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“Dead?” You Gong muttered in disbelief.

Yang Kai and the woman’s figures had completely disappeared, and their auras were nowhere to be found.

The powerful Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had caused four of their five Territory Lords to fall in just half a cup of tea time had died just like that?

Was he really dead? Had he been beaten to a pulp?

“No!” You Gong suddenly woke up. It was impossible for the Open Heaven Stage cultivator to die without any movement. He had also killed a Human Race master on the battlefield, and once the Open Heaven Stage cultivator died, his Small Universe would most likely collapse. The stronger the cultivator, the greater the disturbance, and if the Open Heaven Stage cultivator's Small Universe didn’t collapse, it would also appear in a short period of time. After that, it would conceal itself in the void, transforming into Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven.

Yang Kai and the Eighth Order woman had indeed disappeared, but there were no signs of human race masters dying.

Since even he had understood this point, the others naturally also had their suspicions. Mo Na Ye’s expression became extremely solemn as his Divine Sense spread out like a tide, constantly probing into the distance.

Just now, he had not been able to find Yang Kai’s whereabouts as quickly as before. One possibility was that Yang Kai had really died, but the other possibility was that Yang Kai was outside of his detection range.

One of the Territory Lords stepped forward to investigate, but after a moment he shook his head and said, “There’s no blood, he shouldn’t be dead!”

At this moment, Mo Na Ye also noticed something and turned his head towards a certain direction, gritting his teeth and cursing, “Bastard!”

From an extremely distant location, he noticed some unusual spatial fluctuations. These fluctuations were very familiar to him, they were the traces Yang Kai had left behind after activating his Space Principle.

How could he have run so far? Mo Na Ye couldn’t figure it out. He had seen Yang Kai escape before, but this guy was seriously injured. Every time he dodged, the distance between them wouldn’t be too far, but this time, Yang Kai had actually escaped from his range of perception, causing him to be unable to detect his whereabouts.

Sure enough, he still wanted to go to that Universe Cave Heaven!

“Chase after him!” Mo Na Ye shouted angrily as he called out to the other Territory Lords and rushed towards the location of the Universe Cave Heaven. At the same time, he sent a message to the Black Ink Clan over there, telling them to guard against Yang Kai’s entry.

At this moment, Yang Kai was using his strength to wrap Feng Ying up and escape, coughing up blood from time to time.

His injuries were already quite serious, so this battle of wits and courage caused his injuries to worsen. Fortunately, he had used the Space Spirit Bead to escape the pursuit of the six Territory Lords, otherwise it would have been quite troublesome.

He had joined forces with Feng Ying many times, and Mo Na Ye had thought that Yang Kai want to split up the Territory Lords, but in reality, he wasn’t. After suffering so many losses, how could the Territory Lords dare to be alone?

He jsut want to drop the Space Spirit Bead.

If one didn’t carefully examine this tiny Space Spirit Bead, it would be difficult to discover it. Back in the No-Return Pass, he had used the Space Spirit Bead to escape from the pursuit of the Royal Lord and had managed to kill his way back to the No-Return Pass. Today, he had used the same trick and successfully escaped from the six Territory Lords.

However, there wasn’t much time left, and the Territory Lords were quite fast. If he couldn’t enter Universe Cave Heaven before the six Territory Lords caught up to him, the situation would only become worse.

Right now, even if he really encountered a lone Territory Lord, he might not be able to kill him. If he recklessly used the Soul Shattering Spike again, he might have a chance, but there was a high chance he would become unconscious.

He couldn’t take this risk, he had to quickly enter the Universe Cave Heaven to heal himself.

However, whether or not he could successfully enter the Universe Cave Heaven, Yang Kai wasn’t sure. He didn’t know how many forces the Black Ink Clan had deployed there!

He just hope it’s not too much.

More than an hour later, Yang Kai saw a large group of Black Ink Clan soldiers in the distance, all of them exuding the aura of a Feudal Lord.

This was it!

The Universe Cave Heaven in the Yearning Territory!

What allowed Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief was that there weren’t many Black Ink Clan stationed here, only about a hundred thousand of them. Although there were many Feudal Lords, compared to the million strong army from the Domain Gate, there was still a big gap.

In fact, he had already guessed that there wouldn’t be too many Black Ink Clans here, because if the Black Ink Clan wanted to use the trapped cultivators here as bait, they naturally had to give the hunters some hope and opportunities. If they deployed too many forces here, the hunters wouldn’t take the bait.

One hundred thousand, no more, no less. Not only could they ensure the lockdown of the Universe Cave Heaven, but they could also allow those skilled and courageous hunters to take the risk.

What he didn’t know was that if he hadn’t left the Mysterious Nether Territory, the entire Yearning Territory would only have six hundred thousand Black Ink Clans, one hundred thousand here and one hundred thousand in each of the five Domain Gates.

However, when Mo Na Ye heard that Yang Kai might come to the Yearning Territory, he immediately mobilized his forces from the nearby Great Domain, allowing the Domain Gate to have a million troops stationed there.

The strength of the Black Ink Clan’s army was a mix of good and bad. Most of them were cannon fodder, and without a million of them, there was no way they could stop Yang Kai.

Mo Na Ye had also made ample preparations. Not only had he deployed an army to defend himself, but he had also invited You Gong and the other Territory Lords. Unfortunately, he had not expected these five Territory Lords to have such bad luck. They had only just arrived in the Yearning Territory when they had been killed by Yang Kai and only You Gong is left alive.

