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The Holy Spirits had never told Hua Qing Si about listening to her orders.

One was to help, one was to obey orders, the two were simply not the same thing, they had secretly changed their concepts.

It was probably because of their pride.

But in this way, Hua Qing Si had misunderstood. Facing such a powerful reinforcement who took the initiative to offer their help, the Human Race naturally had to endure a lot, which made the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirit even more arrogant.

As such, they had reached an agreement with the Human Race’s upper echelons to cooperate.

Yang Kai couldn’t help sneering, “You’re quite shrewd!”

This matter was also his fault. When he was in a hurry to bring Wu Kuang to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had directly opened up a passage from the old tree and sent the Holy Spirits to the Star Boundary, but he had not returned.

At that time, if he had taken the time to return to the Star Boundary and explain this matter to Hua Qing Si, nothing bad would have happened.

However, who could predict that these Holy Spirits would act like this?

“Then what did Head Manager Hua tell you?” Yang Kai asked again.

Zhujian’s forehead dripped with sweat, “Head Manager Hua asked us to come to the frontline battlefield and cooperate with the Human Race’s army.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Is this how you cooperate? The Mysterious Nether Territory’s war situation is quite tense, and they need your support to fight the Black Ink Clan here. The situation is quite urgent, yet you’ve been delaying your journey for no reason. If I hadn’t returned today, I’m afraid the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield would have fallen!”

Wei Junyang and the others all wore looks of shame.

Yang Kai was right. If he hadn’t appeared here today, they would have been prepared to give up on the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield, and they wouldn’t even know how many of the Human Race forces here would be able to escape alive.

Being glared at by Yang Kai, none of the Holy Spirits dared to make a sound.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s anger was boiling and he couldn’t wait for the Holy Spirit to jump out again so he could cut down the flag. How could they dare to jump out and show their faces?

“Taowu said that the Human Race’s Head Office couldn’t control you, but since Head Manager Hua has asked you to cooperate with the Human Race, you should be under the jurisdiction of the Human Race’s Head Office! As the leading Holy Spirit, he have caused a great loss to the Human Race’s army, so if I kill him, who has any objections?”

Who would dare object?

Not only did they not object, but after hearing Yang Kai’s words, the many Holy Spirits felt relieved instead. Although Yang Kai did not say anything explicitly, the meaning behind his words was that he would only pursue the matter with Taowu who was in charge of this matter. Now that he had killed him, it was likely he would not make things difficult for the other Holy Spirits.

“Sir is wise!” Zhujian cupped his fists.

Yang Kai’s tone softened as he said, “As the leading Holy Spirit, Taowu’s death is not something to be regretted. Although your crimes aren’t worthy of death, I can’t just let it go.”

With these words, the hearts of the Holy Spirit were raised again, not knowing how Yang Kai would deal with them.

“Sir Wei!” Yang Kai suddenly turned to look at Wei Junyang, “Two of my Human Race’s Eighth Order masters fell in this battle?”

Yang Kai didn’t know about this before, but when he heard Wei Junyang and Yu Zhen’s conversation while he was recuperating, how could he not know?

Wei Junyang’s expression became gloomy as he nodded, “Yes.”

In this battle, two Eighth Order Human Race masters had fallen and three of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had been killed, so it wasn’t a big loss, but in fact, all three Territory Lords had died at Yang Kai’s hands.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai, the Mysterious Nether Territory would have suffered a great loss.

Yang Kai turned to look at Zhujian and the other Holy Spirits and coldly said, “Did you hear that? The two Eighth Order Human Race masters died because of you!”

Zhujian and the other Holy Spirits felt wronged, but none of them dared to refute.

“Within three months, I want to see the heads of two Territory Lords. How to kill them, where to kill them, when to kill them, that’s your business. If you can’t do it…” Yang Kai glanced at them, “Your heads won’t be safe!”

Many Holy Spirits’ expressions changed.

Yang Kai’s tone was indifferent, “Don’t think I’m joking. You have 49 Holy Spirits and three comparable to Eighth Order. Killing two Territory Lords is nothing difficult. Of course, you can try to escape. These 3000 Worlds are vast, so if you run away, I may not be able to find you.”

“I don’t dare!” Zhujian replied bitterly. With the Source Oath, who would dare escape? Who can escape?

But killing two Innate Territory Lords…

Although they were all powerful Holy Spirits, the Territory Lord wasn’t so easy to kill. Which of these Territory Lords didn’t have the support of the Black Ink Clan’s army? If they wanted to kill the Territory Lord, they had to first deal with the army of these Territory Lords.

Zhujian cursed in its heart. Taowu was really harming others, why did he have to delay his journey? Now that he had died, the group of Holy Spirits have to take the blame for him.

Although he was cursing in his heart, Zhujian also knew that the Holy Spirit of the Great Ruins Boundary had always lived in a cage. Now that it had finally escaped, who would be willing to risk their lives?

This was also why the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits were more afraid of death than the other Holy Spirits.

“Or perhaps you can join the Black Ink Clan?” Yang Kai grinned at the Holy Spirits.

No Holy Spirit uttered a word…

What a joke, how could they possibly seek refuge with the Black Ink Clan? Wouldn’t that be sending themselves to their deaths? Although they had an extremely strong resistance to the Ink Force, if they were constantly corroded by it, they might not be able to withstand it. [MSN: At that time, they will really become a slave. LOL]

“I’m tired, Sirs, this little brat will take his leave first.” Yang Kai cupped his fists towards Wei Junyang and the others before turning around and walking towards Bi Xi’s clone. As he walked, he coughed up blood as if he was about to die, causing Su Yan and the others to feel distressed.

