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Yang Kai nodded and asked, “Just now, I heard Brother Yu say that someone was deliberately delaying this time? What exactly happened?”

Before Yu Zhen could speak, Taowu quickly shouted, “Sir, this is a misunderstanding!”

Yang Kai looked at him, “I didn’t ask you.”

Taowu still wanted to explain, but Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly turned cold, as if saying; “If you dare say another word, I’ll kill you!”

Taowu’s face immediately became ashen, but he didn’t dare say anything.

The group of Holy Spirits behind him also became restless.

Yu Zhen was secretly surprised. This Sir Yang was quite impressive. Taowu was also one of the strongest Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary, and his cultivation was comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race master. Otherwise, these Holy Spirits wouldn’t have been led by him.

On the side of the Head Office, no one dared show their face to them. Yang Kai was being ruthless, but this guy had actually endured?

Also, when Yang Kai came out just now, this group of Holy Spirits all addressed him respectfully.

What was happening?

Everyone knew that Yang Kai was the one who had delivered the Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary, but apart from a few people, no one knew the relationship between Yang Kai and these Holy Spirits.

Taowu and the others didn’t want to make such a big deal out of it. After all, as Holy Spirits, its not a good thing to swear loyalty to others.

The few people who knew the truth didn’t try to argue. The Holy Spirits were all arrogant, so it was already a blessing that they could help the Human Race defend against their enemies. If they were to spread rumors about them, it would only offend them.

So the scene in front of them was quite shocking.

“Brother Yu, please speak.” Yang Kai looked towards Yu Zhen.

Yu Zhen pursed his lips, cupped his fists, and said, “The Chief from the Head Office ordered us to come here urgently to support the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield. The original plan was to arrive here a day ago and participate in the battle, but on the way, they used the excuse of being exhausted to rest for half a day, and when they encountered the scattered Black Ink Clan cultivators, they also had to chase after them and delay their journey. As such, we only arrived here today.”

“Exhausted…” Yang Kai snorted lightly. The Holy Spirits were all powerful, and although they had yet to recover their full strength, how could they be so tired just because they were on the road? Staring coldly at Taowu and the other Holy Spirits, many of them wore embarrassed expressions, probably thinking that this excuse was too casual.

“The scattered Black Ink Clan… has a Territory Lord?”

Yu Zhen shook his head, “It’s just a group of Black Ink Clan scouts led by some Feudal Lords.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Wei Junyang, Ouyang Lie, and the others’ faces were ashen.

If what Yu Zhen said was true, this group of Holy Spirit reinforcements could have arrived here a day ago. If they had, how could the Mysterious Nether Territory’s army have suffered such heavy losses? The two Eighth Order masters might not have died.

When Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie were recuperating, Ouyang Lie had asked about the reinforcements and Wei Junyang had only said that the reinforcements should be arriving soon.

However, none of them had expected that the reinforcements should have arrived long ago, but they were deliberately delaying their journey.

A group of Black Ink Clan scouts led by several Feudal Lords need these Holy Spirit to chase them? Their main mission was to reinforce the Mysterious Nether Territory. Not to mention some of the inferior scouts, even if they really encountered the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, they would have to consider the overall situation.

Supporting the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield was the first priority, they could ignore everything else.

The few Eighth Order Human Race masters were furious and felt that the Head Office had entrusted them with no one, but they also knew that the Head Office would not easily mobilize these Holy Spirits. If they were to mobilize these Holy Spirits this time, there would definitely be no other way. Besides them, it was likely that no other reinforcements would be able to come to support the Mysterious Nether Territory.

Yang Kai’s expression was extremely calm. After hearing Yu Zhen’s words, he turned to Taowu and asked, “What do you have to say?”

Taowu remained silent with a cold expression and didn’t say anything else. He had his own pride, it was fine if no one said what he had done, but now that someone had said it, he couldn’t be bothered to deny it.

After a moment of silence, he said, “The Human Race’s Head Office wants us to come to support the Mysterious Nether Territory, and now, the Mysterious Nether Territory is still here!”

He didn’t say anything else, but the meaning behind his words was clear. The Mysterious Nether Territory hadn’t been lost, so even if they deliberately delayed their journey, it wouldn’t affect the overall situation.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “In other words, you’ve admitted to delaying your journey.”

Taowu frowned. Was there any point in holding on to this matter? Even if he admitted it, so what? Did the Human Race want to kill the Holy Spirits?

They didn’t dare, nor would they have the ability!

The Human Race’s battlefront was currently tight, and they were unable to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s masters, so how could they have the strength to make new enemies? No matter what, the Holy Spirits that had emerged from the Great Ruins Boundary were indispensable to the Human Race!

“Very good!” Yang Kai stared coldly at Taowu and suddenly shouted, “Sir Ouyang, what does the Human Race’s military order say?”

Ouyang Lie took a step forward and said in a low voice, “In front of the great army, those who flee at the last moment, behead, those who fail to fight, behead, those who disturb the morale of the army, behead, those who delay the battle… behead!”

He gnashed his teeth as he spat out the last word.

Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, the tip almost touching Taowu’s face as he gritted his teeth, “Did you hear him?”

Killing intent instantly filled the air.

