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Thinking back to the past, when the Great Evolution Army was formed, Xiang Shan, and Liu Zhiping had gathered together in the Azure Void Pass, each of them had become the Regiment Commander of the Great Evolution East and West Armies. On that day, many Eighth Order masters had been appointed as Garrison Chiefs.

That year, Yang Kai was just a Seventh Order Team Leader.

He had never imagined that he would have such a day. Holding the Regiment Commander Seal in his hand, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing.

The Regiment Commander was not just a position, but also the backbone of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers!

Was he qualified?

Yang Kai didn’t know, but now that things had come to this, he could only do his best. From now on, any decision he made or commanded would likely involve the lives of many people.

“I don’t have much time. This time, besides the appointment of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander, there is another matter I need you to do,” Xiang Shan said.

Yang Kai put away the seal and nodded, “Senior Brother, please explain.”

He had thought that it was something related to the Sun and Moon Marks, but this was a small matter. Su Yan had already received a copy of the Sun and Moon Marks from him, and since the nine Holy Spirits outside the door were chosen, he could just call them in.

Unexpectedly, what Xiang Shan was about to say wasn’t this, he directly summoned his Universe Portrait and waved his hand, causing a three-dimensional void to appear in front of everyone.

Xiang Shan fiddled with it a few times before pointing to a certain spot, “A month ago, the Head Office Division received news that more than a dozen Sects from the Yearning Territory were besieged by the Black Ink Clan. Their situation is not good, so if no one goes to rescue them, I’m afraid they won’t be able to hold out for long.”

Wei Junyang frowned, “Where did this news come from? Is it true?”

Xiang Shan nodded, “The news was sent back by several hunters. There’s no problem, the Head Office Division has already confirmed it.”

Garrison Chief Chen raised his brow and asked, “Does the Head Chief mean that our Mysterious Nether Territory will have to send people to rescue them?”

“That’s right,” Xiang Shan nodded, “Originally, we didn’t plan on having the Mysterious Nether Territory take action. Right now, the various Great Domain Battlefields are all in a state of war, and our Human Race is in a passive position, so we can’t mobilize too many people. However, in the previous battle, the Mysterious Nether Territory won a great victory, so there shouldn’t be too many battles in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield for the time being, so it’s best if you take action.”

As he spoke, Xiang Shan looked up at Yang Kai and said, “Junior Brother, you are the Regiment Commander of the army now, so this mission will be handed over to you! You must bring back the trapped people.”

Yang Kai knew that this was also a test to see how he was going to handle this matter. Although the Head Office Division had appointed him as the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, the strength he had displayed in the past had mostly been his ability to charge through enemy lines and take charge of the overall situation.

This time, rescuing the trapped humans in the Yearning Territory was not only an opportunity to contribute, but also an opportunity to display his talents.

He immediately cupped his fists and said, “Understood!”

“You can discuss this matter on your own, there’s no need to report it to the Head Office Division, but you must remember that the Mysterious Nether Territory cannot be lost!” Xiang Shan warned again before calling out, “Come in.”

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, he said, “Previously, the Mysterious Nether Territory reported that you were given the Sun and Moon Marks by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. These nine are the candidates chosen by the Head Office Division to bear these two marks, so I’ll hand them over to you.”


Xiang Shan, Wei Junyang, and the other Eighth Order walked out of the meeting hall, while Ji Ole Third followed by the other eight Holy Spirits walked in.

It wasn’t difficult to separate the two great marks bestowed by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. These two great marks were formed from the Source Energy of Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. Once these Holy Spirits obtained them, they would only need to refine them slightly to condense the Sun and Moon Marks.

In less than an hour, the nine Holy Spirits had obtained two great marks.

Yang Kai then distributed the nine Space Rings he had prepared to them, each one filled with Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals.

With these two great marks supplemented with Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, there would definitely be no shortage of Purifying Light on the various battlefields in the future. This way, the pressure on the Human Race would be greatly reduced.

In fact, the pressure on the Alchemists in the rear would also be reduced, allowing them to focus more on refining other pills.

The Human Race not only lacked Expelling Black Ink Pills, but also Open Heaven Pill and healing pills.

As for how these nine Holy Spirits were allocated to the various battlefields, it was none of Yang Kai’s business. That was something the Head Office Division needed to consider. Although they couldn’t allocate one Holy Spirit to each battlefield, it shouldn’t be a problem to have one Holy Spirit assist the other two battlefields in creating the Light of Purification.

Xiang Shan was still waiting outside, so Yang Kai led the Holy Spirits out and sent them off.

After this group of masters left, Yang Kai said, “Senior Brothers, please come to discuss matters!”

The group once again entered the meeting hall and took their seats. Yang Kai sat at the head of the table and looked around, only to see all the Eighth Order masters staring at him solemnly.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “It’s rare for Senior Brothers to hold me in such high regard, promoting a junior like me to take up the position of Regiment Commander. Junior Brother will definitely not disappoint you!”

The atmosphere suddenly became lively as Ouyang Lie slumped back in his chair and grinned, “As cultivators, the strong are respected. Since your fist is so big, naturally you should be the Regiment Commander, but Little… Junior Brother, right now, the most important thing for you to resolve is the matter with the Yearning Territory. After all, this is the first mission you’ve taken over, you can’t afford to be careless.”

