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Yang Kai circulated his strength slightly and felt that his previously smooth circulation had become somewhat sluggish, but it hadn’t reached its limit yet, so he should still be able to accept some people. Turning to the Dawn Squad, he said, “You guys come in as well.”


On Dawn’s side, Shen Ao took the lead and a group of team members entered.

By the time everyone from Dawn Squad was taken into the Small Universe, Yang Kai had almost reached his limit, and the biggest feeling he had was that he had eaten too much.

If an ordinary person were to collect this much people, they would have difficulty moving.

However, even if the Open Heaven Stage cultivator was able to hold on, not only would it be difficult for them to move, it would also greatly affect their strength.

As such, unless it was absolutely safe, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t allow others to enter their Small Universe. No matter how much they took in, it would still affect their strength. The more they took in, the greater the impact.

If any of the Territory Lords were to jump out at this time, Yang Kai would definitely not be their opponent. He probably wouldn’t even be able to display twenty percent of his usual strength.

He was still alright, but when he turned his head to look at Feng Ying, her aura became unstable and her expression changed rapidly, as if she would explode at any moment.

There was only Yu Rumeng’s team left, but there was no way to take them in.

Yang Kai could only pray that everything went smoothly, or else he wouldn’t know how to bring his people out of the Yearning Territory.

“Get close to me!” Yang Kai called out as Feng Ying and Bi Xi’s Battleship flew over and surrounded him.

Letting out a long breath, Yang Kai urged his strength to connect with the World Tree.

The void trembled and the Great Domain buzzed. Faintly, a Great Dao that seemed to lead into the distance appeared, but no matter how hard he tried, this Great Dao was unable to solidify. Yang Kai’s expression became ugly, knowing that he had brought too many people with him.

The last time he had brought Wu Kuang to the Great Ruins Boundary, he hadn’t felt any pressure at all, but this was different. His Small Universe had taken in so many Human Race masters, and there was also Feng Ying, an Eighth Order, and Yu Rumeng’s team. It was completely different from that day.

“Old Tree, help me!”

Yang Kai quickly shouted.

It was impossible for him to enter the Great Ruins Boundary with his own strength, so he could only ask Old Tree for help.

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell, a branch seemed to stretch out from the vague Great Dao road and spread across it, pointing directly towards his position.

Yang Kai was overjoyed. Old Tree was indeed reliable and he quickly shouted, “Let’s go!”

Activating his strength to wrap around Feng Ying and Yu Rumeng’s team, he stepped onto the Great Dao road and disappeared into the void.

By the time he came back to his senses, he had already arrived in front of the towering World Tree, but even with Old Tree’s support, the space around him was still shaking slightly, causing Feng Ying, Yu Rumeng, and the others to tumble together.

Yang Kai stood up awkwardly and turned around to look back, only to see that the Great Dao road which had just appeared had become blurry, and even the World Tree’s branches had begun to shatter.

Yang Kai’s heart trembled as he knew that there was a price to pay for Old Tree’s assistance. He hadn’t noticed it before because he had always been alone, but now that he had brought so many people with him, the price had become obvious.

In other words, every time he came to Old Tree’s place, he would have to pay some price.

But it never said anything.

“Many thanks, Old Tree,” Yang Kai thanked him.

Old Tree didn’t show his face, only gently waving his branches.

“This is a World Tree?” Bi Xi’s clone suddenly exclaimed. Among everyone present, he was the oldest and had the most experience, seeing through Old Tree’s true nature with a single glance.

However, even he had only heard of the World Tree before and had never seen it with his own eyes, so he didn’t expect to see it today. Thinking back to Yang Kai’s previous actions, he realized that this was probably the legendary Great Ruins Boundary.

“This is a World Tree? Why is it so weak?” Yu Rumeng was shocked.

The current World Tree seemed to be in a state of extreme decline. Its once lush branches and leaves had withered, and an aged aura filled the air.

Yang Kai sighed and explained casually, “Old Tree’s existence is connected to three thousand great domains, and if one of them is destroyed, the other will be destroyed. Now that many of these great domains have been occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the World Great Dao has collapsed, and Old Tree has suffered a backlash.”

“Is that the World Fruit?” Su Yan suddenly pointed to the few fruits on the tree.

Yang Kai nodded, “It’s a World Fruit, but it can’t be harvested. Right now, each of the remaining fruits has been integrated into a real Universe World, which is also the Universe World that has been preserved.”

Three thousand great domains were filled with flowers. In the past, there were countless Universe Worlds, but now, only two thousand of them have been preserved.

The Universe Worlds corresponded to the World Fruits on the World Tree. With the collapse of the World Great Dao in the Universe World, the World Fruit's decline is the most obvious sign.

If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Kai had shuttled back and forth between the various Great Domains and refined the Universe Worlds, the World Tree would have been completely barren by now.

If such a situation really occurred, Yang Kai didn’t know if the World Tree would be able to survive. There was a high chance it could, but he estimated that it wouldn’t have much vitality left.

Yu Rumeng and the others all clicked their tongues in wonder. Although they didn’t understand why they had suddenly come all the way here from the Yearning Territory, it was obviously related to Yang Kai, so they didn’t ask too much.

“Each of you should rest for a moment before I take you away,” Yang Kai ordered before sitting down cross-legged.

