The Human Race was in an uproar while the Black Ink Clan was in commotion. For a time, the atmosphere became even more tense.

Wei Junyang secretly sent a voice transmission to the army behind him, telling them to be prepared to fight at any moment.

Although the Eighth Order masters had been persuaded by Yang Kai during the previous meeting and felt that the matter of borrowing a path was possible, no one dared to guarantee anything.

If the Black Ink Clan were to really be driven into a corner by Yang Kai, today’s battle would be inevitable.

In this current situation, if they really fought, the Human Race wouldn’t have a good time, and the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have a good time either. Just as Yang Kai had said before, the last war between the two races had only ended recently, so they needed to rest and recuperate for a while.

While the Human Race was secretly making arrangements, the Black Ink Clan army was becoming more restless. One by one, the Territory Lords shouted out ‘bold’ and ‘courting death’, all of them wearing cold expressions.

What kind of arrogant Human Race was this? It was one thing for them to come here alone, but now they actually dared to boast so shamelessly. It was clear they didn’t put these Territory Lords in their eyes.

The Territory Lords acknowledged the strength of this Human Race Eighth Order, but that didn’t mean they would satisfy this ridiculous request.

If they really agreed, how would these Territory Lords handle themselves and how would their subordinate armies view them?

The Six Arms leader’s face became even darker as he stared at Yang Kai and gritted his teeth, “Do you humans like to joke?”

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, “Do I look like I’m joking?”

Six Arms frowned. He really thought Yang Kai was joking, using this opportunity to show off his prestige and suppress the morale of the Black Ink Clan, but upon closer inspection, he found that this human really seemed to want to take this opportunity and wasn’t joking at all, so he was immediately enraged, “Impudence!”

Yang Kai lazily said, “It’s just borrowing a path, there’s no loss for your Black Ink Clan, so why be so unreasonable?”

Six Arms became angry. If this was really just to borrow a path, it wouldn’t be much of a loss to the Black Ink Clan, but if he agreed to this, wouldn’t it mean that he was afraid of the Human Race? This was a great blow to the morale of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

No matter what, he would never agree to such an unreasonable request.

From another perspective, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to borrow the Domain Gate controlled by the Human Race, the Human Race would definitely not agree.

“What if I don’t want to?” Six Arms asked coldly.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and immediately summoned his Regiment Commander’s Seal. In an instant, the seal spread across the void, releasing a brilliant light as it activated its power and resounded, “After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, if the Black Ink Clan doesn’t let us pass, the entire Mysterious Nether Army will… fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan!”

The Great Seal soared through the sky, and above Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai’s figure was incomparably arrogant, and the words he used with his strength were even more deafening.

The Human Race army was stunned for a moment before letting out a thunderous roar.

“Fight, fight, fight!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

Under the command of the Regiment Commander, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Mysterious Nether Army dared not disobey.

It wasn’t until this moment that the Human Race learned that the Mysterious Nether Territory Army had a new Regiment Commander. The former Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army was Wei Junyang, and after several dozen years of fighting, Wei Junyang had managed to preserve the Mysterious Nether Territory.

However, in comparison, this new Regiment Commander was obviously more courageous.

To be able to make such a big move so soon after taking office was something the experienced Wei Junyang couldn’t compare to.

With such a Regiment Commander overseeing the Mysterious Nether Territory, the Black Ink Clan’s future would not be easy.

“Young Master is the Regiment Commander?”

On the Battleship constructed by Bi Xi’s clone, Yue He wore a blank expression.

Yu Rumeng and the others were also stunned. Their husband was actually the Regiment Commander? They didn’t know about this at all, nor did they hear any news about it, nor did Yang Kai tell them about it.

However, looking at the light of the great seal and the countless people staring at it, all the women felt a sense of pride.

This is the man they had chosen!

“Mysterious Nether Army, Regiment Commander!” When the Regiment Commander’s Seal was summoned, Six Arms' eyes flashed brilliantly.

This Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had suddenly appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory was actually the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army!

If they could kill him in front of hundreds of thousands of Human Race soldiers, the Human Race would definitely suffer a crushing defeat.

Suddenly feeling a little restless, his eyes became dangerous.

It wasn’t just him, many of the other Black Ink Clan Territory Lords also had the same thought. For a time, many Divine Senses appeared and the Territory Lords began discussing amongst themselves.

However, soon after, Six Arms restrained his thoughts and simultaneously warned the other Territory Lords not to act rashly. This human was not easy to kill. If they failed to kill him and ended up getting killed instead, it would be a loss for them.

In front of so many soldiers of the two races, this person had summoned the Regiment Commander Seal, so it was likely he had some ill intentions.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Six Arms gritted his teeth and said, “If you human race want to fight, then fight…”

How could the Black Ink Clan be afraid? Now that they had been forced into such a situation, no matter how unwilling Six Arms and the other Territory Lords were, the war between the two races was about to begin.

However, at this point, Six Arms suddenly paused and frowned slightly. At the same time, a burst of Divine Sense appeared in the void.

It was as if someone was communicating with Six Arms.

Yang Kai smiled and swept his eyes over the many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords before finally focusing on a figure shrouded in a black shadow.

