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In the vast void of the new Great Domain, Yang Kai flew through the air, with Hua Qing Si by his side.

This time, there was no one else but the two of them.

Since he had decided to create another Star Boundary, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t delay. He is now the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army and couldn’t leave the Mysterious Nether Territory for too long.

High Heaven Territory didn’t have a suitable Universe World, so he could only come to the new Great Territory to search.

“There are a lot of Universe Worlds in the new Great Domain, but only twelve of them are habitable, and they are basically overcrowded now,” Hua Qing Si said as she pointed forward, “That’s Blue World, where the human race from hundred domains have migrated to.”

Yang Kai looked up and saw a faint blue Universe World stretching across the void in front of him. This Universe world wasn’t very big, but the scenery was quite good.

Originally, there were only a few simple sentient beings in this Universe World, but now that the human race from more than a hundred great domains have been relocated here, the entire Blue World had become lively, and strange buildings could be seen everywhere.

The vitality of the Human Race was extremely tenacious. Although they had left their homeland and come to this strange Universe World, in just a few generations, the flames of the Human Race’s vitality would spread throughout the entire Universe World.

Blue World’s Great Dao wasn’t too high, but it wasn’t low either. Cultivating in such a place was no problem for one to become Emperor Realm, and the World Bottle of this Universe World was enough to support the birth of several Great Emperors.

Yang Kai didn’t stay here for long and continued to investigate with Hua Qing Si.

As Yang Kai passed by one after another, he gradually gained a better understanding of the situation of the new Great Domain. Indeed, as Hua Qing Si had said, there were a total of twelve Universe Worlds that were habitable in the new Great Domain, and all of them had more or less settled down with the human race who had migrated here. A small number of Universe Worlds had migrated too many humans, making them as crowded as Star Boundary.

“Are there any other Universe World?” Yang Kai asked. It was actually very simple to create a second Star Boundary. The twelve Universe World could be chosen. As long as one planted a Subtree, after a few hundred or thousand years, it would naturally become a second Star Boundary.

Back then, when the Star Boundary was on the verge of shattering, the Subtree had turn it into the Open Heaven Stage cradle, not to mention that these twelve Universe Worlds were still intact.

However, Yang Kai still had his own plans.

“What kind of Universe World does Palace Master want to find?” Hua Qing Si didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, “Besides these twelve habitable Universe World, there are three others, two of which seem to be incomplete. It’s not a problem for ordinary people to migrate there, but if a cultivator were to live in them, their cultivation would progress very slowly.”

“What about the other one?” Yang Kai asked.

“There’s also a World Great Dao level that isn’t low, but its environment is a bit special, and there are many Big Monsters running rampant here. Many Big Monsters are at the peak of the Emperor Realm, so it would be very dangerous if there were no master's protection,” Hua Qing Si explained.

It wasn’t that High Heaven Palace didn’t have the ability to exterminate the Mosnter Race, if a few Open Heaven Stage masters came, the Monster Race wouldn’t be able to resist them. It was just that this was their territory to begin with, so if High Heaven Palace really did this, it would be harmful to the Universe World, so when they arranged for the Human Race to relocate here, this world wasn’t taken into consideration and was left alone.

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Let’s go take a look.”

Hua Qing Si quickly led the way.

Half a day later, the two of them arrived at the periphery of a Universe World. Hua Qing Si pointed at the giant Universe World and said, “This is the place. Sir Martial Beast named it Myriad Monster World. When we discovered this world, Sir Martial Beast personally went inside to investigate and brought out several Big Monsters. Now, these Big Monsters are all great subordinates of Sir Martial Beast.”

High Heaven Palace didn't try to subdue this Myriad Monster World were partly because they didn't want to harm it, but also because of Martial Beast Great Emperor.

Martial Beast Great Emperor's Dao is about controlling and taming monster. He was naturally very fond of places like the Myriad Monster World.

Yang Kai looked around and immediately understood why Hua Qing Si had said that this world’s environment was somewhat special. This world was filled with an extremely ancient and wild aura. It was no wonder that the Mosnter Race was rampant and that Big Monsters were everywhere. In such an environment, it was difficult for the Monster Race to not prosper.

Yang Kai was overjoyed.

He hadn’t known that there was such a world in this new Great Domain before, so it must have been discovered by High Heaven Palace after he entered the Ink Battlefield.

“Let’s go take a look,” Yang Kai called out before leading Hua Qing Si into the Myriad Monster World.

In the Myriad Monster World, many Big Monsters with profound cultivations seemed to sense something and looked up into the sky, but how could these Big Monsters see him when Yang Kai deliberately hid their whereabouts?

The Myriad Monster World was huge, even larger than the twelve Universe World that Yang Kai had investigated before. Using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was able to detect the auras of many Big Monsters in the Myriad Monster World, each of them comparable to a peak Emperor Realm master. With such a powerful cultivation and the Monster Race’s tyrannical physique, their strength was not bad.

However, the Monster Race here had no contact with the outside world, so they only relied on their instincts to cultivate. At the peak of the Emperor Realm, it was basically impossible for them to continue.

The Human Race’s current cultivation path was the Open Heaven Stage passed down by Cang and the other nine Martial Ancestors, which allowed them to open up a Small Universe within their bodies and break through their shackles, allowing them to control greater strength.

