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Yang Kai had heard of this nomad hunter more than once. This was the reason why some of the Human Race’s masters had not joined any of the armies, either in groups of three or five, or alone, venturing deep into the great domains occupied by the Black Ink Clan, waiting for an opportunity to act.

Most of them were confident in their strength, and some of them were arrogant and didn’t like being controlled.

When these hunters acted, there were usually very few of them, so it was extremely dangerous. If they encountered a large-scale Black Ink Clan army, it was likely they would be completely wiped out.

But in comparison, the greater the price, the greater the harvest.

What the nomad hunters loved to do the most was to destroy the Ink Nest of the Black Ink Clan. If they could use a Secret Technique to record the scene of the Ink Nest being destroyed and bring it back safely, no matter which Great Domain Battlefield it was, they would be able to exchange it for a large amount of battle merits from the Human Race’s army.

On the Human Race’s side, there were now quite a number of such hunters scattered outside, and as time passed, more cultivators became hunters.

Everyone had their own way of doing things. They had entered the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan to contribute to the resistance of the Black Ink Clan. In this regard, not only did the Human Race’s Head Office Division not stop them, but they even increased their rewards.

Strictly speaking, Yang Kai had always acted in the style of a nomad hunter, but what he did was something no other hunter could achieve.

To be able to stir up trouble in the No-Return Pass and escape unscathed, who could have such ability?

Nomad hunters were indeed dangerous. After all, they were all active in the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan. Once their whereabouts were exposed and they were targeted by too many Black Ink Clans, it would be difficult to escape.

However, if one were to say they had a slim chance of survival, that wouldn’t be the case. In such a situation, the Human Race’s nomad hunters weren’t stupid, so how could they just throw their lives away for nothing? Wei Junyang had also said that most of the Black Ink Clan masters were currently fighting with the Human Race masters on various battlefields, so the number of Black Ink Clan masters guarding the rear was quite low.

The Black Ink Clan now occupied so many great domains and had so many Innate Territory Lords that it was impossible for them to take care of all of them. As a result, there would often be incidents where one of the Black Ink Clan’s teams was killed and another Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest was destroyed.

This was all done by the nomad hunters. They were few in number, so once they did something, they would find a place to hide. Even the Black Ink Clan would find it difficult to track them down.

This greatly angered the Black Ink Clan and made them hate the Human Race nomad hunters greatly.

This time, there were Human Race cultivators trapped in the Yearning Territory, so this was a good opportunity to attract many hunters. The Black Ink Clan wanted to use this opportunity to clean up the Human Race’s poisonous tumors in the rear so they could peacefully fight the Human Race on the front lines.

Listening to Wei Junyang’s words, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Senior Brother Wei already knows about this?”

Wei Junyang smiled and said, “Junior Brother is too kind, this is Senior Brother Xiang’s idea and also the final test the Head Office Division will give Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “If I hadn’t thought of this, what happen?”

Wei Junyang smiled awkwardly, “Senior Brother Xiang didn’t go far, and the announcement of Junior Brother’s appointment as the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army will still be notified to the entire army.”

The meaning behind his words was that if Yang Kai really acted like a hothead, he wouldn’t have thought that Xiang Shan would come back and take back the Regiment Commander Great Seal.

Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling his eyes. It was true that they hadn’t announced his appointment to the entire army yet. Although he was still young, didn’t he want to save his face?

This group of old fogies really didn’t respect the old and love the young!

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to argue about this. It was normal for Eighth Order cultivators to have concerns. The Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander held a high position and was responsible for the war of a territory and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Human Race soldiers. It wasn’t wrong to be a bit more careful, so the final test of the Head Office Division was understandable.

Moreover, to be honest, this was an extremely simple test. Anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence would have thought of something, but perhaps only a brute like Ouyang Lie would not be able to think of something.

Yang Kai glanced over at Ouyang Lie, and as expected, seeing his thoughtful expression, he suddenly felt a sense of superiority.

Wei Junyang then said seriously, “Junior Brother Yang being able to see through the intentions of the Black Ink Clan proves that we old fogies are right. The matter of the Yearning Territory needs to be resolved as soon as possible, so please come up with a solution.”

Yang Kai nodded, “The various battlefields are in a tight situation, and only our Mysterious Nether Territory is capable of deploying people. Since the Head Office Division has given us this task, we must complete it perfectly.”

This was his first mission after becoming the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, so Yang Kai naturally attached great importance to it, and it had nothing to do with the mission itself. Many of the Human Race were still wandering about, even if Yang Kai was alone, he would find a way to rescue them.

“Does Senior Brothers have any good ideas?” Yang Kai looked down.

Kong Cheng De said solemnly, “Since the Black Ink Clan intends to deal with these nomad hunters, there must be a Territory Lord overseeing the Yearning Territory, and the number shouldn’t be too small. There’s no definite news from the nomad hunters, but this old master estimates that should be at least three to five Territory Lords.”

There were also masters among the Hunters. Although there were no Eighth Order Human Race masters, there were many Seventh Order ones.

In order to deal with the Human Race’s Seventh Order, it was impossible to rely on just the Feudal Lords. Only the Territory Lords themselves could do so.

Three to five Territory Lords were stationed in Yearning Territory, so it could be said to be a very safe arrangement. Of course, there might be more than three or five, but there wouldn’t be too many.