Everyone took out their respective pills and swallowed them before sitting down beside the World Tree to meditate.

In the previous battle, they had suffered many injuries, especially Yang Kai’s.

While everyone was quietly recuperating, inside the Yearning Territory, the Black Ink Clan’s army from the five Domain Gates was waiting.

In one of the Domain Gates, the three Territory Lords who had escaped had gathered here. The leader, Mo Na Ye, stared towards the depths of the void with a malicious look in his eyes. That place was the location of the Universe Cave Heaven in the Yearning Territory.

They didn’t know what the situation on the other side was like. Although before they left, Mo Na Ye had ordered the Black Ink Clan’s army to block the Universe Cave Heaven, if they weren’t there to hold the line, no matter how many Black Ink Clan troops there were, it would be difficult to achieve anything.

If they could hold the fort, the situation would definitely be much better.

Thinking of this, Mo Na Ye’s heart filled with killing intent as he glared fiercely at You Gong!

This bastard had escaped from the Universe Cave Heaven and fled immediately, causing Mo Na Ye to not dare to stay for long. In fact, if You Gong hadn’t fled, Mo Na Ye wouldn’t have escape so quickly. With the three Territory Lords and the army of a million Black Ink Clan cultivators, they would have been able to fight the Human Race.

But this guy just ran away!

Without You Gong, Mo Na Ye wasn't sure he could handle Yang Kai, so he could only leave.

Seemingly having noticed Mo Na Ye’s gaze, You Gong turned his head and cursed in his heart, ‘This bastard, he doesn't know how dangerous it is, and instead of taking action himself, he ask others to die.’

The other Territory Lords hadn’t felt Yang Kai’s terror at close range, but he had. Fortunately, he had quickly found another Eighth Order woman and didn’t seek trouble with Yang Kai, otherwise how could he have survived?

Wasn’t the other fool dead now?

As for Mo Na Ye’s dissatisfaction, no matter what, they were all Territory Lords, so even if he is dissatisfied, so what?

Suddenly, You Gong looked over and sighed, “The battle over there should have ended.”

Mo Na Ye and the other Territory Lord also noticed that there were many Black Ink Clans fleeing in that direction, as if there was a scourge behind them.


Mo Na Ye sighed and closed his eyes.

More than a million of the Black Ink Clan’s armies had failed to seal off these humans, so it was unknown just how many had been lost in this battle.

Soon, from the mouths of the Black Ink Clan cultivators who had escaped, Mo Na Ye managed to obtain some concrete information. The Black Ink Clan had indeed been defeated, and without a Territory Lord present, their million strong army had been scattered like a pile of loose sand. The Human Race had broken their formation several times.

Now, it was unknown which direction these humans had fled to.

Soon, he ordered the various Domain Gates to monitor the movements of the Human Race.

Although the Human Race had broken out of the Universe Cave Heaven, the Black Ink Clan still had a chance. Currently, each of the various Domain Gates had more than seven hundred thousand troops guarding it. No matter which side the Human Race broke out from, there would inevitably be a great battle. At that time, as long as the Black Ink Clan army guarding the other side delayed for a while, the entire Black Ink Clan’s forces in Yearning Territory would be able to suppress them. With the three Territory Lords joining forces, they would still have a chance to hold back the Human Race.

However, what puzzled Mo Na Ye was that after ten days passed, the various Domain Gates were still as stable as ever.

After a few more days, more Territory Lord masters arrived from various great domains to assist him, allowing Mo Na Ye to finally relax.

After a total of nine Territory Lords had gathered here, Mo Na Ye gave the order to split up into three groups, each leading the Black Ink Clan’s army to search for traces of the Human Race in Yearning Territory.

Since they hadn’t left through the Domain Gate, it was likely they were hiding somewhere to recuperate and would be found sooner or later.

However, to his surprise, after searching for half a year, he still couldn’t find anything.

Those human race… seemed to have evaporated into thin air!

In the Great Ruins Boundary, after several days of recuperation, Yang Kai stood up and bid farewell to Old Tree, who only gently waved his branch. This time, he didn’t even show his face, probably because he had consumed a lot of energy to receive Yang Kai.

Yang Kai secretly decided that next time, he would not let Old Tree receive him. Although Old Tree was a projection of the Three Thousand World’s Great Dao Laws, his existence was one with the Universe Worlds of the various Great Domains. If Old Tree consumed too much energy, it would damage the foundations of the various Great Domains in the future.

When he came here, he needed Old Tree’s guidance, but he didn’t need it to return.

Back then, he was able to easily send over a hundred Holy Spirits to the nearby Star Boundary, so this time, it was naturally not difficult.

Activating his strength to envelop everyone, Yang Kai linked his consciousness to the Star Boundary and soon found the corresponding World Fruit on the World Tree. This fruit seemed to be slightly larger than the other World Fruits.

In the next moment, Yang Kai leapt towards the fruit, and the World Fruit on the World Tree rapidly expanded in his field of vision, as if an entire Universe World was rushing towards him, causing the void to distort and universe to change, the group of people suddenly appear outside the Star Boundary.

Even though Yang Kai was now an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, when he felt this familiar aura, he couldn’t help feeling excited.

I'm Home!

After a thousand years, I finally return Home!


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