The Holy Spirit’s cultivation was mainly focused on purifying one’s bloodline. The purer one’s bloodline was, the stronger one’s strength would be.

As for the Monster Race, if they cultivated now, they could transform into a human form and rely on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage method to cultivate, the Emperor Realm can break through to Open Heaven Stage.

The Monster Race of the Myriad Monster World had never even seen a human before, so how could they have undergone such Transformation? Therefore, no matter how profound their cultivation was, they had always maintained their Monster Body. Some Monster Race’s Body were incomparably massive, and from afar, they were extremely magnificent.

In fact, in the ancient era when the Monster Race ruled the Heavens, they had their own cultivation methods. They didn’t need to take human form to constantly improve their strength.

However, following the destruction of the ancient era, the Monster Race’s cultivation methods were also lost.

Whether it was the Ancient Cultivation Techniques or the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage method, the Monster Race of the Myriad Monster World knew nothing about them, so they could only maintain their Monster Body. The peak of the Emperor Realm was also their limit. This was the constraints of the World Great Dao here.

There were many Monster Race and Big Monsters in the Myriad Monster World, but none of them were able to break through their shackles without a proper cultivation method. This was a problem that had plagued the Big Monsters of the Myriad Monster World for countless generations. They had tried to solve this problem, but unfortunately, they had never been able to do so.

In the Myriad Monster World, as Yang Kai continued to investigate, the Big Monsters began to become restless. Although they were unable to detect Yang Kai’s whereabouts or aura, they had a feeling that a great catastrophe was about to befall them. Monster Beasts’ instincts were very sharp, and they could faintly feel that there was an existence in this world that they could not resist invading.

It was not like this had never happened before. Several hundred years ago, when Martial Beast Great Emperor entered the Myriad Monster World and subdued several top Big Monsters, he had given them this feeling.

The surviving Big Monsters had personally witnessed the strength of the Human Race, and the top Big Monsters of the Myriad Monster World were unable to fight back against that burly man.

The feeling of that day had once again descended.

All the Big Monsters began to lie low for fear of being targeted. They didn’t know what fate those Big Monsters had after they were taken away, but they weren’t willing to hand over their lives to others.

The movements of these Big Monsters naturally couldn’t escape Yang Kai’s detection, causing him to secretly laugh in his heart. These Monster Beasts’ instincts were indeed quite sharp.

However, he had not come here to subdue the Big Monsters. Although the Monster Race here was not bad, he did not put them in his eyes.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly came to a stop and smiled. His Divine Sense spread out like a tide, instantly enveloping the entire Myriad Monster World.

Immediately after, the Big Monsters who were hiding in their lairs suddenly heard a loud voice in their minds.

The sound caused the Big Monsters to panic, but soon, the Big Monsters discovered that the sound that had suddenly appeared in their minds was not lethal, but rather extremely noisy.

Moreover… that undulating voice seemed to be guiding them.

Immediately, the intelligent Big Monsters calmed their minds and began carefully comprehending it.

The cultivation of Big Monsters relied entirely on their instincts, and those who could cultivate to the peak of Big Monsters had naturally developed their own intelligence, their level of intelligence far surpassing ordinary Monster Beasts.

After this enlightenment, some Big Monsters were overjoyed, as if they had seen the road to cultivation.

Half a day later, in a mountain valley filled with a sea of flowers, a Big Monster spat out its Core and carefully followed the guidance of the voice in its mind.

At the top of the mountain, another Big Monster also spat out his colorful Core, his Blood Essence surging and his Mosnter Qi filling the air.

In the middle of the sea, a giant whale emerged from the water, its Core suspended above its head.

Inside the forest, on the plains, on the snowy mountains, the Big Monsters all breathed out their Cores and cultivated diligently.

In an instant, Monster Qi filled the Myriad Monster World as powerful auras began to emerge.

Hua Qing Si was dumbfounded as she turned to look at Yang Kai, “Palace Master, what did you do?”

She didn’t know what Yang Kai had done, but she could feel the power of Yang Kai’s Soul surging, causing the calm Myriad Monster World to boil.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I only taught them a cultivation method.”

Hua Qing Si’s heart trembled. Yang Kai’s words were simple, but she knew that the cultivation method was definitely not simple, otherwise, it would be impossible for the Myriad Monster World to undergo such a transformation.

Currently, the Monster Race’s cultivation relied on the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage method, and judging from the momentum of the Big Monsters in the Myriad Monster World, it seemed they wanted to break through with their Monster Body.

How could such a technique be simple?

This is definitely an extremely ancient technique.

In fact, Hua Qing Si’s guess was correct. What Yang Kai had passed down was indeed an ancient technique cultivated by the Monster Race in ancient times. After the ancient era was destroyed, that ancient technique had long been lost.

In this world, there was only one person who knew about this ancient technique.

Wu Kuang!

Outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, when Yang Kai and Wu Kuang parted ways, Wu Kuang had taught him the Monster Race’s Ancient Technique. It wasn’t that Wu Kuang knew about the Myriad Monster World, but if Yang Kai wanted to advance to the Ninth Order, he needed this Monster Race Ancient Technique.


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