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Of the three Subtrees, Yang Kai had given one to Wu Kuang, so he had two left.

Wu Kuang’s side was of utmost importance, and it was unknown when Black Ink would awaken. The stronger Wu Kuang was, the more he could use the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. This was also the reason why he wanted to send Wu Kuang over. No matter how strong the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was, without someone to oversee it, it was still an inanimate object. Only when Wu Kuang’s strength increased and he activated the power of the Great Formation would he be able to continue sealing Black Ink.

By giving him a Subtree and supplementing it with his Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Wu Kuang would be able to grow in the shortest amount of time possible. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to boast about advancing to the Ninth Order in three thousand years.

After all, he was only a Seventh Order now.

“Who in the Star Boundary has achieved the Great Dao?” Yang Kai asked again.

Achieving the Great Dao was not to break through to the Open Heaven Stage, but to obtain the acknowledgement of the Star Boundary’s Great Dao and obtain a title. In truth, the one who achieved the Great Dao was only an Emperor Realm, but unlike an ordinary Emperor Realm, he was a Great Emperor.

Generally speaking, every Universe World had its own Great Emperor.

The number of Great Emperors was greatly related to the volume of the Universe World itself.

The Open Heaven Stage’s Small Universe had its own limits, and so did the Universe World.

In the past, no matter which era it was, only ten Great Emperors could be born in the Star Boundary. This was the volume of the Star Boundary, and also the bottleneck of the World Great Dao.

To a Universe World, the position of Great Emperor was like a pit. Unless a Great Emperor died, it was impossible to produce a new Great Emperor.

There were originally nine Great Emperors in the Star Boundary, including Yang Kai, but now that Yang Kai had returned, he clearly felt that there was another Great Emperor who had achieved the Great Dao.

When the two parents were chatting, they had casually mentioned this to Yang Kai, but they didn’t say who it was.

Hua Qing Si said, “It’s Wu Wei Great Emperor!”

Duan Hongchen added, “Do you remember Shi Da Zhuang?”

Even though Yang Kai’s cultivation was profound and his memory was superb, he didn’t have much of an impression of this name, but he felt it was somewhat familiar, so he should have heard of it before.

Pondering for a moment, he suddenly remembered, “The disciple Elder Yu Chang Dao of Free and Unfettered Paradise took a liking to?”

Duan Hongchen smiled, “Correct.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “So it’s him,” he said happily, “Is he also a member of my High Heaven Palace?”

Hua Qing Si smiled, “Yes, Palace Master. High Heaven Palace now has two Great Emperors.”

Now, although the many Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had close relationships with High Heaven Palace, all of them had their own backgrounds and were not from High Heaven Palace.

This Wu Wei Great Emperor was different. He came from the Star Boundary and was a disciple of High Heaven Palace. Including Yang Kai, it is a Sect with two Great Emperor.

Yang Kai was able to remember this person because Shi Da Zhuang was one of the first disciples to benefit from Subtree.

In the past, when the power of the Subtree’s feedback spread out, all the various Cave Heaven Paradise came to the Star Boundary to establish their own Training Halls in search of talented disciples. The Elder of Free and Unfettered Paradise, Yu Chang Dao, was quite lucky and found Shi Da Zhuang, intending to take him under his wing.

Shi Da Zhuang’s widowed mother, Liu Cai Xia, had strictly adhered to the teachings of her deceased husband. Apart from High Heaven Palace, Shi Da Zhuang was not allowed to join any other Sect.

At that time, it was Yang Kai who had led High Heaven Palace and the various masters of the Star Boundary to defeat the Demon Race and kill Great Demon God Mo Sheng. One or two hundred years after that, High Heaven Palace’s prestige had soared and its reputation had reached the height of the sun. The entire Star Boundary had an inexplicable fanaticism towards High Heaven Palace, and all cultivators were proud to join High Heaven Palace.

Shi Da Zhuang’s father had died a long time ago and didn’t have much talent for cultivation, but before he died, he had left behind a legacy, hoping that Shi Da Zhuang would one day enter High Heaven Palace if he have the talents to cultivate.

Yu Chang Dao wanted to take in Shi Da Zhuang as his disciple, Liu Cai Xia was naturally unwilling.

At that time, this matter had caused Yu Chang Dao to have a big headache. One had to know that he came from the Free and Unfettered Paradise and was a Seventh Order Elder. If an ordinary person were to obtain this opportunity, they would be overjoyed and bow down to him, but Liu Cai Xia, this woman, didn’t know how to cherish opportunities and instead wholeheartedly followed her deceased husband’s instructions.

In the end, he had no choice but to choose a compromise. Yu Chang Dao was hired by High Heaven Palace as a High Ranking Guest Elder while Shi Da Zhuang became Yu Chang Dao’s disciple.

As such, not only was Shi Da Zhuang a disciple of High Heaven Palace, he was also a disciple of Free and Unfettered Paradise.

As it turned out, Yu Chang Dao’s vision was quite good. Shi Da Zhuang entered the path of cultivation and his growth was extremely fast. In just two hundred years, he had broken through to the Emperor Realm, obtained the recognition of the Star Boundary’s Great Dao, and was conferred the title of Wu Wei Greaat Emperor. After that, he had broken through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, his future prospects limitless.

Shi Da Zhuang in the early days, today he is Wu Wei Great Emperor, the tenth Great Emperor of the Star Boundary. Duan Hongchen and the others were able to obtain the Subtree to speed up their cultivation, so naturally, Wu Wei Great Emperor was the same. Moreover, his foundation was stronger than the other Great Emperors, allowing him to directly advance to the Seventh Order, which meant he had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order in the future.

