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When the five Territory Lords in the distance made their move, everyone on the Battleship immediately noticed and turned to look.

Among the five young people, a young man wearing a white robe and even his hair was snow white said with a stern expression, “A Black Ink Clan master has taken action. This power… it’s the Territory Lord!”

Another young woman standing next to him, also dressed in white but with long black hair, nodded, “There’s more than one, at least three, possibly more.”

This black haired girl was quite sweet, and her appearance was quite similar to Yang Kai’s.

“Has a hunting party exposed their whereabouts?” Among the five young people, a simple and honest-looking young man came to the side of the ship with a slightly worried expression.

Over the past few days, there had been many hidden hunters that had exposed their whereabouts, causing the Black Ink Clan to chase after them. However, the Black Ink Clan who had taken action were at most at the Feudal Lord-level. These past few days, they had saved many hunters from the Black Ink Clan, and this was the first time they had noticed a Territory Lord taking action, and its more than one.

“With the Territory Lord personally taking action, I’m afraid they won’t be able to escape this calamity,” Standing next to this simple and honest young man was a woman with a cold and arrogant expression. Her expression was cold and distant, and only when she looked at the honest young man did a trace of gentleness flash across her eyes.

“Are we going to save them?” Among the five young people, the last youth with a flat hair asked eagerly, “We haven’t fought with the Territory Lord yet, Eldest Senior Brother, let’s go save them.” The last sentence was directed towards the honest-looking youth.

The little Stone Man who had been staring into the void all this time suddenly jumped onto his head and pounded his chest, letting out a loud roar as his battle intent soared.

“Rescue them!” The honest-looking young man said firmly, “Senior, change direction and let’s go save them!”

Bi Xi’s clone couldn’t be bothered with him. 'Your Honored Master is over there, do you think he needs you to save him? While he hasn’t discovered the situation here, it’s more important for you to leave the Yearning Territory. If he finds out that all of you have come here, this old master won’t be able to explain himself.'

Seeing Bi Xi’s clone remain unmoved, not only did he not show any intention of saving the people, but instead was gradually moving further away, the honest looking young man quickly said, “Senior, it’s not in this direction, it’s in that direction.”

While he was still shouting, the cold and arrogant woman had already leapt off the Battleship and rushed towards the source of the commotion.

The youth with the flat hair immediately became spirited and shouted, “Second Senior Sister, wait for me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he chased after the Second Senior Sister at an extremely fast speed. The little Stone Man wanted to grab his hair, but the youth with the flat hair had no hair to grab, so he could only grab his ears to prevent himself from being thrown off.

“Don’t be rash!” The honest-looking young man quickly shouted, but his Junior Brother and Junior Sister had already fled far away, so he quickly chased after them.

“Little Aunt, let’s go too!” The young man with white robe and white hair shouted and flew out together with the young woman beside him.

The Ancient Beast that was resting with its eyes closed suddenly stood up, and the little girl who was stroking its fur rode on its back. In the next moment, flames burst out from the Ancient Beast’s feet and it soared into the sky.

Before leaving, the little girl didn’t forget to grab the little boy and girl.

In the blink of an eye, Bi Xi’s Battleship was empty.



Bi Xi’s clone wanted to cry, but no tears came out. He had planned to secretly bring these little fellows to the Domain Gate and quickly leave the Yearning Territory, but who knew these little fellows would be so impulsive.

This is bad, it's really bad!

He knew he shouldn’t have taken them away from the Star Boundary, and he was annoyed that he had been too soft-hearted back then, believing that they had only come out to travel and experience the sights of the Heavens. Now, all of them had abandoned him, leaving him alone with his Battleship.

Bi Xi’s clone was also extremely worried.

Helpless, he could only quickly change directions and chase after them while sending a message to his other clone, “What’s going on over there? Why are you suddenly fighting?”

The other side replied, “We encounter five Territory Lords, it's fine!”

Bi Xi’s clone was stunned, “How can five Territory Lords still be fine? Quickly hide, these Territory Lords are not to be trifled with, all of them are Innate Territory Lords, each one of them comparable to the top Eighth Order Human Race master.”

“There’s no need, it's just five Territory Lords!”

Bi Xi’s clone was stunned for a moment, secretly thinking to himself that he didn’t have the habit of boasting. What was the situation with his clone over there? Five Territory Lords, is count as nothing? From the looks of it, he didn’t put the five Territory Lords in his eyes at all. Even if his main body came, he would probably only be able to deal with one Territory Lord. If two joined forces, he would definitely be at a disadvantage. Of course, Bi Xi was proficient in defense, even if he is not able to defeat two Territory Lords, protecting himself wouldn’t be a problem.

He didn’t have time to think too much about it and could only say, “The little fellows have all run over, don’t let anything happen to them.”

The other party asked, “How many little fellows have come?”

Bi Xi’s clone sighed and helplessly said, “Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, Yang Kai’s three disciples, Xiao Xiao, Qiong Qi, Liu Yan, Little Red, Little Black.”

The other side was obviously shocked, “Did they all come here?” These were all the little fellows from Star Boundary who had stayed behind.

