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With the constant mobilization of the Human Race’s army, the originally peaceful Mysterious Nether Territory once again became restless.

This mobilization not only caught the Black Ink Clan off guard, but even the Human Race was surprised.

Both sides had thought that after the last great battle, there would be a short period of peace, but after only a dozen days, the Human Race’s side had made another big move.

The more than two hundred thousand Human Race soldiers on the front lines had all mobilized, pointing towards the Black Ink Clan’s base camp.

The Human Race is also pressuring the various auxilary battlefronts.

In less than half a day’s time, millions of kilometers away from the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, the Human Race’s fleet was spread out across the void. On the giant battleships, the sound of drums could be heard constantly.

“Kill, kill, kill!”

“Fight, fight, fight!”

The shouts of the Human Race’s soldiers nearly overturned this Mysterious Nether Territory.

Although the mobilization of this army had surprised the soldiers, at this point, the Human Race had no lack of determination to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan.

At the Black Ink Clan’s base camp, the Black Ink Clan’s army stood guard. At the very front, many of the Territory Lords wore dignified expressions, their hearts filled with shame.

After fighting the Human Race for decades in the Mysterious Nether Territory, this was the first time they had been attacked by the Human Race in their doorstep…

In the past, most of the time, they had taken the initiative to attack. The Human Race would occasionally take the initiative, but they would never enter such a place. The Human Race’s main focus was to defend and counterattack.

This was the base camp of the Black Ink Clan, and the provocation of the Human Race was simply intolerable. If it weren’t for the fact that the Human Race’s Eighth Order master had suddenly appeared that day, the Territory Lords would have already ordered a battle.

When had the Black Ink Clan ever feared the Human Race?

However, when they thought about that mysterious Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, even the most powerful Territory Lord couldn’t help feeling terrified.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, this man had killed three Innate Territory Lords. This had never happened before, but what made the Territory Lords even more shocked was that this was not the first time this human had killed a Territory Lord like this.

According to the news from the No-Return Pass, this human had once caused a ruckus in the No-Return Pass and killed three Territory Lords right under the nose of the Royal Lords. Not only that, but even seven of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest had been destroyed!

In front of this man, a powerful Innate Territory Lord was as weak as a chicken.

When the news arrived, all the Territory Lords of Mysterious Nether Territory found it hard to believe.

Killing a Territory Lord and destroying a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest wasn’t a big deal, the key was that the other party had done so right under the eyes of the Royal Lord. Even the Royal Lord himself had been unable to stop him.

According to the news, this person was able to control the Small Stone Race’s army and use it to erupt with an unimaginable purifying light. At that time, this person had fled while the Royal Lord had been obstructed by the purifying light. The power of more than ten Territory Lords had been purified and their auras had fallen. Even now, they were still recuperating in the Ink Nest, and it was unknown when they would recover.

This was an extremely terrifying opponent.

If he didn’t show himself, which Territory Lord would dare act so presumptuously?

As such, even if the Human Race arranged their forces and provoked them in every way possible, the Territory Lords didn’t dare to rush out. They were afraid that the Human Race’s Eighth Order would hide in the shadows and wait for an opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

The number of Territory Lords was indeed much higher than the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters, but they were still unable to withstand this man’s slaughter.

While the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were searching for Yang Kai, Yang Kai had already sent out a message in the meeting hall.

At the same time, inside the Human Race’s army, on the Battleship that Bi Xi had transformed into, Yu Rumeng took out a communication bead and glanced at it before gritting her teeth and cursing, “This stinky man is abandoning us again.”

All the girls were shocked, and Su Yan quickly asked, “Where is he going?”

Yu Rumeng shook her head, “I don’t know, he only said he was going on a long trip and would be back in a few days. He told us to wait patiently!”

Although Yang Kai wanted to leave again, the current situation was urgent and the two races could start a war at any time, so the women could only restrain themselves and wait.

On the other side, in the Meeting Hall, after Yang Kai sent a message, he connected his consciousness to the old tree and in the next moment, the void collapsed and he appeared next to the Old Tree in the Great Ruins Boundary.

Looking over, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. Although it had only been a few dozen years, this old tree had undergone a significant change.

The last time he came here, many of the World Fruits on the old tree showed signs of decay, but at least the World Fruits were still hanging on the tree.

But today, the World Fruits had obviously decreased greatly, and even the old tree’s condition had become worse.

Yang Kai understood that the World Fruits on the old tree were the projections of the Universe World. If the World Dao of that Universe World was destroyed, the World Fruits would rot and disappear.

Over the past few decades, the number of Universe Worlds that had their World Great Dao shattered increased, and the World Fruits had decreased significantly.

As Yang Kai watched, a rotten World Fruit fell down and disappeared.

“Old Tree!” Yang Kai called out softly.

The Old Tree’s face appeared on the trunk of the tree, its face turning black as if it had been affected by the Ink Force, “What’s the matter?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I would like to ask Old Tree to investigate the Yearning Territory and see if there are any World Great Dao there that have yet to collapse.”

If there was, he could use the World Tree’s power to directly descend upon that Universe World, so there was no need to waste time on the road.

Of course, this was unlikely.

