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The Star Boundary was now the most important backbone of the Human Race, and High Heaven Palace was also famous. Yang Xiao and the others who came from High Heaven Palace were also extremely powerful, so they were naturally well known to these hunters.

Many of these hidden hunters had been rescued by High Heaven Palace’s team.

Recognizing that there was a group from High Heaven Palace charging towards the enemy, the hidden hunters no longer hesitated.

“Everyone, if we don’t fight now, when will we?” A small group of hunters couldn’t help jumping out. The Seventh Order leader of this group was from some unknown force, he shouted loudly and led his companions forward, obviously wanting to help.

Relying on their scattered forces alone, they really had no way to deal with the 100,000 strong Black Ink Clan army, but the situation was different now. With two Eighth Order Human Race masters and three obviously powerful Human Race teams, if they stepped forward now, they could help.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for many days.

“Kill!” Someone quickly followed.

In the blink of an eye, several small groups of hunters hidden in the shadows appeared. Some of them raised their arms and shouted, their fighting intent soaring while others remained silent, their killing intent surging.

“What a bunch of idiots!” Another hunter cried out bitterly, “What are you shouting for? Isn’t it better to sneak up and beat them with a stick?”

This person had obviously done a lot of sneaky things, so he was quite annoyed with the other teams taking the initiative to expose their whereabouts. Saying so, he also rushed out.

It couldn’t be helped, everyone had been exposed, so there was no point in him hiding.

In a short ten breaths of time, a full ten percent of the Black Ink Clan army had fallen. Not to mention Feng Ying, who was an Eighth Order, the other three squads were filled with talents and had many Seventh Order masters.

The Black Ink Clan here did not have a Territory Lord on their side, the Feudal Lord was the most powerful in their side. Facing these Human Race masters, although they had a huge advantage in numbers, they could only be slaughtered.

This was even under the circumstances where everyone was injured. If they were at their peak, they would only kill faster.

Yang Kai didn’t make another move. He needed to quickly find the entrance to the Universe Cave Heaven and open it so he could enter and heal.

The surrounding energy was extremely chaotic, making it slightly more difficult for Yang Kai to find the gate. However, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were extraordinary, so it wasn’t difficult for him to find it.

A short while later, he had roughly located the location of the gate. Finding the gate was simple, all he needed to do was activate the Space Principle and forcefully open it. He had done this many times before, so he was quite familiar with it.

Before he could open the door, he suddenly felt something and turned his head, only to see streams of light rushing towards him from all directions. There were even some who were shouting loudly with murderous intent.


Yang Kai quickly came to his senses. These hunters should have been hiding in the shadows, when they saw this battle, they all jumped out to help.

There were quite a lot of them, numbering over a thousand.

There were so many of them, and all of them had decent strength, enough to form a garrison.

They didn’t choose to join any of the great armies, nor did they choose to fight the Black Ink Clan in the various Great Domain Battlefields, not because they were afraid of death. If they were really afraid of death, there was no need to be a hunter. The dangers a hunter would encounter were no less than fighting on the front lines.

When fighting on the front lines, as long as the front lines didn’t collapse, it wouldn’t be too dangerous, but if the hunter accidentally encountered a Black Ink Clan master, it would be certain death.

It was just that everyone had their own ambitions. Some people preferred this kind of exciting life, while others were not used to large-scale army battles. There were also some people who felt that the hunters could obtain more cultivation resources and become stronger.

However, whether it was fighting on the front lines or becoming a hunter, they were all fighting against the Black Ink Clan, all of them working hard for the future of the Human Race.

At this moment, just as he and Feng Ying were leading three small teams to attack the enemy, these hunters had jumped out from the shadows.

A moment later, these wandering hunters from all directions joined the fray, and the Black Ink Clan army became increasingly vulnerable.

The army of a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators was rapidly decreasing.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the slaughter around him. At this moment, he was using his Space Principle to forcefully open the door to the Universe Cave Heaven, and with his efforts, a spinning vortex gradually appeared in the void, from which the aura of another world faintly leaked out.

When it first appeared, the vortex was still somewhat unstable, but soon, it completely stabilized.

“Yang Xiao, go in!” Yang Kai shouted.

“Yes!” Yang Xiao, who was currently killing his enemies, quickly rushed towards the door.

At the same time, inside the Universe Cave Heaven, a group of trapped cultivators stared at the vortex that was gradually becoming visible.

The gate was forcefully opened!

To them, this was simply a nightmare.

The reason they were able to remain safe and sound was because the door to this Universe Cave Heaven had never been opened, so if they hid here, they might have a chance to survive. But now, the gate had been forcefully opened, and the Black Ink Clan’s masters were about to rush in. At that time, how many of these cultivators would be able to survive?

The leaders of this group were a few human race squads. At this moment, the Battleship was floating in the air, each of them with a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator.

No matter what, if the gate was forcefully opened, they could only fight!

Inside the gate, there was someone who was about to rush in. Everyone quickly gathered their strength and waited for this person to appear before giving him a vicious blow.

