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Yang Kai knew all of this. In the Sea Devouring Territory, he was the one who had helped resolve the siege of the Black Ink Clan, and he was also the one who had gifted the Small Stone Clan to them, allowing them to escape.

During his journey to refine the two thousand Universe Worlds, Yang Kai had done many similar things. After all, he had given out tens of millions of Small Stone Race soldiers, so it was easy to imagine how many forces he had encountered.

Most of the Great Domain’s cultivators had already evacuated, preserving their strength while a small number of them had been intercepted by the Black Ink Clan’s army along the way. Some of them had even been completely wiped out.

This was something that could not be helped. The Black Ink Clan had invaded all of the 3000 Worlds, so there were not many cultivators in the various Great Domains who could protect themselves. Now that they had encountered the Black Ink Clan’s army, it was difficult for these cultivators to resist.

The Star Boundary was the future hope of the Human Race, the cradle of the Open Heaven Stage. This was also the rule set by the Human Race’s upper echelons management for evacuation. Otherwise, why would the 3000 Worlds, with so many Great Domains, insist on going to the High Heaven Territory where the Star Boundary was located?

However, with so many migrating forces, it was impossible for all of them to remain in High Heaven Territory. Firstly, High Heaven Territory didn’t have many Universe Worlds to survive in. Of course, the new Great Domain could also relieve some of the pressure. Compared to High Heaven Territory, the new Great Domain’s situation was much better. Whether it was the cultivation environment or the habitable Universe World, it was much better than High Heaven Territory.

The only exit was in High Heaven Territory, and Yang Kai had placed a restriction on it. Only by holding the jade pendant he had specially refined could one open the entrance and safely enter the new Great Domain.

So as long as High Heaven Territory remained intact, the new Great Domain would never be invaded by the Black Ink Clan.

Secondly, the Human Race wasn’t willing to give up just like that. If they really did give up, the Black Ink Clan would only need to target High Heaven Territory, which would make the Human Race too passive.

Under the decision of the Human Race’s upper echelons, the Human Race had gathered a large number of Open Heaven Stage cultivators, using the remnants of the Ink Battlefield as a framework to form more than a dozen armies, with High Heaven Territory as the center guarded by these Great Domains.

The Mysterious Nether Territory was one of the battlefields, as well as the Heavenly Wolf Territory, Twin Polar Territory, and so on.

Currently, the Mysterious Nether Territory was said to have a million Human Race soldiers, but in reality, after many years of war, this number had been reduced greatly. Adding on the remnants of the Small Stone Race, there is no longer such number.

Over the past few decades, whether it was the Mysterious Nether Territory or the other Great Domains, all of them had engaged in continuous battles.

Although they had paid a great price, with all of the Human Race’s forces gathered in these dozen or so Great Domain, they were still able to ensure that the front line was not lost.

But now, the situation was becoming worse.

This time, more than a dozen Territory Lords had suddenly come to support the Mysterious Nether Territory, causing the Human Race army to be caught off guard and suffer a great loss. If it weren’t for Yang Kai suddenly appearing and turning the tide, it was hard to say if the Mysterious Nether Territory would have survived.

Once the Mysterious Nether Territory was lost, it would mean another great defeat for the Human Race, a fatal blow to their morale.

On the other hand, the main force of the Mysterious Nether Territory was from the Great Evolution Army, Great Battle Army, Nine Stars Army, Purple Exquisite Army, and more than a dozen other remnant armies.

These remnant armies had experienced the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle, No-Return Pass battle, and the battle at Spatial Territory. It could be said that all of them were veterans of hundreds of battles, and with them as the main force, they had recruited cultivators from other forces to form the Mysterious Nether Army.

This was also why Yang Kai had encountered Yu Rumeng and the others here.

Back in the Spatial Territory, the cultivators from the Void Land and High Heaven Palace had participated in the battle and were personally recruited into the Great Evolution Army by Smiles Old Ancestor.

They could also be considered soldiers of the Great Evolution Army.

Listening to this, Yang Kai secretly rejoiced. He actually had several routes to choose from if he wanted to return to the Star Boundary, but he chose the shortest one and only wanted to return to the Star Boundary as soon as possible. On this route, the Mysterious Nether Territory was a necessary route.

He was a little afraid. If he hadn’t arrived in time, the Mysterious Nether Territory would have been in big trouble.

“It was fortunate that you informed us in advance and the Void Territory had made preparations, so when the order to evacuate and relocate was passed down, all the forces in the Void Territory were safely evacuated, but unfortunately… the many living beings in the Universe World.” Bi Xi let out a long sigh. With the invasion of the Black Ink Clan, the living beings in the dozen or so Universe World couldn’t be taken away, so they had probably become Black Ink Disciple long ago.

Yang Kai said, “Those dozen or so Universe World were already refined by me, there’s no need for Senior to feel guilty.”

The Void Territory was his Territory, so how could Yang Kai ignore it? When Yang Kai arrived at the Void Territory, he had specifically investigated the situation of the Void Land and found that it had completely disappeared. He knew that Bi Xi had left with his people, and at that time, the Black Ink Clan had yet to invade the Void Territory, so Yang Kai had refined more than a dozen Universe Worlds.

Bi Xi stared blankly for a moment, not quite understanding what he meant by refining the Universe Worlds. Just as he was about to ask, Yang Kai’s face suddenly went pale and he spat out a mouthful of golden blood, his aura rapidly weakening as he fell backwards.

Bi Xi was shocked!

Shocked cries rang out from all directions.

