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Inside the Myriad Monster World, the Big Monsters received the ancient technique and began to cultivate, causing the entire World Great Dao to buzz.

Yang Kai found a Spirit Peak and began setting up the Universe Formation.

He had left many teleportation arrays in the new Great Domain many years ago, mainly to facilitate the High Heaven Palace disciples’ exploration of the new Great Domain, but there were none near the Myriad Monster World.

Although Hua Qing Si didn’t know what Yang Kai’s intentions were, she didn’t ask any questions. Her Palace Master always had his own reasons for doing things, so she only needed to act as an assistant.

Half a day later, a Universe Formation was set up. Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si then built a Universe Temple around this Universe Formation.

At this moment, the Monster Qi from the first Big Monster who cultivated the Ancient Technique suddenly increased dramatically. Immediately after, a bolt of lightning struck down from the clear sky and a thick purple bolt of lightning appeared out of thin air and shot towards the Big Monster, followed by a torrential wave of flames that burned the void.

The roar of a beast resounded through the sky.

Yang Kai looked up thoughtfully.

It seemed that if Big Monster wanted to break through their shackles, they would also need to experience some hardships, but this was not unexpected. The Human Race’s advancement to the Open Heaven Stage would not be smooth either. The Yin-Yang + Five Elements would merge into one, opening and creating a small world in their body. Although there would be no external tribulation, there would be internal troubles, and the slightest carelessness would result in death.

This Thunder and Fire Tribulation was probably a test of the Heavenly Dao. If one could survive it, they will be fine. If not, everything would be over.

However, the Big Monsters of the Myriad Monster World were bound by the World Great Dao, and they didn’t have any suitable cultivation methods. After polishing themselves at their peak for countless years, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to overcome this Thunder and Fire Tribulation.

Yang Kai had no intention of intervening. This kind of matter still depended on one’s own strength, so it wasn’t right for outsiders to help.

The tribulation of Thunder and Fire became fiercer, and the roars of the beasts became louder. After several hours, everything gradually calmed down.

However, although things had calmed down here, in the Myriad Monster World, there were still many Big Monsters trying to overcome the Thunder and Fire Tribulation.

Above the Spirit Peak, the Universe Temple had already been completed. With two powerful Open Heaven Stage masters working together, building a Universe Temple was no trouble at all.

Suddenly, a powerful aura approached from the distance, causing Hua Qing Si to look up at Yang Kai. Yang Kai smiled and said, “Let’s go meet our new friend.”

Walking out of the main hall, Yang Kai immediately saw a burly, snow-white giant tiger. This giant tiger was at least seven or eighth zhang tall and exuded a monstrous Monster Qi, its massive body giving off a strong sense of oppression.

Just the two eyes alone were the size of a water tank, but because it had just passed the Thunder and Fire Tribulation, although it was powerful, it still appeared somewhat miserable.

Seeing Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si, the giant tiger’s eyes flashed with vigilance and couldn’t help taking two steps back.

Yang Kai sized it up and nodded slightly, “Not bad.”

He had just transcended the Thunder and Fire Tribulation, but he could already vaguely feel the power of a human race's Third Order Open Heaven. In time, this Big Monster’s achievements would not be too low.

The Human Race’s Open Heaven method had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage was that those with great talent and intelligence could reach the heavens in a single bound. For example, those good seedlings who could directly advance to the Sixth or Seventh Order, from the Emperor Realm to the Sixth or Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, their strength could be said to have reached the heavens in a single bound.

However, the drawback was that the breakthrough to the Open Heaven Stage had an innate shackle. The lower one’s cultivation was, the lower one’s future achievements would be, so every Seventh Order elite would be treated like a treasure by the Human Race.

However, neither the Holy Spirit nor the Monster Race was restricted like this.

The improvement of a Holy Spirit was dependent on the power of one’s bloodline. The purer the bloodline, the stronger one’s strength would be.

The Monster Race’s ancient technique was to refine their Mosnter Core and rely on their Monster Core to increase their strength. The giant tiger had just broken through, but it already had the power equivalent to a human race's Third Order Open Heaven Stage master. This did not mean that its limit in the future would be Fifth Order. As long as it worked hard enough and had enough opportunities and aptitudes, it was possible for it to reach the Sixth Order, Seventh Order, Eighth Order, or even Ninth Order level.

So, to a certain extent, the Human Race’s Open Heaven method was incomplete, and Yang Kai had only recently discovered this point. However, even if he had noticed it, he was unable to solve it. The Open Heaven method was passed down from Cang and the other nine Martial Ancestors since ancient times and had been passed down for millions of years. The Human Race’s strength had always relied on this cultivation method.

Without the Open Heaven method, the strongest human race cultivator would only be at the Emperor Realm, how could this day have come?

“Don’t be afraid, this King has no malicious intent towards you, it’s just that I have some matters to discuss with you and the other Big Monsters,” Yang Kai looked at the giant tiger with a pleasant expression.

The giant tiger let out a low roar as the vigilance in its eyes became even stronger, not knowing if it understood what he was saying.

Yang Kai suddenly understood and said, “I forgot that you have never communicated with the Human Race.”

Saying so, he took a step forward and stretched out his hand towards the giant tiger’s forehead.

The giant tiger was startled and instinctively wanted to dodge, but how could it? It could only watch as Yang Kai’s finger touched its forehead, causing its fur to stand on end.

