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He didn’t have the time to think about it. Now that his injuries were so severe, whether it was his physical body or his Soul, both of them had suffered heavy injuries. Even his left eye had suffered some damage from activating the Demon Eye of Annihilation, so he couldn’t see anything clearly.

Not only was he seriously injured, but all of the three team's members who had assisted him this time were also injured, although the severity of their injuries varied.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Of the three teams, besides some people Yang Kai didn’t know, the others were all close friends. If anything were to happen to them, it would be a great loss.

With a thought, he sent a voice transmission to Feng Ying, who nodded slightly.

Yang Kai was healing his injuries while most of the others were doing the same. Only Yang Xiao and the other four who had cultivated the Space Principle didn’t have time to heal.

At the same time, outside the Universe Cave Heaven's gate, with Mo Na Ye and the other Territory Lords leading the way, many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters were doing their best to shatter the void. As the violent energy swept out, the void in front of them began to distort and crack.

Vaguely, it was as if a door had appeared, and at the end of this door was a world hidden in the void. This caused the Black Ink Clan to be overjoyed and they began to work even harder.

As long as they could destroy this door, they would be able to enter the Universe Cave Heaven. At that time, the Human Race hidden inside this Universe Cave Heaven would have nowhere to hide.

The others were fine, but the key was the Mysterious Nether Territory Regiment Commander Yang Kai. If they could kill him here, it would be a great blow to the morale of the Human Race.

As expected, Yang Kai’s reputation was well-deserved. When Mo Na Ye had received news from the Mysterious Nether Territory and the No-Return Pass, he had not dared to underestimate Yang Kai and had even specially invited five Territory Lords to help him.

Five of them had been invited, and together with five of them, there were a total of ten Territory Lords.

But now? There were only four!

From ten to four, in less than half a day!

First, Yang Kai had killed four of them, and now he had trapped two of them. It was unknown whether these two were dead or alive, if Yang Kai still survived, the Black Ink Clan’s losses would be huge.

Not to mention, the hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers stationed here were almost completely wiped out.

No matter what, this time he was determined to kill Yang Kai.

One day, two days, three days…

Under the continuous attacks of the Territory Lords, the door in the void seemed to be on the verge of shattering, but it never did.

This made the Territory Lords angry and helpless.

After several days of using his full strength, even Innate Territory Lord like Mo Na Ye had consumed a great deal of his strength, causing his aura to fall greatly.

This door… just what was going on? Mo Na Ye was puzzled at first, but then he seemed to remember something and his expression changed slightly!

Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle, and the Universe Cave Heaven's Gate was related to the Space Force, so he might be stabilizing the door on the other side. Otherwise, there was no reason for the door to remain intact.

Didn’t this mean they had done nothing?

Should he continue or give up?

If they were to continue, with Yang Kai’s solid defense, they might not be able to break through the gate and could only give up… At this point, how could Mo Na Yebe willing to give up?

In an instant, Mo Na Ye made a decision.

Continue attacking!

Their side had consumed a great deal of energy, so Yang Kai’s side was definitely not having a good time either. On the other hand, besides You Gong, the other three Territory Lords were still intact, while Yang Kai is seriously injured.

With such heavy injuries, how long could he last?

Sooner or later, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it, and when that time came, Yang Kai would be easily crushed.

Now, it all depended on how long Yang Kai could last!

Mo Na Ye coldly snorted in his heart and raised his hand, killing a large group of nearby Black Ink Clan masters. A large amount of Ink Force surged out from the bodies of these dead Black Ink Clan masters and he grabbed it, condensing it into a black ball and swallowing it to replenish his consumption.

Seeing this, the other three Territory Lords also took action.

For a time, nearly half of the remaining ten or twenty thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers had died, and the rest were all shivering in fear. The Territory Lords… had gone crazy, actually using this method to replenish their own consumption, but they were powerless to resist, not even daring to think about escaping.

Days passed and in the Universe Cave Heaven, Yang Kai’s injuries were healing at an astonishing rate.

But now, the Human Race inside the Universe Cave Heaven was divided into three groups.

The first group was naturally led by Yang Kai, the second group was the thousand or so hunters, and the last group was the trapped cultivators led by Li Ziyu.

Whether it was the people Yang Kai brought or Li Ziyu’s people, they were all gathered together in one place.

However, the thousand or so hunters all maintained a certain distance from each other.

No one felt this was inappropriate, because the Black Ink Disciple’s existence required vigilance. This was also the reason why the hunters rarely gathered together. No one knew where the Black Ink Disciple would hide, and if they didn’t maintain such vigilance, it was only a matter of time before the hunters died.

Li Ziyu's group and the hunters group even took the initiative to distance themselves from Yang Kai and the others to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Half a month later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. His injuries had mostly recovered, and although he hadn’t fully recovered, there were no major problems. The only problem was that his Soul still needed time to recover.

Looking up, Yang Kai saw Su Yan and the others’ faces pale and their bodies swaying.

Half a month’s worth of resistance had clearly pushed them to their limits, and once they reached their limits, if no one was able to stabilize this Universe Cave Heaven, it wouldn’t be long before the Territory Lords outside would be able to blast open the door.