Bi Xi’s clone said helplessly, “That’s right, if something happens, we won’t be able to explain to Yang Kai… Yes, we won’t be able to explain.”

If these little fellows were to kill their way out, they would definitely meet Yang Kai. If Yang Kai asked them how they ended up in the Yearning Territory, how would he explain?

The more Bi Xi’s clone thought about it, the more tired he became. He was an old man who had lived for countless years, and now that he was old, he still had to take care of a child for others. The key was that the future is not optimistic.

The other side obviously didn’t have such concerns, instead feeling a bit excited, “It’s good that they’ve come. Tell them not to expose themselves for now, we may need their cooperation to kill the enemy.”

Bi Xi’s clone exclaimed, “Kill those Territory Lords?”

How did this Clone end up with such a bad habit? It was unknown who he learned it from, but although these little fellows’ strength was not bad, when they joined forces, they could at most deal with one Territory Lord. There were a total of five there, if they encountered such a powerful enemy, they could only run as far as they can.

“Kill the Territory Lord! Trust me,” The other party said firmly.

Bi Xi’s clone didn’t know what to say. They were both clones of the main body, so there was no such thing as ‘you and I’, but the key was that he didn’t know where this clone came from.

However, now that things had come to this, he could only choose to trust the other party… himself.

As for how to call the little fellows back, it was simple. Previously, they didn’t know that Yang Kai was the one who had caused the disturbance, so they all thought that it was the hunter who had exposed their whereabouts. As long as he told the truth, he could naturally call the little fellows back.

In order to prevent their whereabouts from being exposed, Bi Xi’s clone quickly sent out a voice transmission, and as expected, the figures who had been rushing forward quickly stopped and returned to the Battleship.

The white robe and white hair young man, Yang Xiao, asked in surprise, “Senior, is Foster Father in front?”

The honest-looking Zhao Yebai was even more excited, “Is it really Honored Master?”

Although the others did not ask questions, everyone’s eyes were filled with surprise and anticipation.

“Yes, Yang Kai is here and those Territory Lords are chasing him,” Bi Xi’s clone replied.

The cold and arrogant Zhao Ya immediately took out a long spear, her beautiful hair fluttering in the wind, but her killing intent was unbridled, “They Dare! I want to help Master!”

Xiao Xiao, who was standing atop Xu Yi’s head, couldn’t wait any longer and jumped up and down, causing Xu Yi to feel dizzy.

Seeing that Zhao Ya was about to charge out again, Bi Xi’s clone quickly said, “Take your time, Yang Kai wants you to not expose yourselves for now, he may need you to cooperate with him to kill the enemy!”

This was what the other clone had said, but under the current circumstances, it was difficult to explain too much. Just take it as Yang Kai’s words, the other clone would also explain the situation to him.

Zhao Ya didn’t dare to disobey her Honored Master’s orders. Hearing this, she slowly withdrew her killing intent and turned her head to look into the distance, feeling that the commotion was becoming more intense.

Liu Yan, who was riding on Qiong Qi’s back, frowned and said, “Old Sir, although Master already has the cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, there seems to be a lot of Territory Lords there. Can Master… handle them?”

Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, and everyone knew about him. After all, when he had returned from the Ink Battlefield, he had visited the Void Land and met with Bi Xi.

After that, Bi Xi brought the cultivators from the Void Land back to the Star Boundary, and this news also spread to everyone in the Star Boundary.

What they didn’t know was that Yang Kai had done many things in the past few decades, including killing three Territory Lords in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield. This had only happened recently, and as nomad hunter, their information was limited.

Bi Xi’s clone coughed lightly, “Don’t you understand your Master’s ability? Since he said so, he must be confident.”

Liu Yan thought about it and agreed. Since Master was acting in such a manner, he must have his own reasons. She didn’t need to think too much about it and just listened to him.

The group of people immediately calmed down and Bi Xi’s clone let out a long sigh. He had finally got out of trouble, but what to do next was not something he could control.

Activating his Secret Technique, he withdrew his aura and silently flew forward.

Not only was Bi Xi’s defense excellent, his ability to conceal his aura was also one of the best in the world. If it weren’t for this, since many masters has passed through the Void Land over the years, how could none of them had found any flaws.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai entered the Void Land that his bloodline disturbed the sleeping Bi Xi.

The reason why everyone had been able to travel freely in the various great domains for so many years was partly because of their outstanding strength and partly because of Bi Xi’s protection.

After killing the Black Ink Clan, all they needed to do was hide in the depths of the void, and even if the Black Ink Clan mobilized their army, it would be difficult to find them.

At the same time, in the distant void in front of them, Breaking Dawn, and Bi Xi's Battleship board by Yu Rumeng and the others were currently being bombarded by the Territory Lords.

Fortunately, whether it was Breaking Dawn or Bi Xi’s Battleship, both of them had excellent defensive capabilities. As long as they weren’t constantly attacked by the Territory Lord, they wouldn’t have any problems for a while.

As Bi Xi’s clone dodged the Territory Lord’s attack, he secretly sent a message to Yang Kai to inform him about the situation on the other side.


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