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In a flash, life and death had been decided!

The Soul Shattering Spike was extremely powerful, and Yang Kai had experienced it many times, so he was more or less used to the pain of his Soul being torn apart. Any enemy who was hit by it would suffer a fate worse than death.

Soon after, he really died!

The moment the powerful aura withered, everyone in the surroundings could sense it.

Hidden in the darkness, the group of little brats on Bi Xi’s Battleship was shocked.

They had received instructions from Bi Xi’s clone to assist Yang Kai in killing the enemy, so they had all been prepared for a bitter battle, but never had they imagined that a Territory Lord would die just as the battle began!

The power erupting from that side was too violent and chaotic, but the Dao of Time, the Dao of Space, and even the Dao of Spear were so obvious, how could Yang Xiao and the others not notice?

This was the first time they had witnessed Yang Kai’s strength! Although they had only sensed him from a distance and hadn’t seen him with their own eyes, this kind of strength was something they couldn’t help but admire and worship!

On the battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who had taken the initiative to attack was instantly killed. Yang Kai also let out a muffled groan as blood flowed from his mouth.

In order to kill him in one blow, he had completely given up on his own defense and allowed the black light from the second Territory Lord to penetrate his body.

The rich Ink Force lingered around his wound and quickly corroded his flesh and blood.

As for the Territory Lord, he was both surprised and overjoyed. Although he knew that his companion wouldn’t have a good end, being ambushed by an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator at such a close distance, even if he didn’t die, he would at least be seriously injured, but he was still shocked that his companion had been killed so easily.

Fortunately, he had also injured this human race Eighth Order.

Taking advantage of Yang Kai’s weakness to take his life, this Territory Lord once again sent out a palm strike towards Yang Kai, showing no mercy. He didn’t intend to use the Ink Transformation on this Eighth Order Human Race, because it wasn’t so easy to use the Ink Transformation on an Eighth Order. Over the years, when the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race fought, the number of Inked Eighth Order masters could be counted on one’s fingers, and most of them had been personally Inked by the Royal Lord.

Although the Territory Lords were quite powerful, it was impossible for them to Ink an Eighth Order unless they could trap the Eighth Order and continuously use their Ink Force to erode it.

Killing is the only option! The death of one of their companions was nothing, but killing this Eighth Order was enough to make up for it.

However, just as he was about to attack, a group of battered women on Bi Xi’s Battleship suddenly launched a barrage of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques from the Battleship. The phantom of a dragon and phoenix flashed as a loud dragon roar and phoenix cry rang out.

One attack was nothing to this Territory Lord, but how about ten?

This Innate Territory Lord didn’t dare underestimate the joint attack of ten Seventh Order Human Race masters, let alone several Holy Spirits!

These human race women… were showing weakness just now!

He suddenly woke up.

Previously, he had thought that these Human Race Seventh Order masters were weak and not as strong as he had imagined, but now he realized that it wasn’t that they weren’t strong, but rather that they were deliberately acting weak so that he and his dead companion could lower their guard.

This was a trap aimed at them!

The Territory Lord was horrified. Facing the ten Secret Technique and Divine Ability that were flying towards him, he didn’t dare show the slightest bit of negligence and hurriedly tried to resolve them.

He couldn’t care less about killing the Eighth Order cultivator he had injured.

In fact, he didn’t know if he would have a chance to kill his opponent if he attacked again, because although the Eighth Order master's physical body had been penetrated by his attack, his expression didn’t change in the slightest, only a cold indifference. The long spear in his hand transformed into countless spear images that enveloped him.

Normally, an Innate Territory Lord was enough to deal with the combined forces of ten Seventh Order Human Race masters, but if there were several Holy Spirits among these ten Seventh Order Human Race masters, the pressure would be quite great.

If another Eighth Order master attacked together, even the most powerful of Innate Territory Lord would be flustered.

Violent energy swept out in all directions, causing space to distort and shatter. In the blink of an eye, the ten women on Bi Xi’s Battleship were sent flying.

Yang Kai also retreated quickly, blood flowing from his wounds. The Territory Lord was also in a difficult situation, and after such a fierce attack, his tall figure had become tattered, his body covered in countless wounds and black blood flowing from them.

His expression was filled with horror.

The strength of these Seventh Order Human Race masters was somewhat surprising, but this Eighth Order Human Race master was even more incredible.

This was no ordinary Eighth Order, it was the highest grade human race Eighth Order!

In just a short exchange, this Territory Lord had a direct feeling that even if it was a one-on-one fight, he might not be able to do anything to the other party, let alone now that the other party had ten Seventh Order supports.

He had to leave as soon as possible. If he didn’t, he was afraid he would die. He still had three companions pursuing the other Battleship. As long as he could quickly meet up with them, he would be able to preserve his life and even kill them.

In the blink of an eye, the Territory Lord had already decided to retreat. Taking advantage of the moment when Bi Xi and Yang Kai were sent flying, his figure flickered, transforming into a black light as he tried to escape.

“Condense!” Yang Kai’s eyes were cold as he shouted, causing the surrounding space to freeze as the black light seemed to sink into a swamp, greatly reducing its speed.

At the same time, on Bi Xi’s Battleship, the shadow of a giant spider appeared behind Shan Qingluo, a crescent moon appearing on its forehead.

Heavenly Moon Demon Spider!

When it opened its mouth, a spider web shot out and enveloped the Territory Lord. At the same time, a burst of energy that was difficult to see with the naked eye suddenly appeared in all directions, quickly transforming into a giant net with the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord at its center.

