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It seemed that the Territory Lord in charge here was also quite cautious.

Since things had reached this point, Yang Kai couldn’t force the issue. After all, not everything in this world could go according to one’s wishes.

If two of the four Territory Lords who came in could be killed, the trapped situation would be broken.

“Kill!” Yang Kai, who was in an extremely miserable state, suddenly roared. The Human Race powerhouses who had been holding back under his orders no longer concealed their strength and instead released powerful Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, causing the charging Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords to fall to the ground.

At the same time, the Soul Shattering Spike shot out.

After a month of recuperation, although his Soul had yet to fully recover, using a Soul Shattering Spike was not a problem.

The Territory Lord who was fighting with Yang Kai suddenly felt a sense of crisis, followed by a sharp pain in his Soul, as if it had been pricked by a needle and his vision became blurry.

Yang Kai followed up with a thrust of his spear, but it only managed to pierce through the Territory Lord’s shoulder blade, sending his entire arm flying.

However, at this critical moment, this Territory Lord had forcefully avoided a vital point.

The Territory Lord was shocked, only now realizing why Yang Kai had killed many Territory Lords so easily.

He didn’t know what method the other party had used, but just as Mo Na Ye had speculated, it was a killing move aimed at the Soul.

If he hadn’t been on guard all this time, protecting his Soul, he would have died in that moment of distraction. Even if he had managed to survive, he was still seriously injured at this moment. Ink blood spurted from his severed arm, and even the Ink Force was rapidly dissipating.

Without waiting for him to breathe a sigh of relief, the spear images that filled the sky descended. At this critical moment of life and death, this Territory Lord’s blood was stimulated and instead of retreating, he roared and began fighting Yang Kai.

On the other side, You Gong and Feng Ying fought fiercely, but You Gong was obviously stronger than Feng Ying, so he still had enough strength to pay attention to him.

Seeing Yang Kai suddenly erupting and injuring his companion, along with the fluctuations of his Divine Soul's power, You Gong know that this human was showing weakness just now.

At this moment, You Gong felt extremely fortunate that he hadn’t gone to find trouble with Yang Kai. Although he had thought that Yang Kai was already an arrow at the end of its flight, he still chose Feng Ying as his opponent.

Now, it seemed that his decision was too wise. If he really overestimated himself and went to find trouble with Yang Kai, the one struggling under his spear would be him.

This was another trap!

This human named Yang Kai was the most cunning person he had ever met.

He had never encountered a human more cunning than Yang Kai.

Seeing his companion’s ink blood fly away under Yang Kai’s attack, his aura weakening at a speed visible to the naked eye, how could You Gong dare to fight? If he really allowed Yang Kai to finish off his companion, he would be his next target.

As the Ink Force surged, he punched out, sending Feng Ying flying. Immediately after, You Gong also rushed towards the shattered door, before Feng Ying could react, he had already left the Universe Cave Heaven.

Outside the door, Mo Na Ye’s face sank. Although he had been on guard against Yang Kai and suspected that he was deliberately showing weakness, when he saw Yang Kai’s true strength, he still found it difficult to accept.

How was that possible?

This fellow’s previous injuries were extremely severe, and he had been stabilizing the Universe Cave Heaven for the past month, fighting against many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords bombardment, so how could he have time to heal?

With the door broken, he must have suffered a heavy backlash.

But from the looks of it, this human race’s injuries weren’t serious, they didn’t affect his combat strength much.

Should he kill his way in? Mo Na Ye’s heart was instantly filled with panic.

In addition to him, there was also a Territory Lord. If they joined forces, they might have a chance to capture Yang Kai, but it was only a chance.

If he failed, both he and the other Territory Lord would die.

But soon, there was no need for him to hesitate, because he saw You Gong rush out.

Mo Na Ye didn’t know what to say. Ever since this guy had escaped from Yang Kai’s hands, he had been scared out of his wits. Now that he saw Yang Kai erupting, he immediately fled the battlefield.

The situation was hopeless!

Mo Na Ye sighed in his heart. Counting You Gong who fled from the battlefield, they had three Territory Lords and more than a million Black Ink Clan soldiers, but with You Gong's courage broken, he no longer has any use. With just him and another Territory Lord, even if they had a million Black Ink Clan soldiers, they might not be able to trap the Human Race in the Universe Cave Heaven.

After all… there were quite a number of Human Race powerhouses inside, as well as quite a few exquisite-looking Battleships.

Once the Human Race broke through the blockade, these several Territory Lords would likely lose their lives here.

Too careless!

He asked a few Territory Lords to come to his aid, but who would have thought that the ten Territory Lords on the Yearning Territory would end up like this?

The main reason for this was because this trash You Gong and his group had not met up with them and had instead taken the initiative to start a fight, but in the end, only one of them was left alive, the others had all been killed by Yang Kai, causing the ten Territory Lords’ lineup to instantly reduced to half.

Two more people had enter the gateway, and it was unknown whether they were still alive or not. Mo Na Ye estimated that they had most likely died, otherwise there was no reason for them to not appear.

As for the remaining four, they should have been able to put up a fight, but now one of them was likely to fall.

There is also Territory Lord on the way to help, but it was too late. He hadn’t expected that in just a month, not only had Yang Kai’s injuries healed greatly, but he had also dug a hole for them to jump into.