In this regard, even Yang Kai couldn’t compare. His limit was the Eighth Order, and although he had yet to reach the peak of his cultivation, if he wanted to break through to the Ninth Order in the future, it would be almost impossible.

“Good!” Yang Kai said happily. No matter where this Wu Wei Great Emperor came from, as long as he could break through to the Ninth Order, he would become a cornerstone of the Human Race.

With the invasion of an external enemy, the Human Race no longer had much internal strife.

Although there were many good seedlings who had reached the Seventh Order directly, their growth time was too long. Wu Wei Great Emperor was different. With the help of the Star Boundary's Subtree, his growth time should be much shorter than others.

“There’s something that Iron Blood and I haven’t announced to the public yet, we haven’t been able to make up our minds. Since you’ve returned, we’ll ask for your opinion,” Duan Hongchen said.

Yang Kai said, “Senior Hongchen, please speak.”

Duan Hongchen said, “Actually, I don’t think you need me to tell you this, but since you just returned, you probably didn’t pay too much attention to it. The number of Star Boundary's World Bottle seems to have increased.” [MSN: In case you forgot, it's the limit of Great Emperors.]

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly immersing himself in his perception.

The World Bottle was a saying that existed in reality, but ordinary people couldn’t see it unless they were Great Emperors like Yang Kai and Duan Hongchen. Otherwise, no matter how high one’s cultivation was, it would be difficult to detect it.

The number of Great Emperors depended on the size of the World Bottle. The larger the quantity, the more Great Emperors could be born.

The Star Boundary had always had at most ten Great Emperors. Logically speaking, after Shi Da Zhuang had broken through to the Great Emperor, the Star Boundary’s World Bottle had reached its limit and it was impossible for another Great Emperor to be born.

However, Yang Kai could sense that the World Great Dao seemed to have some space to accommodate for more, which meant that the Star Boundary’s volume had not reached its limit.

“When did the changes start?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“I don’t know,” Duan Hongchen shook his head, “In the past, the Star Boundary had never been able to give birth to the tenth Great Emperors, so we didn’t pay much attention to it. It wasn’t until Wu Wei achieved the Great Dao that we suddenly discovered that the World Bottle had not reached its limit, and it seemed to have grown a bit over the years.”

“Subtree?” Yang Kai asked.

Duan Hongchen nodded, “Other than that, there’s no other explanation. As you know, the size of the World Bottle is related to the Great Dao level of the Universe World itself. Some Universe World Great Daos are higher, so the World Bottle are larger. Naturally, the number of Great Emperors they can produce is higher, and vice versa. Under normal circumstances, the Great Dao level of a Universe World is fixed, and so is the Star Boundary, so the number of Great Emperors is fixed. But now, after so many years of nourishment, the Star Boundary’s Great Dao level is different from before. This should be the reason why the World Bottle have increased in size.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That's true.”

Duan Hongchen smiled and said, “Right now, besides us Great Emperors, only a few people know about this matter, and we haven’t publicly announced it…”

Yang Kai knew what they were thinking. Everyone had their own selfish motives. Currently, in the Star Boundary, many of the various Cave Heaven Paradise had many disciples who belonged to them, Duan Hongchen and the others were naturally more inclined to allow the Star Boundary’s native cultivators to become Great Emperors and occupy the position of the World Bottle. As such, the more Star Boundary Great Emperors there were, the stronger their overall strength would be and the greater the weight they could occupy in the entire human race.

“Do you think we should announce it to the public?” Duan Hongchen asked.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Announce it. Now that the Human Race has been invaded by foreign enemy, all of the various forces are united. At this moment, it seems like hiding it would be too petty. Announcing it should be able to stimulate the hearts of the younger generations. Although the number of World Bottle has increased, it can only give birth to one more Great Emperor at most. It might increase in the future, but that’s only in the future. What’s more, even if this matter is hidden, he won’t be able to hide it forever. Someone will eventually become a Great Emperor.”

Duan Hongchen nodded, “Then I’ll listen to you. Head Manager should find an opportunity to spread the news.”

Hua Qing Si nodded, “Leave it to me.”

A Great Emperor might not be much, just another Emperor Realm, but a Great Emperor from the Star Boundary was different. Duan Hongchen, Zhan Wuhen, and the others’ cultivation had improved so rapidly that many Human Race masters saw it and knew it was the effect of the Subtree. If they could become a Great Emperor in the Star Boundary, it would definitely save them a great deal of time.

It was foreseeable that if this news were to spread, it would definitely cause a cultivation frenzy among the younger generation. There was only one spot, and everyone wanted to fight for it. Whether they could win or not would depend on their own ability.

“The Star Boundary is too crowded,” Yang Kai looked outside.

In the past, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had come to the Star Boundary to establish their own Training Halls and divide up some of their territories. Although High Heaven Palace was the most popular place in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace was unable to cultivate all the cultivators in the Star Boundary, so Yang Kai was actually quite willing to share this burden with them.

This was a win-win cooperation.

However, with the migration of the cultivators from the various Great Domains, even the Cave Heaven Paradise had lost its foundation for countless years. A single Star Boundary was no longer able to satisfy the needs of the Human Race.

All of the remaining forces and elites of the Human Race had gathered together, making it a spectacular sight, but in reality, it was a great disadvantage to their future development.

Originally, he had been hesitant about creating another Star Boundary, but now it seemed that creating another one was imperative.

Not only could it relieve the pressure on the Star Boundary's sdie, but it could also resolve the internal conflicts of the Human Race.

What’s more, if there was another Star Boundary, there would be more Great Emperors like Duan Hongchen and Zhan Wuhen in the future.


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