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At this moment, the Black Ink Clan’s army was stunned. Mo Na Ye had ordered them to kill the Human Race that had rushed out, so they had naturally followed orders, but unfortunately, they had failed to stop them.

At this moment, with Yang Kai’s shout, some of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords were shocked to discover that Mo Na Ye and the others had disappeared!

Had the Territory Lords really escaped?

Initially, the Black Ink Clan didn’t believe this and fought bravely against the Human Race masters, but after fighting for so long, they still hadn’t seen the Territory Lord take action. Now, even if they didn’t believe it, they had to believe it.

The Territory Lords had really escaped!

In an instant, the morale of the Black Ink Clan’s army plummeted.

Although the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s army was uneven, with more than a million of them here, if they were to fight to the death, they would be able to cause great damage to the Human Race. Breaking Dawn and the two Bi Xi Battleships might be able to escape unscathed, but the thousand or so nomad hunters definitely wouldn’t survive.

However, now that the Territory Lord had fled, the Black Ink Clan’s army had lost its backbone, so how could they have any will to fight?

The blockade formation was broken after a few collisions with the Human Race’s masters, especially where Yang Kai and Feng Ying passed. The Black Ink Clan masters, regardless of their strength, fell like leaves in a storm.

Dragon Roars and Phoenix Cry rang out as Tai Yue’s figure appeared, the aura of life perishing one after another cause the Black Ink Clan to tremble in fear.

The Black Ink Clan on the periphery began to withdraw, the several Territory Lords already fled. Were they going to stay here and wait for death? Their choice quickly affected the Black Ink Clan in the surrounding area, and more of them began to flee from the battlefront.

Without a leader, the million strong army was like a pile of loose sand, unable to withstand a single blow.

There were also Feudal Lords who fought to the death and refused to retreat. These Feudal Lords had no doubt seen the situation clearly. If they fought to the death, there was still a chance, but if they fled, there would be no chance at all.

However, without exception, these Feudal Lords would soon be killed. Yang Kai shuttled through the army of a million Black Ink Clan masters as if there was no one worthy to stop him. Wherever the resistance is the most, he would kill his way through.

With the current strength of his subordinates, it would be difficult for them to exterminate this million strong army. Since they couldn’t, they could only make them retreat.

Gradually, more Black Ink Clan cultivators began to flee. When the number of Black Ink Clan cultivators who fled reached the limit, the morale of the Black Ink Clan’s forces collapsed.

The three Battleships and the nomad hunters charged forward, and wherever they passed, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

“Don’t pursue a cornered enemy!” Yang Kai shouted, stopping the nomad hunters from pursuing the enemy.

Receiving his command, everyone stopped moving.

From all directions, countless Black Ink Clan quickly disappeared into the void.

The great battle ended just like that. Countless Black Ink Clan corpses were left on the battlefield, roughly estimated to be around three hundred thousand.

This number was nothing compared to the 1.5 million Black Ink Clan soldiers who had been transferred here, only twenty percent. However, this battle did not last long, only less than an hour.

Killing three hundred thousand enemies in less than an hour was simply shocking.

The Human Race also suffered losses. Many of their nomad hunters had died, and the survivors were all injured, but in comparison to the results, this is both a meaningless and a big victory.

It was impossible for such a battle to not have any casualties, but no one felt too much grief. From the moment they had chosen to become nomad hunters, these Human Race masters had completely disregarded their life and death. None of them knew when they would encounter such a calamity, so they no longer cared about life and death.

This was the first time the Hunters had discovered that a large-scale army battle was much more enjoyable than their previous skirmishes. The main reason they had chosen to become nomad hunters was because they weren’t used to the way an army fought. Cultivators believed in their own strength more than others.

But if this was how an army fought, it wasn’t unacceptable.

For a time, many nomad hunters had different thoughts.

“Be on guard,” Yang Kai took a deep breath and ordered before rushing back into the Universe Cave Heaven.

Because the door was broken, the cultivators inside the Universe Cave Heaven could vaguely see some of the battles outside, but they couldn’t see them clearly.

The battle broke out suddenly and ended quickly. Many people didn’t even know who had won or lost.

Only when Yang Kai’s figure appeared again did everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“Sir!” Li Ziyu stepped forward, “Outside…”

“The Territory Lords fled, the Black Ink Clan’s army was forced back,” Yang Kai explained casually, causing the tens of thousands of human cultivators who were on edge to burst into cheers. The sound waves swept out in all directions, resonating with the entire Universe Cave Heaven.

“Can we leave this place now?” Li Ziyu asked excitedly.

Ever since they had been ordered to take charge of the migration of the cultivators from the Yearning Territory, they had been trapped for several dozen years and had been extremely bored. When they had exposed their whereabouts, they had been surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s army and had thought they would die without a doubt, but who would have thought that the Human Race would actually send a master to rescue them?

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan army outside had been forced back and no one could stop them from leaving.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, and in the next moment, his Small Universe’s door opened, “Everyone, quickly enter my Small Universe!”