Yu Rumeng and the others also activated their strength immediately, preparing to attack.

To them, no matter what their husband did, even if he joined the Black Ink Clan, they would still stand firmly on his side.

Wei Junyang and the others were stunned for a moment. Although they all felt that this group of Holy Spirits was detestable, if they were to fight, it wouldn’t end well.

After all, the Human Race still had to rely on this group of Holy Spirits. As Eighth Order, they had long since passed the age where they could act freely. Now that they were in a high position, they could only think of the overall situation.

It's not just one or two Holy Spirits, but a group of fifty!

There were also another fifty on other battlefields.

Yang Kai’s directness caused the Holy Spirits’ expressions to change drastically as they couldn’t help releasing their Holy Spirit Force.

In an instant, the atmosphere became tense. Sensing the commotion here, many Human Race masters who were secretly observing also rushed over from all directions, releasing their auras to resist the pressure of the Holy Spirits.

Yu Zhen was somewhat dumbfounded, never having expected things to turn out this way.

Although he hated these Holy Spirits in his heart and decided to report this matter to the Head Office, he was well aware that the Head Office couldn’t do anything to these Holy Spirits. At most, they could only reprimand them, but in the end, everything would be reduced to a trivial matter.

This Garrison Chief Yang was quite bold, almost stabbing his spear into Taowu's face.

However, it had to be said that this posture was… very refreshing, and it also greatly reduced the frustration in everyone’s hearts.

After feeling good, he become worried.

At this point, how was he supposed to clean up this mess? He couldn’t really take action, right? The group from the Great Ruins Boundary is a powerful group of Holy Spirits, so if the Human Race really wanted to fight with them here, they would definitely suffer great losses.

Instead of dying fighting the Black Ink Clan’s army, you die at the hands of the Holy Spirit. This is the biggest joke of all.

There were many others who were just as worried as him, and a few of the Eighth Order masters were also frowning. Secretly thinking, Yang Kai is indeed young and vigorous, although he could act quickly, it was not a solution to solve the problem.

In the end, they would have to deal with this mess…

Why bother?

Concerned, all of them quickly sent voice transmissions to Yang Kai, telling him to focus on the bigger picture.

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Seemingly aware of their voice transmissions, Taowu, who was still wearing a solemn expression, suddenly smiled and looked at Yang Kai, “Sir, you want to kill me?”

Yang Kai said, “You are their leader, this matter is lead by you. you're responsible for everything, so can I not kill you?”

Taowu shook his head and said, “If Sir insists, I have nothing to say, but…” He smiled lightly, “If Sir really wants to attack me, I will have to fight back, this is not a violation of my oath.”

This place wasn’t the Great Ruins Boundary. In the Great Ruins Boundary, the power of these Holy Spirits was suppressed, so they weren’t Yang Kai’s opponent. Zhujian had been beaten to the point where he couldn’t even fight back, and with Yang Kai’s condition of taking them out of the Great Ruins Boundary, all of them were willing to swear an oath of loyalty to Yang Kai for three thousand years.

The Source Oath was not something to be blasphemed against, and they would abide by it, but if Yang Kai really wanted to kill them, they had the right to retaliate. They couldn’t just stretch out their necks and let him kill them.

It made no sense.

Yang Kai was an Eighth Order, but was Taowu not?

What’s more, he was certain that Yang Kai was just trying to scare him. If he really wanted to take action, there was no need for him to act so pretentiously. He could have just stabbed him with his spear, so why would he need to be so noisy?

He couldn’t wait for Yang Kai to make a move on him. This way, he would have a chance to escape from Yang Kai and no longer have to follow his oath to serve Yang Kai for three thousand years.

There were many Holy Spirits who shared his thoughts. Three thousand years was not a short time. If they could break this shackle this time, it would be a good thing for them. In the future, they would be free.

“You can fight back, see if I can kill you!” Yang Kai said lightly.

A few Eighth Order masters were still secretly trying to persuade Yang Kai, but in the next moment, Yang Kai’s spear suddenly erupted with a violent aura and stabbed towards Taowu’s head.

He shouted, “Those who want to make a move, go ahead! Let’s see if you die or I die!”

Many Human Race masters were stunned.

The Holy Spirits were also stunned.

Taowu was even more incredulous.

Yang Kai had actually taken action, and the first move he made was a killing blow. It was obvious he wasn’t putting on an act, he really wanted his life!

Taowu was furious.

He is a Holy Spirit comparable to Eighth Order master after all. In the entire 3000 Worlds, the Human Race’s Ninth Order is not available. Today, they had just arrived a little late and Yang Kai wanted to kill him?

Originally, he didn’t want to be restricted by the Source Oath, so when Yang Kai attacked, although he was angry, his heart was filled with joy. He finally had a chance to escape this shackle.

Although the power of this spear was strong, it was still insufficient to take Taowu’s life.

After all, Yang Kai had been pressing his spear against his forehead all this time, so he was more or less on guard.

As soon as Yang Kai’s power erupted, Taowu reacted, releasing his Holy Spirit’s power as he tried to dodge the spear.

At this moment, he felt a sharp pain in his mind, as if a sharp force had torn his Divine Sense apart, causing him to feel dizzy and his movements to slow down.


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