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In front of the Meeting Hall, everyone was chatting happily.

Regardless of whether they were familiar with Yang Kai or not, at this moment, all of them took the initiative to come up and chat with him. They knew what their purpose for coming here was. Yang Kai had obtained nine marks from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, if they were able to get it, they would owe Yang Kai a favor.

What’s more, the Holy Spirits had all guessed that the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's Marks was not just capable of activating the Light of Purification, but also had the ability to purify one’s bloodline.

For the sake of selecting candidate, the Holy Spirits had undergone a selection process before deciding on these nine.

“Enough small talk, Yang Kai will enter first to discuss matters.”

Inside the hall, Xiang Shan’s voice rang out, obviously seeing through Yang Kai’s intentions to stay outside.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly and cupped his fists towards the Holy Spirits, “We’ll talk about it later.”

The Holy Spirits had no objections.

Yang Kai stepped into the hall, and in an instant, several dozen pairs of eyes turned towards him, as if they were looking at something novel.

Inside the hall were all Eighth Order Open Heaven masters without exception.

There were people Yang Kai recognized and some he didn’t, and the one sitting at the head of the table was Xiang Shan.

Yang Kai remained calm and composed. Now that he was also an Eighth Order, in terms of strength, none of the people present were necessarily stronger than him, except Xiang Shan.

Yang Kai didn’t know how strong Xiang Shan was, after all, the two of them had never fought before. However, Big Head Xiang's strength was probably even greater than before, and he was one of the top few Eighth Order Human Race masters.

Facing everyone, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Junior Yang Kai greets Seniors.”

'That’s right, I’m just a junior. Although I have strength, I don’t have enough experience to handle matters!'

Obviously, this little scheme of his couldn’t be hidden from Xiang Shan. Big Head Xiang glanced at him with a faint smile but didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, an Eighth Order couldn’t help laughing, “Junior Brother is too serious, you’re also an Eighth Order now, your cultivation is on par with us, so how can you call us Senior? You should regard us as fellow disciple!”

The other Eighth Order nodded and said, “Us cultivators only care about cultivation, not age, unless we come from the same Sect. Junior Brother is already an Eighth Order Open Heaven master at such a young age and has even killed three Innate Territory Lords. Your future is limitless!”

“That’s right, that’s right, all of us old fogies think highly of you.”

A wave of praise swept over, almost as if Yang Kai was the future hope of the Human Race.

Yang Kai was helpless, and he glanced at Xiang Shan faintly. If it was said the these Eighth Order did not follow Xiang Shan's secret instructions, Yang Kai would not believe it even if he was beaten to death.

These Eighth Order masters were all praising him so much that some of them were even lying through their teeth, obviously plotting something.

The pressure on Yang Kai increased.

Letting out a sigh in his heart, he knew that he couldn’t win in this matter, so he could only take advantage of this situation to cup his fists and say, “Senior Brothers, you’re too kind. This little brat’s luck is just a bit better, so I don’t deserve your praise.”

“If you want to make small talk, we’ll talk later. Yang Kai, find a seat first,” Xiang Shan said.

Only then did everyone quiet down. Yang Kai glanced around and saw Ouyang Lie waving at him, so he immediately walked over and sat down next to him.

This was the most normal meeting between the Human Race’s upper echelons. In the dozen or so battlefields, the masters from the Head Office Division would often go to various places to investigate the situation. Previously, when the Mysterious Nether Territory had nearly fallen, the Head Office Division had not dared to ignore it. Xiang Shan’s personal visit this time also had this intention.

All the Eighth Order masters present were the main pillars of the Mysterious Nether Army and were responsible for guarding the frontlines of the various defensive lines. Naturally, they knew all about the Black Ink Clan in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Now, they needed to report the situation of the Mysterious Nether Territory to Xiang Shan.

As time passed, the Eighth Order masters spoke one after another, allowing Yang Kai to gain a better understanding of the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory.

However, what he found strange was that these Eighth Order reports were too detailed. What kind of battles had the various armies experienced over the years, how many enemies they had killed, how many troops they had lost, how many troops they had left behind, where they had set up defenses, all of these reports were actually detailed.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with confusion. It was enough for everyone to know about these basic information, was there a need to report it to Xiang Shan?

Turning his head to look towards Xiang Shan, Yang Kai saw him sitting upright and listening attentively, nodding from time to time.

Even Yang Kai couldn’t help praising the demeanor of a leader.

The Human Race needed a leader like Xiang Shan in order to be united in the war against the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai made up his mind not to say anything, but in fact, there was no place for him to speak. After all, he had only been in the Mysterious Nether Territory for a short time. During this time, he had either been fooling around with the women in his residence or sealing the Light of Purification and repairing the Battleships, so there was nothing to say.

The joy in his heart was endless. After being alone in the Ink Battlefield for nearly a thousand years and spending four thousand years in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, these thousands of years of loneliness were nothing to an outsider. Now that he had returned, it was only natural for him to let go of himself and do as he pleased with is wives.

These days, all the women’s faces were flushed red, Rumeng were no longer fussy. It was unknown how gentle and considerate she is now.

“Yang Kai, what do you have to say?” Xiang Shan suddenly turned to look at him.