Having been suppressed by the Space Principle to begin with, now that he had fallen into this spider web, the Territory Lord suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable and couldn’t help struggling.

However, before he could free himself from this suppression, figures from all directions rushed towards him, the voice of Dragon Roar and Phoenix Cry become louder and louder!

At this time, a great battle broke out in the direction of Breaking Dawn.

The three Territory Lords chased after them, making it impossible for Breaking Dawn to escape.

The reason why three Territory Lords had split up to pursue Breaking Dawn was mainly because the Territory Lords had discovered an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator there.

At this moment, Feng Ying had already left Breaking Dawn and was fighting against a Territory Lord by herself. However, Feng Ying hadn’t advanced to the Eighth Order for a long time and her foundation wasn’t strong enough, so after a short exchange, she was already in a precarious situation.

On Breaking Dawn’s side, it was even more difficult. With the strength of the Dawn Squad and Breaking Dawn’s own performance, if they were to encounter an Innate Territory Lord, they would still have a chance to fight, but now that two Territory Lords had joined forces to attack them, Breaking Dawn was no match for them.

The protective light barrier on the Battleship continued to dim, and without the Battleship’s protection, the Dawn Squad members would immediately be exposed to the Territory Lords’ attacks. At that time, the Seventh Order cultivators might have a chance to survive, but those below the Seventh Order would definitely die.

Fortunately, the people from the Dawn Squad knew that they were not the main force this time, so they didn’t need to fight with the Territory Lords. All they needed to do was stall for time. The speed of the Battleship had been pushed to its limit, and under the control of a group of Open Heaven Stage masters, it was as nimble as a fish in water, constantly moving and changing its position, but it was still unable to avoid being hit.

Thirty breaths!

This was the longest Breaking Dawn could endure under the pursuit of two Innate Territory Lords, and once it exceeded thirty breaths of time, the entire Dawn Squad would face the risk of destruction.

Fifteen breaths later, the sound of a Territory Lord’s death suddenly rang out from nearby.

The Dawn Squad members were overjoyed, knowing that Yang Kai had taken action.

On the other hand, the two Territory Lords who had been chasing after Breaking Dawn all turned to look in the direction their companions had fallen, giving Breaking Dawn time to breathe.

Feng Ying’s side was the same. She, who had already fallen into a disadvantageous position, was only struggling to hold on. She even felt that she could hold on for even less time than Breaking Dawn.

An Eighth Order master like her, who had only recently broken through, was far too weak compared to the Innate Territory Lord. Although she wasn’t instantly killed, if she were to encounter one on her own, she would definitely die.

Yang Kai’s killing of the Territory Lord also affected the Territory Lord attacking Feng Ying.

The three Territory Lords were all shocked.

What was happening over there?

It had only been a short time since they had separated, so how could one of their companions have fallen? Immediately after, they sensed a violent battle and the aura of an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.

However… even if there was still an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator there, he shouldn’t have been able to kill a Territory Lord in such a short time, right? Even a sneak attack wouldn’t have worked!

What a waste!

Whether it was Feng Ying’s opponent or the two Territory Lords chasing after Breaking Dawn, both of them cursed in their hearts. After a brief moment of shock, their attacks became even more ruthless.

Since their companion had already fallen, it would be useless for them to go over, and if their other companion was wise, he would likely approach them.

There was no need to go and receive him, it was more important to deal with these humans first.

Twenty-five breaths later, the sound of a Territory Lord falling rang out once more.

The three surviving Territory Lords were truly shocked.

If the first companion had been killed because of carelessness, then the second companion that had been killed, what is the reason?

The time between the deaths of their two companions was so short, how could anyone have such great strength?

A Ninth Order? But they didn’t feel the power of a Ninth Order, only an Eighth Order master.

A powerful enemy!

When Mo Na Ye had asked them to come and assist the Yearning Territory, he had said he wanted to deal with a powerful enemy, the five Territory Lords hadn’t paid much attention to him. The so-called powerful enemy should be the top Eighth Order Human Race masters they had seen before.

Everyone felt that Mo Na Ye was making a mountain out of a molehill. There were already five Territory Lords here, so how could he not be able to handle an Eighth Order Human Race?

But now, the three surviving Territory Lords finally understood.

This was a true powerful enemy, one that could even terrify the Territory Lords!

Should they fight or flee?

For an Eighth Order Human Race master to be able to kill two Territory Lords in such a short period of time, he was probably stronger than all the Eighth Order Human Race masters they had encountered, but he must have paid a heavy price to do so, so this was probably the best time to kill him.

Without waiting for these three Territory Lords to discuss anything, the Territory Lord who was attacking Feng Ying suddenly saw a flash of light and a young man covered in blood and wearing a cold expression suddenly appeared!


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I dont like the fact the Author keep Nerfing some of these character, like YK Feng Ying was the only 7 Order to kill an Injuried 8th order and she could easily Kill feudal lord when she was a 7th order so even if she has just broken through she should be able to put up a better fight against these innate 8th order or at least able to protect her self especially with her divine ability. Fing Ying was not an ordinary 7th order she was once the strongest amongst all 7th order.

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Supposedly it's because these territory lords are innate instead of acquired I think was the word. Either way I still feel that the supporting characters should not always be portrayed as weak as they have been. These have been pivotal characters in YK's journey.


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Mar 06, 2023

hahahaha thankfully they are stupid xD if he could get into the king's house and kill his lords of the territory, destroy their nests and then leave laughing in his face, what did they expect lol

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