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As the few of them conversed, only Ouyang Lie’s face was filled with suspicion as he turned his head back and forth, wondering what this little brat was up to.

The others didn’t know what his combat strength was, but how could Ouyang Lie not know?

Among the Eighth Order masters of the Mysterious Nether Territory, he is the most familiar with Yang Kai. After all, he had worked with the Great Evolution Army for many years, and it was all thanks to Yang Kai that he was able to kill his way back from the Ink Battlefield to the Spatial Territory.

In such a short time, Yang Kai had killed three Innate Territory Lord, so it was impossible for him to remain unscathed!

He must have used the Soul Shattering Spike!

Ouyang Lie didn’t need to ask to know this.

Injuries were unavoidable, but Ouyang Lie didn’t believe that Yang Kai had been injured to such an extent. When he was in the No-Return Pass, he had personally witnessed this little brat’s courage.

But now, Yang Kai’s aura was as weak as a candle in the wind, as if he could die at any moment.


Looking back again, Ouyang Lie’s eyes flashed as he seemed to understand something and chuckled, “Trickster!”

“What?” Wei Junyang turned around.

“It’s nothing,” Ouyang Lie slowly shook his head. Although he had seen some clues, this was a family matter, so how could he point it out? If he did, wouldn’t he be offending Yang Kai for no reason?

In his heart, he was certain that this boy’s injuries were real, but it was impossible for them to be so serious.

Seeing that he wasn’t willing to speak any further, Wei Junyang didn’t probe further and simply said, “Everyone has worked hard in this battle, so you should all heal up first and restore your strength as soon as possible so that the Black Ink Clan won’t have any ideas.”

Everyone nodded.

In this battle, the loss of the Mysterious Nether Territory's army was not small. Two Eighth Order masters had fallen. Although three of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had also died, the number of Territory Lords was slightly more than Eighth Order.

Ouyang Lie, Wei Junyang, and the others all suffered heavy injuries, so it was indeed time to heal.

Before everyone could disperse, a figure suddenly descended from the sky and landed in front of them, cupping his fists as he said, “Reporting to Sirs, the Holy Spirit’s reinforcements have arrived!”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help complain, “What a timely arrival!”

The battle here had already ended and the Holy Spirit reinforcements had only just arrived. What's the point? Cleaning up the battlefield?

If they had come half a day earlier, how could the Mysterious Nether Army have suffered such heavy losses?

It wasn’t Ouyang Lie’s fault that he had such grievances in his heart. The other Eighth Order also had some grievances in their hearts. Previously, the battle had been so intense that the Mysterious Nether Army’s front line had almost collapsed, when they needed reinforcements, these Holy Spirits is no where to be seen. Now that Yang Kai had turned the tide and forced the Black Ink Clan army to retreat, they had finally arrived.

Although they were somewhat dissatisfied in their hearts, everyone knew that there was nothing they could do about it. There were only so many Holy Spirits, and now that the Human Race’s battlefront was in dire straits, the Holy Spirits responsible for providing support everywhere were under great pressure.

Without the support of these Holy Spirits, at least two or three of the Human Race’s dozen battlefronts would have collapsed.

For the Human Race to be able to defend more than a dozen Great Domains and prevent the Black Ink Clan from breaking through, the Holy Spirits had contributed greatly.

Wei Junyang sighed, “It’s not easy for them, Ouyang, don’t speak badly.”

Ouyang Lie said gloomily, “I know.”

In this day and age, who would have it easy? They were all pitiful people who had to survive in desperate situations.

He was just casually complaining.

Generally speaking, although this group of Holy Spirits had arrived a little late, it wasn’t too late. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s sudden appearance, the Mysterious Nether Army’s front line would have been completely routed, and the arrival of the Holy Spirits would have definitely helped the Mysterious Nether Army. If these Holy Spirits were strong enough, they might have been able to turn the situation around.

“Invite them over,” Wei Junyang ordered.

The messenger quickly retreated.

A short while later, under the lead of this messenger, a group of roughly fifty people arrived. These fifty people were all formed from Holy Spirits, and their auras were not restrained in the slightest. Under the pressure of the Holy Spirit, all the soldiers in the surrounding area retreated.

Ouyang Lie frowned and exchanged a glance with Wei Junyang, both of them thinking that it is as they think.

When Wei Junyang said that the Head Office would send a group of Holy Spirit reinforcements, Ouyang Lie had asked him if these Holy Spirit reinforcements were from the Great Ruins Boundary, but Wei Junyang wasn’t too sure.

The arrangements of the Head Office were not something he could control.

But now, it seemed that these Holy Spirits really are from from the Great Ruins Boundary.

Although the auras of these Holy Spirits were strong, they were basically only equivalent to Seventh Order Human Race masters, with only a few of them being comparable to Eighth Order. Moreover, only these Holy Spirits were so arrogant.

Currently, the Holy Spirits standing on the Human Race’s side were divided into three sources, No-Return Pass, Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, and Great Ruins Boundary.

In comparison, the Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary were generally weaker than those from the No-Return Pass and Ancestral Land, not because they were weak, but because they had just emerged from the Great Ruins Boundary and had yet to fully recover their strength.

Zhu Jiu Yin had been like this all those years ago. She was comparable to Eighth Order Human Race cultivator, but after Yang Kai brought her out of the Great Ruins Boundary, she only had a Seventh Order strength, it took her many years to recover her Eighth Order strength.