Yang Kai raised his brow, somewhat surprised. The Territory Lords outside were quite persistent. It had been half a month and they were still shattering the Void?

However, this was also what he wanted to see, so he was secretly happy as he activated his Space Principle and sent a message to Su Yan and the others.

In the next instant, Su Yan, Zhao Ye Bai, Liu Yan, and the Sixth Order Open Heaven all fell to the ground, each of them taking out a recovery pill and swallowing it, not even having the strength to speak.

After half a month of fighting, they really couldn’t hold on much longer.

The Universe Cave Heaven was still shaking, but Yang Kai had already taken over. The Space Principle around his body fluctuated wildly as he maintained the Universe Cave Heaven.

Compared to Su Yan and the others, Yang Kai’s performance was much more relaxed. His comprehension of the Dao of Space naturally far surpassed the others.

This could almost be considered his Natal Great Dao, and the title of Void Great Emperor came from this.

Yang Kai turned to look at Feng Ying, who slowly shook her head.

Half a month ago, he had asked Feng Ying to pay more attention to the hunters and see if there were any abnormalities. He was also very vigilant about Black Ink Disciple’s existence. After all, if Black Ink Disciple had not taken the initiative to expose himself, outsiders would not have been able to see anything different.

These hunters were out hunting the Black Ink Clan, so there was no guarantee that one of them would not fail miserably and be captured by the Black Ink Clan. After that, they would be inked and turn into Black Ink Disciple and then be released to inquire about the Human Race’s intelligence or to lure the other hunters into their trap.

The Black Ink Clan must have done this a lot.

However, after observing for half a month, Feng Ying didn’t discover anything. There were either no Black Ink Disciple among the hunters, or they were afraid of Feng Ying’s Eighth Order strength and didn’t dare act rashly.

Previously, Yang Kai didn’t have the time to deal with this matter, but now he was free.

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to say anything, directly activating the Sun and Moon Marks, causing a dazzling yellow and blue light to appear, merging together and transforming into a pure white light. In an instant, within the Universe Cave Heaven, where Yang Kai stood, a great sun seemed to rise.

The sun exploded and white light spread out in all directions, enveloping everyone.

Some people’s expressions changed, while others wanted to rush up into the sky, but under the cover of the Space Principle, everyone was unable to move.

Amidst the white light, a black ink energy suddenly spread out and was instantly purified by the white light. All the cultivators who had black ink energy pouring out of their bodies let out a low roar, their faces filled with pain, but they quickly calmed down.

In a flash, the white light disappeared.

In the hunters group, many people wore looks of guilt as they looked around in surprise.

Yang Kai snorted. Although he had already guessed that there would be Black Ink Disciple among the hunters, he hadn’t expected there to be so many of them. There are more than 60 Black Ink Disciples among the thousand hunters, some of which were even Seventh Order.

Some team had members who have been turned into Black Ink Disicple while some team had all their member turned into Black Ink Clan.

To Yang Kai’s surprise, none of the tens of thousands of cultivators on Li Ziyu’s side had been turned into Black Ink Disciple.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. These people had been hiding in this Universe Cave Heaven since the beginning and hadn’t contacted the outside world for several dozen years. Since they hadn’t come into contact with the Black Ink Clan, they naturally wouldn’t be affected.

The reason they had been exposed this time was because their luck had been bad. Li Ziyu and the others had been trapped here for so many years and had wanted to leave this place and rush to the Star Boundary, but in the end, they had only sent people out to inquire about the situation when they were discovered by the Black Ink Clan and subsequently blocked.

“Purifying Light?” Someone seemed to recognize this pure white light.

Those who became hunters were basically not from the Cave Heaven Paradise, but from Sects outside of the Cave Heaven Paradise. They had never participated in the previous three Battles and had not served in the army, so naturally they had never seen the Light of Purification.

Some people had heard that in the past, the Human Race’s great armies all had their own Expelling Black Ink Battleships, which were sealed with the Light of Purification, which could purify and dispel the Ink Force. Even if Black Ink Disciple was thrown in, he would be able to restore his original nature.

Unfortunately, after the three great battles of the Human Race, the purification light of the various armies had been exhausted. Before Yang Kai returned, the Human Race had mainly relied on the Expelling Black Ink Pills to resist the erosion of the Ink Force.

The effects of the Expelling Black Ink Pill were not bad, but in comparison, the Light of Purification was undoubtedly better.

In the past, the hadn't been able to see them, but now they had.

“Old Zhou, what’s your situation?” A familiar hunter asked.

The cultivator called Old Zhou was a team of four, all of them Black Ink Disciple. Without a doubt, this team of four had once fallen into the hands of the Black Ink Clan and been transformed into Black Ink Disciple.

Old Zhou said sadly, “Don’t mention it. A year ago, I accidentally encountered a Territory Lord and was unable to escape.”

“Then you really are unlucky,” The person who spoke sighed.

Old Zhou’s team didn’t have many people, so their strength wasn’t too strong. Two of them were Sixth Order while the other two were Fifth Order, so when they encountered the Territory Lord, there was no way they could resist. The only reason they didn’t die was because the Territory Lord thought it would be better if they were inked.


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