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As he spoke, he glanced over at Yang Kai timidly, but found that Yang Kai didn’t care about them at all.

What was there to care about?

Even an idiot would be able to guess that there was a Black Ink Disciple among the hunters, but as for who it was, there was no way to confirm. Now that the Light of Purification had enveloped them, there was nowhere to hide.

However, after being purified by the Light of Purification, the Black Ink Disciple had regained their original nature and was no longer Black Ink Disciple.

No matter what they had done in the past, it was not their true nature, so Yang Kai didn’t have the mood to question them.

Old Zhou and the others also breathed a sigh of relief.

Among the thousand people, there were about sixty Black Ink Disciples, with a ratio of more than half. This ratio was not small, but this ratio was also abnormal, probably because the Black Ink Clan had specially arranged it. [MSN: is 60 half of a thousand or ratio works differently? Sigh, i don't understand math.]

If the Black Ink Clan wanted to use the cultivators trapped in the Yearning Territory to fish, they would naturally mobilize some Black Ink Disciples to spy on the Human Race, so the ratio of these Black Ink Disciples was relatively high. Amongst the true hunters, the ratio of Black Ink Disciples was not so high.

Ignoring these Black Ink Disciples, Yang Kai turned to Li Ziyu and asked, “Are you in charge here?”

Li Ziyu stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Danyang Li Ziyu greets Regiment Commander!”

During this half a month, Li Ziyu had also learned from the Dawn Squad that Yang Kai had become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army and had a better understanding of the outside world.

After hiding for so many years, the outside world had been turned upside down, causing him to sigh endlessly.

However, as the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, Yang Kai had actually taken the risk to rescue these trapped people. This was quite touching.

In truth, Li Ziyu didn’t approve of the actions of the Human Race’s upper echelons, as it was easy for problems to arise. Two Eighth Order Garrison Chief-level dying in battle wasn’t a big deal, but at the level of Regiment Commander, if they really died in battle, it would greatly affect the entire army.

Not to mention, the current Regiment Commander had a higher status than the previous Regiment Commander of the Ink Battlefield.

Currently, all of the Regiment Commanders of the various Domain Battlefields had one or two million troops under their command, but what about the Ink Battlefield? Each mountain pass only had several tens of thousands of people.

However, he also knew that since news of the Yearning Territory had spread, no matter how many cultivators were trapped, the Human Race couldn’t just sit back and watch.

If they really didn’t care about this matter, it would only make the hearts of the soldiers who were fighting outside grow cold.

The Black Ink Clan’s plan was to kill the Human Race, so even if they knew it was a trap, they would still jump in.

However, from the looks of it, this Mysterious Nether Army Regiment Commander had done an excellent job of leading three small teams and killing four Innate Territory Lords. This was not something an ordinary person could accomplish.

However… being trapped here was somewhat awkward.

“Danyang…” Yang Kai was slightly dazed, “Ning Qizhi, do you know him?”

Ning Qizhi was also from Danyang Paradise and had followed Yang Kai through life and death battle, ultimately dying in the Ink Battlefield.

Li Ziyu bowed, “According to seniority, he can be considered my Master Uncle.”

“Danyang produced an outstanding talent…” Yang Kai sighed.

Li Ziyu replied, “Sir is too kind.”

Yang Kai waved his hand, no longer having any interest in gossiping. Looking at the tens of thousands of cultivators, he asked, “These aren’t just cultivators from the Yearning Territory, right?”

“There’s also a cultivator from a nearby Great Domain who passed by the Yearning Territory a few dozen years ago when they were evacuating and was just about to gather together and head to the predetermined Great Domain when the Black Ink Clan invaded. Helpless, we could only hide here until today.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. Tens of thousands of cultivators seemed to be a lot, but their strengths were a mix of good and bad. There weren’t many Open Heaven Stage cultivators, and their grades weren’t high either, only Li Ziyu and a few other Seventh Order masters. With such a force, if they really encountered the Black Ink Clan’s army, they wouldn’t have a good end. Hiding in this place was also something they had no choice but to do so. At the very least, they could protect themselves.

Fortunately, there was a Universe Cave Heaven in the Yearning Territory which had been discovered and controlled by the Yearning Sect. Otherwise, there really would have been nowhere to hide.

Seemingly seeing through Yang Kai’s thoughts, Li Ziyu said, “Sir, if you have the intention to rush out, we are willing to be the vanguard!”

The other Seventh Order masters also nodded firmly.

Yang Kai glanced at them and said, “What vanguard? Do you want to rush out to be killed? There are four Territory Lords outside.”

Forget about these Seventh Order Stage masters, even if Yang Kai were to rashly appear, he would definitely be beaten to a bloody pulp. The reason he was able to kill these Territory Lords before was all because of the favorable circumstances, and the Soul Shattering Spike had played a huge role. In a head-on battle, how could Yang Kai face four of them at once?

Both situation were quite difficult to handle.


Li Ziyu wanted to say that if they didn’t rush out, would they have to hide here forever?

Yang Kai raised his hand and stopped him, “Wait for now.”

Li Ziyu didn’t know what he was waiting for, but he couldn’t say anything and could only withdraw.

Yang Kai glanced at the faintly discernible door and frowned. Being trapped inside this Universe Cave Heaven was quite uncomfortable. Moreover, if he really wanted to escape, he couldn’t delay it for too long. The Territory Lord outside might ask for help. Yang Kai didn’t know who the Territory Lord who is in charge here, but judging from the ten Territory Lords who had been guarding the Yearning Territory, he knew that this Territory Lord was a cautious person.

