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This human race’s killing intent was almost tangible, and the long spear in his hand was stained with the blood of a Black Ink Clan master.

This aura…

Wasn’t it the aura of an Eighth Order Human Race master he felt just now?

The Territory Lord who was fighting with Feng Ying turned pale with fright. How did this guy arrive so quickly? Although he was terrified, what made him feel slightly relieved was that the other party seemed to have also been injured and his injuries were not light.

Yang Kai’s injuries were indeed not light. In order to end the battle quickly, he had used the Soul Shattering Spike to launch a sneak attack on the first Territory Lord. While his Soul was being torn apart, the second Territory Lord’s black light had also penetrated his body.

It was only because his physique was so strong that he was able to survive, if it was an ordinary Eighth Order, he would have lost most of his combat strength.

After that, he joined forces with Yu Rumeng and the other girls, and in just ten breaths of time, they managed to defeat the second Territory Lord.

Being able to kill a second Territory Lord in such a short time wasn’t without cost.

When killing the second Territory Lord, Yang Kai didn’t use the Soul Shattering Spike, instead relying on Yu Rumeng and the others’ suppression and support, as well as his own strength.

Now, Yu Rumeng and the others were all injured, Yang Kai was also injured.

He didn’t care. His recovery ability was powerful, so as long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, it wouldn’t be a big problem. After so many years of fighting, he had survived countless battles and killed so many powerful enemies because he was more ruthless than his own enemies!

The second Territory Lord was also unlucky. A Territory Lord was difficult to kill, and the Innate Territory Lord was even more difficult to kill. If he were to encounter another Eighth Order working together with Yu Rumeng and the others, even if the Territory Lord was no match for them, he would still have a chance to escape. Facing a Territory Lord who was determined to escape, even an expert like Xiang Shan might not have the means to stop it.

However, the one he encountered was Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Principle. Under the effects of the frozen space, the Territory Lord had no way out.

If he didn’t die, who would?

Yang Kai knew that Breaking Dawn wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer, so he didn’t care about the losses he would suffer.

He could only use the Soul Shattering Spike three times in a short time, using it for the fourth time in succession was too risky. This time, with five Territory Lords appearing, he was very ambitious and wanted to kill all five Territory Lords, so he would not use the Soul Shattering Spike unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now, it was time to use it.

He broke through the void and arrived in a flash. While the Territory Lord fighting Feng Ying was still in shock, Yang Kai had already activated his Soul Shattering Spike.

In an instant, this Territory Lord’s Soul trembled and he was in great pain, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, letting out a sharp cry.

The moment he lost his concentration, Yang Kai and Feng Ying’s joint attack arrived.

Feng Ying’s Divine Ability Manifestation, Myriad Sword Dragons Venerable, wrapped around her body and sent out an overwhelming sword light towards the Territory Lord.

The Azure Dragon Spear in Yang Kai’s hand was surrounded by many Dao concept.

With a single blow, half of the Innate Territory Lord’s body had been destroyed, but he hadn’t died. Perhaps the deaths of his two companions had made him vigilant, but even in such a desperate situation, he had barely managed to survive.

However, his aura had greatly weakened, so how could he still have the might of an Innate Territory Lord?

Yang Kai was somewhat surprised. This was the first time he had failed to kill his opponent with the Soul Shattering Spike, but at this moment, he couldn’t care less. Breaking Dawn’s side was in danger, and if he didn’t come to their aid soon, Breaking Dawn would probably be blown to pieces.

With a flash of his figure, he tossed the half-dead Innate Territory Lord to Feng Ying and directly appeared before Breaking Dawn.

In that instant, Breaking Dawn’s defences were shattered, and with Shen Ao and the other Seventh Order Open Heaven leading the way, Breaking Dawn was prepared to fight to the death with the two Territory Lords.

Yang Kai’s timing was perfect.

Facing the two Territory Lords’ joint attack, Yang Kai had no way to dodge. With Breaking Dawn behind him, if he dodged, the Dawn Squad would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

The great sun rose, the Golden Crow cried, the full moon rose, and the moonlight poured down.

Time and Space Principle merged together, the sun and moon shining together as a mysterious power of space and time filled the air.

The sun and moon instantly transformed into a spinning top that descended towards the two Territory Lords.

In the next instant, a violent shockwave burst out. Whether it was the two Innate Territory Lords or Yang Kai and Breaking Dawn, all of them were suffering greatly. Above Breaking Dawn, all of the members of the Dawn Squad spat out mouthfuls of blood as their expressions became gloomy.

Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper, while the two Territory Lords opposite him were still in shock.

They had never seen such a powerful Eighth Order Human Race cultivator before. The other party was already injured, but even when the two of them combined their strength, they were actually blocked.

The Divine Ability this person had just used… was incredibly powerful.

Moreover, the Concepts contained in this Divine Ability were even more difficult to fathom. At this moment, a profound Space and Time Force lingered around their bodies, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Should they continue fighting or should they leave now?

This human was too strong. If they could kill him here, all the sacrifices they had made would be worth it, but the other party didn’t seem to be someone to be trifled with. If they couldn’t kill him here, they might just lose their life.