The Territory Lord's mobilization was not something that could be done at will. In order to ensure the suppression of the Human Race’s forces on the various battlefields, the Black Ink Clan needed a large number of Territory Lords to guard every battlefield.

There were also some Territory Lords who had fought with the Eighth Order and were seriously injured, all returned to the No-Return Pass and went to the Ink Nest to heal.

As such, although the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords far exceeded that of the Human Race’s Eighth Order and had the upper hand in the battle against the Human Race army, the situation of the Human Race had not deteriorated to the point where it was difficult to deal with.

Now that Yang Kai had brought back a large number of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals and distributed ten Sun and Moon Marks, the future of the Human Race would only become clearer.

Fei Yong Ze said, “Let’s prepare for the worst. Even if there are five Territory Lords on the other side, if we want to rescue the trapped cultivators under the watch of these five Territory Lords, we will need to send out at least 8 Eighth Order!”

8 Eighth Order masters… this number was not small, especially since each of these Eighth Order masters was in charge of an important location and couldn’t be easily mobilized. However, only by sending out 8 Eighth Order masters would they be able to suppress the five Territory Lords. Additionally, they would also need to increase their numver, what if there were more than five Territory Lords?

Rescuing a trapped cultivator in the Yearning Territory might seem easy, but it wasn’t so simple to implement.

More importantly…

Yang Kai looked down at the Eighth Order masters below, all of whom were injured. The last battle had only lasted about ten days, and the Eighth Order masters had yet to fully recover from their injuries.

Of course, the Territory Lords of Mysterious Nether Territory weren’t doing well either, but the Territory Lords of Yearning Territory were all at their peak.

Wei Junyang obviously thought of this as well and asked, “Perhaps we can ask the Holy Spirits for help?”

With just the strength of the Mysterious Nether Territory, it was difficult to carry out a rescue operation. Since that was the case, they could only ask for reinforcements.

Hearing this, Yang Kai shook his head, “The Holy Spirits may not be able to free themselves for this.”

Ouyang Lie frowned, “How will we know if we don’t try?”

Yang Kai said, “If we can ask for help from the Holy Spirit, Senior Brother Xiang should have informed us beforehand. Since he didn’t say anything, it means that the Holy Spirits are currently fighting on the various battlefields. Not to mention… a few days ago, the Head Office Division even sent out Taowu’s group of Holy Spirits, which means that the number of people on the various battlefields is quite low.”

If it weren’t for the fact that they had no other choice, the Head Office Division wouldn’t have mobilized the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits.

Therefore, even if the Mysterious Nether Territory were to ask for help, the Head Office Division might not have anyone to mobilize.

Compared to the people trapped in the Yearning Territory, the Human Race’s various Great Domain Battlefields were the most important. If the Head Office Division were to choose, they would rather not rescue them and ensure that the various battlefields were safe.

“Indeed!” Wei Junyang nodded.

Originally, he had thought that rescuing a trapped cultivator from the Yearning Territory wouldn’t be a difficult task, but now that he thought about it, it really wasn’t easy.

For a moment, he didn’t know what to do!

The Head Office Division had given the Mysterious Nether Territory a difficult problem. Was this also a test for Yang Kai to become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army?

Just as he was thinking about this, Yang Kai suddenly stood up and said firmly, “I’ll take the trip myself!”

All the Eighth Order masters were shocked, Fei Yong Ze was surprised, “Junior Brother wants to personally go to the Yearning Territory?”

Yang Kai nodded, “There’s no other way.”

There was no way for the Mysterious Nether Territory to transfer 8 Eighth Order masters at once, nor was there any way to ask for help from the Holy Spirit. Yang Kai thought about it for a long time, but other than personally making a trip, there was no better solution.

Kong Cheng De said solemnly, “Junior Brother can't take action personally. You are now the Regiment commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, so how can you risk your life so lightly? Moreover, if you leave, what will happen to the Mysterious Nether Army?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Senior Brother Kong is being too serious. Although this Junior Brother is now the head of the Mysterious Nether Army, before this, where have I not been in danger? Since I can act freely in the past, why can't I take the trip now?”

No matter how dangerous the Yearning Territory was, how could it be more dangerous than the No-Return Pass?

He was able to kill his way back in the No-Return Pass, so what was a mere Yearning Territory worth?

“What’s more… without me, didn’t all the Senior Brothers take care of the Mysterious Nether Territory before? Without me, there’s no reason for them to not know what to do.”

“Previously, the Black Ink Clan suffered a great defeat and three Territory Lords died. For the time being, there won’t be too many battles in Mysterious Nether Territory.”

Not giving the crowd a chance to speak again, Yang Kai concluded, “That’s it, I’ll personally make a trip to the Yearning Territory. After I leave, I hope that Senior Brothers will guard the Mysterious Nether Territory. This is also my first order after taking over.”

Since he had said so, how could the Eighth Order masters say anything?

Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai’s personal visit was perhaps the only way and the best way.

No longer trying to dissuade him, Wei Junyang asked, “Then how many people does Junior Brother want to bring?”

Yang Kai said, “There’s no need for too much, how about this… I’ll bring my original team, the Dawn Squad, that’s enough.”


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