If his guess was correct, the other party should be asking for reinforcements by now. Once more Territory Lords arrive, their chances of escaping would become even slimmer.

So if he really wanted to leave, he had to quickly think of a way.

Yang Kai’s eyes flickered as he continued to heal his injuries.

After another half a month, Su Yan and the others had more or less recovered. Their injuries weren’t too serious, but using their Space Principle to resist the outside world’s impact had consumed a lot of energy, so half a month was enough time for them to recover.

The Sixth Order Open Heaven arrived in front of Yang Kai and bowed, “Wan Leshan greets Dao Master.”

Turning to Miao Feiping, he said, “Greetings, Senior Brother Miao.”

Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at him, “From the Void Dojo?”

Only disciples from the Void Dojo would call him Dao Master.

Regarding this, Yang Kai had some speculations before. A Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator cultivated the Space Principle. Although his attainments weren’t too high, they weren’t bad. It was highly likely that he came from the Void Dojo and had inherited some of his Great Dao.

Many people who had walked out of the Void Dojo were like Wan Leshan, either having made great achievements in the Dao of Space, the Dao of Time, or the Dao of Spear. The most is Spear Principle, because this is much simpler than Time and Space Principle.

This had been the case in the past, but after Yang Kai had comprehended many Great Daos in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, the disciples from the Void Dojo had begun to cultivate and comprehend more Great Daos.

It could be said that the future direction of a cultivator from the Void Dojo had a lot to do with Yang Kai. Of course, it wasn’t everything, but it was still the vast majority.

Sixth Order Open Heaven, his strength was quite good, and his aptitude was also quite good. Moreover, Yang Kai didn’t recognize him, which meant that he was one of the last to be released from the Ink Battlefield.

Because there were so many of them, there were thousands of them. When they had broken through to Open Heaven Stage outside the Void Land, it had shocked Bi Xi, Mo Mei, and the others quite a bit. Each of them had broken through to the Sixth or Seventh Order directly, creating a spectacular scene.

In the Ink Battlefield, a number of disciples had come out from the Training Hall, but each time there weren’t many of them. Although Yang Kai didn’t remember all of their names, at least they looked familiar.

It hadn’t been long since he had broken through to Open Heaven in the Void Land, so Wan Leshan was a direct Sixth Order and had a chance of reaching the Eighth Order in the future.

Such aptitude was indeed not bad.

“Why didn’t you join the army?” Yang Kai asked.

Wan Leshan respectfully replied, “I was promoted in the Void Land and then followed Senior Bi Xi back to the Star Boundary. Most of my brothers and sisters have joined the various great armies. I was ordered by the Head Manager to become a nomad hunter who are responsible for spying on the various Great Domain’s Black Ink Clan.”

The handiwork of Hua Qing Si!

Yang Kai understood.

The truth was that the nomad hunters weren’t just a nomad hunters, they were also the Human Race’s scouts. Most of the information they received from the outside world was sent back by the nomad hunters who had risked their lives.

This thing is also necessary, otherwise, it would be impossible to just fight over the dozens of great domains against the Black Ink Clan, without knowing antything about the outside world.

Hua Qing Si was quite generous.

Such a good seedling that could directly advance to the Sixth Order would have a chance of breaking through to the Eighth Order in the future, yet he was actually released just like that. If he really encountered any danger outside, no one would be able to save him. [MSN: Well, he had space principle. So it's not too bad.]

There should be many people like Wan Leshan.

Yang Kai estimated that it wasn’t just Hua Qing Si who had done this, the Human Race’s Head Office Division had also made arrangements. The news that a cultivator had been trapped in the Yearning Territory this time had been spread by the hunters.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“Since Dao Master had bestowed disciple a new life, this disciple will fulfill his duty,” Wan Leshan lowered his head respectfully.

Disciples who came from the Training Hall all had a fanatical admiration for Yang Kai, because almost everything they had comes from Yang Kai.

He didn’t know that Hua Qing Si had such arrangements, but he had heard from Su Yan and the others that over at High Heaven Palace, two hundred Open Heaven Stage cultivators had been hidden by Hua Qing Si.

These two hundred Open Heaven Stage masters had all broken through to the Seventh Order directly in the Void Land!

They weren’t allowed to participate in this battle. The mission of these two hundred people was to cultivate non-stop. They weren’t afraid of not having enough resources, they were just afraid of having poor comprehension.

Yang Kai understood Hua Qing Si’s intentions. As a seedling who had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order, no one would be willing to throw them into the battlefield. If they were killed by the Territory Lord, it would be a pity.

These two hundred seedlings wasn't all expected to be able to reach Ninth Order in the future. Even if it's only ten percent or half of them, there would still be a dozen or so Ninth Order masters.

Hua Qing Si couldn’t bear to throw them into the battlefield, and neither could the Human Race’s upper echelons. Almost none of the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage masters who were currently fighting in the various Domain Battlefields had reached the Seventh Order directly.

Over the years, the Star Boundary had given birth to many seedlings who could directly advance to the Seventh Order. All of them had been shelved by the various Cave Heaven Paradise because they were their hope and future.

Everyone had their own selfish motives. Although the Human Race was united now, other people Ninth Order's was not as good as their own.

Zhao Yebai and the others had also broken through to the Seventh Order. According to Hua Qing Si’s plan, all of them should obediently stay in the Star Boundary. No matter what kind of life or death battles occurred outside, once they broke through to the Ninth Order, it wouldn’t be too late to go out and show off.

Who would have thought these little brats would dare to sneak out?


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