Yang Kai came back to his senses and shook his head vigorously, “Nothing!”

“Then why are you smiling so happily?” Xiang Shan frowned.

Yang Kai coughed lightly, “I just thought of some interesting things…” Embarrassed, he raised his hand, “Senior Brothers, please continue.”

'Is Big Head Xiang here to target me? Can’t I just smile secretly down here?'

The discussion continued, and the various Eighth Order masters continued to report their findings.

Half a day later, the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory was finally reported and the group of Eighth Order masters have nothing more to say.

Xiang Shan nodded and turned to Yang Kai, “Do you understand the situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory?”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, but he quickly nodded, “Understood.”

“Very good!” Xiang Shan stood up, took a step forward, and shouted, “Star Boundary Yang Kai, come forward and receive the order!”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, but before he could react, Ouyang Lie, who was sitting next to him, pulled him up and kicked him in the butt. Yang Kai staggered forward and when he raised his eyes, he saw Xiang Shan’s dignified face and immediately cupped his fists, “Yang Kai is here!”

Xiang Shan looked at him and said in a low voice, “In the previous battle, the Mysterious Nether Territory was in a critical situation. Yang Kai single-handedly killed three Innate Territory Lords and saved the Mysterious Nether Territory from a crisis. His contributions were great, and in the past, during the battle with Black Ink Clan, he would always be the first to fight in the frontline, killing countless enemies and obtaining great battle merits. Under the command of the Head Office Division, Yang Kai is appointed as the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army to lead the Mysterious Nether Army and defend the Mysterious Nether Territory against the Black Ink Clan!”

Yang Kai was stunned as he looked up at Xiang Shan, seemingly trying to see if he was joking.

The higher-ups of the Mysterious Nether Army were having a meeting, and Xiang Shan had specifically asked Yang Kai to go over. Yang Kai was already mentally prepared for this. After all, he was also an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, so he was already a Garrison Chief-level character.

He was still thinking about how to refuse this, but there was a high chance he wouldn’t be able to do so. Yang Kai had almost resigned himself to his fate. Since he had an army under him, it was better than fighting alone.

However, he had never expected Xiang Shan to play a big game.

It was actually the Regiment Commander of Mysterious Nether Army, overseeing the Mysterious Nether Territory!

This is not something a Garrison Chief postion can compare to.

If he really took up the position of Regiment Commander, all of these Eighth Order masters would be his subordinates in name.

Now that the Mysterious Nether Army had almost six hundred thousand troops, there would definitely be more reinforcements. Xiang Shan actually dared to hand the position over to him?

No, it wasn’t just Xiang Shan who is playing a big game! Yang Kai turned his head to look around and saw many Eighth Order masters looking at him with smiles on their faces, especially Ouyang Lie, who was winking at him flirtatiously.

This was the decision of all the Eighth Order masters in the Mysterious Nether Army!

Without the approval of the higher-ups of the Mysterious Nether Army, it was impossible for the appointment of the Head Office Division to be implemented. It was likely that Wei Junyang and the other Eighth Order masters had already reached an agreement to allow him to become the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army!

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say.

In the Ink Battlefield, he was just the Team Leader of a small team. He had never even been a Garrison Chief before, yet he had suddenly become the Regiment Commander of an army… this was quite a big leap.

It was no wonder that during the previous meeting, those Eighth Order reports had been so detailed. These things were not meant for Xiang Shan, but for himself.

They knew that he had only been in the Mysterious Nether Army for a short time and didn’t know much about the situation there, so they took this opportunity to explain in detail.

This matter was premeditated!

Xiang Shan’s main purpose in coming here this time was probably to appoint him as the Regiment Commander, everything else was secondary.

What a bunch of old foxes! Yang Kai had never imagined that so many Eighth Order masters would join forces to keep him in the dark.

Originally, he had been somewhat unwilling to take up the position of Garrison Chief, but now it seems that Garrison Chief position is quite good. With his current strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to lead a small force.

The pressure of being the army's Regiment Commander was too great.

Many thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind as he quickly said, “Sir, this little brat is young and inexperienced. The position of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Regiment Commander is of great importance, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it, so I hope Sir can choose wisely.”

Xiang Shan said lightly, “Although you’re still young and your aptitude may be a bit lacking, few people can match your achievements. What’s more, with so many Eighth Order masters present, what does it matter? Unless… you’re unwilling!”

Yang Kai immediately nodded and said, “Sir is wise, this little brat is unwilling, he doesn't dare to!”

If he really became the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army, he would have to oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory all year round. Yang Kai felt that his strength was not in commanding an army. In terms of strategy, his strength lay in killing the Black Ink Clan’s masters to reduce the pressure on the Human Race. This was something Xiang Shan could see.

Why did he have to become the Regiment Commander of an army?

Xiang Shan frowned, “Are you really unwilling?”

“Yes, yes!” Yang Kai nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice, looking at Xiang Shan sincerely.

Xiang Shan let out a long sigh, “If a cow doesn’t drink water, it can’t be forced to lower its head. If you really don’t want to, I won’t force you. As for the Mysterious Nether Army… we can discuss it with the Head Office Division.”

Yang Kai shouted, “Sir is wise!”

He hadn’t realized that Big Head Xiang was so easy to talk to.


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