The laws of the Great Ruins Boundary were completely different from those of the outside world, so the Holy Spirits needed to slowly adapt to them before they could recover.

So when they saw that most of these Holy Spirits were only equivalent to Seventh Order, how could Ouyang Lie and the others not know their origins?

This was the group from the Great Ruins Boundary, but not all of them.

These people weren’t very reliable. When they first came out of the Great Ruins Boundary and arrived in the Star Boundary, they had caused a lot of trouble. In the end, it was the Dragon Clan’s Fu Guang who came out and ruthlessly threatened them, causing them to restrain themselves.

As for this group of Holy Spirits, there are still some rumors that cannot be confirmed in private by the Eighth Order Open Heaven…

They seemed to be very afraid of death, so they weren’t very enthusiastic about participating in the war between the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan. Now, for some reason, although they had been dispatched by the Head Office, there were often some incidents that would lead to delays.

If it weren’t for the fact that they had no other choice, the Head Office wouldn’t have mobilized them so easily.

The Head Office had also thought about breaking up these hundred Holy Spirits from the Great Ruins Boundary and dividing them up into other Holy Spirit teams, but unfortunately, they had failed in the end because these Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits were extremely powerful. If the Head Office tried to suppress them, it would only backfire.

Now that Fu Guang, the Divine Dragon, had gone into seclusion to recuperate, no Holy Spirit could suppress them.

What’s more, they were all labeled as Yang Kai's people, so even Xiang Shan, Mi Jinglun, and the others couldn’t go too far.

A team of fifty Holy Spirits, as well as a Seventh Order Human Race, are the ones who hold the line.

Because some unpleasant things had happened, every time these Great Ruins Boundary Holy Spirits set out, a Human Race member would follow them. In name, they were leading the way. After all, the Great Ruins Boundary Holy Spirits weren’t very familiar with the 3000 Worlds, but in reality, they were also monitoring them. Both sides were well aware of this.

It was unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise this Seventh Order Human came from, but after arriving here, he looked around with a gloomy expression.

When he arrived in front of Wei Junyang and the others, he bowed and said, "Secretary of the Head Office, Yu Zhen greets everyone."

Wei Junyang smiled and raised his hand to help him up before nodding towards the leading Holy Spirits equivalent to Eight Order, “Everyone has worked hard.”

Amongst the Holy Spirits leading the group, a middle-aged man smiled and said, “There’s nothing to worry about, but on your side… you finished fighting so quickly? Didn’t you say that the battle was quite intense?”

Wei Junyang said, “There was an accident and the Black Ink Clan’s attack was repelled.” He didn’t elaborate.

The Holy Spirit naturally didn’t ask any questions and simply nodded before turning to Yu Zhen, “Since there’s nothing here, can we go back now?”

Yu Zhen remained silent with a cold expression.

When everyone saw this, how could they not know that Yu Zhen and these Holy Spirits were not on good terms, but as for what exactly it was, it was not something outsiders could know.

However, these Holy Spirits who came from the Great Ruins Boundary were indeed not very likable, somewhat different from the Holy Spirits from the Ancestral Land and No-Return Pass. It would be strange if a Seventh Order like Yu Zhen came here and had a good time with them, he might have been ostracized along the way.

“It’s a wasted trip!” A young man in the group said with some dissatisfaction, “To think we rushed here so quickly!”

“The Black Ink Clan here is too weak, they should fight for a few more days.”

“Huo Dou, stop boasting. If I really told you to fight with the Black Ink Clan, I’m afraid your pants would be wet from fear. Who doesn’t know you’re the most afraid of death?”

A burst of laughter rang out.

The Holy Spirit who had been called Hou Dou immediately complained, “Yan Mo, how good can you be? Last time you were almost killed by a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, you cried for your parents and begged for mercy.”

Yan Mo’s face immediately turned red, “That’s the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, he’s even stronger than an Eighth Order Human Race. I haven’t fully recovered my strength yet, if I do, what does a Territory Lord count for?”

A group of Holy Spirits was clamoring.

Wei Junyang and the others all frowned.

They had fought side by side with the Holy Spirits in the No-Return Pass before, but although the Holy Spirits were all arrogant and didn’t think much of the Human Race, when it came to fighting, they were absolutely trustworthy comrades.

Even Dragon and Phoenix were the same.

But this group of Holy Spirits in front of them… what the hell were they? This was a battlefield, a frontline position. In the previous battle, countless Human Race soldiers had died and many had been injured, but this had become a place where they were more courageous?

Although they were dissatisfied, they were still reinforcements, so Wei Junyang and the others couldn’t say anything.

Yu Zhen seemed to be used to this kind of behavior and simply looked towards Wei Junyang and the others and asked, “Sirs, do you need us to help defend the Mysterious Nether Territory so that the Black Ink Clan won’t retaliate?”

Wei Junyang turned his head to look in the direction Yang Kai was resting and slowly shook his head, “There’s no need. The Black Ink Clan’s losses this time are not small, so they won’t be attacking again for the time being.”

Even if they were to invade again, with this man here, it shouldn’t be a problem to defend the Mysterious Nether Territory, but the other battlefields might need reinforcements.

Yu Zhen was somewhat surprised, “Our Human Race won the battle this time?”

This was something that had not happened in a long time. On various battlefields, the Human Race would occasionally win, but none of them could be considered a great victory. After all, if they wanted to repel the Black Ink Clan, the price they had to pay would not be small.


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