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Nearly a thousand years ago, Yang Kai had entered the Ink Battlefield from the Black Territory for hundreds of years and had been trapped in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea for many years. It was only a few dozen years ago that he had returned from the Ink Battlefield.

However, at that time, he had been too busy to return to the Star Boundary.

When the situation in the 3000 Worlds stabilized, Yang Kai have to send Wu Kuang to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction again.

Even when the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits had been sent to the Star Boundary by him, but he still had no time to return.

Today, he had finally returned to his homeland.

He was a Great Emperor who had been acknowledged by the Star Boundary’s World Great Dao and had been bestowed the title Void, so he was inseparable from the Star Boundary. As soon as he returned, an extremely intimate feeling enveloped him, making him feel warm all over, as if he had returned to his mother’s womb.

But in the next moment, an angry shout rang out, “Who dares offend my Star Boundary?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a massive figure suddenly appeared from within the Star Boundary. This figure covered the sky and filled the void, exuding a majestic aura.

Yang Kai felt that although this aura was not yet at the Eighth Order, it was still at the level of a veteran Seventh Order master. Moreover, by borrowing the power of the Star Boundary, even if an Eighth Order master were to come, they would not necessarily be able to win.

Yang Kai smiled at the figure and said, “A wanderer has returned to his homeland, don’t panic, Senior Hongchen!”

The projection from the Star Boundary was none other than Bustling World Great Emperor Duan Hongchen.

On the Star Boundary’s side, it was obvious that he was the one holding the fort.

Yang Kai had also heard about this from Yu Rumeng and the others. Originally, the Star Boundary’s defenses weren’t very tight, but now, this was the base of the Human Race’s rear, where cultivators from the 3000 Worlds were gathered. There were weaklings and strong ones, so if the Black Ink Clan could really fight their way here, it would probably be the final battle.

However, since Yang Kai had sent over more than a hundred Holy Spirits last time, the Star Boundary had become more vigilant. It wasn’t because they were on guard against Yang Kai, but because they were afraid that the Black Ink Clan have a master that could use a similar methods.

As such, there is always a Titled Great Emperor overseeing the Star Boundary all year round.

Iron Blood, Bustling World, Martial Beast, Serene Soul, Flower Shadow, Ice Feather, Wondrous Pill, Heaven's Revelation, plus Yang Kai, these were the lineup of the Star Boundary's Great Emperor, which is less than ten, only nine.

Each of these Great Emperors had outstanding talents, otherwise they wouldn’t have become Great Emperors. In the past, with Yang Kai’s help, all of them had directly broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. Over the years, they had also broken through to the Seventh Order.

This speed was very fast.

What surprised Yang Kai was that Duan Hongchen’s aura was not like someone who had just broken through to the Seventh Order. Many veteran Seventh Order were not even comparable to him.

He had some guesses in his heart.

Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Duan Hongchen was obviously shocked, but soon after, he was overjoyed, “Yang Kai?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Star Boundary trembled and in the next instant, several streaks of light shot into the sky.

Feeling this familiar aura, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a surge of excitement.

A moment later, the streams of light stopped and revealed themselves. Yang Kai glanced around, some of them familiar, some not. All of them had powerful auras.

He walked straight towards a certain direction, where a middle-aged man and a woman were both looking at him with excitement and anxiety. The woman was already sobbing, and although the middle-aged man’s expression was calm, he was unable to conceal his excitement.

When he got close, Yang Kai bowed down and said, “This unfilial son, Yang Kai, has made Father and Mother worried.”

“Get up!” Yang Ying Feng stretched out his hand to support him, not allowing him to kneel down, “You are now the Regiment Commander of an army, with the prestige of an entire army attached to you. On the outside, you represent the face of the Human Race’s army.”

On the side, Dong Su Zhu couldn’t help nodding, but most of her attention was focused on Yang Kai’s arm and leg.

The intelligence of the frontline battlefield was naturally known by the people on the rear. The news of Yang Kai becoming the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army had long spread throughout the Human Race. On one hand, Yang Kai’s parents were happy that their son was still alive, but on the other hand, they were also worried that Yang Kai would not be able to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

Yang Kai smiled, “Who doesn’t have parents? Without parents, how could the current Human Race exist?”

Kneeling down respectfully, he kowtowed three times to his parents.

Only then did he stand up with the help of his parents and look towards the figure standing beside them, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Xia Ningchang’s eyes turned red, but she still smiled and shook her head, “Not at all.”

Yang Kai suddenly appearing in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, the news immediately came back. She also rushed to the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, but unfortunately, before she could reach it, she received word that Yang Kai had left with his subordinates. Helpless, Xia Ningchang could only return to the Star Boundary.

She is now one of the most outstanding Alchemists of the Human Race, and the Human Race’s soldiers on the front lines had consumed a great deal of spirit pills, so she couldn’t leave for too long.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai had returned so quickly and appeared outside the Star Boundary.

It had been a thousand years since they last met, but now, with just a single glance, her endless longing had transformed into tenderness.

As they spoke, more masters from the Star Boundary flew over and stood in the distance.

Yang Kai saw Hua Qing Si, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones, Mo Xiaoqi, Lin Yun’er, and many others he didn’t recognize.

However, most of them were injured and had probably been injured in the front lines and had returned to the Star Boundary to recuperate. When their injuries were healed, they would probably rush to the front lines again.

