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If that was the case, then he himself would be a great scourge and wouldn’t die easily.

Blood Crow’s thoughts ran wild, but Yang Kai didn’t care about him anymore. How to cultivate and become stronger was a personal matter, he was already being extremely benevolent. Whether Blood Crow listened to him or not, it was not something he could control.

He was not Blood Crow’s ancestor, so how could he care so much?

“A' Cai has also broken through to the Seventh Order?” Yang Kai turned to look at a beautiful woman and was somewhat surprised, nodding repeatedly, “Not bad, not bad.”

Over the years, quite a number of disciples had come out from his Small Universe's Void Dojo. During his time in the Ink Battlefield, many disciples had come out one after another to break through to Open Heaven Stage. When he had returned to the Void Land, Yang Kai had released thousands of disciples at once, all of whom had reached the Sixth Order or Seventh Order directly, shocking Mo Mei and the others who were guarding the Void Land.

Among all the disciples from the Void Dojo, the one Yang Kai was most familiar with was none other than Miao Feiping.

He was the first person to walk out of the Void Dojo and advance to Open Heaven Stage, and he was also the Eldest Senior Brother of all the cultivators who came from the Void Dojo. Even now, there were still statues of him in the Training Hall to encourage the younger generation.

In addition, the one who left the deepest impression on Yang Kai was this Lady A’ Cai.

In Great Evolution Pass, A' Cai would often come to Dawn Squad’s camp to help, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that helping was just an excuse to visit Miao Feiping.

There seemed to be a story between A' Cai and Miao Feiping…

In this young woman’s eyes, there was only one figure, and this person was not even comparable to Yang Kai, a Dao Master.

Now, looking back, A’ Cai and Miao Feiping were standing side by side with intimate expressions, obviously having achieved good things. [MSN: Good job brother.]

Seeing Yang Kai, Miao Feiping and A’ Cai were obviously very excited. As cultivators who came from the Void Dojo, their respect for Yang Kai was something ordinary people couldn’t understand.

“Dao Master…” A’ Cai bowed respectfully.

Yang Kai nodded slightly. A’ Cai’s aptitude wasn’t bad, it could be said to be extremely high. In fact, those who were able to walk out of the Void Dojo and break through to Open Heaven were all very talented. A’ Cai had broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage directly back then, but now, in just six or seven hundred years, she had actually broken through to the Seventh Order.

She must have had some kind of fortuitous encounter, otherwise it would have been impossible for her to grow so much in such a short time.

Yang Kai didn’t ask. The matter of opportunities was related to personal secrets, so how could he easily inquire about it?

The disappointment and frustration in his heart disappeared. At the very least, there were still more than a dozen old members from Dawn Squad who were still alive. At the very least, the Dawn Squad’s establishment was still intact.

With a solemn expression, Yang Kai said, “This time, you will come with me. There are some things I need your help with.”

Feng Ying asked, “Team Leader, what are you going to do this time?”

Yang Kai replied, “We’re going to the Yearning Territory. There are human race cultivators trapped there, so our mission is to rescue them.”

Feng Ying frowned, “There are still cultivators trapped in the Yearning Territory?” She didn’t know much about this matter, after all, the news had only reached the Head Office Division not long ago. Although she is also a Garrison Chief-level character, her experience was still shallow and she couldn’t come into contact with the core information.

Yang Kai nodded, “This mission may be a bit dangerous, but if someone is unwilling, I won’t force them. You can leave now.”

Looking around, the dozen or so old Dawn Squad members all wore calm expressions, not showing any intention of retreating, but a new Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator asked, “Sir, how many people do we have on this trip to the Yearning Territory?”

Yang Kai looked at him and said, “Dawn Squad, plus me!”

The Seventh Order was dumbstruck. A small team dared to go to the Yearning Terirtory to save people? Although the Dawn Squad was an elite squad with fifty people, equivalent to three or four ordinary squads, it was still too little.

Since the Black Ink Clan was able to trap the cultivators of the Yearning Territory, their numbers were definitely not small, and it was likely they had a Territory Lord overseeing them.

Looking around, Shen Ao and the others didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping him, instead all of them were eager to try.

The Seventh Order fell silent for a moment before asking again, “Sir, there was news that in the last great battle, Sir killed three Territory Lords by himself, is that true?”


Although he knew that these rumors were unlikely to be false, when he heard Yang Kai personally admit it, the Seventh Order master was still shocked.

Killing three Territory Lords in a row, how could an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator have such great strength? He had also witnessed the battle between an Eighth Order and Innate Territory Lord from afar, so it was obvious how tyrannical these Innate Territory Lords were.

Even such a tyrannical Innate Territory Lord had actually lost three people under this man, and all of them had been killed by the same person.

Shen Ao smiled and patted the Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator’s shoulder, “Old Hou, when our Team Leader was a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, he had once joined forces with Junior Sister Bai Yi to kill a Territory Lord. Now that he’s an Eighth Order, killing a few more Territory Lords is nothing special.”

Bai Yi remained silent on the side, silently adding in her heart that the Territory Lord they had killed was seriously injured, which was why she and Yang Kai had succeeded. If the Territory Lord was in his peak state, she and Yang Kai would probably not have been able to return.

