In front of so many Human Race masters, Yang Kai had already spoken. If the Holy Spirits really couldn’t accomplish this, would Yang Kai really kill them all? [MSN: Well, if they can't be used in the battlefield, what's the use of them being there.]

The Holy Spirits wouldn’t just sit back and wait for death. With Taowu’s lesson today, if they were really forced into such a situation, these Holy Spirits might rebel and become enemies with the Human Race.

By doing so, it would only make their enemy happy.

Therefore, even though Yu Zhen was indignant, he still softened his tone and said, “Three months isn’t a long time, killing two Territory Lords is indeed difficult. I’m only a Seventh Order, I can’t help you with this matter.”

Zhujian hurriedly said, “We didn’t ask Brother Yu to help us, it’s just that you know our situation. We don’t know much about the situation of the Human Race’s various battlefields, we didn’t pay much attention to it before. Now that Sir has given the order, we naturally have to do our best to complete it. How about this, when we return to the Head Office Division, I’ll have to trouble Brother Yu to put in a good word for us. At the same time, I’ll also inquire about which battlefields are currently under siege. We’ll immediately go and support them, and we won’t rest until we kill a few Territory Lords!”

Yu Zhen stared at Zhujian in surprise, as if he hadn’t expected him to have such a brain.

Zhujian grinned, looking quite honest.

Needless to say, this really was a good idea. Currently, there were more than a dozen battlefields, each of which was occupied by an army from the Black Ink Clan. The Head Office Division was in charge of the overall situation, so they naturally knew the situation of these battlefields like the back of their hands. If Yu Zhen could find a way to obtain some information from the Head Office Division and give Zhujian some pointers, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill two Territory Lords within three months.

After all, these Holy Spirits weren’t weak and there were many of them.

He couldn’t help laughing in his heart. The Great Ruins Boundary’s Holy Spirits were not easily mobilized by the Human Race’s Head Office Division because they were unreliable. If it weren’t for the fact that they had no other choice, they wouldn’t have asked them to assist the Mysterious Nether Territory.

In the end, even though he was the one holding the line, there was still something going wrong.

Now, with Yang Kai’s action of killing Taowu, these Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits would probably not dare to disobey him again.

Nodding slightly, he said, “No problem, I’ll help you ask around later.”

Zhujian quickly cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Brother Yu.”

He let out a long sigh in his heart. With Yu Zhen’s help, they should be able to survive this calamity, but killing two Territory Lords… he didn’t know if these Holy Spirits would suffer any casualties.

Recalling the scene where Yang Kai killed Taowu just now, Zhujian couldn’t help shivering. When he returned, he had to tell his other brothers to behave themselves, or else Taowu's death would be their fate.

“Ouyang, do you think it would be a problem for us to report this matter to the Head Office Division and have Yang Kai oversee the Mysterious Nether Battlefield?” Wei Junyang suddenly asked on the floating continent.

Ouyang Lie was surprised when he heard this, “You want him to lead a domain battlefield? He… has strength, but his qualifications are a bit lacking.”

Wei Junyang actually dared to say such things.

No one could deny Yang Kai’s strength. Just now, he had killed three Territory Lords, and killed the Holy Spirit Taowu in a single blow while he was injured. In terms of strength, none of the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters from the Mysterious Nether Territory could compare to him, but Ouyang Lie still felt it was not a good idea for him to lead the Mysterious Nether Territory’s battlefield.

In comparison, Yang Kai was too young. He was a rising star, and now there were countless masters from the Human Race’s older generation. Not to mention him and Wei Junyang, there were even Eighth Order masters who were older than them.

Currently, although there were many Eighth Order masters in the Mysterious Nether Battlefield, none of them could truly command the entire battlefield. On the Mysterious Nether side, Wei Junyang, Ouyang Lie, Fei Yong Ze, Kong Cheng De, and another two Eighth Order masters were jointly controlling them.

When it came to important matters, it was the Eighth Order masters who expressed their views, taking the strategy of the Head Office Division as a general direction to formulate a plan to deal with the enemy.

Of course, Ouyang Lie was only here to make up the numbers. He only cared about charging forward and breaking through enemy lines, nothing else.

Now that Wei Junyang had suggested Yang Kai to oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory and lead the battlefield, Ouyang Lie was naturally quite surprised. An Eighth Order cultivator like Wei Junyang would not be willing to easily submit to others. It wasn’t a fight for power, it was just that his strength was insufficient and his qualifications were insufficient.

“Old Wei, you think so highly of him?”

Wei Junyang glanced at him helplessly. The outside world had said that he, Wei Junyang, and Ouyang Lie, two boorish brutes, were compatible with each other, so they were best friends. However, if he didn’t have a brain, how could the Head Office Division let him oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory?

However, Ouyang Lie was truly brainless.

“Yang Kai killing Taowu, what did you see?” Wei Junyang suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

Ouyang Lie stared at him blankly, “Killing a Holy Spirit who causes a great disturbance to the battlefield, what else can there be?”

'I knew you couldn’t see anything.'

On the other hand, Ouyang Lie wore a look of sudden enlightenment, “This little brat is young and impetuous, he’s not someone who can tolerate things. If we hand over the Mysterious Nether Territory to him, I’m afraid it won’t be appropriate.”

Wei Junyang laughed and shook his head, “You only saw the surface.”

Ouyang Lie was unconvinced, “Don’t tell me you’re saying that Yang Kai had a deeper consideration in killing Taowu?” He frowned, “What did he consider?”

