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Looking at Yang Kai’s high-spirited appearance, the Eighth Order masters all sighed and felt ashamed, lamenting the rapid growth of the Human Race’s younger generation. Although Yang Kai just recently held such a high position, there were already many more young people who had shown themselves on the battlefield.

The young people who had displayed their brilliance on different battlefields were the future hope of the Human Race, and also the reason why so many Ninth Order Old Ancestors had sacrificed themselves.

Unfortunately, these old fogies didn’t seem to be of any help…

Keeping his thoughts to himself, Wei Junyang said, “Since Junior Brother has made his decision, we won’t try to dissuade you. However, Junior Brother must remember that you are now the Regiment Commander of an army. If you have no other choice… you must ensure your own safety.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.

“When does Junior Brother plan to leave?”

“Leave immediately!”

Wei Junyang raised his hand and summoned his Universe Chart, using both of his hands to display the Void Landscape. “The Mysterious Nether Territory has three Domain Gates that lead to different Great Domains. Junior Brother can quietly leave from here.” As he spoke, he pointed towards one of the Domain Gates.

Of the three Domain Gates, one was controlled by the Human Race and was also a safeguard for the Human Race’s retreat from the Mysterious Nether Territory. One was occupied by the Black Ink Clan while the other has no people guarding it. The Human Race and Black Ink Clan had set up defenses here and would occasionally fight.

Wei Junyang was referring to the third Domain Gate.

Although they weren’t able to completely occupy the Domain Gate, if they could only send Yang Kai and the others away, the Human Race would still have a way to deal with them. At worst, they would have to fight the Black Ink Clan over there. In the chaos, if a small team passed through the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t care too much.

Yang Kai asked, “Which of the Domain Gates is closest to the Yearning Territory?”

Leaving from the different Domain Gates, the route was different. Sometimes, a single mistake could lead to more than a dozen great domains journey.

Wei Junyang took a closer look and pointed towards the Domain Gate occupied by the Black Ink Clan, “Here!” He was slightly surprised, “Junior Brother doesn’t want to leave from here, right?”

Yang Kai replied, “Time is of the essence, it’s naturally best to act quickly.”

“Nonsense!” Fei Yong Ze shouted, “The Black Ink Clan’s army is on guard over there, how can Junior Brother pass through? If you fall into an encirclement, you will definitely die!”

Yang Kai smiled, “That’s why we need the Mysterious Nether Army’s cooperation.”

Wei Junyang pondered for a moment before asking, “You want the Mysterious Nether Army to pressure the Black Ink Clan? Aren’t you afraid they’ll suddenly attack you?”

Yang Kai said, “A few days ago, I killed three Territory Lords, so the Black Ink Clan must have been interested in me. With me guarding the Mysterious Nether Territory, I’m afraid the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords will be on edge. They don’t know who will be the next unlucky one. Senior Brothers, if you are the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, if I suddenly leave at this time, will you fight to the death, or will you just let me pass?”

Fei Yong Ze wanted to continue reprimanding Yang Kai, but after hearing his words, he couldn’t help frowning and muttering to himself.

The other Eighth Order masters also looked at each other.

Wei Junyang said, “If it was just Junior Brother alone, they would naturally swarm him. The strength Junior Brother displayed just now was too astonishing, so the Black Ink Clan would naturally want to eliminate him as soon as possible. Since Junior Brother gave them a chance, how could they not seize it? But if you had the support of the Mysterious Nether Army…”

It was hard to say.

Would the Black Ink Clan allow this?

Originally, the Black Ink Clan’s army from the Mysterious Nether Territory had held an absolute advantage. Last time, they had nearly taken down the Mysterious Nether Territory, but Yang Kai had jumped out and disrupted their plans.

Facing an expert like Yang Kai who could slaughter Territory Lords like slaughtering chickens, the Black Ink Clan would definitely be extremely wary.

Perhaps many Territory Lords would be happy to see him leave the Mysterious Nether Territory at this time. If things went wrong, not only would they not stop him, they might even let him pass.

This sounded unreliable at first, but after thinking about it carefully, there was actually a lot of room for manipulation.

For a moment, Wei Junyang looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, recalling Ouyang Lie’s previous joke that he should be called Big Head Yang.

The younger generation will surpass us in time! If he is only brave but not resourceful, it is nothing, just a brute. But it seems that Yang Kai is both brave and resourceful, this is the nightmare of the Black Ink Clan.

“It doesn’t matter if they don't let me pass, we can fight another battle,” Yang Kai said with a smile, “Killing three Territory Lords might not be able to intimidate them, but what if I kill three more? How many Territory Lords can they let us kill? Sooner or later, they’ll let us go.”

Ouyang Lie’s blood boiled as he listened, “Let’s do it! If we really fight, I’ll be the vanguard!”

Wei Junyang glared at him before turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Even if the Black Ink Clan might let you go, Junior Brother’s blatant departure is tantamount to causing the Black Ink Clan to lose their last shred of fear. Perhaps they will take advantage of your absence to launch a war here.”

Although the Human Race wasn’t afraid, the loss of the Mysterious Nether Army in the previous battle was not small, so they needed time to recuperate.

Yang Kai said, “They may not have the courage to do so, since I can leave or come back to kill them, how can they be certain I’ve really left? If I really leave in front of them, the Black Ink Clan may find it even more difficult to sit still. If they want to start a war, they need to be on guard against me from behind!”