Yang Kai called out, “Head Manager!”

Hua Qing Si stepped forward, “Yes.”

“I’ll have to trouble you to take care of these people.” Saying so, he and Feng Ying open their Small Universe's door and a number of cultivators rushed out from within, numbering in the tens of thousands, some of them Sixth Order and Seventh Order.

The group of people were all dumbfounded. Feng Ying’s side was one thing, the number of people she accepted wasn’t much, and there weren’t any Seventh Order ones.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s side was quite spectacular. Not to mention tens of thousands of people, there were also many Seventh Order cultivators.

This left many Human Race masters speechless. Just how big was his Small Universe’s body?

“Palace Master, these are…” Hua Qing Si asked.

Yang Kai replied, “Most of them were rescued from the Yearning Territory, and many of them were nomad hunters who came to help.”

Hua Qing Si understood immediately and nodded, “I understand, please follow me.”

With so many people, it was impossible for them to be allocated to the Star Boundary. In fact, the Star Boundary could no longer accept more people, so the Human Race’s Logistics Department had already planned and arranged for these cultivators who had migrated from other Great Domains.

Yang Xiao and the others also wanted to sneak in, but Yang Kai caught them and said, “You guys don’t go.”

Yang Xiao’s face immediately became bitter as he shot a glance towards Yang Xue. Yang Xue didn’t dare to make a sound, her parents were right here, so acting cute to her big brother was useless. As for Zhao Yebai and the others, all of them were obedient.

Yang Kai then turned to the surrounding crowd and shouted, “Everyone, this Yang has come back from a long journey, so I won’t be entertaining any of you. I’ll pay you a visit another day.”

A Seventh Order old man who came from an unknown Cave Heaven Paradise smiled and said, “Sir Yang is too polite, you can go about your own business. We are now members of the Star Boundary, so we can still have the time to catch up later!”

His seniority was many generations higher than Yang Kai’s, but Yang Kai’s cultivation was currently at the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, and he was the Regiment Commander of an army. Even the Supreme Elders of the various Cave Heaven Paradise didn’t dare act arrogantly in front of him, so calling him Sir Yang was not wrong.

Yang Kai nodded slightly before his figure flickered and wrapped around the people around him as he flew towards the Star Boundary.

A short while later, in High Heaven Palace, the light of fortune is tumbling, Internal Qi is shaking. Many of the disciples who were cultivating in seclusion broke through in an instant. Those who had good luck and hope watched from a distance, and a huge Golden Dragon could be seen enveloping the High Heaven Palace, they couldn’t help sighing, “The Star Boundary’s Qi flow is ten times stronger, and High Heaven Palace occupies three of them.”

It was foreseeable that in the future, the Human Race’s masters would emerge one after another from the Star Boundary, and their great fortune would not decline.

In the past, High Heaven Palace’s karmic luck had been much stronger than other places in the Star Boundary, but now that Yang Kai had returned, this karmic luck was even stronger. It was as if the entire Star Boundary was celebrating, and the World Tree that stood tall in the Star Boundary was rumbling.

Within a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers from the World Tree was the current Holy Land of the Human Race. This place was built by High Heaven Palace, and only the most outstanding disciples of the Human Race’s younger generation could cultivate here. This was because the closer one was to the World Tree, the more they could comprehend the World Great Dao, and even the healing effects here were much better than anywhere else.

Many of the wounded who had retreated from the front lines would be sent here to recuperate.

At this moment, in High Heaven Palace, on the Spirit Peak where his parents lived, a group of people appeared. Yang Kai had returned, Yu Rumeng and the others had returned, and Yang Xiao and the other little brats had also been caught back together. The Spirit Peak, which was usually quite deserted, suddenly became lively.

Looking at the busy crowd, Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu looked at each other and smiled. After so many years, this place finally looked like a home.

Yu Rumeng and the others were busy preparing a family banquet, so Yang Kai accompanied the two parents and chatted with them. No one talked about the current situation of the Human Race, and the two parents didn’t ask about Yang Kai’s recent experiences because they didn’t need to ask. They knew that Yang Kai had suffered a lot outside.

Yang Xiao and the others were also assisting from the side, but they could only help Yu Rumeng, only to be reprimand by her for being not much of help. Helpless, they could only walk to the side and stare at Xiao Xiao.

Yang Kai looked on with a smile as he chatted with his parents, sighing endlessly.

The noise and cruelty of the battlefield seemed to be far away at this moment, and this rare warmth made people forget to return.

His parents were both Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters now, but in fact, they had long since broken through to the Fifth Order. After so many years of cultivation, they were on the verge of breaking through to the Sixth Order. However, his parents’ aptitude wasn’t good, and the further they progressed in their cultivation, the more difficult it became. If they wanted to reach the Seventh Order, they would probably need a few more years.

Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were very satisfied. They were also the first group of people to receive the World Tree’s feedback. If it weren’t for the Subtree's feedback, with their aptitudes back then, it would have been difficult for them to even advance to the Fourth Order. It was very likely they would have advanced to the Third Order Open Heaven Stage.

Currently, the two parents were both Fifth Order, Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, and his status was high. Although Yang Xue was a Sixth Order, she was about to break through to the Seventh Order, so there was a lot of room for growth in the future. All of their daughters-in-laws were Seventh Order, so what was there to be dissatisfied about? The two elders had never been greedy.


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