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Yu Rumeng turned her head to look at Su Yan and saw that she was also looking at her. Looking at the others, their eyes were filled with desire.

Having been sisters for more than a thousand years, there was no need to say anything more. As their eyes met, Yu Rumeng knew what they were thinking.

Yu Rumeng smiled and whispered, “Senior, I will have to trouble you!”

Bi Xi sighed, “My poor old bones…”

Yu Rumeng smiled and comforted, “It’s just a clone, if you really lose it, I’ll ask my husband to compensate you.”

Bi Xi said, “Then I’m going to the Dragon Pond to cultivate, you can tell that boy later.”

He had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, and the grade of his bloodline was not low. If he entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate, it would be beneficial to him, but unfortunately, only the Dragon Clan with the purest bloodline had the qualifications to enter the Dragon Pond. Even if Bi Xi was an old Holy Spirit, the Dragon Clan would not give him face.

Not to mention, Fu Guang was still recuperating in the Dragon Pond and could not be easily disturbed.

However, if Yang Kai could step in, perhaps there wouldn’t be a problem. He was also a member of the Dragon Clan, and he had saved Ji Old Third’s life before, the Dragon Clan still know how to repay kindness.

“Sure,” Yu Rumeng agreed.

“Sit tight,” Bi Xi said as the Battleship instantly transformed into a streak of light and flew forward.

Seeing this, Garrison Chief Chen, who was guarding this place, was shocked, but before he could stop them, Bi Xi’s clone had already rushed out. He had thought it was some small team that had acted rashly and was about to reprimand them, but after seeing the women on the Battleship, his lips moved slightly, but in the end, he did not stop them.

He could guess what these women were thinking.

At the same time, Yang Kai sensed something and turned his head to look back, only to see a Battleship rapidly approaching. On that Battleship, Yu Rumeng stood proudly at the bow with a group of women behind her.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing as he paused and waited quietly.

Up ahead, Six Arms also saw the approaching Battleship, and his eyes flashed as he raised his hand to stop the Black Ink Clan army’s hostile actions.

He didn’t know what was going on with this Battleship, but it didn’t seem like it was here to cause trouble, he didn’t want to cause a dispute between the two races.

A moment later, Bi Xi’s clone arrived beside Breaking Dawn and stopped quietly.

On the Battleship, Yu Rumeng lifted her chin and looked down proudly at Yang Kai.

A few years ago, when Yang Kai was out fighting, they could only hide in the back and cultivate because their strength was not enough to help their own men.

But now, they had already broken through to the Seventh Order and were no longer burdens!

They didn’t want to stay in the rear any longer and were constantly on edge, fearing that one day they would receive bad news about their own men. Even if he died, he would die right in front of their eyes!

“Follow behind me!” Yang Kai nodded slightly towards Yu Rumeng and the others before turning to look at Six Arms and shouting, “Set Out!”

Breaking Dawn move forward slowly, Bi Xi’s Battleship following close behind, Yu Rumeng and the others were all in agitated mood, only Luan Bai Feng was trembling.

These women had all gone crazy! For a man, they had even given up their lives, but she didn't want to! She and Yang Kai didn’t have any romantic feelings for each other. In the early years, her life were still under Yang Kai's control. However, ever since Yang Kai went to the Ink Battlefield and removed the names on the Loyalty List, Luan Bai Feng, Chen Tian Fei, and the others had become free.

On Bi Xi’s Battleship, Luan Bai Feng wanted to cry but had no tears. If she left now, she would probably be beaten to death, right? Helpless, she could only remain silent and vigilant.

Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleship flew forward, and on both sides of them were countless Black Ink Clan cultivators eyeing them covetously, their powerful Divine Senses crisscrossing.

On the Human Race’s side, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were preparing to attack, and the Battleship began to hum, ready to launch a powerful attack at any moment.

At this moment, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, all of them were prepared to fight.

The Human Race was on guard against the Black Ink Clan swarming over and surrounding Yang Kai and the others. The Black Ink Clan was waiting for the Territory Lords’ orders. As long as the Territory Lords gave the order, they would rush forward and tear the Human Race on these two Battleships into pieces.

However, the Territory Lords did not give the order.

As these Divine Senses intertwined, the Territory Lords found it difficult to agree to the same thing.

One side felt that this opportunity would never come again, and this was the best opportunity to kill this Eighth Order Human Race master.

The other party didn’t refute this point, but they were worried about something deeper.

Human Race weren’t idiots. On the contrary, after fighting for so many years, they had experienced the cunning of human race.

How could this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, who was so brazen as to pass through the Black Ink Clan’s army, not be prepared at all? Not to mention that once the Black Ink Clan made a move, it would trigger a great war between the two races. Even if they did, would they really be able to kill this Eighth Order?

If he didn’t have any confidence, how could he act like this? Perhaps… this was all part of the Human Race’s scheme.

For a time, the Territory Lords argued amongst themselves, and in the end, all of the pressure was focused on Six Arms. He was the one in charge of the Mysterious Nether Territory, so if he didn’t give the order, the other Territory Lords wouldn’t dare act rashly.

Six Arms' forehead was covered in sweat.

