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After more than ten days, Yang Kai’s injuries had basically stabilized. Although his Soul had not fully recovered, with the Soul Warming Lotus constantly nourishing it, it was only a matter of time before he recovered.

He had used the Soul Shattering Spike many times, and each time he had used it, he had injured himself before he had injured his enemy, he was already used to it.

Moreover, after tearing his Soul so many times, he found that his Soul seemed to have become more stable, which was a pleasant surprise.

Thinking about it carefully, it wasn’t strange at all. On the road of martial dao, there were many instances where one had to break down and then rebuild. This process of constantly tearing apart one’s Soul and repairing it was equivalent to another kind of cultivation.

It was just that this kind of cultivation method could not be popularized.

At this moment, Yang Kai was using the Light of Purification to seal it into the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

The Human Race’s battlefront was currently in a state of crisis. On one hand, it was a matter of military strength, but on the other hand, it was a matter of logistical resources.

When fighting against the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race first had to face the erosion of the Ink Force. This problem could be solved by using Expelling Black Ink Pill, but in a dozen or so battlefields with an army of ten or twenty million people, the demand for Expelling Black Ink Pill was simply too great. Now, all of the Alchemists in the 3000 Worlds had been mobilized to refine various Spirit Pills day and night, but even so, the supply was still far from enough.

Without the Expelling Black Ink Pill to restrain the erosion of the Ink Force, the Human Race’s soldiers would naturally be restrained when fighting against the Black Ink Clan, losing thirty percent of their strength.

In the Ink Battlefield, the soldiers of the various mountain passes still had the Light of Purification, but after so many years of battle, the Light of Purification had been completely exhausted.

Fortunately, now that Yang Kai had returned, he had no lack of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, so he could obtain as many Light of Purification as he wanted.

Moreover, Yang Kai was not the only one who could use the Light of Purification.

Su Yan could too!

In the Chaotic Dead Territory, Yang Kai had asked Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to bestow the Sun and Moon Marks in preparation for this moment.

In the past, he was the only one who could activate the Light of Purification, so the efficiency wasn’t high. Now that Su Yan had obtained the Sun and Moon Marks, she was able to condense them on the back of her hand. With her help, activating the Light of Purification was much easier.

Not only that, but Yang Kai also planned to distribute the remaining nine marks. This way, most of the battlefields would have people who could activate the Light of Purification, greatly relieving the pressure on the Human Race.

Of course, if one wanted to inherit the Sun and Moon Marks, they would need to possess a Holy Spirit Body, the Human Race would not be able to accept it.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's Source Strength was too powerful, making it difficult for a human race’s bloodline to support it. Only a Holy Spirit could.

Yang Kai had already asked Wei Junyang to inform the Head Office Division about this matter.

Currently, there were more than a dozen human race battlefields, so the remaining nine marks couldn’t be divided equally. As for how to divide them, that was something the Head Office Division needed to consider.

He is busy moving around, it's rare for him to get a rest.

After all, Yang Kai was now proficient in all kinds of Great Daos. Whether it was Alchemy, Artifact Refining, or Array Formation, he had some attainments. As the saying goes, the more capable one was, the more one would have to work. Naturally, he couldn’t sit idle.

On this day, as he was repairing a Battleship, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator flew over and landed in front of him, cupping his fists and saying, “Sir, the Head Office Division has sent someone. Sir Wei and Sir Ouyang have asked you to discuss matters together.”

“Me too?” Yang Kai was a bit surprised.

Although he was currently an Eighth Order and could be considered a Garrison Chief-level figure, he had not been officially appointed by the Human Race’s upper echelons, so he had nothing to do.

Now that Wei Junyang and the others wanted him to attend the meeting, they probably had some ideas about him.

Yang Kai was well aware of this point. Eighth Order Open Heaven was currently the cornerstone of the Human Race, and every single Eighth Order was responsible for something.

Yang Kai didn’t really want to go, mainly because he felt that although his strength was enough, his qualifications were far too low. If he really was given an order to lead a garrison, he would still feel some pressure.

What’s more, he still had something important to do. If he really have to lead a garrison, he might not have enough time.

“Cough, cough…” Yang Kai clutched his chest and coughed a few times, his face pale, “Go back and tell Sir Wei that my injuries are quite serious and I’ll go back to recuperate.”

Saying so, he stopped repairing the Battleship and turned around to walk towards his temporary residence.

Having been separated from the girls for so long, there are many things to talk about. A few days ago, Yu Rumeng and the others had set up a temporary residence on the front line floating continent.

No one said anything about this.

The Seventh Order smiled bitterly and quickly stepped in front of Yang Kai, bowing repeatedly, “Sir, the higher-ups already give the order, please don't make things difficult for me.”

In his heart, he wondered if this Senior knew something, otherwise why would he pretend to be injured and flee?

Yang Kai wore a pained expression as he tried to persuade him, “I’m not trying to make things difficult for you, I’m really suffering from a relapse.”

Saying so, Yang Kai coughed up more blood…

The Seventh Order Open Heaven master was speechless. Was there really a need for this?

However, since Yang Kai had already done so, he didn’t say anything more. Just as he was about to return, he heard a dignified voice from the Meeting Hall, “Smelly brat, get in here!”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before staring at the Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, “The people from the Head Office Division… who is it?”

The seventh Order smiled faintly, “Sir Xiang Shan has come personally.”

