attainments were not high. Without guidance, their future cultivation would definitely take many detours.

However, there were many such disciples, and in the future, there might be even more. How could Yang Kai have the time to guide them one by one? After thinking about it for a while, he decided to leave behind three Secret Realms for them to comprehend.

Among the three Secret Realms, there was his understanding of the three Great Daos. As long as one wasn’t too stupid, he would be able to gain some benefits after entering.

Even Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, Zhao Ye Bai, Zhao Ya, and the others had been thrown into those three Secret Realms to cultivate.

The matter of the three Secret Realms had caused quite a stir, but this was not the end. The Human Race’s Head Office Division had suddenly thrown out another shocking piece of news.

Fifty years later, the second world with World Tree Subtree planted will be open. At that time, anyone who wanted to send their disciples or descendants into the Universe World to cultivate would be able to exchange their battle merits for a spot.

As soon as the news spread, not only was the Human Race’s rear shocked, but even the soldiers on the front lines were greatly excited.

The Star Boundary was currently the most important backer of the Human Race, and it was also the cradle for the current Open Heaven Stage. Over the past thousand years, countless geniuses and elites had been born in the Star Boundary, all of them reaching the Sixth or Seventh Order directly. Why?

Wasn’t it all thanks to the Subtree?

The Star Boundary itself wasn’t a big deal, there are many Universe Worlds like the Star Boundary in the early years, all of it's glory now is thanks to the Subtree.

It could be said that with the World Tree’s Subtree, the Star Boundary had become the Open Heaven Stage cradle.

Who wouldn’t want to settle down in the Star Boundary? Who wouldn’t want to send their own disciples and descendants to the Star Boundary?

Perhaps a disciple whose aptitude could only be promoted to a Fourth Order would be able to break through to the Fifth Order, Sixth Order, a rank higher after cultivating in the Star Boundary. The difference in their future achievements would be like the difference between heaven and earth.

However, now that the Star Boundary was overcrowded, it was very difficult for ordinary people to enter and settle down there. Even in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, there were only a few quotas every year, and it was even more impossible for the other forces to enter.

But now, there was news from the Head Office Division that in fifty years, the second Unvierse World with Subtree planted would be opened!

What did this mean? It meant that a second Star Boundary would be born, which meant that more humans would benefit from it. It meant that those who wanted to enter the Star Boundary but were unable to do so now had a chance to satisfy their own desires.

When this news spread, the entire Human Race was shocked. Countless people tried to inquire about the reliability of this news, but this news had come from the Head Office Division, so how could the Head Office Division joke about this?

As for why it was fifty years later, the Head Office Division also gave an answer.

The Subtree was brought back by Yang Kai and had just been planted in a certain Universe World. Fifty years later, the power of its feedback would begin to take effect. As for where this Universe World was, the Head Office Division did not disclose.

It was Yang Kai again!

It was as if all the major events that had occurred in the Human Race over the past few years were unable to avoid this name. Human Race cultivators, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, would hear this name every once in a while. Now, if one were to look across the entire Human Race, it would be none other than Yang Kai.

However, the answer given by the Head Office Division made the Human Race, who still had some doubts, feel relieved. It was true that it would take time for the Subtree's feedback to have effect, and this was something the Star Boundary had confirmed many years ago.

Fifty years was more than half a lifetime to ordinary people who had never cultivated before, but to those Human Race powerhouses who had achieved great success in their cultivation, it was like the blink of an eye.

They could afford to wait!

As for the requirement of using battle merits to exchange for a quota, it also caused the Human Race to cheer.

Currently, the Star Boundary’s territory had basically been divided up between the Cave Heaven Paradise and the local forces. This was something that had been established a long time ago, so it was almost impossible for the other forces to interfere.

However, the second Star Boundary that would open fifty years later was different. It was a Universe World that had not been encroached upon by any human race forces, giving many people a chance.

Using battle merits to exchange for a spot was undoubtedly a fair and reasonable proposal.

Some people asked about the amount of battle merits needed to exchange for a quota, but the Head Office Division only said that it was not decided yet, and that they would decide when the Universe World opened.