Mo Na Ye’s heart was filled with frustration. If he had known this would happen, even if the gate had been broken, he wouldn’t let them charged in! In truth, all they needed to do was block the gate, and none of the humans inside the Universe Cave Heaven would be able to escape. When more Territory Lords arrived, they would be able to seize the initiative.

However, when the Universe Cave Heaven was revealed and Yang Kai flew out in a bloodbath, who could endure it? This was definitely the best opportunity to kill Yang Kai.

One wrong step led to another!

Mo Na Ye was disheartened and shouted, “Block the gate! If the Human Race dares to rush out, kill them!”

The million or so Black Ink Clan soldiers that had been transferred over were all on high alert.

Inside the Universe Cave Heaven, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan masters were constantly exchanging blows, and the Black Ink Clan masters who rushed in were constantly falling. After all, attacking from the outside was a great risk, it was easy to be targeted by the Human Race.

This was the reason why Yang Kai didn’t want to kill his way out. Of course, if he had no other choice, he would have to kill his way out. After all, he couldn’t really be trapped in the Universe Cave Heaven by the Black Ink Clan.

He still had two million Small Stone Race soldiers, and if he really reached that point, bringing out these two million Small Stone Race soldiers would be enough to cause trouble for the Black Ink Clan.

However, this was the trump card he had left behind to deal with the Royal Lord, so he would save as much as he could.

The Black Ink Clan had already fallen into a disadvantageous position, so as soon as You Gong ran away, the Black Ink Clan’s side became even more vulnerable. Feng Ying did not chase after him, instead turning around and rushing towards the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords.

She wasn’t a match for a Territory Lord, but when she summoned her Divine Ability Manifestation, killing a few feudal Lords was as easy as cutting melons and cutting vegetables.

There were three small teams, including the thousand nomad hunter and Breaking Dawn, and in a short time, almost all of the Black Ink Clan masters who had rushed in had died. Only a few Feudal Lords who were quick to react managed to escape from the Universe Cave Heaven and rush out of the gate.

At the same time, the sound of the Territory Lord’s death rang out. Yang Kai’s opponent had been killed by him.

This guy had taken a Soul Shattering Spike and although he didn’t die, his strength had been greatly reduced. In a one-on-one fight, how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?

Looking around, Yang Kai saw that the Universe Cave Heaven’s internal battle had been settled. Holding his spear, Yang Kai rushed towards the door and shouted, “Li Ziyu and the others will remain here to defend, the rest will follow me!”


Numerous figures transformed into streaks of light and followed Yang Kai towards the gate.

In an instant, Yang Kai had already rushed out of the door, and as expected, he was met with a barrage of attacks from all directions!

Fortunately, Yang Kai was prepared for this. With a dragon roar, the seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon appeared, its Dragon Prestige filling the air as it tightly guarded the gateway.

These attacks struck the Dragon’s body, causing it to tremble violently and sending its scales flying.

With more than a million Black Ink Clan soldiers blocking the surrounding void, even if the space was limited and the Black Ink Clan couldn’t reached it target, Yang Kai still suffered at least a hundred thousand attacks.

Even the seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon body was unable to withstand this pressure.

Five breaths! This was the limit he could endure. If he continued for even a moment longer, he wouldn’t be able to endure.

At the same time, Yang Kai was also vigilant of the Territory Lord’s attack. He could resist the attacks of ordinary Black Ink Clan cultivators for a while, but he might not be able to resist the attacks of a Territory Lord.

However, to his surprise, his Divine Sense did not detect any Territory Lord’s aura, not even the aura of the fleeing You Gong.

What's this situation?

Before Yang Kai could even think about it, Feng Ying had already rushed out of the gate and saw Yang Kai’s Dragon form. Knowing that he was protecting the Human Race who had come out, so he transformed into his Dragon body and blocked the gate. Otherwise, if she and Yang Kai were to kill their way out. Once the other Human Race cultivators rushed out, they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

“Kill!” Feng Ying shouted as the Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable was pushed to the limit. The overwhelming sword light spread out like a fan, piercing through the bodies of the Black Ink Clan masters and causing countless lives to wither away.

Wanting to alleviate Yang Kai’s pressure was very simple. Kill the Black Ink Clan as soon as possible. At this moment, Feng Ying had also released her full strength without holding back.

Three Battleships including Breaking Dawn also rushed out and immediately spread out to kill their enemies. Close behind these three Battleships were the thousand or so nomad hunters. These nomad hunters maintained their previous group formation and spread out to attack the Black Ink Clan’s army.

After five breaths of time, Yang Kai instantly retracted his Dragon body, his body covered in countless wounds, his face extremely pale.

A large number of ants could bite an elephant to death. At this moment, he deeply understood this point. No matter how strong a master was, if they were to become a big target, sooner or later they would not be able to endure it.

However, what puzzled him was that from beginning to end, he hadn’t suffered any attacks from the Territory Lord.

With a thought, he had a vague guess and immediately shouted, “The Territory Lord has already escaped, all of you should quickly die!”

The roar echoed throughout the universe, and after Yang Kai finished shouting, he charged into the Black Ink Clan army with his spear, leaving behind a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.


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