The army of a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan masters had already received a message from Mo Na Ye and knew that the Human Race had two Eighth Order masters attacking them. The leaders of these forces were all on tenterhooks, and if it weren’t for the fear of being punished later, they would have fled long ago.

At this moment, Yang Kai and Feng Ying were still rushing over, their killing intent surging. How could the Black Ink Clan not see them?

Fortunately, there were only two…

They might not be their opponents, but Mo Na Ye’s orders were to hold them back, the six Territory Lords will soon arrive!

A hundred thousand strong army fighting two heavily injured Eighth Order masters shouldn’t be a problem.


Not waiting for Yang Kai and Feng Ying to approach, the leader of the group shouted, “The Human Race is attacking! Block them!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two Eighth Order Human Race masters who had been standing in the distance suddenly appeared in front of him, and the blood-stained Human Race man stretched out his hand to grab him. Before this Feudal Lord could even react, he felt the world spin and his vision blur.

Yang Kai grabbed his head and tossed it aside, snorting coldly.

Being chased by six Territory Lords was one thing, but a mere Feudal Lord actually dared to jump out? Who else could he kill but him?

On the side, Feng Ying had already summoned her Divine Ability Manifestation, condensing ten thousand sword lights and transforming them into the Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable, slaughtering everyone in the Black Ink Clan.

Facing an Innate Territory Lord, Feng Ying was indeed no match for them, but an Eighth Order Open Heaven against the strongest of these Black Ink Clan masters here was not a problem.

Behind Yang Kai, the Small Universe’s door opened and the three Battleship he had taken in earlier flew out.

“Kill!” On the Breaking Dawn, Shen Ao shouted as a sword light slashed down, Blood Crow and the others attack simultaneously.

On the other two Battleships, the people who had received Yang Kai’s orders had also split up to kill the Black Ink Clan, not giving them a chance to interfere.

Since the Black Ink Clan was stationed here, it meant that the entrance to the Universe Cave Heaven was nearby. As for where exactly it was, Yang Kai still needed to find it.

After all, he had never been here before.

Three Battleships, nearly thirty Seventh Order masters and Feng Ying, surrounded Yang Kai and began slaughtering the enemy. The Black Ink Clan fell like straws, and even their Feudal Lord’s aura began to wither.

The sudden eruption of this battle stunned all the hidden figures in the surrounding void.

These were all human race hunters, some in groups of three or five, some in groups of seven or eight, the largest group having more than a dozen people.

The Black Ink Clan’s plan was very successful. News of the cultivators trapped in the Yearning Territory had been leaked by them, and many of the nearby Great Domain’s hunters had secretly snuck into this place, hoping to find an opportunity to rescue the trapped human cultivators.

Before Yang Kai arrived, many battles had broken out in the Yearning Territory. Forget about others, even Yang Xiao’s team had encountered a number of small teams from the Black Ink Clan and killed many of their enemies while also rescuing some of the hunters who had exposed themselves.

Mo Na Ye and the others were all in hiding, so the hunters all thought that there were no Black Ink Clan masters here, so they all gathered near the Universe Cave Heaven.

It was just that the army of a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators was simply too large, and with just the strength of the hunters, it was difficult to contend with them. They had been trying to contact the cultivators hiding in the Universe Cave Heaven, and if they could coordinate with the cultivators inside, perhaps they would have a chance to break through the blockade of this hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators, but unfortunately, they had not made any progress in so many days.

They didn’t dare act rashly and simply lay in wait for an opportunity.

The result was Yang Kai's arrival!

While the battle was raging here, the Black Ink Clan’s side was filled with rivers of blood, and the hidden hunters were both surprised and excited. What was even more shocking was that with a hundred thousand troops stationed here, there was actually someone who dared to charge into the fray!

The most exciting thing was that the aura erupting from that side was so powerful that it seemed to be an Eighth Order.

For a time, a series of messages appeared in the void.

Most of the hunters had their own way of contacting each other, and the reason why they hadn’t gathered together was because they were afraid of being wiped out by the Black Ink Clan. If they split up, even if one side was exposed, it wouldn’t matter much, and the others could still find an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

“What’s going on over there? Why did a great battle suddenly break out? Have you noticed the fluctuations of Eighth Order's strength?”

“There really is an Eighth Order. The Garrison Chief has appeared, the news should have spread from here.”

“I told you the Head Office Division wouldn’t ignore the Yearning Territory, there would definitely be some masters coming to rescue them.”

“Could it be a scheme of the Black Ink Clan? A cultivator from the Yearning Territory being trapped here, no matter how you look at it, it seems strange. If it’s a scheme, it’s definitely a trap to lure us out.”

“What conspiracy, even an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator came out, what kind of conspiracy is this? Don’t tell me that Eighth Order is a Black Ink Disciple.”

“It’s not impossible… The Black Ink Clan still has a Royal Lord who hasn’t died yet, it's impossible for the Eighth Order master to resist the Royal Lord-level Secret Technique.”

“It’s the people from Star Boundary. I saw Yang Xiao and the others, did you see that little white dragon? That’s Yang Xiao, he’s from the Dragon Clan!” A hunter who had been saved by Yang Xiao and the others sent a message.

“High Heaven Palace’s team? It’s them? Then there is no problem.”

There was also a circle of hunters, and in this circle, High Heaven Palace’s team was quite famous.


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