Although this answer was somewhat unsatisfactory, no one asked about it. Was it really difficult to obtain battle merits? For those who didn’t dare enter the battlefield, it was indeed difficult, but for the soldiers who fought with the Black Ink Clan on the front lines, each and every one of them was a living contribution.

If they really wanted to accumulate enough battle merits to exchange for a spot, they only needed to make a few trips to the battlefield.

Not everyone had the courage to go to the battlefield to kill their enemies. There were always some people who stayed behind for various reasons.

Currently, the Human Race’s main force was composed of the remnants of the Ink Battlefield’s various mountain passes, the disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise, and the cultivators from the various great forces.

Every force, depending on the size and strength of their forces, had a different number of people drawn out, so the Head Office Division naturally had some people to plan this.

If there were serious casualties on the battlefield, reinforcements would still be drawn.

This kind of recruitment method was somewhat forceful, but now that the enemy had invaded, if the frontlines were to be defeated, the Human Race would likely be destroyed, so there was no difference if they were forced or not. Stabilizing the frontlines was the most important.

On top of that, the casualty rate on the frontline battlefield was not low, causing many people to avoid the battle. Although their strength was not bad, they would rather hide in the rear.

Some were afraid of battle, while others were eager to fight.

In Star Boundary Star City, there was a Military Recruitment Division set up by the Head Office Division. Anyone who was willing to participate in the battle could register at the Military Recruitment Division and be assigned to various battlefields to kill enemies.

However, over the past few decades, the door to the Military Recruitment Division had always been empty. After all, there weren’t many people willing to enter the battlefield, and even if there were, they were more willing to become a travelling hunter.

However, in recent days, the Military Recruitment Division had become quite lively. Countless Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had received the news rushed over from all directions to join the Military Recruitment Division.

This sudden turn of events caused the Military Recruitment Division's Manager to grin from ear to ear. Over the past few years, the Military Recruitment Division had put in a great deal of effort. In various places, they had tried to appeal to the various great and small forces of the Human Race. If it weren’t for the higher-ups not allowing it, they would likely have used force to threaten them.

Unfortunately, it didn’t have much effect.

After all, only a small number of cultivators were willing to fight, and most of them had the intention of letting others stand in front of them and risk their lives.

Who would have thought that the news that the second Star Boundary would open fifty years later would cause such a change?

This was especially true for some of the older Open Heaven Stage cultivators, who felt that their days were numbered and wanted to desperately create a good cultivation environment for their juniors before they died. All of them came forward to register, causing the people from the Military Recruitment Division to sigh.

In less than a month, more than a hundred thousand Open Heaven Stage cultivators had come to register. Although most of them didn’t have high cultivations, their numbers were still quite high. On the battlefield, killing enemies with high cultivation was naturally beneficial, but low cultivation didn’t mean they were useless.

In this war that concerned the survival of their race, everyone could bring some subtle changes to the course of the war.

Yang Kai didn’t know about the changes in the Human Race’s rear for the time being. After returning from the Demon Realm and leaving behind three Secret Realms, he led Dawn Squad and Yu Rumeng’s team to the Mysterious Nether Region.

In less than half a month, they had arrived at the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Wei Junyang, who had received the news, hurried over to investigate.

For the past half a year, Wei Junyang and the others had been on edge, unable to eat or sleep in peace. Yang Kai had led two small teams to the Yearning Territory to rescue the trapped cultivators, so it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to ignore them. They had no way of obtaining any information from the Yearning Territory, but some of the hunters had sent a message back to the Head Office Division. The Black Ink Clan had shown signs of mobilizing their forces, so after a rough estimate, the entire Yearning Territory had gathered at least three to four million Black Ink Clan soldiers, as well as several Territory Lords.

With an army of millions and several Territory Lords supporting them, this lineup could not be described as weak.

Although Yang Kai had brought two small teams with him, he and Feng Ying were the only two in the Eighth Order. This trip was truly unpredictable.

If the Black Ink Clan used the millions of troops to seal the road and the Territory Lords joined forces, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, his life would be in danger.

If Yang Kai suffered any accident before, it would have been a great loss to the Human Race but it won't shake the root, but now it was different. He is the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, and if anything were to happen to him, the entire Mysterious Nether Territory would be in chaos.


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