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After moving forward for a while, when the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master were unable to withstand the pressure of the Territory Lord, Yang Kai suddenly waved his hand and released his aura.

In an instant, the terrifying pressure disappeared like snowflakes under a blazing sun.

On this trip, not only did they want to use this road, but they also wanted to demonstrate their might. As such, Breaking Dawn's side had not even activated their Protective Spirit Arrays and was completely defenseless.

Seeing Yang Kai so easily neutralize the Territory Lords’ pressure, the morale of the Human Race’s forces soared and their shouts became even louder.

The Territory Lords all wore dignified expressions. This human race Eighth Order was indeed a bit too strong, no wonder he was able to escape from the hands of the Royal Lord.

Breaking Dawn continued forward until it was three million kilometers away from the Black Ink Clan’s army.

At such a close distance, to a powerful Innate Territory Lord and an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, it was as if they were standing right in front of each other. Any kind of Secret Technique would be able to trap the other party within their attack range, and any abnormal action could lead to a great war between the two races.

In the past, when the two armies faced each other, who would dare to act in such a manner? It was better if they didn’t care about their own lives, but if they were really forced into such a situation by the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan definitely wouldn’t tolerate it and would fight first.

But now, even with Breaking Dawn standing alone in front of the army, the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare act rashly.

Above Breaking Dawn, all the team members were nervous and excited.

Using the strength of a single person to deter the Black Ink Clan’s millions strong army, if one didn’t see this with their own eyes, they would never believe it.

The cultivator surnamed Hou was even more shocked. He had been a new member of the Dawn Squad for the past few decades and had heard many stories about Yang Kai from Shen Ao. He had always felt that Shen Ao was just boasting, but now that he had personally accompanied Yang Kai on this trip, he knew that his reputation was well deserved!

If even a cultivator with the surname Hou was like this, there was no need to mention Shen Ao and the other old team members. All of them wore smiles on their faces.

During the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle, Yang Kai had disappeared, and the Dawn Squad had suffered some casualties. In the following battles, the Dawn Squad had almost been crippled, and although new members had been added to the ranks, the Dawn Squad could no longer display its former glory.

Because Breaking Dawn lacked its backbone.

Now that this pillar of support had returned, the first time he took action, he had led the Dawn Squad to stand in front of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan's army. Shen Ao and the others didn’t show any fear, only excitement. They wanted nothing more than to follow this old Team Leader Yang Kai and kill the enemy!

The cheers were loud and resounding.

In the void, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan's armies faced off against each other, while the lone Breaking Dawn stand in the middle.

This scene was destined to be recorded in the annals of history, and it was destined to be remembered by the Human Race’s soldiers who witnessed it today.

Yang Kai raised his hand slightly and pressed down.

Only after a long period of continuous shouting did the crowd stop.

Standing on the bow of the ship, Yang Kai looked at the Territory Lords in front of him and smiled, “Is there anyone who can take charge here? Come out!”

The Territory Lords’ expressions were either solemn or ashen, but none of them spoke.

Yang Kai couldn’t help raising his brow, “What? All of you Territory Lords are Innate Territory Lords, all of you are extremely powerful, are you afraid of a mere Human Race? If that’s the case, you should just scram back to the Source Area, there’s no need to stay here and embarrass yourselves.”

Such provocative words naturally couldn’t be tolerated by the Territory Lords, causing them to shout and curse from all directions.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and sneered, “I’ll remember those who cursed at me, I’ll kill you one by one!”

The curses immediately died down. If it had been other Eighth Order who said this, the Territory Lords might not have taken it to heart, these Innate Territory Lords were not afraid of an ordinary Eighth Order Human Race.

However, with Yang Kai’s battle record of killing three Territory Lords in succession, they didn’t dare to ignore it.

The war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan would definitely continue. If these Territory Lords were to be targeted by Yang Kai while they were alone, their days would not be good, and they might even be killed by him.

It was impossible for them to stay together forever.

In just a few words, the morale of the Black Ink Clan, which was not particularly strong to begin with, became even lower.

A Black Ink Clan Territory Lord with several arms stepped out from the crowd, there is also a strange vertical line on his forehead.

He didn’t want to say anything to Yang Kai. The Human Race was treacherous, and this was something they had all deeply experienced. The best way to deal with the Human Race was to fight!

No matter what the Human Race said or did, all they had to do was fight.

But if he didn’t step forward now, the situation might become even worse.

Yang Kai’s eyes swept over him, examining him from head to toe, paying particular attention to the vertical mark on his forehead, secretly thinking that this vertical mark was definitely not just for show, it was probably an extremely powerful technique.

“Six Arms!” In front of the Human Race army, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help snorting coldly.

They had fought with these Black Ink Clan Territory Lords in the Mysterious Nether Territory for several decades, so they naturally had some understanding of the situation of the Black Ink Clan. Although Innate Territory Lords were all extremely powerful and stronger than ordinary Territory Lords, there were still some differences in strength. The Human Race speculated that this was related to the so-called Source Strength of the Black Ink Clan.

The Innate Territory Lord was born from the Ink Nest's Source Strength, so the more Source Strength consumed, the stronger the strength should be.

This Six Arms was the most powerful Territory Lord in the Mysterious Nether Territory. Ouyang Lie had fought with him last time and was severely injured.

Although he had bragged to Wei Junyang that his opponent wasn’t doing well, in reality, his injuries were far more serious. Six Arms were only slightly injured, while he himself was almost half-dead.

