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There are also two Battleships that didn’t seem to be ordinary Battleships, and one seemed to be the embodiment of some kind of Holy Spirit. Their skin was incredibly thick, and most of his attacks were blocked by these two Battleships.

A cornered beast is still fighting was the best portrayal of this Territory Lord.

After several attempts to break out of the encirclement, he had been blocked by the attacks from all sides, causing him to feel extremely sullen. He had rushed over from other places in high spirits to provide support, but who would have thought that he would end up in such a miserable state not long after arriving in the Yearning Territory?

If the enemy really was a Human Race master he couldn’t contend with, then so be it, but if their skills were inferior, then there was nothing to say. The key was, who were these people?

If it was just one of them, no matter who it was, he would be able to kill them in an instant, but when these guys joined forces, they were simply too difficult to deal with.

At this moment, the Territory Lord truly understood what it meant for two fist can't beat four hands.

Just as he was fighting, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his mind, as if his soul had been cut open by some kind of force. This kind of pain was something he had never experienced before, and for a moment, he was unable to control himself. Not only was his mind shaken, but even his strength had become difficult to gather.

Not Good!

The Territory Lord’s heart was filled with dread. At such a life or death moment, any negligence could lead to eternal damnation, let alone this kind of pain from his Soul.

He knew he had been ambushed, but how had he been ambushed?

In the next instant, countless attacks from all directions enveloped him.

Under the chaotic energy fluctuations, the aura of the Territory Lord instantly withered!

The fourth Territory Lord had fallen!

It had only been half a cup of tea’s worth of time since Yang Kai had launched his attack, but the news of the deaths of four Territory Lords had already spread out.

“Damn it!” In the distance, Mo Na Ye’s eyes turned red. He had invited five reinforcements and was confident he could take down this big fish, Yang Kai, but he had never expected that in such a short time, only You Gong was left.

For a moment, he was extremely annoyed. If he had known this would happen, he would have pick them up, but he didn’t expect Yang Kai to arrive so quickly. The five Territory Lords he had invited had died so quickly.

You Gong also wore an ugly expression, but he was even more relieved, if he hadn’t run so fast just now, he would have been the one killed.

How could that human… be so fierce? These Innate Territory Lords came from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, and each of them was extremely powerful and arrogant. They didn’t put any Eighth Order Human Race cultivators in their eyes, only Ninth Order, so how could they be afraid of them? However, today, You Gong had witnessed that the Human Race not only had Ninth Order master capable of killing them, but also had an Eighth Order with unimaginable strength!

“Let’s go!” On the battlefield in front of them, Yang Kai’s face was pale as he let out a low shout. Circulating his Space Principle, he wrapped himself up in the void and quickly led everyone away.

He had to run. If he didn’t, the situation would be reversed.

Although their side hadn’t suffered any losses yet, in reality, everyone was injured. Some of them were still severely injured and couldn’t display their previous strength. This time, Yang Kai was able to kill four Territory Lords because he had seized the right opportunity, while the other reason was because the four Territory Lords had been too careless. If they hadn’t split up to pursue Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleship, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had a chance to succeed.

Now that these four Territory Lords had learned their lesson, the remaining six were no longer easy to deal with.

Once the six Territory Lords caught up to them, besides Yang Kai who was confident he could escape, everyone else would die here.

Therefore, they have to run as fast as possible!

After activating three Soul Shattering Spike and fighting four Territory Lords at the same time, Yang Kai’s injuries weren’t light, so it was quite difficult for him to move around with three small teams, not to mention that Dawn Squad had more people than an ordinary team.

The more people there were, the more energy he would consume.

If it weren’t for the fact that time was running out, he would have opened up his Small Universe and let everyone in, making it easier to run.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one here who was proficient in the Space Principle.

Zhao Yebai is his disciple and had been born in the Void World. He was born with an extremely high compatibility with the Space Principle, and now that he had reached the Seventh Order, even if his attainments on Dao of Space is not as good as his Honored Master, it was still not bad.

With Zhao Yebai’s help, Yang Kai could finally relax.

Having been separated from his Honored Master for so long, before he had the time to catch up with him, they had to escape from the enemy, and his Honored Master was seriously injured. So it was the best time for Zhao Yebai to use his Space Principle to its fullest.

In the blink of an eye, he had covered millions of kilometers.

Behind them, Mo Na Ye and the other Territory Lords were furious!

Originally, he had thought that dealing with a group of weak and crippled soldiers would be a piece of cake, but who would have thought that they would only be able to follow behind and eat dust.

The Royal Lord was right, this Yang Kai’s ability to escape was extremely outstanding. It was no wonder the Royal Lord couldn’t do anything to him even when he personally took action.

“They want to leave the Territory!” A Territory Lord shouted.

The direction Yang Kai and the others were heading towards was extremely clear. They were heading towards a certain Domain Gate in the Yearning Territory, so their goal was obvious.

This was also a normal choice. All of them were injured and had six powerful Territory Lords chasing after them, so it was naturally best to find a place to recover.

Leaving the Yearning Territory was the best choice. It wouldn’t be too late to return after recovering.