Many Territory Lords want to take action to kill this Eighth Order Human Race master, how could he not want to do the same? He had even secretly made preparations just now, waiting for the Human Race to reach a certain distance before launching an attack.

No matter what schemes the Human Race had up their sleeves, this human Eighth Order was the key. As long as they could kill him, the Black Ink Clan would win half of this battle! Even if they had to pay a great price, it would be worth it.

Such a powerful Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was something all the Territory Lords were wary of.

However, when Six Arms was about to take action, he suddenly felt a great sense of crisis, as if he would die if he took action!

This sense of crisis made him feel cold all over and he couldn’t make a decision.

He had never felt time pass so slowly before.

It was only for a moment, but it felt like a million years had pass.

It wasn’t until a certain moment when the sense of crisis suddenly disappeared without a trace that Six Arms suddenly looked up and saw that Yang Kai was about to pass through the Black Ink Clan’s battle formation and rush towards the Domain Gate.

Six Arms seemed to have lost all of his strength, feeling both frustrated and relieved.

At this point, it was no longer suitable for him to act, the best opportunity had been missed.

At the same time, Wei Junyang, Ouyang Lie, and the others also let out a long sigh.

The most dangerous time had pass, and since the Black Ink Clan hadn’t taken action, there was a high chance they wouldn’t. However, they still couldn’t relax their vigilance. Before Yang Kai really left, anything could happen.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived above the main camp of the Black Ink Clan. Looking down, he saw that the main camp was filled with a large number of Feudal Lord-level Ink Nests and more than a dozen Territory Lord-level Ink Nests.

If he were to take action now, there was a high chance he could destroy a few Territory Lord-level Ink Nests, but Yang Kai didn’t intend to cause any trouble. His main objective for this trip was to borrow a path.

If the Ink Nest on the No-Return Pass's side is not destroyed, they wouldn’t be able to cut off the source of the Black Ink Clan. Destroying the Ink Nest here wouldn’t have much meaning, instead it would lead to a war between the two races.

Without slowing down, the two Battleships flew past the Black Ink Clan main camp and soon arrived at the Domain Gate.

At the Domain Gate, the Territory Lord led the Black Ink Clan’s army to guard it!

Seeing Yang Kai arrive, the Territory Lord gave him a deep look and waved his hand, signaling for the Black Ink Clan’s army to retreat. Although he was unwilling, since Six Arms had already compromised, he didn’t want to complicate matters.

“Human, state your name!”

Behind him, Six Arms suddenly shouted.

Even now, none of them knew what Yang Kai’s name was.

Breaking Dawn had already entered the Domain Gate, but Yang Kai didn’t look back, instead calling out from afar, “Mysterious Nether, Yang Kai!”

“Yang Kai!” Six Arms muttered, remembering this deeply!

Today’s events were a disgrace to the Black Ink Clan. As the instigators, they had the right to know the name of this human race.

After today, they would send this person’s image and name to a dozen other battlefields so that all the Black Ink Clan masters would remember this person and be wary of him!

This was the treatment a Human Race master should receive!

He really left!

Under the watchful eyes of the hundreds of thousands of Human Race soldiers, Yang Kai led the two Battleships through the Domain Gate and entered the neighboring Great Domain.

The Black Ink Clan didn’t make any movements and simply allowed him to leave.

For a time, many people were confused.

In this terrible world, the strong were indeed respected.

The Black Ink Clan had always been domineering and overbearing, but in the face of this Regiment Commander who could kill three Territory Lords easily, they didn’t even dare let out a fart. Not only did they agree to his extremely ridiculous request, but they even took the initiative to let him go, watching him leave without daring to stop him.

“Young people really are daring!” Wei Junyang couldn’t help sighing.

During the meeting, although he had been persuaded by Yang Kai, to be honest, he knew that doing so would take a great deal of risk. If something went wrong, not only would the war between the two races erupt, but Yang Kai would also be trapped.

In fact, he didn’t approve of such a risky and radical action.

However, this was Yang Kai’s first order after becoming the Regiment Commander. He couldn’t undermine Yang Kai, so although he had agreed to Yang Kai’s proposal, he was prepared to rush in at any time to save him.

Not only him, but all the other Eighth Order Garrison Chief were the same.

As it turned out, their worries were unnecessary.

Yang Kai really managed to intimidate the Black Ink Clan and calmly left.

When Yang Kai led the two Battleships through the Domain Gate, Wei Junyang couldn’t help feeling like an old hero who had passed his prime and couldn’t help laughing.

I'm getting Old!

He had no choice but to admit it.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, Wei Junyang looked towards the Black Ink Clan and said, “Six Arms, my Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander has left. If you want to fight, my Human Race can accompany you.”

Six Arms glanced at Wei Junyang and coldly snorted.

Left? Who knew if he had really left or if he was lying in ambush outside the Domain Gate? If a great battle really broke out here, what would happen if Yang Kai returned?

Moreover… he still remembered that when Yang Kai appeared that day, countless Small Stone Race soldiers had appeared together with the Human Race and attacked the Black Ink Clan’s army, causing them to suffer heavy losses.

Right now, he didn’t see the Small Stone Race army, but who knew where those Stone Mans were hiding?

The Human Race was indeed treacherous and evil!


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