Yang Kai was already injured, even though killing Taowu seemed to be a clean kill, who knew what price Yang Kai had paid?

Soon, they returned to the Battleship formed by Bi Xi’s clone. Yang Kai sat down with a pale face while Su Yan sat behind him, allowing him to lean on her and rest.

All the women gathered around him and asked worriedly while Yang Kai panted heavily…

Yu Rumeng watched coldly from the side, sneering in her heart.

Previously, she had also been deceived by Yang Kai, causing her to be on edge for a long time, but the imposing manner in which Yang Kai killed Taowu didn’t seem like an injured person at all.

His physical body was fine, but his Soul was injured?

This bastard had the Soul Warming Lotus! Just now, she had been worried and hadn’t thought much about it, but now she did.

With the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, no matter how serious the damage to his Soul was, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Sooner or later, he would be able to repair it, yet he still put on a look as if he was about to die!

Looking at the worried expressions of Su Yan and the others, Yu Rumeng snorted lightly.

Woman! Long hair, short knowledge!

Have you forgotten how he abandoned you for a thousand years?

“All of you disperse, why are you not healing?” On the other side, Wei Junyang shouted and waved his hand to disperse the many Human Race masters who had just gathered.

Everyone was still immersed in the shock they had just experienced, so after being reprimanded by Wei Junyang, they quickly scattered in all directions, their hearts filled with excitement. They had all heard about the reputation of these Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits, and this time, because they had arrived too late, two of the Mysterious Nether Army’s Eighth Order masters had died in battle, so they were naturally quite angry.

Yang Kai’s killing of Taowu was a good way to vent their anger.

Ouyang Lie, on the other hand, couldn’t help thinking that it was a pity. A Holy Spirit comparable to the Eighth Order master was killed just like that, if he was thrown into the Black Ink Clan’s army, it would be good if he could kill the enemy. If he was lucky, he might even be able to kill a Territory Lord.

There is also the Holy Spirit’s Blood Essence and Source, if it was extracted and refined by the Human Race, it would be a great help.

Yang Kai, this little brat, is a genius after all. He really didn’t know the value of money.

After the group of people had dispersed, Wei Junyang looked at Yu Zhen and said, “The Mysterious Nether Territory’s war is over and there are still many things to attend to. Yu Zhen, you should return to the Head Office to report. Over here… there shouldn’t be any more battles in the near future.”

“Yes!” Yu Zhen cupped his fists and accepted the order, ignoring the Holy Spirits and turning around to leave.

However, not long after he left, the Holy Spirits quickly caught up with him. Zhujian came over to Yu Zhen’s side and smiled awkwardly, “Brother Yu, Sir Yang wants us to kill two Territory Lords within three months, but Territory Lords are difficult to kill. Does Brother Yu have any advice?”

Yu Zhen stared at him coldly and said lightly, “I wouldn’t dare give advice.”

'Aren’t you all arrogant? On the way here, you all ignored me and looked down on me, when I urged you to hurry up, I was reprimanded by Taowu, now you’re being polite to me?'

Who didn’t know that Territory Lords were difficult to kill? The current active Territory Lords were all Innate Territory Lords, not weaker than any Eighth Order human race, each of them possessing great strength.

If they were so easy to kill, why would they need them?

The difficult problem Yang Kai had given these Holy Spirits had greatly relieved Yu Zhen’s depression.

Zhujian sighed and said, “Brother Yu, we were in the wrong before, this old ox apologizes on behalf of the many brothers here. Now that we have angered Sir Yang, if we don’t kill these two Territory Lords within three months, my brothers will not be able to escape. Sir Yang’s murderous nature… is not small.”

When they had first met in the Great Ruins Boundary, they hadn’t realized how ruthless Yang Kai was.

Taowu was killed without hesitation when he said he want to kill him.

Thinking back, when Yang Kai wanted to kill him to eat his meat, it was likely he wasn’t trying to intimidate him. At that time, if he had said no, he would have become Yang Kai’s food.

Thinking so, Zhujian felt a chill in its heart, as if he had just escaped a calamity.

“What does that have to do with me?” Yu Zhen asked lightly. He was the one holding the line, but in terms of strength, he was far inferior to these Holy Spirits.

Zhujian sighed, “Brother Yu, although we were in the wrong, if we could survive, it would be of use to the Human Race. Otherwise, Sir Yang wouldn’t have sent us out of the Great Ruins Boundary and left us there to live until we die of old age. If we really failed and Sir Yang want to kill us, it would only hurt us and make our enemies happy, don’t you agree, Brother Yu?”

Yu Zhen glanced at Zhujian with some surprise. This old ox was born with amazing strength, so he thought it was a brainless fellow, but he didn’t expect it to have some brain.

Although he didn’t want to pay any attention to these Holy Spirits, Yu Zhen knew that Zhujian was right. These Holy Spirits were no small help, and if they were to be completely cut down by Yang Kai, it would be a great loss.

Moreover, Yang Kai’s punishment for them to kill two Territory Lords within three months was not something they could afford to be careless about. If the Holy Spirits managed to accomplish this, it would naturally be a happy ending for all of them, but if they failed, it would be difficult for Yang Kai to handle.


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