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After about two months, Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleship finally arrived at Yearning Territory. When they passed through the Domain Gate, everyone from the Dawn Squad, Yu Rumeng, and the others all secretly pushed their strength to prepare for a great battle.

However, there was no Black Ink Clan on the Domain Gate’s side.

On the Breaking Dawn deck, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he looked around. Under the opening of the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he could vaguely see traces of Ink Force on a floating continent in the distance.

There were probably scouts from the Black Ink Clan monitoring them.

The situation wasn’t too bad. The Domain Gate’s side only had surveillance and no defenses, meaning that the Black Ink Clan wasn’t prepared to withdraw their network.

If the Black Ink Clan really set up an army to defend the Domain Gate, it would mean that they were prepared to capture all the human race cultivators on the Yearning Territory's side.

If that was the case, they would be too late.

This situation was undoubtedly what Yang Kai wanted to see.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the Black Ink Clan people over there to avoid alerting them. Instead, he took out the Universe Chart and used it to scout the direction before leading the two Battleships deeper into the void.

On the distant floating continent, a group of Black Ink Clan was quietly lying in wait. The leader of the group, a Feudal Lord, was using his eyes to look towards the Domain Gate. Just as Yang Kai had guessed, these Black Ink Clan cultivators were monitoring the movements of the Domain Gate and calculating the number of hunters who had entered the Yearning Territory.

Seeing Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleship appear, he was shocked and quickly took out a jade slip and immersed his Divine Sense into it.

A moment later, a light flashed across his eyes and he shouted, “Send a message to Sir Mo Na Ye, the two Human Race Battleships have appeared!”

Mo Na Ye was one of the Innate Territory Lords who were stationed in the Yearning Territory and was considered the leading Territory Lord of this place. His strength was not inferior to the Territory Lord of the dozen or so battlefields.

Previously, this Lord had ordered them to pay attention to the whereabouts of the two Battleships. They didn’t know why they were paying so much attention to these two Battleships, but they could only obey.

The Territory Lord hadn’t expected that these two Battleships would really enter the Yearning Territory like the Territory Lord had predicted.

The jade slip he took out contained detailed descriptions of the two Battleships.

On the floating continent, there was a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest that had yet to fully hatch. This Ink Nest was only a few dozen meters tall and didn’t have the ability to give birth to new Black Ink Clan member, but it was convenient to carry and could provide communication.

As soon as the Feudal Lord finished speaking, a High Rank Black Ink Clan master immediately entered the Ink Nest and reported the findings here.

In a deep and secluded place, five figures of various shapes and sizes lay dormant. These five figures had all concealed their auras, as if they had died. If one wasn’t strong enough, even if they passed by them, they might not be able to discover them.

It was unknown how long they had been lying dormant here, but they didn’t move at all. From the looks of it, it seemed they were hibernating.

At this moment, a tall figure in the middle suddenly opened his eyes, took out a communication bead, and immersed his consciousness into it, his eyes flashing as he shouted, “Everyone, that Yang Kai… is here!”

The remaining four figures all opened their eyes at this moment as their dormant auras began to awaken. Although they hadn’t fully released their auras, all of them were at the Territory Lord-level.

One of the Territory Lords stuck out his tongue, which was like a snake’s tongue, and hissed a few times before chuckling, “Is he really here?”

The original mission of these five Territory Lords was to lure the Human Race’s hunters out with the people of Yearning Territoy as bait. Otherwise, how could a mere Yearning Territory have five Territory Lords guarding it?

The Human Race’s hunters were simply too annoying. Over the years, at least thirty percent of the resources that the Black Ink Clan had sent to the front lines had been lost to these hunters, and the number of Black Ink Clan members who had been killed by them was also unknown.

The Territory Lords were all very angry, and they had also been patrolling the various Great Domains, searching for traces of the hunters.

Although it was effective, it was not very effective.

These hunters were all extremely cunning and would not show their faces in the slightest, but if they were confident they could win, they would quickly flee.

This time, a large number of Human Race cultivators had been discovered in Yearning Territory, so it was a good opportunity for them to spread the news to attract the attention of the hunters.

The five Territory Lords, as well as the various great armies hidden throughout the entire Yearning Territory, had already thought highly of these hunters.

According to the original plan, after enough hunters entered the Yearning Territory, the hidden Black Ink Clan army would seal off the various Domain Gates. At that time, if these Territory Lords attacked, it would be akin to closing the gate and beating the dog.

However, a month ago, news came from the Mysterious Nether Territory that the Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander, Yang Kai, had personally led two Battleships out of the Mysterious Nether Territory. Their whereabouts were unknown, and it was highly likely they had gone to the Yearning Territory to rescue the trapped Human Race cultivators.

They had never heard of Yang Kai’s name before, but his identity as the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army was enough to attract the attention of these Territory Lords.

The Human Race’s Regiment Commanders were all at the peak of the Eighth Order and were extremely difficult to deal with. If they could kill such master, it would be a great blow to the Human Race’s morale.

This was one thing, if the status of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander wasn’t high enough, then Yang Kai’s other identity made all the Territory Lords unable to remain calm.

He was none other than the Eighth Order Human Race master who had caused a great ruckus in the No-return Pass and destroyed seven Royal Lord-level Ink Nest!

