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Above the Spirit Peak, the atmosphere was harmonious.

Most of the time, it was Dong Su Zhu who spoke. Yang Ying Feng didn’t speak much and only talked about the interesting things that had happened in the Star Boundary over the past few years. For example, when an Elder from a Cave Heaven Paradise compete with another Cave Heaven Paradise's Elder for a disciple, but they ended up being taken advantage of by others.

This kind of thing had happened before, when Yang Kai was still here, the effects of the Subtree’s feedback had only just appeared and were not as terrifying as now.

Another example was a native disciple from the Star Boundary who had achieved the Great Emperor tittle a few years ago.

He also talked about a beautiful female disciple of High Heaven Palace, causing all of her fellow disciples to be jealous.

Yang Kai listened quietly with a smile.

High Heaven Territory was the last pure land of the Human Race. Feeling the long-lost warmth, Yang Kai suddenly understood the feelings of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors who had died that day.

No matter what, they had to protect this final pure land, because this was the future hope of the Human Race.

Warm moments were always short and precious.

Yang Kai didn’t stay long at the two elder's place. After eating a family meal, he left Yu Rumeng and the others to accompany his parents before leaving.

He still had many things to do.

Inside High Heaven Palace’s meeting hall, Yang Kai sat down and listened to Hua Qing Si explain the current situation of the Star Boundary.

The Star Boundary could now be said to be the most important rear of the Human Race. Because of the World Tree’s Subtree, the current Star Boundary was truly the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage. Almost every year, a large number of Open Heaven Stage masters would be born in the Star Boundary, all of them extremely talented.

Among these people, it was very common for them to break through to the Fifth or Sixth Order directly. Occasionally, there would be one or two who would break through to the Seventh Order directly, all of whom would be treated as treasures by the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

A thousand years ago, the various Cave Heaven Paradise had established their own Training Halls in the Star Boundary and divided up their territories. Over the years, the Star Boundary had maintained a balance of power with High Heaven Palace as its leader, with the other local forces and Cave Heaven Paradise as support.

A few dozen years ago, the Human Race on the Spatial Territory battlefield had been defeated and the cultivators from the various great domains had all migrated to High Heaven Territory.

At that time, the situation had been quite chaotic because too many people had arrived one after another. Fortunately, the Cave Heaven Paradise had made arrangements, otherwise the Star Boundary would have been in chaos.

The Star Boundary’s name had long since spread far and wide, and all of the cultivators who had left their homeland wanted to settle down in the Star Boundary, but the Star Boundary was only so big, so how could it accommodate so many people?

In the end, the masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise came forward and allowed the various forces to set up temporary residences near the Star Boundary.

Since they couldn’t enter the Star Boundary, staying in the periphery wasn’t a bad idea either. At the very least, they would be able to gain some benefits from the Subtree.

Moreover, the forces that had migrated from all over the world had been promised that if there were any talented disciples who passed the test, they could choose to enter any Cave Heaven Paradise's Training Hall to cultivate.

This test was neither difficult nor simple, only true geniuses could pass it.

Over the past few years, there had been some people who had passed the examination and entered the various Training Halls, but the number was not high.

With these arrangements, the initial chaos was finally settled.

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “No wonder there are so many floating continent fragments in the periphery of the Star Boundary, all of which were created by the combined forces of the various major forces?”

When he came back earlier, he had discovered that there were countless floating continents of various sizes outside the Star Boundary. There were also many palaces and buildings on these floating continents, obviously cultivators stationed here. Yang Kai didn’t understand what these floating continents were for, but after listening to Hua Qing Si’s explanation, he naturally understood.

Cave Heaven Paradise ate meat here in the Star Boundary, and the forces that migrated here could only drink soup. This was something that could not be helped. The various Training Halls only had so many territories, and there were too many forces that had migrated here, so the Star Boundary could not accomodate them all.

Hua Qing Si nodded and said, “Yes.” After pausing for a moment, she smiled bitterly, “If it weren’t for the Demon Territory’s environment being unsuitable, they might have been more willing to go to the Demon Territory.”

In the entire High Heaven Territory, there weren’t many Universe Worlds suitable for living and cultivating. In addition to the Star Boundary, there were Demon Territory. The latter had been shattered many years ago, and Yang Kai had used his Embodiment to activate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to reconstruct the broken Demon Territory.

In terms of cultivation environment, the Demon Territory was naturally inferior to the Star Boundary. Moreover, the Demon Territory’s Demonic Qi was extremely rich, so the disciples of Myriad Demons Heaven should like it very much. Cultivators who cultivated Demonic Arts would not reject it, but to most cultivators, the Demon Territory was not a good place.

“The number of people here isn’t right either, how come there are only so many Martial Artists?” Yang Kai was somewhat puzzled. Although there were many palaces outside the Star Boundary, how many cultivators could these palaces accommodate?

The number of cultivators who had migrated from the three thousand great domains was massive, it was impossible for there to be only a few.

Hua Qing Si said, “The number of cultivators who remain in the Star Boundary’s outer palace is small, and most of them have been moved to the new Great Domain. There are many Universe Worlds over there that are quite good. Whether it’s the World Great Dao or property, they are all very suitable for those forces to develop.”

Yang Kai understood.