Wei Junyang also said, “That’s right, since the Head Office Division has handed this matter over to us, we must resolve it properly. Don’t let the other battlefields underestimate us.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior Brothers are right, but I’ve only just returned from outside, I only have some understanding of the Mysterious Nether Territory’s current situation. However, outside of the Mysterious Nether Territory, I only know a little about it, so I’ll need Senior Brothers to explain it to me.”

Fei Yong Ze looked at him, “What does Junior Brother Yang want to know?”

Yang Kai said, “As far as I know, after the battle in the Spatial Territory, the Human Race withdrew their forces and the Human Race’s army was scattered, assisting the cultivators of the various Great Domains to evacuate and relocate. It’s been more than a few dozen years now, and those who should have retreated have already retreated, so how could there still be people wandering outside?”

Garrison Chief Chen sighed and said, “This isn’t strange. The purpose of the evacuation was to allow the various Sects to move closer to the nearest Cave Heaven Paradise, and then allow the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise to escort them. It’s just that the Black Ink Clan’s invasion speed was too fast, so there were always some cultivators from the Great Domain who failed to evacuate in time and were intercepted or besieged by the Black Ink Clan. As a result, the losses suffered were not small.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding. He knew about this matter. When the Black Ink Clan invaded the Sea Devouring Territory, it was he who helped them resolve the crisis.

At that time, if Yang Kai hadn’t appeared, the cultivators of the Sea Devouring Territory definitely wouldn’t have been able to escape.

There were also some who were slightly luckier. Although they managed to escape in time, they were besieged by the Black Ink Clan’s army halfway through. This should be the situation in the Yearning Territory.

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned and said, “If they had been besieged, it would have been several dozen years since then, I’m afraid they would have already been killed by the Black Ink Clan.”

Wei Junyang raised his brow and asked, “Does Junior Brother think this is a trap?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Perhaps the cultivators from the Yearning Territory have been hiding somewhere all these years, but now they have been discovered by the Black Ink Clan, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to persist until now.” As he spoke, he tapped his finger on the armrest of his chair, “It’s a bit strange that news of this has spread. Logically speaking, the Yearning Territory has been completely occupied by the Black Ink Clan, so even if a Human Race cultivator is besieged, the Black Ink Clan should be able to resolve it as soon as possible and not delay for too long…”

Suddenly remembering something, Yang Kai looked down and asked, “Senior Brothers, do you think that the Black Ink Clan is waiting to ambush the reinforcements?”

Wei Junyang raised his brow, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai said, “The Black Ink Clan has the ability to quickly deal with the cultivators from the Yearning Territory, but instead of doing so, they obviously want to attract the attention of the Human Race’s army, so Senior Brother Xiang asked us to take charge of this matter. Once Mysterious Nether Territory sends out their forces, they will definitely not be able to hide from the Black Ink Clan’s investigation, so they can ambush us from the Yearning Territory. I’m afraid that there are Black Ink Clan masters over there.”

As soon as these words came out, all the Eighth Order masters looked at each other and laughed.

Wei Junyang turned to look at Ouyang Lie and teased, “Did you choose to kill a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord or call him Father?”

Ouyang Lie rolled his eyes, “You didn’t win! What’s more, killing a Territory Lord is nothing!”

Wei Junyang chuckled lightly, “Then consider it your choice to kill the Territory Lord.”

Yang Kai was confused as he looked down, “Senior Brothers, did I say something wrong?”

Garrison Chief Chen stroked his beard and chuckled, “That’s not it, Junior Brother didn’t say anything wrong, it’s just that your performance was somewhat beyond our expectations.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was even more confused. What was with Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie? Why were they talking about calling him Father?

Garrison Chief Chen smiled and said, “What Junior Brother said just now is more or less correct. There is a second-class sect in the Yearning Territory, called Yearning Sect. A few years ago, the Yearning Sect discovered a Universe Cave Heaven in the Yearning Territory. I don’t know which Eighth Order Human Race master left it behind, but the Yearning Sect gained a lot of benefits from it. Didn’t Junior Brother say that the cultivators from the Yearning Territory should have been hiding somewhere all these years? There’s a high chance that they were hiding in this Universe Cave Heaven and had sealed up the entrance, allowing them to remain safe until now, but now that they’ve been exposed, they’ve been besieged by the Black Ink Clan.”

He continued, “It’s not that the Black Ink Clan doesn’t want to deal with them, it’s just that breaking through the gates of the Universe Cave Heaven is not easy task. Of course, giving the Black Ink Clan some time is possible. For this news to spread, it should be the Black Ink Clan’s intention. Junior Brother said that the Black Ink Clan wants to surround us and attack us, that’s right, but the Black Ink Clan’s goal isn’t our Human Race’s Great Domain Battlefield’s army, but the hunters who have infiltrated the Black Ink Clan’s rear.”

“Many of the Human Race’s masters, whether unwilling to be under the army's jurisdiction or unaccustomed to fighting in an army, choose to become a nomadic hunters and venture deep into the Great Domains controlled by the Black Ink Clan. Over the years, the nomadic hunters have killed many of the Black Ink Clan’s forces, and many of the Great Domains have their activities. The Black Ink Clan may have many masters, but most of them are fighting against the Human Race’s army. These nomadic hunters are wreaking havoc behind them and destroying the Ink Nest, giving them a headache. The siege of the Yearning Territory’s Human Race cultivators is an opportunity to attract a large number of nomadic hunters to assist them.”


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