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Moreover, if they wanted to take down someone like Yang Kai, they couldn’t do it flawlessly. They had to give him a chance to take advantage of the situation before he took the risk to act. If the four Territory Lords were in a group, Yang Kai would probably just hide and not show his face, making things difficult for the Black Ink Clan.

“On top of that,” Mo Na Ye continued, “According to the information sent by the Royal Lrod, Yang Kai’s ability to escape is extremely outstanding and his movements are unpredictable. When the Royal Lord personally pursued him that day, he was still able to escape, so if you accidentally encounter him, no matter what, you must tie him down and not give him a chance to escape!”

The other four Territory Lords nodded, “Understood.”

Snake Tongue Territory Lord couldn’t wait any longer and asked, “Mo Na Ye, are we going to close the net now? The big fish has already taken the bait, there’s no need to wait any longer.”

Mo Na Ye pondered for a moment before nodding and saying, “We can seal the Domain Gate now, but we’re not in a hurry to act. The other five Territory Lords are already on their way, so if we count the time, they should be arriving at Yearning Territory Domain soon.”

The four Territory Lords were all shocked as the Fleshy Wing Territory Lord asked, “You even invited reinforcements?”

Along the way, if the five of them were included, wouldn’t a mere Yearning Territory gather ten Territory Lords! Ten Territory Lords working together to deal with an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was really thinking too highly of him.

“There’s nothing wrong with being careful!” Mo Na Ye said solemnly, “If we can get rid of Yang Kai this time, the Royal Lord will definitely be happy. Even if we have to work a bit harder, what does it matter?”

Since he was talking about the Royal Lord, the other Territory Lords couldn’t say anything.

A short while later, Mo Na Ye sent out a message. At the five domain gates of Yearning Territory, the Black Ink Clan’s army, which had been hiding in the dark, had emerged. They were tightly guarded, and although there were no Territory Lords guarding them, their numbers were still great. Even if an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator wanted to break through, they would be able to stop them at all costs.

Just as Mo Na Ye and the others were discussing, on Bi Xi’s Battleship, his clone suddenly sensed something and turned to look in a certain direction.

On the other side, there seemed to be an aura that was extremely similar to his own. Although they were separated by hundreds of millions of kilometers, the aura that originated from the same source was something that even time and space could not block.

Suddenly feeling a headache, why was this guy here?

If this guy was here, wouldn’t those little brats also be here? They weren’t cultivating in the Star Boundary, why would they appear here in the Yerning Territory?

How daring! If something were to happen to them, how would he explain himself to Yang Kai?

Quickly immersing his consciousness, he began communicating with the other party.

“Why did you bring these little brats out?”

The other party quickly responded, “Why are you here too?”

Bi Xi’s clone said, “It’s a long story. Yang Boy wants to come to the Yearning Territory, but Yu Rumeng and the other women insist on following him. I can’t help it.”

The other party went silent for a moment before asking somewhat guiltily, “Yang boy is back? Cough cough… did he return to the Star Boundary?”

“Probably not,” Bi Xi’s clone replied, annoyed, “You’re too bold, why did you bring them here?”

The other side replied, “There’s nothing I can do about it. These little brats have made great achievements in their cultivation, and all of them are young and full of vigor, so how could they bear to hide in the Star Boundary all day and make such a ruckus? As you know, at this age, I can’t stand these little brats’ constant pestering, so in a moment of weakness, I just…”

“You really are trash!” Bi Xi’s clone spat.

The other party was silent for a moment before saying, “You are me, I am you. If you scold me, you are scolding yourself.”

Bi Xi’s clone was at a loss for words for a moment, but fortunately he didn’t forget his business and quickly said, “The situation in the Yearning Territory isn’t right, the Black Ink Clan should be fishing. Before the situation becomes chaotic, hurry up and take them away, or else something unexpected will happen!”

“Good!” The other side quickly responded, obviously also sensing that something was wrong with the Yearning Territory.

After a brief exchange, the two of them cut off all contact, causing Bi Xi’s clone to feel somewhat depressed. Should he tell Yang Kai about this? If he did, Yang Kai definitely wouldn’t sit back and do nothing, but if he did, how would he explain himself?

Just as Bi Xi’s clone was hesitating, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and frowned.

Just now, he had vaguely felt some kind of strange energy fluctuation coming from behind him, but when he carefully examined it, he found nothing, which made him quite puzzled.

When one’s strength reached his current level, this kind of subtle feeling would normally not go wrong, causing him to be startled. Could it be that there was a Black Ink Clan master secretly spying on him?

Immediately sending a voice transmission to Bi Xi’s clone, “Senior, did you notice anything unusual?”

Bi Xi’s clone felt extremely guilty and quickly replied, “No, did you notice anything unusual?”

Yang Kai was even more confused. Was he just imagining things?

Just in case, he used his Divine Sense to monitor his surroundings. As soon as he did so, he immediately discovered five powerful auras flying through the air.

Five Territory Lords!

The Black Ink Clan was really quite capable. A mere Yearning Territory actually had five Territory Lords guarding it. It seemed that the Black Ink Clan really hated the Human Race’s hunters. Of course, this might also have something to do with him.

