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With a loud shout, a Seventh Order soldier suddenly rushed into the main hall and cupped his fists towards Xiang Shan, “Ten million kilometers away the eastern front, the Black Ink Clan’s army has arrived and intends to invade again!”

Under normal circumstances, the higher-ups would discuss matters and the people below would not intrude, but if there was an emergency situation, it would not be the same.

The army of the Black Ink Clan from the eastern front had arrived, so it was obviously an emergency.

“How dare they!” Wei Junyang shouted, “These Black Ink Clans are probably courting death!” As he spoke, he displayed his Eighth Order might.

Ouyang Lie also cursed, “It seems I didn’t beat them up enough last time.”

Not only were the two of them cursing, the other Eighth Order masters were also cursing, causing the discussion hall to become noisy.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. What was the Black Ink Clan trying to do? Last time, they had retreated in defeat and three Innate Territory Lords had died, but now, not long after, they had actually come back?

Looking back at the Seventh Order soldier who had sent the message, it was obvious that he had come from Great Battle Heaven. He wore a golden armour and there was still some blood on his armour. It seemed he had also suffered some injuries.

What made Yang Kai even more speechless was that these Eighth Order Mysterious Nether Army's masters were simply too restless.

When the Black Ink Clan’s army invaded, they had to quickly come up with a countermeasure. If they needed to send troops, they should send troops. If they needed to consolidate their defensive lines, they should reinforce them. What kind of nonsense was this?

Just as he was thinking this, an Eighth Order took a step forward and cupped his fists towards Xiang Shan, “Sir Xiang, this old master request to go out to fight the enemy!”

Xiang Shan nodded slightly, “It’s rare that Garrison Chief Chen has the intention. How many people does Garrison Chief Chen intend to bring?”

Garrison Chief Chen proudly declared, “There’s no need for too many, my garrison forces are enough.”

Xiang Shan said in a dignified tone, “Before the two armies battle, we cannot be careless.”

Garrison Chief Chen coldly snorted, “It’s just a mere Black Ink Clan, what is there to fear? If we can’t defeat the enemy this time, this Chen will offer his head!”

“Good!” Xiang Shan couldn’t help nodding his head, a look of approval appearing on his face, “Although my Human Race is in decline, we are not lacking in courage. Garrison Chief Chen is an old and vigorous man, a role model for our generation. Since that’s the case, then…”

“Wait!” Yang Kai quickly called out.

Even Yang Kai was stunned.

With such an urgent military situation, how could these Eighth Order Garrison Chief and Regiment Commander come to a decision so quickly? How could Xiang Shan agree so quickly?

What about the enemy forces? What about the number of Black Ink Clan masters?

How could he be so careless when he didn’t have any information?

Moreover, Yang Kai knew this Garrison Chief Chen. In terms of age, he was probably one of the oldest Eighth Order cultivators present, but in terms of strength, this Garrison Chief Chen wasn’t too strong. In a one-on-one fight, he is definitely not an opponent of the Innate Territory Lord.

Where did this old man get the courage to say that he would lead an entire garrison to fight the enemy?

Was this some kind of nonsense? Unfortunately, none of the Eighth Order masters had any intention of stopping him.

“Yang Kai, do you have something to say?” Xiang Shan turned his head and asked.

Yang Kai felt a headache coming on as he cupped his fists and said, “Sir Xiang, if I remember correctly, the current forces of the Mysterious Nether Army should be around twenty thousand strong per garrison.”

Twenty thousand Open Heaven masters was quite a large number.

In the Ink Battlefield, each garrison only had five or six hundred soldiers, but the Open Heaven cultivators in the Ink Battlefield were all above the Fifth Order.

Unlike the Mysterious Nether Army, which had First and Second Order, the current twenty thousand troops were indeed much more than the previous five or six hundred, but the number of masters was countless times smaller.

“Yes,” Garrison Chief Chen nodded, “My garrison's strength currently number in 23,651 people.”

The old man was quite old and had a good memory, so he knew his subordinates like the back of his hand.

Yang Kai looked at him speechlessly, “Do you know how many forces the Black Ink Clan has sent to invade us?”

Garrison Chief Chen coldly snorted, “Who cares, just kill them!”

Saying so, he ignored Yang Kai and cupped his fists towards Xiang Shan, “Sir, this Chen will go. This time, we will either return victorious or die on the battlefield. When that time comes, please collect our corpses.”

Xiang Shan nodded, “We definitely won’t let our soldiers die in the wilderness.”

“Garrison Chief Chen, please wait!” Yang Kai shouted again, he couldn’t allow him to fight like this. The team his wives belonged to was under the jurisdiction of this Garrison Chief Chen. It was fine for him to mobilize a small force to fight the enemy, but Rumeng, Su Yan, and the others would definitely have to fight.

“How dare you, Yang Kai!” Xiang Shan shouted, “You’ve repeatedly obstructed the front lines from sending troops, are you trying to rebel?”

Yang Kai’s heart trembled as he quickly cupped his fists, “I wouldn’t dare! It’s just…”

“What?” Xiang Shan stared at him coldly.

It's just… the situation was not right.

Yang Kai looked at Xiang Shan and then at the other Eighth Order masters around him. Seeing Wei Junyang look up at the sky as if this matter had nothing to do with him, Ouyang Lie lowered his head to look at the ground, as if there were flowers on the ground. The other Eighth Order masters were either gathered in groups of three or five, whispering amongst themselves, or sitting down calmly.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. So that was how it was.

These Eighth Order masters were all veterans in battle, so how could they be so stupid? If it was just Garrison Chief Chen, it would have been fine to be reckless, but everyone was like this.