The Seventh Order called Hou smiled when he heard this. This was something he had heard more than once from Shen Ao. A Seventh Order killing a Territory Lord was a magnificent feat, but the Territory Lord appearing in the Ink Battlefield was completely different from the current Innate Territory Lord.

Each and every one of these Innate Territory Lords was incomparably powerful, a strength that could only be obtained by sacrificing their future growth space.

The Human Race had many Eighth Orde3r masters, so in a mono a mono fight, there were less than ten people who could kill an Innate Territory Lord.

He had long heard about Yang Kai, and after joining Dawn Squad, he had learned many secrets from Shen Ao and the others.

These old Dawn Squad members all held Yang Kai in high esteem.

Now that he had the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with this Dawn Squad's Team Leader, this Seventh Order master suddenly felt some anticipation.

Clasping his fists together, he said in a low voice, “I am willing to follow Sir and serve you.”

“We are willing to follow Sir and serve you!” Everyone said in unison.

Yang Kai looked around and nodded in satisfaction, “Since that’s the case, let’s go!”

Everyone dispersed and went about their own business. Soon, the Dawn Battleship turned into a streak of light and flew deep into the void.

In the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, a large number of Black Ink Clan soldiers were rapidly mobilizing their forces. The sudden arrival of the Human Race army caught them off guard.

What puzzled the Territory Lords even more was that the Human Race didn’t take the opportunity to attack, instead choosing to deploy their forces outside, ready to attack at any moment.

This situation of neither fighting nor retreating made the Territory Lords very uncomfortable.

If it weren’t for that powerful Eighth Order Open Heaven master, they definitely wouldn’t have tolerated such humiliation.

That Eighth Order Human Race was still nowhere to be seen, so no one knew where he was hiding. The Territory Lords’ Divine Senses all surged as they searched for him.

Just as the Territory Lords were wondering what was going on, a great figure appeared in the direction of the Human Race’s army. The army in that direction took the initiative to separate, and in the blink of an eye, a Battleship several times larger than an ordinary Battleship appeared in front of them.

The Battleship flew straight towards the Black Ink Clan’s base camp without any intention of slowing down or turning around. What surprised the Territory Lords even more was that they saw a familiar figure on the deck.

That human race Eighth Order!

The human race Eighth Order who had killed three Territory Lords!

They had thought that the other party was hiding in the shadows, but who would have thought that the other party hadn’t even come here before? At this moment, he was standing on the deck, looking down at everyone in disdain!

The Territory Lords were enraged, feeling like they had been humiliated, their hearts filled with grievances.

Somewhere in the massive Human Race fleet, on the Battleship transformed by Bi Xi’s clone, Yue He’s eyes were sharp as she pointed and shouted, “Ladies, the Young Master is there.”

The women looked over and saw the scene of Breaking Dawn carrying Yang Kai.

Yu Rumeng frowned, “What is he doing?”

In front of the two armies, the situation was like water and fire mixing together, so why was his Battleship charging straight towards the Black Ink Clan’s base camp?

Recalling the message Yang Kai had sent her, Yu Rumeng was confused.

When Yang Kai said he was going on a long trip, she had thought he had some kind of secret mission, but she had never expected to see him here.

As Breaking Dawn continued to advance, the hearts of Yu Rumeng and the others tightened.

Breaking Dawn had completely separated from the Human Race’s army and the lone Battleship is moving straight to the enemy's camp. It wouldn’t be long before they confront the Black Ink Clan army in front of them.

At that time, if the Black Ink Clan’s army were to swarm them, would their Husband still be alive?

“This bastard!” Yu Rumeng was enraged. This stinky man acted and never considered them.

“Fight, fight, fight!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

The shouts of the Human Race’s army never ceased, and the sound of their voices shook the entire world, causing the Black Ink Clan to tremble in fear.

At this moment, as long as the Eighth Order master give the order, the Human Race army would definitely press forward.

The battle is about to begin!

Breaking Dawn continued to move forward. Not only were Yu Rumeng and the others puzzled, but even more of the Human Race was puzzled, the same is true for the Black Ink Clan.

The two races had been fighting for so many years, but this was the first time such a situation had occurred. The Territory Lords didn’t know what the Human Race was up to, but it was undeniable that Yang Kai’s appearance had attracted the attention of almost all of the Black Ink Clan masters. All of their eyes were focused on him, and the invisible pressure he exuded almost caused space to distort.

Above Breaking Dawn, there was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator whose legs were shaking as he looked at the other Sixth Order cultivator beside him and said, “Senior Brother, I can’t hold on much longer.”

Although the pressure from so many Territory Lord-level powerhouse was still far away, it was not something a Fifth Order cultivator like him could withstand.

The Sixth Order master’s face also paled, but he didn’t forget to cheer for his Junior Brother, “Junior Brother, believe in yourself, you can do it, you must hold on. If we fall in front of the two races’ armies, we will only bring shame to the Human Race and become a laughing stock to the Black Ink Clan.”

When the Fifth Order heard this, he immediately clenched his teeth and shouted, “I understand, Senior Brother. The Human Race may bleed and die in battle, but they will never give in!”

With a low roar, his bent legs slowly straightened, his body trembling violently as sweat poured down his face.

Seeing this, the Sixth Order master grit his teeth and persisted, but in his heart, he couldn’t understand why Yang Kai had brought the Dawn Squad to the frontline battle formation when he said he was going to the Yearning Territory to rescue the trapped human race cultivators.


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