The Small Stone Race he possessed was found in the new Great Domain. This Great Domain had been discovered by accident more than a thousand years ago and had never been seen by the Human Race before. The Void is vast and it was not impossible for such an undiscovered Great Domain to exist.

A few years ago, High Heaven Palace had worked hard to develop the new Great Domain and obtained many benefits from it. At that time, the new Great Domain had always been in High Heaven Palace’s control, and the Cave Heaven Paradise was also unable to get involved. But now, in order to accommodate the migrated Human Race, the new Great Domain had no choice but to open up.

However, after more than a thousand years of development, if the new Great Domain had any good treasures, they would have long been taken by High Heaven Palace.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Come with me to the new Great Domain.”

Hua Qing Si nodded, “Yes.”

Yang Kai had previously learned a bit about the Star Boundary from Yu Rumeng and the others, but that was only information he had obtained while chatting in the bedroom. Now that he had personally returned, he naturally had a better understanding of the Star Boundary’s situation.

“I heard you have two hundred disciples hidden here?” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something.

Hua Qing Si nodded, “Yes, I’ve already reported this to the Head Office Division and received permission from the Head Office Division.” Saying so, she continued, “It’s not just my High Heaven Palace's disciples, all the good seedlings from the various Cave Heaven Paradise that have reached the Seventh Order directly have basically been hidden here, it’s just that they don’t have as many people as us.”

High Heaven Palace had many people on their side because Yang Kai's Small Universe, had accumulated wealth for tens of thousands of years. Even if the Cave Heaven Paradise had their own, they didn’t have such unique conditions.

“Does Palace Master think it’s inappropriate?” Hua Qing Si asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s not inappropriate, it’s just… forget it, we’ll discuss this later, I have my own plans.”

He had always felt that a cultivator who cultivated so diligently behind closed door did not have much potential.

He then turned to look at Bustling World Great Emperor, who was sitting next to him drinking tea, and smiled, “After so many years, Senior Hongchen's cultivation has become more profound.”

Duan Hongchen glanced at him and smiled lightly, “Even so, I can’t compare to you. How did you suddenly become an Eighth Order?”

Yang Kai had broken through to the Open Heaven Stage a little earlier than these Great Emperors, but they had directly broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, while Yang Kai had broken through to the Fifth Order, so there was a gap of one grade between them.

Over the years, the cultivation of the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors had grown extremely quickly, each of them reaching the Seventh Order. For example, the Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen had almost reached the peak of the Seventh Order.

Duan Hongchen had thought that their cultivations would definitely surpass Yang Kai’s. After all, Yang Kai had always been fighting in the Ink Battlefield, but who would have thought that Yang Kai would return this time and already an Eighth Order, even more powerful than them who had been stationed in the Star Boundary for many years.

This made Duan Hongchen very confused.

“Some fortuitous encounters,” Yang Kai casually explained, his expression turning solemn, “Senior Hongchen, is the Subtree’s feedback useful to you?”

When Duan Hongchen and the others broke through to the Open Heaven Stage, it had only been a thousand years. In a thousand years, they had broken through from the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to their current realm. The improvement was simply too great. No matter how outstanding an ordinary Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s aptitude was, it was impossible for them to grow so much.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai decided that this was the only reason.

In the past, he had also used the power of the Star Boundary to resist his enemies because he was a Great Emperor recognized by the Star Boundary’s Great Dao, so by borrowing the Star Boundary’s World Force, he could greatly improve himself in a short period of time.

This kind of borrowing force consumed the World Force of the Star Boundary, after each borrowing, his foundation would increase.

This was equivalent to seizing the Star Boundary’s foundation.

This method was beneficial to one’s self and could save a great deal of cultivation time, but for the Star Boundary, it had the drawback of killing a chicken to take its eggs.

Duan Hongchen and the others understood this point. With their moral character, they would never do something like harming others to benefit themselves, so their rapid cultivation growth should have something to do with the Subtree.

Hearing this, Duan Hongchen nodded and said, “It’s very useful. I didn’t notice it before, but with the growth of the Subtree’s power over the past few years, we’ve discovered that our strength has increased more. Moreover, we’re all Great Emperors, and the Small Universe’s World Force is also more condensed than an ordinary person’s, so when we reach the Open Heaven Stage, our strength should be stronger.”

As his cultivation speed increased, the World Force became more condensed. Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

Thinking about it carefully, wasn’t this the case for him as well?

In his Small Universe, there is a World Tree Subtree sealing it, so his cultivation speed was much faster than before. Moreover, the World Tree Subtree had the effect of condensing the World Force, so it naturally made the World Force more condensed.

Although Duan Hongchen and the others didn’t have Subtree to suppress their Small Universe, they were still the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary. Subtree being in the Star Boundary was also beneficial to them.

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

No wonder Bustling World Great Emperor’s cultivation had risen so quickly, it was all thanks to the Subtree.

The root of the Subtree's feedback was to extract the heritage of the other Universe Worlds and condense them into the Star Boundary, allowing the Qi flow of the Star Boundary to flourish and condense the Great Dao. In this way, both enlightenment and cultivation would become easier.

However, there was a limit to this kind of extraction, and it was not without restrictions, so when Yang Kai had asked Old Tree to give him another Subtree, the Old Tree had only given him three. If he gave him more, not to mention whether Old Tree itself could eat it or not, the effects would also weaken.


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