Pausing for a moment, Yang Kai continued, “Besides, it doesn’t matter if we really fight. I’ve already distributed the Small Stone Race, using a Secret Technique and Artifact to temper the Small Stone Race is a good idea. The current combat strength of the Mysterious Nether Army is much stronger than before.”

The Small Stone Race was a very good method to fight against the Black Ink Clan, but the only problem was that their intelligence was too low to control them at will.

Most of the time, the Small Stone Race would kill all of their enemies and then disappear without a trace. If they were fast enough, they would be able to recover some of them, but if they were slow, they could only watch as they disappeared.

When Yang Kai had given the Small Stone Race in the past, he had told everyone to try using the Beast Taming Technique to control the Small Stone Race. Although it was somewhat effective, it was not obvious.

It wasn’t until one day, when a Open Heaven Stage cultivator tried to refine the Small Stone Race as Artifact that he suddenly discovered a new world.

Using this method to temper the Small Stone Race was better than using a Beast Taming Technique. Not only could it be quickly popularized, but it would also make it easier to control the Small Stone Race to kill enemies.

After all, not every cultivator knew the Beast Taming Technique, but who hadn’t refined artifacts before?

As such, this method was widely spread among the various armies. The Human Race’s current masters were all using the technique of refining artifact on these Small Stone Race, treating them as their own artifacts!

The Open Heaven Stage cultivator who had developed this method had also been rewarded by the Head Office Division, making everyone envious.

Yang Kai now had a set of Sun Small Stone Race and Moon Small Stone Race, each a million, but he had already distributed the rest.

What he had left behind was a trump card to deal with the Royal Lord. Although the Black Ink Clan only had one Royal Lord right now, Yang Kai didn’t know when he would encounter another one.

Although it had only been a short time, with the addition of a few Small Stone Race soldiers, the entire Mysterious Nether Territory army had doubled in strength.

If they really went to war with the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race from the Mysterious Nether Territory would not fear them.

Inside the meeting hall, the Eighth Order masters looked at each other speechlessly.

Yang Kai had said everything he wanted to say, so how could they refute him? Moreover, Yang Kai had completely convinced them.

Seeing everyone remain silent, Yang Kai said seriously, “Then this matter is settled. Order the Mysterious Nether Army’s front line troops to attack the Black Ink Clan’s base camp!”

All the Eighth Order masters stood up and shouted, “Yes!”

Soon, the group of Eighth Order masters dispersed, and on the floating continent at the front lines, a series of military orders were issued. The two hundred thousand or so soldiers who were currently resting and recuperating were mobilized.

When the news spread, the Eighth Order masters on the auxiliary battlefront were all shocked. Was there a big movement at the front line? Wasn’t it just a short time ago?

As such, all of them sent out messages to inquire about this matter, and eventually learned that it was the newly appointed Regiment Commander, Yang Kai, who had given the order…

It wasn’t until this moment that the Eighth Order masters on the auxiliary battlefront learned that the Mysterious Nether Army had a new Regiment Commander.

The matter of Yang Kai becoming the Regiment Commander had yet to be announced to the entire army.

This caused quite a stir.

As the saying goes, a newly appointed official has three fires burning, and Yang Kai’s fire seemed to be quite strong, actually targeting the Black Ink Clan’s base camp.

For a time, there were those who were worried and those who were excited.

However, since the front line was acting in such a manner, the various auxiliary battlefronts had no choice but to cooperate. As a result, a series of military orders were issued and the various auxiliary battlefronts began to prepare for battle.

The Black Ink Clan was stunned.

Last time, three Territory Lords had died. On the front lines, the Black Ink Clan had kept a low profile. Not only had they withdrawn their forces, but even the Territory Lords could only hide in their base camp.

The scene of that Eighth Order Human Race cultivator killing three Territory Lords was still vivid in their minds, and every Territory Lord was extremely wary of him. Before they could think of a way to suppress that Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, none of them dared to act rashly.

During that great battle, the Black Ink Clan had suffered heavy losses, and the Human Race had also suffered greatly. Everyone had thought that everyone would be at peace for a few years, but who would have thought that in less than half a month, the Human Race would actually make such a big move?

Was the Human Race on steroids?

One Territory Lord after another flashed out to investigate the situation, and when they discovered that the Human Race’s army had been mobilized, all of them became worried.

Although they couldn’t see anything for the time being, the Human Race’s army had already begun to gather, and their intention to attack the Black Ink Clan’s base camp was obvious.

At the same time, in the meeting hall, Yang Kai sat alone in contemplation, feeling like something was missing.

After thinking about it carefully, he suddenly remembered that as the Regiment Commander, he still lacked a personal aide!

In the past, whether it was Xiang Shan or the other Regiment Commanders, all of them had their own personal aide, so it was easier for them to pass down orders. After all, if one was in a high position, it was impossible to do everything personally.

The Mysterious Nether Army wouldn’t take the initiative to assign him an aide, these kinds of people were usually the trusted confidants of the Regiment Commander.

Yang Kai didn’t have any good candidates for the time being, but this matter wasn’t urgent. He would wait until he returned from the Yearning Territory.

In fact, Hua Qing Si was quite a good choice. This Head Manager had been in charge of High Heaven Palace for so many years that not only did she manage it well, but even the Star Boundary was in order.

This is an extremely meticulous woman, capable of assuming the position of adjutant.

Unfortunately, the Head Manager had to remain in High Heaven Palace and had no time to spare.


[MSN: Poor Qing Si, since she join Yang Kai, she has been working nonstop in management. LOL]

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