Xiang Shan had once snuck into the Mysterious Nether Territory from the Head Office Division and sneak attacked this Six Arms Territory Lord during the war between the Black Ink Clan and Human Race, but in the end he had failed.

Even Xiang Shan himself couldn’t kill this Six Arms Territory Lord, so one could only imagine how difficult he was to deal with.

In the Mysterious Nether Territory, Six Arms was indeed a Territory Lord who could take charge.

He quickly sent a voice transmission to Yang Kai to inform him of the situation.

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. To be able to escape from Xiang Shan’s sneak attack, this Six Arms Territory Lord was truly extraordinary. In terms of strength, he might not be able to defeat him. After all, it hadn’t been long since he had broken through to the Eighth Order, so his foundation wasn’t strong enough.

But now that Yang Kai is capable of killing a Territory Lord, his greatest reliance was the Soul Shattering Spike. If he were to launch a sneak attack, he might have a chance to kill this Six Arms.

While Yang Kai was sizing up the Six Arms Territory Lord, the other party was also sizing him up, Yang Kai's image was transmitted from the No-Return Pass. Now, he was certain that this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator was the one who had wreaked havoc in the No-Return Pass, killed three Territory Lord, and destroyed seven Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

The Six Arms Territory Lord heart trembled, not daring to show the slightest bit of contempt. “Human Race, who gave you the courage to provoke us?”

Yang Kai looked around and smiled lightly, “This King has come here to discuss something with you to show his sincerity. However, we're the only battleship here, is this considered a provocation?” Rubbing his chin, he gently nodded, “If you think so, then this King is here to provoke you. What can you do to me? If you want to fight, just try and see if this King can blow your heads off.”

With his nose up in the air, he wore an arrogant look.

On the Black Ink Clan’s side, the Territory Lords’ noses were all crooked from anger.

The Six Arms Territory Lord's face also sank as he heard this. In the past few years, they had fought with the Human Race’s masters and had never been at a disadvantage, but who would have thought that the momentum they had accumulated over the years would be destroyed by this human race Eighth Order lone battleship?

Indeed, the other party had come alone with a Battleship, but the Black Ink Clan was acting as if they were facing a great enemy. Their performance was truly terrible.

Seeing the morale of the Human Race’s side soar, Six Arms Territory Lord didn’t dare to continue pestering them, coldly snorting, “The Human Race’s words are sharp, my Black Ink Clan has long since experienced them. There’s no need to waste words, if your Human Race wants to fight, my Black Ink Clan will accompany you to the end.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Good, then let’s not waste words. I came here this time just to negotiate with you, not to start a war with you. Your losses last time weren’t small, so you should rest and recuperate. My Human Race has always been magnanimous and will not bully the weak.”

The Six Arms Territory Lord just stared at him like he was farting from his mouth.

Weren’t they going to start a war? The Human Race’s army had already arrived at the doorstep of the Black Ink Clan’s main camp, yet they still didn’t want to start a war?

If they really didn’t want to fight, the Human Race army shouldn’t be here.

What’s more, the current situation of the Mysterious Nether Territory was that the Human Race was weak and the Black Ink Clan was strong. It was unknown where this Eighth Order Human Race had the confidence to say that he didn’t want to bully the weak.

Shameless, Arrogant!

This was the first impression the Six Arms Territory Lord had of Yang Kai.

“What do you want to discuss?” The Six Arms Territory Lord asked solemnly, “If you want my Black Ink Clan to withdraw, then there’s no need to say anything.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Naturally, I don’t want your Black Ink Clan to withdraw. These Black Ink Clan from the Mysterious Nether Territory killed my Human Race’s soldiers, so if you run away, where am I supposed to take revenge? You must stay here and never leave. Sooner or later, my Mysterious Nether Territory's army will slaughter you all!”

The Six Arms Territory Lord frowned, “If you’re just spouting nonsense, there’s no need to waste your breath.”

Yang Kai chuckled and cupped his fists, “I’m sorry, I’ve been blinded by your murderous intent and have forgotten my original intentions. Today, this King has come here to borrow a way out.”

“Borrow a way out?” The Six Arms Territory Lord asked curiously, “What do you mean?”

Borrow what way out? What path could the Black Ink Clan have to borrow?

Not only was Six Arms Territory Lord confused, but the Human Race was equally confused.

After all, this matter had only just been decided, and only a small number of the Human Race’s upper echelons knew about it. Ordinary soldiers didn’t even have time to inform the entire army about Yang Kai becoming the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army.

Just as he was puzzled, he heard Yang Kai say, “I want to leave the Mysterious Nether Territory… from there!”

Saying so, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed towards the Domain Gate behind the Black Ink Clan's base camp.

As soon as these words were spoken, the Human Race and Black Ink Clan burst into an uproar, finally understanding what Yang Kai was referring to.

This was really just a simple excuse. The Domain Gate is controlled by the Black Ink Clan, so if the Black Ink Clan was unwilling, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, it would be difficult for him to break through.

Many people stared at Yang Kai in shock, wondering if this guy was crazy. How could he discuss this with the Black Ink Clan? Wasn’t this equivalent to slapping their faces?

As long as they had some guts, the Black Ink Clan would never agree.

In fact, the Black Ink Clan’s army was showing signs of rebellion. If it weren’t for the Territory Lord and the Feudal Lords suppressing them, they would have rushed over to tear Yang Kai apart.


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