Xiang Shan was, after all, a man of great strength. The strategy he had used to lead the army to recover Great Evolution Pass had been astonishing, so there was no reason for him to agree so easily.

If that was really the case, then he wasn’t Xiang Shan anymore. This would be Ouyang Lie's actions.

The Human Race still didn’t know what the enemy’s situation was.

Sighing, Yang Kai said, “All of you Senior Brothers have lived for thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years. If you join forces to deceive a little brat like me, won’t your conscience hurt?”

Garrison Chief Chen chuckled, “What does Junior Brother mean? This old master’s vision is blurry and his thoughts are sluggish, so I don’t quite understand.”

Yang Kai glared at him bitterly, ‘You’re the only one who’s jumping around!’

Xiang Shan said coldly, “Just say what you want to say, don’t beat around the bush.”

Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say? Each and every one of you is just pretending to be ignorant, saying that you’re all wily old foxes!

From the looks of it now, the eastern defensive line… probably didn’t have any of the Black Ink Clan’s armies.

They had only been defeated a dozen days ago, so how could the Black Ink Clan have the courage to attack again?

This was just a show. Of all the Eighth Order masters present, including the Seventh Order soldier who had come to deliver the message, they're all acting, only Yang Kai is watching the show.

This group of old fogies was obviously trying to push a duck into a pit.

The military situation this time was fake, but what about next time? If there really was a next time, this Garrison Chief Chen would definitely lead the soldiers of this garrison to the front lines!

Sigh! Yang Kai sighed in his heart. This matter could not be avoided.

While he was still lost in thought, the Seventh Order soldier who had sent the message shouted in a low voice, “Sirs, the situation at the front line is urgent, please quickly come up with a plan, otherwise, the eastern defensive line may not be able to hold on for much longer, cough cough…”

He spat out a mouthful of blood, seemingly seriously injured.


Yang Kai glanced sideways at him, but the armored warrior simply stared straight ahead, his face pale and his aura weak.

How ruthless!

Xiang Shan looked towards Yang Kai and said, “Yang Kai, withdraw. Since you don’t want to take up a position in the army, you don’t have the qualifications to say anything. Garrison Chief Chen, I now order you to lead our forces to support the eastern defensive line. If you can’t force them to retreat, I will personally kill you!”

Garrison Chief Chen cupped his fists, “This Chen accepts your orders and will not disappoint.”

Saying so, he turned around and strode out, his eyes still fixed on Yang Kai, as if he was saying that if he didn’t speak, this old master would really lead his troops to kill the enemy.

It didn’t matter if there were no enemies in the eastern defensive line, the Black Ink Clan’s base always had enemies.

Just ask if you are afraid!

“Little brat, what skills and abilities…” Yang Kai smiled bitterly, but to be honest, he was quite moved. So many Eighth Order and even Xiang Shan had joined hands to act for him, just so he could become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army. This was a kind of trust, a deep trust.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai cupped his fists and declared, “It’s rare for Senior Brothers to place so much importance on me. This little one is willing to take up the position of Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army and oversee the Mysterious Nether Territoru, with this little brat’s life on the line, the Mysterious Nether Territory will not be lost!”

“Have you changed your mind?” Xiang Shan smiled and teased.

Yang Kai stared at him blankly, not saying a word.

Could he not change it?

Old Man Chen was about to step out of the meeting hall, if he didn’t change his mind, if he really ran away, his wives would definitely follow him to the battlefield.

Xiang Shan didn’t tease him any further and instead wore a solemn expression, saying, “Overseeing the Mysterious Nether Territory is a matter of great importance. If one day the Mysterious Nether Territory is lost in your hands, the military will take responsibility!”


“Yang Kai accepts this order!” Xiang Shan shouted as he took out a large seal, “The Head Office Division orders that from today onwards, Yang Kai will become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army. This seal is the seal of the Regiment Commander. Once this seal is released, the entire Mysterious Nether Army will obey this command. Anyone who dares to violate the orders of the higher-ups will be executed!”

“We accept your orders!” The group of Eighth Order masters bowed in unison.

“Yang Kai accepts this order!” Yang Kai stepped forward, raised his hands, and received the Seal of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander.

This was not just a Great Seal, but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of human race soldiers in this territory.

The moment he received the order, Yang Kai’s aura seemed to change and become even more profound.

Xiang Shan clicked his tongue in amazement as he stared at this scene, the words ‘Heaven’s Will’ flashing across his mind.

“Greetings, Regiment Commander!” Wei Junyang smiled as he cupped his fists and saluted. The other Eighth Order masters followed suit, and for a time, the atmosphere in the hall became harmonious.

Garrison Chief Chen also ran back, no longer shouting about leading the army to kill the enemy.

Yang Kai naturally didn’t care about what had happened just now and continued chatting with the other Eighth Order masters. In the future, when he assumed command of the Mysterious Nether Territory, he would need the help of everyone present.


Another Seventh Order soldier rushed into the main hall and cupped his fists, “Reporting to Sirs, the eastern defensive line has sent word that the Black Ink Clan’s army has retreated. The previous mobilization was probably a misunderstanding, it was not an attack.”

Hearing this, Xiang Shan nodded, “It’s good that they've left. Garrison Chief Chen, you should also rest.”

Garrison Chief Chen smiled and said, “Junior Brother Yang took up the position of Regiment Commander, but before the news could spread, the Black Ink Clan had already withdrawn their forces. The Heavens truly bless our Human Race.”

The group of Eighth Order masters nodded in agreement.

Yang Kai looked left and right. Are you guys not tired? Even now, there is still an ending to this play! Your plan is quite thorough.


[MSM: Wow, they really use the life of his Wives to forced him accept the Regiment Commander position?]

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