If he could kill four Territory Lords this time, he would find an opportunity to kill a few more next time. If he came again next time, how many Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan's side could he kill?

By the time he killed the Black Ink Clan, the predicament in the Yearning Territory would be broken.

“Wishful thinking!” Mo Na Ye coldly snorted and quickly sent a message.

A short while later, in front of the Domain Gate, a Feudal Lord with a powerful aura shouted, “Sir Mo Na Ye has ordered that Human Race masters are coming to break through, stop them at all costs!”

The army of a million Black Ink Clan soldiers quickly agreed and arranged their forces.

This Domain Gate was also the one that Bi Xi’s clone had prepared to leave with the group of little brats. However, no one had expected that after Yang Kai entered the Yearning Territory, the Black Ink Clan had arranged for a million troops to guard it.

Half an hour later, a group of people was approaching the Domain Gate. Yang Kai looked over and saw that the sky was filled with black ink clouds. Outside the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan’s army had completely blocked the Domain Gate.

Looking at the scale, there were at least a million people.

Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing.

Why were there so many Black Ink Clan here?

A million strong army was indeed a large number. Although he did not sense the aura of a Territory Lord from that direction, breaking through was not an easy task.

What’s more, the Black Ink Clan’s army on the other side was filled with fighting spirit and was clearly prepared for a great battle. The Territory Lords behind them had sent a message.

He could not leave this place.

Normally, breaking through the blockade of the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army wouldn’t have been a big deal, Yang Kai was confident, but the situation was different now. The six Territory Lords behind him were chasing after him, and any delay would be disastrous.

Bastard! Why did so many Black Ink Clan not go to the frontlines to participate in the battle and instead come to the Yearning Territory?

Helpless, Yang Kai turned around and flew towards the nearest Domain Gate.

A day later, looking at the situation over at the second Domain Gate, Yang Kai almost thought he had run back to the previous place, there were also about a million Black Ink Clan soldiers there.

What is this situation?

It was just a Yearning Territory. Even if a Human Race cultivators was trapped here, would the Black Ink Clan really need to go so far?

Or was it because of him?

At this moment, Yang Kai faintly felt that the matters of the Yearning Territory had something to do with him.

In fact, this was indeed the case. Initially, the Black Ink Clan had planned to use the trapped cultivators of the Yearning Territory to entice the hunters, but instead of deploying too many forces here to seal off the Domain Gate, tens of thousands of troops were more than enough. In any case, the Human Race didn’t have too many powerful cultivators.

However, after receiving the message from the Mysterious Nether Territory, Mo Na Ye had deduced that Yang Kai would most likely come to the Yearning Territory, so he had urgently mobilized his forces from the nearby Great Domain and invited five Territory Lords to assist him.

This was the reason for the current lineup.

From the looks of it, he still had some foresight. With an army of a million soldiers guarding the Domain Gate, even Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to rush in recklessly.

There were five Domain Gates in the Yearning Territory, but two of them were in the same situation, so there was no need to look at the other three. The Black Ink Clan must also guard it heavily.

Moreover, after fleeing for so long, he was still barely able to hold on, but Zhao Yebai was on the verge of collapse. He was already injured, so after supporting Yang Kai for so long, the consumption was simply too great. However, he had a firm personality, so even though his face was as white as paper, he didn’t make a sound.

“Quickly enter my Small Universe!” As he fled, Yang Kai shouted and opened the door to his Small Universe.

At this point, he had no choice but to take the risk. Once Zhao Yebai ran out of strength, they would be caught sooner or later.

The door to the Small Universe opened, and no one hesitated to enter.

During this short delay, the six Territory Lords who were chasing after them had rapidly closed in. Mo Na Ye’s face lit up as he shouted, “Human Race, die!”

In the blink of an eye, the six Territory Lords attacked together.

Under the surging power of the Ink Force, Yang Kai and Feng Ying both flew out with blood.

Even the Small Universe had been shaken by the aftershocks because the door had not been sealed in time. Fortunately, the Small Universe had the Subtree to protect him, so he did not suffer any accident. Otherwise, this attack alone would have been enough to put Yang Kai's Small Universe at risk of being destroyed.

The others, including Bi Xi’s clone, could enter Yang Kai’s Small Universe to hide, but Feng Ying could not. She was also an Eighth Order, the same rank as Yang Kai.

The two people’s injuries became more serious. Without waiting for the six Territory Lords to chase after them, Yang Kai wrapped Feng Ying up and disappeared from the spot. Unfortunately, he couldn’t run far before the Territory Lords locked onto him and chased after him again.

Yang Kai secretly swore in his heart, ‘Just you wait, sooner or later I’ll teach you a lesson.’

Two Domain Gates had been blocked by the Black Ink Clan’s army, and the other three were likely the same. There was no way to leave the Yearning Territory, and with six Territory Lords chasing after them, it was basically a dead end.

Right now, there was only one place he could go. Making up his mind, Yang Kai fled.

When he had killed those Territory Lords earlier, he had been so awe-inspiring, but now he was forced to flee in such a sorry state. It was truly like the wheel of fortune had turned and the tides had changed.


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