After being occupied by the Black Ink Clan for so many years, the Black Ink Clan on that Universe Worlds would definitely not let this opportunity slip by. To the Black Ink Clan, the abundant World Force of the Universe World was the best nourishment for the Ink Nest and their clansmen.

Yang Kai came here with the intention of giving it a try.

Sure enough, Old Tree said, “Right now, other than the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields where your Human Race’s army is located and the few Great Domains behind them, there is no longer applicable Universe World.”

As expected, Yang Kai nodded, “Sorry for disturbing Old Tree.”

With a thought, Yang Kai connected to a Universe World in the Mysterious Nether Territory and stepped out, appearing outside the Universe World.

On the Mysterious Nether Territory's side, there were still a few Universe Worlds that had yet to be destroyed. Not only was the Mysterious Nether Territory like this, the other dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields were the same. After all, the Human Race’s army was still here, so if the Black Ink Clan wanted to completely occupy them, they would have to defeat the Human Race’s army.

In front of the meeting hall, a Battleship was docked.

Dawn Squad!

At this moment, above Dawn Squad battleship, a crowd of people was gathered, all of them looking towards the Meeting Hall, they are the members of the Dawn Squad.

Dawn Squad originally belonged to the Great Evolution Army, and since the remnants of the Great Evolution Army had been gathered in the Mysterious Nether Territory, Dawn Squad was naturally among them.

However, the Dawn Squad was currently stationed on the side line and not on the front line's camp. Over the past few days, Yang Kai had been busy and had no time to meet these old friends.

At this moment, Dawn Squad had arrived!

They had received orders to come here and act according to orders. As for who they should obey, the higher-ups didn’t say.

Just as they were looking around, a figure suddenly appeared on the deck. When everyone looked over, the leader of the group was overjoyed, “Team Leader!”

Yang Kai looked up and saw Feng Ying, Shen Ao, Bai Yi, Blood Crow, Miao Feiping, and a dozen familiar faces…

Most of them didn’t he didn't recognize.

Yang Kai’s mind was slightly dazed.

On this Battleship, he had fought side by side with Ning Qizhi, Qi Taichu, Ren Bingbai. Yu Ziyou, and Zhang Yang, who had joined with Blood Crow later…

Now that these people were no longer around, many of the Seventh Order and Sixth Order cultivators had died.

In the entire Dawn Squad, only a dozen familiar faces remained.

In the three great battles, even an elite team like Dawn Squad had been beaten to such a state, so it was easy to imagine just how much the Human Race had paid.

The Dawn Squad could be considered lucky. At the very least, it was still an established force, just a new generation replacing the old.

In the past, there were four elite teams that had joined the Great Evolution Army. Yang Kai’s Dawn Squad, Chai Fang’s Old Turtle Squad, Yao Kangcheng’s Snow Wolf Squad, and Ma Gao’s Profound Wind Squad.

Of the four elite squads, only the Dawn Squad remained.

Yao Kangcheng’s Snow Wolf Squad had been caught by the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple when the Great Evolution Army attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Ma Gao’s Profound Wind Squad was completely wiped out in the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle.

After the battle in the Spatial Territory, only a few members of Chai Fang’s Old Turtle Squad survived, their Battleship was destroyed, and their team was disbanded…

Yang Kai sighed in his heart. For countless years, the Human Race had suffered countless casualties and countless elites had died in battle, all for the purpose of exterminating the Black Ink Clan. Although the Human Race’s current situation wasn’t good, Yang Kai believed that one day, the 3000 Worlds would restore order and exterminate the Black Ink Clan.

All the sacrifices they had made so far were all for the sake of the future!

“Senior Sister Feng,” Yang Kai nodded slightly towards Feng Ying.

Feng Ying had advanced to the Eighth Order before him, and according to the rules, she was no longer a member of the Dawn Squad. Wei Junyang and the others had even called Feng Ying over this time, obviously asking for her help.

After all, an Eighth Order could be quite useful at certain times.

“I heard that Junior Brother has broken through to the Eighth Order and came to the Mysterious Nether Territory. I’ve long wanted to come and take a look, but unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan at the western defensive line is too active and I can’t leave. Junior Brother, please don’t blame me.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Senior Sister is too serious.”

After nodding to Shen Ao, Bai Yi, and the others, Yang Kai turned to Blood Crow and frowned slightly.

The Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture was indeed inferior to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now that he looked at it again, although Blood Crow’s strength had grown greatly, his aura was obviously unstable. From this, it could be seen that Blood Crow’s refining of the Black Ink Clan had quite a few side effects.

“Don’t refine the Black Ink Clan anymore, or you’ll die,” Yang Kai warned.

Blood Crow sneered, “If you didn’t die, how could this King die?”

He was secretly amazed, Yang Kai’s luck was really good. After the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle, everyone said that Yang Kai would die without a doubt. After all, he was being chased by a Royal Lord, so how could Yang Kai escape? At that time, he was only a Seventh Order.

However, after nearly a thousand years, not only had Yang Kai returned safely, but he had also reached the Eighth Order Open Heaaven Stage.

As for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who was chasing after him, no one knew what his fate would be.

Blood Crow cursed silently in his heart. It was said that a good man would not live long, but a scourge would live for a thousand years. Was this true?


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