There were tens of thousands of cultivators, but there weren’t many Open Heaven Stage cultivators, many of whom were below the Open Heaven Stage. Previously, a great battle had broken out in the Universe Cave Heaven and many of the Black Ink Clan cultivators had been killed. The Ink Force had filled the Universe Cave Heaven, so although Feng Ying and the others had distributed Expelling Black Ink Pills to them, it was still difficult for them to resist for a long time.

Hearing this, none of them hesitated and rushed into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

Half an hour later, the tens of thousands of cultivators were all collected into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

“You come in too!” Yang Kai said to Li Ziyu and the others.

“Are we coming in too?” Li Ziyu was stunned.

He is a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and he wasn’t the only Seventh Order cultivator here. Although he could enter Yang Kai’s Small Universe, but… how could he accept so many cultivators at once?

Feeling suspicious, but Li Ziyu didn’t dare to ask any more questions and immediately said to the others, “Everyone, go in.”

The group of Open Heaven Stage masters entered one after another. Since Yang Kai wanted them to enter, he was naturally confident in his ability.

Li Ziyu was the last to enter. Before he left, he secretly glanced at Yang Kai’s face and saw that although his complexion was pale, it was most likely due to his injuries from the previous battle.

Secretly shocked, this Sir Yang's Small Universe’s physique is so huge!

After collecting all the cultivators in the Universe Cave Heaven, Yang Kai immediately flashed out. Outside, with Feng Ying in the lead, everyone was standing guard.

However, the Black Ink Clan did not attack again, after all, they had just been forced back, so how could they have the courage to come here?

Seeing Yang Kai appear without anyone behind him, Feng Ying immediately understood that they had been taken into Yang Kai's Small Universe, so she asked, “Team Leader, should we kill our way out?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “All five of the Domain Gates are guarded by the Black Ink Clan’s army. I don’t know where the three Territory Lords who escaped before will be, killing our way out is too risky.”

Being able to defeat the Black Ink Clan’s army before could be considered a stroke of luck. The three Territory Lords had fled first, but if they were to try again, they might not be so lucky.

As long as the three Territory Lords weren’t too stupid and joined forces with the Black Ink Clan’s army, there was a chance they could survive.

“Then what should we do?”

“I have my own methods,” Yang Kai replied, “Under the Seventh Order, how many people can your Small Universe take in?”

Feng Ying hesitated for a moment before replying, “I haven’t tried, but if it’s only at the Sixth Order, two hundred people may be the limit.”

If it was a Seventh Order, there would be twenty or thirty of them. After all, the higher the grade, the larger their Small Universe, and the more pressure she would have to bear.

“Try your best to collect them, I’ll take the rest,” Yang Kai ordered.

Feng Ying nodded.

Yang Kai swept his eyes over his surroundings and said in a clear voice, “Everyone, although we have won this battle, the Domain Gates have already been sealed off by the Black Ink Clan’s army and the whereabouts of the Territory Lord is unknown. If we want to kill our way out of this place, it will be extremely difficult. I have a way to safely leave this place, but I will need your cooperation.”

These words were mainly directed towards the hunters. After all, none of them were familiar with him, and they weren’t the soldiers of any particular army, so they couldn’t be considered to be under command of the army.

One of the hunters called out, “If Sir has something to say, feel free to say so, we will obey.”

After witnessing Yang Kai’s courage, these hunters all admired him greatly. Now that the Yearning Territory's Domain Gats was all sealed, if they wanted to leave, they could only rely on Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded, “Please enter my and Senior Sister Feng’s Small Universe!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he signaled to Feng Ying and the two of them opened their Small Universe’s door.

Without comparison, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see anything, but at this moment, with the two Small Universe's door open, the difference in strength was obvious.

The aura coming from Yang Kai’s Small Universe was undoubtedly much more condensed and thick, even the two Small Universe’s doors gave off a different feeling. If Feng Ying’s Small Universe’s door was a wooden door, then Yang Kai’s door was a steel door, completely incomparable.

“Below Sixth Order and Sixth Order, enter Senior Sister Feng's Small Universe, and Seventh Order, come to my side,” Yang Kai said.

The numerous hunters didn’t hesitate and rushed towards the two doors.

A moment later, Feng Ying’s expression began to change, but after persevering for a while longer, she closed the door, her aura becoming somewhat chaotic as she shook her head, “I can’t take any more.”

Her Small Universe had reached its limit and could no longer accommodate more Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s side was like a bottomless pit, taking in as many cultivators as he could, but it was obvious that taking in too many cultivators was beginning to put pressure on him.

After all the hunters had been collected into the Small Universe, Yang Kai turned to Yang Xiao’s group and said, “You guys come in as well.”

Yang Xiao asked worriedly, “Foster Father, are you sure you can hold on? Should we not go in?”

“Enough nonsense, all of you, get in here,” Yang Kai snapped. Did they really think he couldn’t see through their intentions? These little brats obviously wanted to find an opportunity to escape from him and continue to wander outside.

The outside world was so dangerous, each and every one of them causing so much trouble outside. This time, it was only because he had come here personally, otherwise, something big would have happened here.

Since Yang Kai was so insistent, Yang Xiao and the others couldn’t do anything about it, all of them dispiritedly rushing into the gate.


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