At this moment, the two Territory Lords were completely certain that this person was the powerful enemy that Mo Na Ye had mentioned. For a moment, they cursed Mo Na Ye in their hearts. This fellow had only told them that a powerful enemy might appear in the Yearning Territory, but he hadn’t made it clear, causing them to lose two of their companions.

If Mo Na Ye knew what they were thinking, he would definitely seek justice!

Yang Kai’s news had come directly from the Mysterious Nether Territory. With this man’s feat of killing three Territory Lords and wreaking havoc in the Mysterious Nether Territory, he had been cautious enough and immediately asked these five Territory Lords to assist him. Originally, he had thought that with ten Territory Lords gathered together, they would be able to capture Yang Kai, but before they could even meet up, these five Territory Lords had already met up with Yang Kai.

After this great battle, five Territory Lords suffered one after another, something that the Black Ink Clan had not anticipated.

Just as the two Territory Lords were hesitating, the sound of another Territory Lord falling rang out from nearby.

It was Feng Ying who had killed her opponent.

This third Territory Lord had taken a Soul Shattering Spike from Yang Kai and was also struck by him and Feng Ying together, causing half his body to explode. Although he was barely able to preserve his life, his strength had also fallen greatly.

Yang Kai wanted to save Breaking Dawn, so he didn’t have the time to finish him. After he left, Feng Ying naturally went all out.

Previously, she had been suppressed by the other party and was in great danger, but now, the Territory Lord was not her opponent.

It couldn’t be helped, his injuries were too severe. It was already good enough that he could display half of his strength.

Under Feng Ying’s relentless assault, this Territory Lord only lasted for a few breaths before being killed by her sword!

This was the first Territory Lord that Feng Ying had personally killed after advancing to the Eighth Order!

There was nothing to be happy about. If Yang Kai hadn’t laid the foundation for her to kill her enemy, she would probably be dead by now.

Without any hesitation, after killing her opponent, Feng Ying immediately turned her sword and flew towards Yang Kai.

With this, the two Territory Lords who were still hesitating no longer hesitated. They had no confidence in taking down Yang Kai, and now that the Human Race had another Eighth Order support and another Battleship was approaching, once they were surrounded, they would not have a good ending.

The two Territory Lords immediately made a decision and flew off into the distance.

Yang Kai had long been on guard against them, so seeing this, he once again activated his Space Principle to freeze the void.

However, Yang Kai’s injuries weren’t light either. This time, his ability to condense the void was somewhat lacking. If it was just one Territory Lord, he might have been able to restrain them for a while, but with the two Territory Lords joining forces, they were able to quickly shatter the void and break free.

Yang Kai grit his teeth and chased after them with his spear. This was a rare opportunity to kill the Territory Lord, so how could he just give up like this? Three of the five Territory Lords had already died, so killing two more was nothing.

The family should reunite in the underworld.

Feng Ying followed closely behind.

Not far away, Yu Rumeng and the others who were rushing over also hurriedly changed directions.

At the side, above the Breaking Dawn, the group from the Dawn Squad also followed after a brief rest.

The two battleships, and two people continued to pursue the two Innate Territory Lords.

In the blink of an eye, they had crossed thousands of kilometers.

The two Territory Lords were furious that their pursuers were chasing them. Ever since they had left the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, they had never been in such a sorry state.

This is because of that damned Mo Na Ye. The news had not been spread clearly, after this, they would definitely ask for his explaination.

The two Territory Lords’ hearts were filled with hatred, but suddenly their expressions became serious as they looked forward.

There… was an ambush!

There were actually human race masters lying in ambush here!

The two Territory Lords were shocked.

At the same time, a majestic palace suddenly appeared in the void. This palace was extremely ancient and had a plaque above its door that read ‘Flowing Time’.

In front of the palace stood two figures, both dressed in white, one male and one female.

When this young man and woman saw the two fleeing Innate Territory Lords, not only were they not afraid, but their faces were filled with joy, as if they had caught a big fish.

These two obviously cultivated the same kind of Cultivation Technique, when they joined forces, time seemed to become chaotic.

The giant palace instantly transformed into countless grains of sand, and the two figures also disappeared. The grains of sand wrapped around the two Territory Lords, affecting their perception of time.

Yang Xiao and Yang Xue attacked!

They could be considered the disciples of the Flowing Time Great Emperor, and after obtaining the Flowing Time Divine Palace, they had been focusing on cultivating the Time Principle, especially since Yang Xiao was a member of the Dragon Clan. The Time Principle were his innate Divine Ability, allowing him to cultivate with twice the results with half the effort. With his careful guidance, Yang Xue also benefited greatly.

Now, both of them had extremely high attainments in the Dao of Time.

The two of them weren’t arrogant people and knew that they weren’t the Territory Lord’s opponent, so they didn’t plan on doing anything to the other. The difference in strength was too great, so their goal was simply to entangle them.

Even if it was just for a moment, it was fine!

If it was an ordinary Black Ink Clan cultivator facing such a strange Secret Technique, they would definitely find it difficult to resist, but these two Innate Territory Lords were incredibly powerful, so there was no need for them to see through the flaws of this Secret Technique. Both of them summoned their Ink Force and punched out.

Beating ten skills with one strength!

Under this blow, the sand in the sky suddenly swirled and transformed back into the shape of the palace. Under the violent shockwave, the palace began to hum and crack, causing Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, who were standing in front of the palace, to cough up blood.


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