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Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, his three disciples, Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan, Qiong Qi, Little Red, and Little Black were also in the Yearning Territory?

After learning this news, Yang Kai was so shocked that he almost exposed his aura, but he quickly composed himself.

At this moment, he didn’t have the time to investigate why these little fellows were in Yearning Territory. It wouldn’t be too late to talk about it later, the most important thing now was to kill these Territory Lords.

Thinking for a moment, Yang Kai sent a voice transmission, “Senior, how are their strengths now?”

After returning from the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had never been to the Star Boundary. Other than Little Red and Little Black, who he had met once in the Void Land, he had not seen the others for nearly a thousand years. He really didn’t know how their cultivation is.

However, if one had the courage to become a nomad hunter, their strength would not be too weak, especially his three disciples. Yang Kai had great confidence in them.

Bi Xi’s clone sent a voice transmission, “Yang Xiao followed the Dragon Clan to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, and when he returned, he was already a Seventh Order. Yang Xue has been a Sixth Order for many years now, and she should have reached the peak of her realm. As for your three disciples… all of them have reached the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage directly.”

Although all of the disciples in Yang Kai's Small Universe Void Dojo has some of his inheritance, only Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya, and Xu Yi were his personal disciples.

These three little brats had inherited his three strongest Great Daos; Space, Spear, and Time.

Among the three disciples, if one were to compare their aptitudes, the second disciple, Zhao Ya, would undoubtedly be the strongest. Her cultivation speed could be said to have improved by leaps and bounds. When she was cultivating in his Small Universe, Yang Kai had asked her constantly to suppress her cultivation, or she would not get the World Tree’s support when she go to the Star Boundary.

In fact, there were many cultivators who had come out from the Void Dojo, many of whom had reached the Seventh Order directly, but Yang Kai had never seen anyone who could compare with Zhao Ya in terms of cultivation aptitude.

She was a cultivator who was naturally suited for cultivation, so no matter what kind of Cultivation Technique or Secret Technique it is, she was able to quickly master it.

This is a true monster amongst monsters.

Xu Yi was slightly inferior to Zhao Ya, but he was also quite extraordinary. What was rare was that he had a high compatibility with the Dao of Time.

Zhao Yebai’s aptitude was the worst. To be polite, he was mediocre, but to be blunt, he was dull.

However, among the three disciples, the one Yang Kai thought the most highly of was Zhao Yebai. Being ordinary and dull meant that he would be able to focus more on cultivation and solidify his foundation.

The more solid the foundation, the farther one can go.

Although he was slow-witted, he had a keen sense of the Dao of Space and was extremely proficient in it.

Before Yang Kai left for the Ink Battlefield, he had sent his three disciples back to the Star Boundary. After so many years, thanks to the Star Boundary’s Subtree, High Heaven Palace had invested a great deal of resources, allowing them to advance to the Seventh Order directly several hundred years ago.

If this was in the past, it would have been the most precious treasure of all the Cave Heaven Paradise, a good seedling for the future Ninth Order Old Ancestor. No matter who it was, they would be raised as successors.

It was also at this moment that the Star Boundary Subtree’s feedback was so great that the younger generation who were able to break through to the Seventh Order constantly appeared, causing these promising young seedlings who had a chance of reaching the Ninth Order to become less amazing.

Even so, any cultivator who directly broke through to the Seventh Order would receive the greatest attention from the Cave Heaven Paradise and the best cultivation, because all of them were the future hope of the Human Race.

Liu Yan, Xiao Xiao, and Qiong Qi all had Holy Spirit Bloodlines and had cultivated in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land before. Now, their bloodlines were pure, comparable to a Seventh Order Human Race.

However, all of them were Holy Spirits, so they were naturally stronger than the average human race's Seventh Order.

As for Little Red and Little Black, because they had mixed bloodlines, they weren’t qualified to go to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land and had been cultivating by Bi Xi’s side, so they were a bit weaker, only equivalent to a Sixth Order human race.

There were ten people on this ship, a total of seven Seventh Order and three Sixth Order. If one were to include Bi Xi’s clone, even if they encountered Innate Territory Lord, they would have the ability to fight!

They had been nomad hunter for more than a decade now, and being able to remain safe and sound was thanks to Bi Xi’s clone’s protection and also because of their own strength.

If one’s own strength was insufficient, it was useless no matter how others tried to protect them.

Before Bi Xi had agreed to bring them out, had he really not seen through their intentions? It was just that Bi Xi also felt that the flowers raised in a greenhouse were of little use. The world was in chaos now, and it was difficult to grow up behind closed doors.

Traveling and fighting with the Black Ink Clan was undoubtedly a good experience, but there were too many uncontrollable factors in a large army, so becoming a hunter was much more convenient.

After learning about the growth of these little brats from Bi Xi’s clone, Yang Kai was quite happy. He wasn’t the only one becoming stronger, the little brats were also becoming stronger, and all the humans were working hard to become stronger.

The future of the Human Race was promising!