However, in the end, Yang Kai didn’t fall down as a soft body blocked his fall.

Yang Kai opened his eyes slightly and saw an anxious face. It was Yu Rumeng.

Many figures quickly gathered around, their beautiful eyes filled with worry.

“Husband, what’s wrong?” Yu Rumeng asked in a trembling voice. This Succubus Demon Saint was no longer acting like she was just a moment ago, instead, she was filled with endless fear and anxiety.

Yang Kai opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he spat out another mouthful of blood, dyeing Yu Rumeng’s clothes golden as he gasped for breath, “Nothing, I’m fine, I just suffered some minor injuries.”

His fingers gently tapped the deck of the Battleship.

Bi Xi was stunned for a moment before quickly saying, “How is this a minor injury? Your aura is unstable and your strength is in chaos. Did those Territory Lords’ counterattack injure you?”

Yang Kai forced himself to calm down and said, “It’s fine, nothing serious.”

The more he spoke like this, the more anxious the girls became.

Just now, when Yang Kai killed the three Territory Lords, they had actually witnessed it from afar. Now that they thought about it, even if Yang Kai, an Eighth Order, could kill three Territory Lords in succession, he must have paid a great price.

It was just that he had been suppressing it all this time, not showing it.

“Healing Pill!” Yu Rumeng shouted as Su Yan hurriedly stuffed a few top grade spirit pills into Yang Kai’s mouth.

Shan Qingluo quickly squatted down in front of Yang Kai and grabbed his hand, using her strength to examine his injuries.

A moment later, Luo'er brow wrinkled. She had not found any signs of injury on Yang Kai, so she looked at him in confusion and whispered, “Husband, your injuries…”

Yang Kai squeezed out a smile, “My body is fine, but my Soul is injured.”

Zhu Qing asked, “Soul Shattering Spike?”

Yang Kai was extremely surprised, “How did you know?”

Xue Yue whispered, “It was Sir Ouyang who told us. He told us a lot about you.”

“Sir Ouyang… Ouyang Lie?”

Xue Yue nodded.

Yang Kai came to a sudden realization. Since the Mysterious Nether Army was the remnant army of the Great Evolution Army, there was nothing strange about Ouyang Lie being here. Ouyang Lie knew about the existence of the Soul Shattering Spike. Back then, outside Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike to heavily injure and kill many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples in the Ink Nest's Space. Ouyang Lie had personally witnessed it.

From the looks of it, it was Ouyang Lie who arranged Yu Rumeng and the others into a small team.

Seeing that Yang Kai was about to speak again, Yu Rumeng reached out and covered his mouth, “Don’t say anything, healing is more important.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and changed into a comfortable position in Yu Rumeng’s embrace before closing his eyes.

Surrounded by a group of people, everyone was extremely worried.

On top of the Universe Fragment on the front lines, the Human Race army had returned with a great victory and was now residing in their respective positions.

The news of Yang Kai’s injuries spread like wildfire. With Ouyang Lie and Wei Junyang as the leader, many Eighth Order masters wanted to visit him, but they were all stopped by Yu Rumeng and the others. They only said that their Husband is currently seriously injured and it was inconvenient for him to see any guests, so he needed to treat his injuries first.

Ouyang Lie and the others naturally understood this and asked about the reason. After learning that Yang Kai had paid a great price to kill the three Territory Lords, they all sighed.

An Eighth Order master took out a precious Spirit Pill and handed it to Yu Rumeng, telling her to take care of Yang Kai while Yu Rumeng thanked him and accepted it.

“Killing three Innate Territory Lords in succession, this little brat… his growth is too fast.” Wei Junyang looked back at the Battleship formed by Bi Xi’s incarnation with a strange expression.

Back in the Ink Battlefield, when he first heard Yang Kai’s name, he was only a Sixth Order, but now his cultivation was actually equal to his.

On top of that, his combat strength was also abnormally high. The ones he killed were all Innate Territory Lords, a far cry from ordinary Black Ink Clan Territory Lords.

In a one-on-one fight, even top Eighth Order masters like Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie might not be able to win.

However, Yang Kai had done so. Of course, from the looks of it, the price he had paid was not small.

“Are we all getting old?” Kong Cheng De, the former Regiment Commander of the Nine Stars Army’s Southern Army, couldn’t help laughing. These Eighth Order masters had all been outstanding geniuses in the past and had cultivated for many years, but compared to a junior like Yang Kai, they were somewhat inferior.

“Originally, this old master didn’t agree with the Old Ancestors’ actions in the last battle of the Spatial Territory,” another old man suddenly said. This old man was the former Regiment Commander of the Purple Exquisite Army, Fei Yong Ze, “The Ninth Order Old Ancestors are the backbone of the Human Race, the most powerful force in the Human Race, and each Ninth Order was born with great difficulty. Over the years, the Human Race only had a few Ninth Order Old Ancestors, with the Old Ancestors present, the Human Race’s future was filled with hope. However, in the battle of the Spatial Territory, the Old Ancestors didn’t hesitate to die!”

“This old master felt that the Old Ancestors had made a mistake, that they had placed the future of the Human Race on a bunch of little brats, which is far too risky.”

“What about now?” Kong Cheng De turned to look at him.

Fei Yong Ze fell silent for a moment before saying, “Perhaps this old master’s thoughts are too complacent, but in the future… we’ll see.”

This time, Yang Kai’s act of killing three Innate Territory Lords had obviously moved him greatly, but whether or not the Old Ancestors had made the wrong decisions in the past still needed to be verified in the future. This was not something he could determine with a single statement.


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