However, in the next moment, a voice came from the outside world and entered the Universe Cave Heaven.

“I am Yang Kai from the Star Boundary, please calm down!”

His voice was loud and clear.

The cultivators who were accumulating their strength were stunned for a moment before being overjoyed, especially the Human Race cultivators on the leading Battleships.

Yang Kai is here!

No wonder this gate had been forcefully opened. They had thought it was the Black Ink Clan’s doing, but it was actually this person.

Of the tens of thousands of cultivators here, perhaps most of them had heard of Yang Kai’s great name before, but only the leaders of the small teams had some understanding of him.

Because they were all soldiers who had been withdrawn from the Ink Battlefield! The small teams here were also responsible for the evacuation and migration of the cultivators here. It was just that their luck was bad and they hadn’t been able to leave for several decades, so they had no choice but to hide here.

Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle, and this was no secret in the Ink Battlefield. Outside Blue Sky Pass, Yin Yang Pass, and even Myriad Demons Pass, there were countless Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise that he had opened and set up traps to kill the Black Ink Clan masters.

If it was really Yang Kai who had taken action and forcefully opened this gate, it wouldn’t be surprising.

In the next moment, Yang Xiao, dressed in a white robe cover with blood stain, rushed out from the vortex. He didn’t know that Yang Kai had already sent a voice transmission to them, so as soon as he appeared, he hurriedly shouted, “Star Boundary’s Yang Xiao, not the Black Ink Clan. Everyone, please calm down.”

He could roughly guess the situation of the cultivator hiding here, so he immediately stated his identity, fearing that he would be beaten up by them thinking he is a Black Ink Clan.

It was true that he was a member of the Dragon Clan, but if he were to be beaten up by a group of people, he would not have a good ending.

After shouting, he immediately used his strength to protect himself. If it weren’t for the fact that he was afraid of causing unnecessary misunderstandings, he would have even revealed his Dragon Body.

Looking around, Yang Xiao saw a large group of cultivators staring at him from all directions, secretly activating their energy fluctuations. Yang Xiao’s heart pounded as he quickly cupped his fists, “Star Boundary’s Yang Xiao greets everyone.”

He felt a lingering fear. Fortunately, he was quick-witted and immediately report his identity. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have been beaten to a pulp?

'What is wrong with Foster Father? He actually make me do such a dangerous thing, not even caring about me.'

One of the Seventh Order stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Danyang Li Ziyu greets Daoist Brother, may I ask what is happening outside?” [MSN: It also translate to Pill Yang, but i use Danyang, following the wiki.]

This Li Ziyu from the Danyang Paradise was also a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. Although Yang Xiao looked young, he was still a Seventh Order, so calling him Daoist Brother was not wrong.

Yang Xiao quickly said, “My foster father is under orders to come and rescue everyone, but there is an army of the Black Ink Clan outside, and my foster father is currently killing enemies.”

Li Ziyu was convinced, Yang Xiao was also covered in blood and had suffered heavy injuries. It was obvious that he had experienced a bitter battle.

Immediately raising his arms, he called out, “Everyone, the human race have come to rescue us, follow me out!”

Tens of thousands of cultivators shouted in excitement.

They had been trapped here for dozens of years, and with the Black Ink Clan’s army surrounding them, they didn’t dare to show their faces. Although they were hiding in the Universe Cave Heaven, it wasn’t safe. Once an expert from the Black Ink Clan tried to forcefully shatter the void, they would have a chance to find the gate and drag them out.

Over the past few decades, this group of people had lived in constant fear.

Now that he had heard that a Human Race master had come to rescue him, he was naturally overjoyed. Li Ziyu raised his arm and shouted, immediately give the orders to help.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Yang Xiao quickly stopped them, “Foster Father and the others are about to enter, so please calm down.”

Li Ziyu immediately said, “They can’t go in, if they do, we’ll be like turtles in a jar here. While Brother Yang is out killing enemies, we’ll go out and lend Brother Yang a hand so we can escape.”

They had been trapped here for decades and knew full well how bitter it was, so if Yang Kai were to come in, it would definitely not be a wise decision. Instead, it would be akin to tying his own hands and feet.

Entering was easy, but leaving was difficult.

Yang Xiao sighed. How could he not know this, but…

“The situation is a bit complicated. Yes, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord is chasing after us, my foster father and the others’ injuries aren’t light, so we need to come in and recuperate.”

“Territory Lord!” Li Ziyu’s expression changed slightly.

After the Human Race’s expedition, all of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had been killed. The current Territory Lords were all Innate Territory Lords who had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, each of them incredibly powerful.

If Yang Kai was really being pursued by the Territory Lord, he would probably have to come here to seek refuge.

As the two of them were talking, a number of figures rushed into the vortex and in the blink of an eye, there were dozens of them.

Yang Xiao turned around and looked around, but he didn’t recognize any of them. Most likely, they were the hunters who had appeared earlier.


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Xue Ying
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