Yang Kai’s teeth ached. This Big Head Xiang really was too much. Why did he come here instead of taking charge of the overall situation at the Head Office Division?

Although he was cursing in his heart, his pale face gradually became rosy as he sighed and gestured, “Lead the way.”

Since Big Head Xiang was already here, he had to give him some face and make sure he didn’t say anything when he arrived. In any case, he wanted to be free and unfettered, so there was no need for him to take up any position.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have stayed here any longer. He should have returned to the Star Boundary to take a look. Little Senior Sister was still in the Star Boundary.

“Sir, this way please!” The Seventh Order smiled as he stretched out his hand, as if he had known this would happen.

After a moment, Yang Kai arrived in front of the Meeting Hall and looked up. This hall was also temporarily constructed, so it didn’t have any strong defensive capabilities. After all, it was a frontline position and could be attacked by the Black Ink Clan at any time, so there was no telling when it would be broken through.

This was mainly to give the Human Race’s upper echelons a place to discuss matters.

“Senior Brother Yang!” A familiar voice suddenly called out from the side. Yang Kai turned around and saw a familiar face.

Or rather, a familiar Holy Spirit.

Dragon Clan, Ji Old Third!

This guy had tried to intercept Yang Kai outside the No-Return Pass and had been humiliated by him, but after Yang Kai had returned and saved him, the small grudges between them had naturally disappeared.

Right now, Ji Old Third admired Yang Kai quite a bit. It had nothing to do with him saving his life, it was mainly because he had witnessed Yang Kai’s tyrannical strength during that time.

Not only Ji Old Third, but there were also eight other figures, most of whom looked familiar. One of them, a young girl in a colorful dress, winked at Yang Kai playfully.

Huang Siniang! The one who had given him a tail feather when he visit the No-Return Pass for the first time.

Standing next to Huang Siniang was the stern-looking Feng Liulang. These two were inseparable and were always together, it's unknown if they were partners or not.

All nine of them were Holy Spirits!

Most of them were from the Dragon and Phoenix Clan.

Yang Kai understood in his heart that the Head Office Division had chosen a candidate to inherit the Sun and Moon Marks. Xiang Shan’s personal visit this time probably had a similar reason.

However, they didn’t participate in the Human Race’s discussion and simply waited outside.

“Brother Ji!” Yang Kai cupped his fists, and then greeted Huang Siniang and Feng Liulang, the other Holy Spirits who were not familiar with him simply nodded.

The Holy Spirits probably knew why they were here, so they were naturally very polite to Yang Kai.

After some small talk, Yang Kai asked, “Brother Ji, how are Senior Fu Guang’s injuries?”

Among the Dragon Clan’s two Divine Dragons, the current Dragon Emperor, had died in the Spatial Territory, leaving only Fu Guang, not only the pillar of the Dragon Clan but also the leader of all the Holy Spirits.

Yang Kai had long heard that Fu Guang was injured, but he didn’t know how serious his injuries were.

Ji Old Third sighed when he heard this, “In the Spatial Territory battle, my Dragon Clan’s Dragon Emperor died in battle, and Fu Guang was seriously injured and nearly died. He has been recuperating all these years, but at his level of strength, it is difficult for him to recover.”

Yang Kai nodded. These words weren’t false. The stronger one was, the minor injury is easy to recover. But, if it's a severe injury, it will be more difficult to recover. Moreover, from what Ji Old Third said, Fu Guang must have been injured by the Ink Giant Spiritual God and nearly died that day.

“Healing in the Dragon Pond?” Yang Kai asked.

Ji Old Third nodded. The Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Clan, so it wasn’t unusual for Fu Guang to be healing inside. A few years ago, the Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary had caused quite a ruckus in the Star Boundary, which had alarmed Fu Guang. It was Fu Guang who had appeared to intimidate them, causing the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits to restrain themselves.

Otherwise, those Holy Spirits would probably still remain in the Star Boundary to dominate.

As such, although the Human Race still had Fu Guang as their strongest force, unless it was absolutely necessary, they could not easily use him.

Unless Fu Guang could fully recover.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai could only sigh. He couldn’t help in this matter.

Turning to look at Huang Si Niang, he took out a tail feather that had lost all its spirituality and said, “Many thanks for Siniang’s kindness in giving this feather to me that day. Now, I will return it to its original owner.”

This tail feather could be considered the incarnation of Huang Siniang. Both times it appeared, it had helped Yang Kai quite a bit, especially the second time. Using this tail feather, Yang Kai had managed to block the attack of a Black Ink Clan powerhouse.

Huang Siniang chuckled lightly, “I wanted to go out and take a look myself, I can’t thank you enough.” Saying so, she took back the feather.

Because of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans’ Oath, they couldn’t easily leave the No-Return Pass. On that day, Huang Siniang had lent Yang Kai her tail feathers in exchange for a bet with Feng Liulang, she really just wanted to go out and take a look.

Now that the No-Return Pass was broken, the Dragon and Phoenix Clan’s Oath was no longer binding them.

The relationship between the Dragon and Phoenix Clans with the No-Return Pass is very complicated. They had been overseeing this place for many years and had long since regarded this place as their home, but the No-Return Pass is also their prison. They wanted to leave this place but were unable to do so.

Sooner or later, they would have to fight the Black Ink Clan and take the No-Return Pass back!


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