It was said that at that time, not only had seven Royal Lord-level Ink Nests been destroyed, three Territory Lords had also been killed, and more than a dozen Territory Lords had their cultivation level falling and were currently recuperating in the Ink Nest. It was unknown when they would recover.

After that incident, the Royal Lord was furious and sent a message to all the Territory Lords to search for this person. No matter what price they had to pay, they had to kill this person!

No one had expected this human to go to the Mysterious Nether Territory and even become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army.

Now, he had even taken the risk and led two Battleships to the Yearning Territory.

This is an opportunity, a great opportunity, the Snake Tongue Territory Lord is a little excited: "Are you sure that it is Yang Kai?"

Mo Na Ye nodded and said, “It is roughly certain. Although they didn’t see Yang Kai himself, the appearance of those two Battleships matches the information we received from the Mysterious Nether Territory.”

Whether it was Breaking Dawn or Bi Xi Battleships, they were different from ordinary Battleships, their characteristics obvious.

These two Battleships had been brought out from the Mysterious Nether Territory by Yang Kai. Since they had come to the Yearning Territory, Yang Kai must have also come.

“Not bad, not bad, we actually caught a big fish!” The Snake Tongue Territory Lord said eagerly.

The Black Ink Clan’s plan this time was only to deal with the hunters. If they could take advantage of this opportunity to finish off Yang Kai as well, they would be able to contribute greatly.

It wasn’t just Snake Tongue Territory Lord, the other Territory Lords were also quite excited.

Yang Kai’s name was currently unknown to the lower echelons of the Black Ink Clan, but as long as it was a Feudal Lord or higher, ninety percent of them had heard of him.

This person was a great enemy of the Black Ink Clan!

“Everyone, don’t be careless. That Yang Kai killed three Territory Lords in the No-Return Pass, and in the Mysterious Nether Territory, he killed three of them in one go. Although all of us are Innate Territory Lords, if we encounter him in a one-on-one fight, I’m afraid we won’t have a good end.”

When Mo Na Ye said this, all the Territory Lords’ expressions became serious.

Innate Territory Lords were not easy to kill, but according to the information they had gathered, six of them had died at Yang Kai’s hands.

One of the Territory Lords with a pair of fleshy wings on his back said, “It’s not like we haven’t fought against an Eighth Order Human Race master before. Even the top Eighth Order ones are only so-so. Since Yang Kai is also an Eighth Order, it doesn’t make sense for him to be so strong.”

This was something the Black Ink Clan had always been puzzled about. Killing a Territory Lord was like slaughtering chickens and dogs. This was not an Eighth Order, but a Ninth Order!

Mo Na Ye said solemnly, “The methods of the Human Race are strange and unpredictable. In a life and death struggle, one’s strength cannot be used to judge the outcome. Combined with the information we have gathered so far, Yang Kai’s strength may not be as great as it appears. He must have used some kind of special method to kill the Territory Lord in one blow. In the No-Return Pass, the Royal Lord speculates that this method must have something to do with his Divine Sense. Mysterious Nether Territory has also confirmed this point. Every time Yang Kai attacks, his Soul fluctuations are very powerful.”

Turning his head to the left and right, he continued, “Think about it, if your Souls suddenly suffer a heavy blow, causing your mind to become unstable and your Soul to tremble, what would happen if you were attacked by an expert of the same level?”

The Snake Tongue Territory Lord screamed, “Even if you don’t die, you’ll be seriously injured!”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “Yang Kai’s killing spree was only for a moment, so it should have a lot to do with his unique methods. So when dealing with this person, you must focus on protecting your Soul, don’t give him an opportunity to strike.”

The Black Ink Clan wasn’t stupid. After paying such a heavy price, how could they not gain anything? Not to mention, Yang Kai had even used the Soul Shattering Spike in front of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, so there were definitely some traces of it.

“In addition, the Royal Lord has also observed that once Yang Kai uses this killing technique, his Soul will also tremble violently. It should also be a Secret Technique to injure the enemy and himself. In other words, this Secret Technique can only be used a few times!”

The Territory Lord’s eyes lit up, “Are you sure?”

Mo Na Ye nodded, “The Mysterious Nether Territory has also confirmed that after Yang Kai killed three Territory Lords, he didn’t attack any more Territory Lord masters. At most, he could only use this method three times before reaching his limit. If he used it any more, he wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

One of the Territory Lords who had been silent all this time spoke up, “If that’s the case, the four of us only need to act together to suppress him!”

He turned his head to look around. There are five territory Lords, and if four of them work together to fight him, wouldn’t one of them be left alone?

However, if the five of them acted together, it would be equivalent to Yang Kai holding them back.

Mo Na Ye slowly shook his head and said, “There’s no need to be so careful, a group of two people is enough. If Yang Kai really wants to act, he can only deal with one people at a time, and the other one has the ability to stop him. As long as we can hold him back, we can act together and capture him.”

The Territory Lords all nodded.

Four Territory Lords acting together was indeed making a mountain out of a molehill. Two Territory Lords looking after each other is already enough.


[MSN: He can still kill them without the soul spike right? He only use it to kill them faster iirc.]

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Sin Nombre
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[MSN: He can still kill them without the soul spike right? He only use it to kill them faster iirc.]

that's what they don't know



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