But soon, it realized that Yang Kai had no intention of harming it, instead, many strange things appeared in its mind.

Yang Kai stepped back and smiled at the giant tiger, “Now we can communicate.”

The giant tiger’s eyes widened as it suddenly realized that it understood the other party’s words, what's more, if it wanted to, it could speak their language.

Trying to open its mouth, it asked in the human tongue, “Who… are you?”

Yang Kai smiled, “I am High Heaven Palace's Master, Yang Kai.”

How could the giant tiger know anything about High Heaven Palace? It asked again, “What are you doing here?”

Yang Kai said, “Today, I have come to your precious land to teach you all the ways to cultivate and help you escape from the shackles of the Great Dao. In exchange, I will arrange for some people to come here to cultivate in the future. I hope you all will restrain the Monster Race’s forces and not harm others.”

The giant tiger listened with some difficulty, but it finally understood Yang Kai’s intentions and angrily said, “The territory… is mine!”

The Monster Race was extremely territorial, so when it heard that Yang Kai wanted to arrange for the Human Race to cultivate here, it naturally weren’t too happy.

Yang Kai smiled, “It used to be.”

The giant tiger was stunned for a moment before asking, “What about in the future?”

“It’s mine from now on!”

The giant tiger understood and roared, “Why?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before asking, “Because I’m stronger than you?”

The giant tiger seemed to want to say something, but it didn’t know what to say, so it simply chose not to say anything. It leapt up and bit towards Yang Kai, “I’ll bite you to death!”

Yang Kai flicked his finger towards the giant tiger’s head, causing its massive body to fly backwards. After a moment of dizziness, it was unable to stand up, only now realizing that the strength of this person in front of it was not something it could provoke.

Yang Kai stepped forward and landed on its head, lowering his head and asking, “Is this territory yours or mine?”

The giant tiger rolled its eyes, “I said… no!”

In the vast Myriad Monster World, the giant tiger only occupied a small portion of its territory while the other Big Monsters occupied other.

Yang Kai understood immediately, and with a surge of his Space Principle, he stretched out his hand.

The next moment, something that made the giant tiger horrified happened. Big Monsters of all sizes suddenly appeared out of thin air and were thrown in front of it.

There were some Big Monsters that the giant tiger recognized, but there were also some that it had never seen before, but it knew their identities.

All of these Big Monsters were scattered throughout the Myriad Monster World, the strongest Monster Race.

But now, all of them had been captured by Yang Kai.

With this sudden change, all the Big Monsters were somewhat dazed, not knowing why they had suddenly come to this place.

Yang Kai ordered the giant tiger, “Relay my instructions and see who dares to refuse.”

The giant tiger was filled with grief and indignation, but under Yang Kai’s forceful suppression, it could only communicate with the other Big Monsters and convey Yang Kai’s intentions.

As the Big Monsters conversed, they looked towards Yang Kai, their eyes filled with dread.

At this moment, they also knew who had just imparted their cultivation techniques to them. Moreover, even a powerful Monster Race like the giant tiger had no ability to resist, so how could the other Big Monsters dare stir up trouble?

This human was not someone they could afford to provoke.

Seemingly having reached some kind of agreement, all the Big Monsters withdrew their auras.

Yang Kai was very satisfied.

The giant tiger suddenly said, “Those two… no, they want to eat you!”

Saying so, it stretched out its claws and pointed towards the two Big Monsters.

The two Big Monsters who were being pointed at instantly became enraged. One of them, who was like a hedgehog, angrily shouted, “Agree, agree, agree… nonsense! Who… won’t?”

This was slander! They had clearly agreed, yet the giant tiger dared to twist the truth.

The giant tiger was stunned, “You… can speak?”

Originally, he had wanted to bully these two Big Monsters who had a grudge with him, but now they were speaking in human language.

The giant tiger knew that when this human captured the Big Monsters just now, he must have secretly done something.

Yang Kai jumped down from its body and patted its massive head, “Alright, since everyone has agreed, this Myriad Monster World will be my territory in the future. In the future, I will send some humans here to cultivate, so I hope everyone can restrain your subordinates and not harm others.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. This giant tiger really wasn’t an honest person. It actually knew how to use others strength to suppress others. He wondered what kind of grudge these two Big Monsters had with this giant tiger.

One of the black haired Big Monsters, who looked like a jackal, asked, “If there are any harms… how about it?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Kill!”

Although his tone was light, as if he was joking, the Big Monsters all felt a chill run down their spines, realizing that this human was not joking. If such a thing really happened, the Monster Race who had injured them would definitely die.

Another Big Monsters asked, “If a human… hurts me, how about it?”

Yang Kai said, “Don’t worry, I will also make it clear to the Human Race who came here to cultivate that they are not to harm the Monster Beasts of the Myriad Monster World. Anyone who violates this rule will be killed!”

The Big Monsters looked at each other before nodding slightly.

Both sides were not allowed to harm or kill at will, which was only fair. If the Human Race could attack them at will but they could not retaliate, it would be impossible.

From the looks of it, this human was quite fair.

“Alright, this matter is settled. Everyone, please return,” Yang Kai waved his hand. Subduing the Monster Race of the Myriad Monster World wasn’t a difficult task, and perhaps he could use gentler methods, but Yang Kai didn’t have the leisure to do so. The Holy Spirits in the Great Ruins Boundary had all been beaten into submission by him, let alone the Monster Race of the Myriad Monster World.


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