This was also a Territory Lord, but it looked like a shadow, neither real nor fake, somewhat strange.

As if sensing Yang Kai’s gaze, a pair of eyes under the black shadow glanced towards him.

A moment later, Six Arms’ expression became a bit strange as he looked up at Yang Kai, his previous anger disappearing without a trace as he frowned and asked, “Are you really just borrowing a path?”

“If not?” Yang Kai asked.

Six Arms coldly snorted, “Even if we were willing to lend you a way, do you have the guts to make this trip?”

The Domain Gate was behind the Black Ink Clan’s main camp, so if they wanted to use it, they would have to pass through the Black Ink Clan’s army. Was this human not afraid of a sheep entering a tiger’s den?

“Whether I have the courage or not, won’t we know after we try?” Yang Kai looked at him with a faint smile.

Although this Six Arms man had some strength, his head didn’t seem to be very flexible. On the other hand, the shadow-like Territory Lord was quite intelligent.

Just now, it should have been the Shadow Territory Lord who had transmitted his voice to the Six Arms, causing him to give up his determination to fight the Human Race to the death.

Just like how he had convinced the other Eighth Order masters in the Meeting Hall, the Shadow Territory Lord should have been able to see that leaving the Mysterious Nether Territory would be beneficial to the Black Ink Clan.

Perhaps… they still have the idea of waiting for him to reach the halfway point before suddenly attacking him?

This was something he had to guard against. Although Yang Kai felt that the Black Ink Clan would most likely agree to this matter, no one could guarantee that they would be able to restrain their killing intent at this critical moment.

If that was the case, there would definitely be a great battle today!

However, that didn’t matter. Yang Kai had considered this situation before. At most, he would kill a few Territory Lords and break through from the Domain Gate with Dawn Squad.

The two million Small Stone Race soldiers in his hands were the trump cards he had left for the Royal Lord. Although he would have to waste some of them to deal with these Territory Lords, Yang Kai wouldn’t be stingy if he had to.

In any case, in the Chaotic Dead Territory, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were still cultivating the Small Stone Race, so after a thousand years, he would go and harvest some more.

He was fearless!

As their eyes met, one of them was sincere while the other was probing.

After a while, Six Arms sneered, “Since you say you have the guts, then come!” Saying so, he waved his hand and said, “Let them through!”

With a single command, the Black Ink Clan army in front of them parted to the left and right, revealing a passageway leading to the Domain Gate.

The Human Race army was stunned.

When Yang Kai had said he wanted to use the Domain Gate, everyone had thought he was just spouting nonsense, taking advantage of this opportunity to provoke and suppress the morale of the Black Ink Clan.

After all, how could the Black Ink Clan easily agree to something like this?

Although they had some doubts in their heart, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had a deep blood feud. Since they had both sent out their armies, they should just fight. As for who was stronger and who was weaker, they could see who was stronger and who was weaker after a fight, so why bother provoking them?

Unexpectedly, the Black Ink Clan actually agreed to this ridiculous request and gave the order to let them pass!

What was happening?

Was the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s brain damaged?

Did he not know how great a blow this would be to the morale of the Black Ink Clan?

Regardless of what the Black Ink Clan thought, the Human Race army was in an uproar.

The Black Ink Clan had agree to give them a path!

For a single person to force the Black Ink Clan to compromise like this was unheard of.

Although they hadn’t started a war and hadn’t killed any of the Black Ink Clans, the current situation was more satisfying than killing a few Territory Lords!

Before Yang Kai’s arrival, the days of the Mysterious Nether Army hadn’t been easy. Battles had broken out and small skirmishes had broken out. The Human Race had been forced into a passive position, and every battle had caused the Human Race to suffer great losses.

In the previous battle, the Mysterious Nether Territory had almost been lost.

But now, this newly appointed Regiment Commander was so awe-inspiring. It was only him and a lone battleship, and even though the Black Ink Clan had spouted some nonsense, in the end they had compromised and let him pass.

The hundreds of thousands of Human Race soldiers stared at the figure standing at the bow of the battleship and couldn’t help realizing that this figure… was extremely tall.

The Mysterious Nether Army had stood up!

After a moment of excitement, they became even more worried. Even the most stupid humans realized that Yang Kai was about to face a life or death crisis.

If the Black Ink Clan suddenly attacked, Yang Kai and Breaking Dawn would be surrounded by the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Although the Human Race’s army was prepared to fight at any moment and might not be able to rescue Yang Kai from the encirclement, no one could guarantee anything.

Above Bi Xi’s clone, Yu Rumeng and the others felt their hearts jump to their throats.

Their husband was such a troublemaker, but there was nothing they could do about it. When a man did things, they could only silently support him, but… were they just going to watch him fight alone? It was true that they were women, but they were no longer weaklings.

Since marrying Yang Kai, they had been apart for a long time. Although it didn’t affect their relationship as husband and wife, they had had enough of waiting at home and not knowing if their husband was dead or alive.

If they were destined to die, they would die together.

Sleeping and dying in the same bed, wasn’t this the best place for a married couple?


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