With such a powerful reinforcement suddenly appearing, Yang Kai felt that he could slightly correct his plan.

Perhaps he could take this opportunity to show these little brats just how powerful the Innate Territory Lord was. They had probably never fought a Territory Lord before.

Thinking so, he sent a voice transmission.

In the next instant, the two Battleships immediately split up and fled in different directions.

Seeing this, the five Territory Lords who were chasing after them also split up without hesitation, two Territory Lords on Bi Xi's Battleship and three on Breaking Dawn's side.

To the five Territory Lords, the two Human Race Battleships in front of them were undoubtedly two big fish. Although there was an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator guarding them, they really didn’t put them in their eyes. As long as one of the Territory Lords managed to restrain the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, the rest of the Human Race could be easily slaughtered.

They did the same.

Everything is under control.

In the blink of an eye, the distance between them had shortened significantly.

Although the two Human Race Battleships were fast, they were unable to escape the pursuit of the Territory Lords.

The Human Race cultivators on Bi Xi’s Battleship also noticed this, and after suffering another round of fierce attacks from the two Territory Lords, the protective light barrier on the Battleship had already cracked open countless times and was about to collapse.

Seeing this opportunity, one of the Territory Lords no longer hesitated and stretched out a large hand towards Bi Xi’s Battleship. Under the power of the Ink Force, the universe lost all light.

The fleeing Bi Xi Battleship suddenly changed direction and rushed towards the two Territory Lords.

The Territory Lord who had attacked snorted coldly, “You’re overestimating yourself!”

The giant hand slammed down.

These humans obviously knew that they would not be able to escape this calamity, so they were prepared to fight like a trapped beast.

From the Bi Xi Battleship, a series of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities shot out towards the two Territory Lords, but in the eyes of the Territory Lords, these attacks seemed so weak and powerless.

These Seventh Order Human Race masters seemed to be too weak. If all the Seventh Order Human Race masters were at this level, it would be difficult for them to compete with the Feudal Lords.

The giant palm condensed from the Ink Force slammed into Bi Xi’s Battleship, causing it to tremble violently. Yu Rumeng and the others on the deck were thrown into a miserable state, all of their expressions ugly.

The giant hand suddenly clenched, seemingly wanting to completely control Bi Xi’s Battleship.

Letting out a long laugh, he attempted to break the Battleship’s defences once more. Once the Battleship’s defences were broken, his Ink Force would be able to penetrate it.

He wasn’t prepared to kill these human race cultivators. No matter what, these were ten Seventh Order masters. If he could turn them into Black Ink Disciples, they would be of some help to him, allowing him to disguise himself as a nomad hunter and kill or entice other hunters.

As he thought about this, he held back a bit, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a sense of alarm and panic.

This Territory Lord immediately focused his attention and looked towards Bi Xi’s Battleship, wanting to see how these humans could make him feel threatened.

Before he could clearly see what was happening, a strange Divine Sense fluctuation burst out, and soon after, he felt his Soul’s defences being broken, as if a needle had pierced into his brain, causing him to feel a splitting headache and let out a miserable cry.

The Ink Force giant hand that had imprisoned Bi Xi’s Battleship immediately dissipated.

At the same time, the space around him rippled as a figure stepped out from the void like a ghost and thrust out a long spear, causing space to become chaotic and time to stagnate.

The speed of the spear was not fast, and the Territory Lord, who was suffering from a splitting headache, also saw it. He wanted to dodge, but he found that he could not.

At this moment, all of his senses seemed to be affected.

On the other hand, the other Territory Lord who had been standing beside him all this time suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

The two Territory Lords chased after Bi Xi’s Battleship, one of them taking action while the other stood guard.

When Yang Kai attacked, the Territory Lord he was targeting suffered a heavy blow to his Soul and was unable to save himself. On the other hand, the second Territory Lord reacted.

He opened his mouth and spat out a stream of black light towards Yang Kai. It was too late to save his companion, so he could only attack.

It was only at this moment that he discovered that the attacker was an Eighth Order Human Race master!

Two Eighth Order masters!

One of them was in the open while the other was in the dark!

The five Territory Lords had been distracted by the two Human Race Battleships, so they hadn’t noticed this hidden Eighth Order.

This shouldn’t have been a premeditated attack, it was most likely something the Human Race had decided to do after revealing their whereabouts.

Although he didn’t put this human race Eighth Order in his eyes, he didn’t hold anything back. If the other party didn’t want to die, he would have to withdraw his spear so he could save his companion.

But the next moment, he realized he was wrong.

Facing his all-out attack, this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had suddenly appeared from the shadows didn’t have the slightest intention of dodging. Instead, he firmly thrust his spear forward, as if he would rather die than let his enemy escape.

What a cruel human race! He was ruthless to their Black Ink Clan, but even more ruthless to himself!

This Territory Lord’s heart trembled, but this was also good. Although his companion might be injured or even killed, being able to take down this human race Eighth Order was not a loss.

In any case, the one who died wasn’t him.


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