Wei Junyang turned to look at Bi Xi’s clone and said, “It’s true that he is young and full of vigor, but I think he killed Taowu not only to deter the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits, but also to ease the relationship between the Human Race and those Holy Spirits.”

Ouyang Lie pondered for a moment. He was a reckless man, but that didn’t mean he was an idiot. He just couldn’t be bothered to think too much about it. Now that he heard Wei Junyang say this, he vaguely understood something.

“The reputation of these Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits has always been poor, but fortunately, they didn’t make any big mistakes, so the Head Office Division couldn’t blame them. However, the reinforcements came too late, causing two of our Human Race’s Eighth Order masters to fall. If this news were to spread to the Head Office Division, how could Xiang Shan, Mi Jinglun, and the others simply ignore it? According to the military order, Taowu should be executed. At that time, should they kill him or not? Killing a single Taowu may not be difficult, but it will offend all the Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary. That’s quite a powerful force, but if we don’t kill him, how can we stabilize our morale? Without Yang Kai killing Taowu here, the Head Office Division will probably be in a difficult position.”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help nodding, “Yes, yes, I think so too.”

Wei Junyang couldn’t be bothered with him, thinking about it for a moment before continuing, “Once the news spreads, the Human Race’s soldiers will definitely have a grudge with these Holy Spirits. Now that the Black Ink Clan has invaded the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race and the Holy Spirits will fight side by side. This grudge will likely affect the Holy Spirits from the Ancestral Land and No-Return Pass. After all, these Holy Spirits are one family. With the 3000 Worlds in such a situation, if the Human Race and Holy Spirits can’t work together to resist the enemy, it will only cause endless trouble!”

Ouyang Lie nodded his head like a chicken pecking the rice, “You’re right, it’s just as I thought.”

“Therefore, Taowu must die, so Yang Kai can only kill him! If Taowu dies, the Human Race won’t hold any grudges against the Holy Spirits.”

Ouyang Lie slapped his thigh and said, “This little brat has learned a lot from Big Head Xiang and Big Head Mi. In the future, we’ll call him Big Head Yang.”

Turning his head to look at Gong Lian who was following behind him, he sternly reprimanded, “Learn from your Senior Brother Yang. Don’t rush forward like a fool once you enter the battlefield. Use your brain more often.”

Gong Lian was exhausted. 'The one who rushed forward like a fool on the battlefield wasn’t me, it was Honored Master! And… how did he become Senior Brother Yang? Yang Kai was much younger than him. Well, he was strong, so calling him Senior Brother was not wrong.'

However, he didn’t dare refute and could only respectfully say, “Yes, Disciple will remember.”

After Ouyang Lie finished lecturing his disciple, he began discussing with Wei Junyang, “I have no objections to having Yang Kai oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory, but I don’t know what Old Fei and the others are thinking.”

Wei Junyang smiled and said, “What objections can they have? Right now, the two Ninth Order Old Ancestors of the Human Race are trapped in the Wind Mist Territory and unable to move. Every battlefield is lacking a master. Yang Kai’s strength is so great, and he also has a large number of Small Stone Race troops. If we really let him oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory, he will become the Mysterious Nether Territory's stabilizing force. Old Fei and the others can only dream of it.”

“That’s right!” Ouyang Lie thought about the future situation of the Mysterious Nether Territory and grinned, “Then it’s settled. Let Yang Kai oversee the Mysterious Nether Territory and we’ll help him run errands.”

He didn’t care about fame or fortune at all. Although Yang Kai was a junior, it was still a blessing for the Mysterious Nether Army to have him hold the fort here.

Suddenly remembering something, he asked, “Is Yang Kai willing?”

Wei Junyang wore a confident expression, “Of course he is willing.”

Even if he was unwilling, he had to be willing!

On the Battleship that Bi Xi had transformed into, Yang Kai closed his eyes to heal his injuries while Su Yan and the others surrounded him, silently healing their wounds.

As for what Wei Junyang said about stabilizing the morale of the Human Race and the Holy Spirit, what the hell was that?

He had never thought about anything like that, he did so simply because Taowu was disobedient, of course he has to kill him!

Sending all of them out of the Great Ruins Boundary was for them to help kill the enemy. Now that they don’t put any effort into killing the enemy, what are they doing here?

Of course, this also served as a deterrent to the Holy Spirits. After this incident, the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits would no longer dare act presumptuously.

Now there was only one problem.

Even while he was recuperating, he could feel Yu Rumeng glaring at him fiercely, her eyes filled with hostility.

'Rumeng, your Husband is really injured!'

He had used the Soul Shattering Spike four times, and his Soul had been severely damaged. Fortunately, he had not used it consecutively, there was a buffer period in the middle. If he had used the Soul Shattering Spike four times in a row, Yang Kai would probably have fainted by now.

He did have the Soul Warming Lotus, so such injuries wouldn’t affect his foundation, but they were still serious injuries! Recovering would take time.

This little missy Rumeng needs to be taught a lesson! Yang Kai’s heart was filled with hatred. Once his injuries were healed, he would definitely have a good chat with her and teach her everything.

Many of the Human Race’s soldiers were recuperating.

In this battle, the Human Race suffered great losses, but of course, the Black Ink Clan also suffered great losses. After experiencing such a great battle, the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side would probably be at peace for a long time.

Without any variables, a large-scale battle was unlikely to break out, but a small-scale battle between the two races was unavoidable.

This kind of event not only happened in the Mysterious Nether Territory, but also in the other dozen or so Great Domain battlefields.


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