The Black Ink Clan should have guessed that he was coming to the Yearning Teeeirory, so the five Territory Lords were here to deal with him.

The moment Yang Kai discovered these five Territory Lords, the five Territory Lords also noticed them and sent their powerful Divine Senses over, discovering traces of Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleship.

It was just that the distance was too far, so they weren’t able to investigate too clearly. They only knew that there were Human Race masters secretly spying on them and that their strength wasn’t weak.

If they hadn’t discovered it, then so be it, but since they had, how could these five Territory Lords be willing to let it go? They were Territory Lords, and in this vast world, with the two Ninth Order Human Race masters trapped, why should they fear anyone? Immediately turning around, they transformed into a black ink cloud and rushed over.

Above Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai instantly restrained his aura, like a withered stone, and shouted, “A powerful enemy is attacking, speed up!”

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Above Dawn Battleship, Feng Ying’s expression was solemn as she coordinated with the other team members to activate the Battleship, while Bi Xi’s clone followed behind with all his might.

The two Battleships transformed into two dazzling rays of light that instantly covered a distance of ten million kilometers.

However, no matter how fast they were, they weren’t faster than the Innate Territory Lord and the distance between them continued to shrink.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the two Battleships appeared in the Territory Lords’ field of vision. The five Territory Lords were overjoyed when they sensed them with their Divine Sense.

An Eighth Order Human Race cultivator and more than ten Seventh Order masters, this harvest was not small.

These five Territory Lords were the five reinforcements Mo Na Ye had invited. They only knew that they had come to assist Mo Na Ye in dealing with a Human Race master, but they didn’t know who they were dealing with.

These five Territory Lords had never imagined that they would encounter two human race squads as soon as they arrived in the Yearning Territory.

An Eighth Order Human Race cultivator wasn’t even worthy of their attention, and any one of the five of them was more than enough to keep him in check. For a moment, they couldn’t help feeling a bit puzzled. Was the Human Race hunters always have Eighth order master?

This was not in line with the information they had gathered. There weren’t many Eighth Order Human Race masters now, and each of them was a pillar of the Human Race, fighting in the dozen or so Domain Battlefields and fighting with the Black Ink Clan masters.

Although there were many nomad hunters, there had never been an Eighth Order. Most of them are Seventh Order and Sixth Order, there are even Fourth Order and Fifth Order.

Of course, there was no one with a lower cultivation. Traveling through the various great domains, it was impossible for one to not have some ability. Low Rank Open Heave ngenerally didn’t have such courage, while Mid Rank is the lowest level.

The nomad hunters were difficult to kill, and most importantly, they were difficult to find. Now that they had encountered two small groups of nomad hunters, how could these five Territory Lords let them go? They were simply chasing after them with all their might.

After a while, the distance between them became closer.

Behind them, the Territory Lords circulated their strength and sent out a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques towards Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleships. In an instant, the entire universe shook and the void shattered. The two Battleships lit up with thick protective Spirit Arrays that constantly flickered with light, occasionally counterattacking, but were easily dodged by the Territory Lords who were chasing after them.

As the battle began, the entire Yearning Territory seemed to be stirred.

In the distance in the void, a battleship was rushing towards the domain gate. On the battleship, ten figures stood, five of them young people, men and women.

A pair of little guys, the little girl was tender and cute, while the little boy’s mouth was wide open, drooling. The little girl kept wiping his mouth, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t finish it. The little girl, however, didn’t show any signs of impatience, only repeating the same action over and over again, causing the little boy to laugh foolishly.

There is also a small Stone Man. From its appearance alone, this Stone Man was somewhat similar to the Small Stone Race that was currently active in the various Domain Battlefields. However, if one observed carefully, they would be able to tell that this Stone Man was not the same species.

No matter how strong or weak the Small Stone Race was, their intelligence wasn’t too high. Even those who were comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race would only act according to their instincts and not have their own thinking.

However, this small Stone Man was obviously different. It had sentience, and its sentience was not low. At this moment, it was crawling along the side of the ship looking bored, staring into the void, its eyes filled with loneliness.

There was also an Ancient Beast lying on the deck, its eyes closed as it rested. This Ancient Beast was also a member of the Holy Spirit, and its ranking was similar to Taowu who had been killed by Yang Kai in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Beside the Ancient Beast, a delicate little girl gently stroked its fur with a relaxed expression. The little girl looked quite young, but her eyes were filled with the charm of years, obviously not as simple as she seemed.

This group looked extremely strange, but whether it was the pair of boy and girl, the stone man, the little girl, or the Ancient Beast, all of them seemed to be extremely powerful.

Even the Battleship they were on looked very similar to Yu Rumeng’s Battleship.

This was also Bi Xi Battleship, modified from Bi Xi’s clone.

On Yang Kai’s side, Bi Xi’s clone had communicated with this Battleship.

They were all clones of Bi Xi, so no matter how far away they were, as long as they were in the same Great Domain and weren’t sealed by Heaven or Earth, there was no obstruction in communicating with each other. Moreover, they were able to communicate silently, even an expert like Yang Kai didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and only vaguely sensed some subtle movements, which was why he wanted to investigate.

Unexpectedly, he had actually attracted five Territory Lords who were hurrying on their way here.


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