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The cultivators on this Battleship were all women, none of them male, and most of them were the closest people to Yang Kai.

Just now, he had also noticed the fluctuations of their strength and had rushed over.

The longing in his heart surged like a tidal wave. At this moment, he had many things he wanted to say, but all he could say was, “I’m back!”

Yes, he was back.

It had been nearly a thousand years since he left the Black Territory, and he had finally returned. If you counted the years he spent in the Celestial Phenomenon Sea, it had been nearly five thousand years.

Although it was somewhat regretful that he had not returned in triumph, he had still returned!

When he fought with the Black Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield, he had imagined this scene countless times, but today, his wish had finally come true.

Yu Rumeng rushed over excitedly while Yang Kai stretched out his arms, waiting for her to fall into his embrace…

However, this Demon Saint from the Succubus Clan brushed past Yang Kai and sent out a Divine Ability, causing the fleeing Black Ink Clan member to fall into a miserable state.

The current Yu Rumeng also had the cultivation of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master!

“Enough nonsense, killing the enemy is more important!”

Yang Kai opened his arms and froze in place, his expression somewhat awkward.

Something is wrong!

Your husband hasn’t returned for a thousand years, but now that he has returned, shouldn’t you women be crying tears of joy, throw yourself into my broad embrace and enjoy the long-lost warmth and love?

What was going on?

On the opposite side, Su Yan and Ji Yao were stunned, their eyes suddenly turning red, but before they could say anything, Yu Rumeng called out, “Su Yan, Yao’er, Luo'er, follow me! Yue’er, Hua Chang, Wan’er, Qing’er, stay together for a while, the rest of you, be careful!”

Hearing this, all the women’s expressions became solemn and they immediately flew up. In an instant, the eight women formed two great formations and rushed out of the Battleship.

Their battle formation was the simplest Four Directions Array. This kind of formation that could be formed by several people was extremely common in the Ink Battlefield. Yang Kai had once formed this formation with a few Seventh Order cultivators from the Dawn Squad. Although this formation was simple, it allowed the people who formed it to communicate with each other and could play a great role in this chaotic battlefield.

On the Battleship, there were only a total of ten people. Now that eight had left, only two remained.

“Greetings Sect Master!” Among the remaining two, Luan Bai Feng bowed respectfully.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, displaying the dignity of a Sect Master, raising his hand and saying, “No need for ceremony.”

This subordinates are way more reliable…

The wives… were rebelling, but Yang Kai could understand. He had left them behind for nearly a thousand years, so who wouldn’t feel some resentment?

After all, they were all women.

“Young Master…” Yue He called out softly, her voice choked.

Yang Kai stepped forward and rubbed her head, smiling as he said, “Not bad, you’re already a Seventh Order, you haven’t slacked off in your cultivation all these years.”

Not only was Yue He a Seventh Order, but the ten women on this Battleship were all Seventh Order!

Needless to say, Yue He and Luan Bai Feng had both reached the Sixth Order back then. In the years that Yang Kai had been gone, whether it was the Void Land or High Heaven Palace, neither of them lacked cultivation resources. Moreover, there was also the World Tree's Subtree in the Star Boundary. For Open Heaven cultivators like Yue He and Luan Bai Feng, although the benefits of the World Tree Subtree were useless, it could still increase their cultivation speed.

Yu Rumeng and the other women had all reached the Sixth Order directly in their early years. These women were either born in the Cave Heaven Paradise or had powerful backers, or had become disciples of Eighth Order Divine Monarchs. With no shortage of resources, their cultivation naturally improved rapidly.

This team of ten was all one of their own, obviously arranged by someone.

No team had such a team. With ten Seventh Order masters working together, even if the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord came, they can still put up a fight.

This was probably the reason why none of the women had been injured.

Back then, Yang Kai had also noticed that their Battleship was somewhat special.

In terms of age, Yue He was much older than Yang Kai. After all, when Yang Kai met her, she was already a Fifth Order Open Heaven.

However, after being rubbed by Yang Kai in the head like this, Yue He couldn’t hold back any longer, her tears flowing down her cheeks as she stared fixedly at Yang Kai with a smile.

“Kill!” In front of the Battleship, Yu Rumeng shouted again, not showing any mercy, her killing intent filling the air as she slaughtered the Black Ink Clan cultivators.

'This stinky man, even at this time, he still didn’t forget about flowers, he simply didn’t know how to write the word death!'

Yang Kai bowed again, “Senior, thank you for your hard work these past few years.”

The Battleship trembled slightly as an old voice rang out, carrying a hint of ridicule, “This old master isn’t tired, but you… may have to work hard.”

This Battleship was not a real Battleship, but an incarnation transformed from Bi Xi’s body. It just looked like a Battleship.

Of course, this incarnation didn’t have the strength of Bi Xi’s main body, but it was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, so it was definitely not weak.

What’s more, Bi Xi was most proficient in defense, so with the protection of this Battleship, Yu Rumeng and the others wouldn’t be in trouble.

Ten Seventh Order and one of Bi Xi’s incarnations. Such a combination was enough to dominate any battlefield, provided they didn’t take the initiative to provoke those Innate Territory Lords.

He didn’t know who was in charge of this territory’s army, but it was likely that they were familiar with each other and knew how important Yang Kai was, which was why they had arranged for his family to stay together.

Yang Kai remembered this favor.

Turning around, Yang Kai said, “We’ll talk about it later, I’d like to ask Senior to stand guard!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged forward. He didn’t deliberately help Yu Rumeng and the others kill their enemies, instead continuing to charge forward.

Under the envelopment of the spear images, the fleeing Black Ink Clan were like paper, unable to withstand a single blow. Occasionally, some of them would slip through the net, but all of them were easily dealt with by Yu Rumeng and the others.

The Human Race’s great army and the Small Stone Race’s forces were chasing the enemy, and the entire battlefield had turned into a purgatory. At one point, a long howl rang out from somewhere on the battlefield.

“Retreat!” Loud shouts rang out from all over the battlefield.

The pursuing Human Race army finally came to a stop, unable to continue chasing. If they continued, the Human Race would suffer a great loss. This battle had already crippled the Black Ink Clan army from the Mysterious Nether Territory, so the results were already great.

They couldn’t hope to finish off the entire Black Ink Clan in one fell swoop. If they really forced the Black Ink Clan to fight to the death, the Human Race wouldn’t have a good time either. Retreating now was the best option.

Yu Rumeng and the others also flashed back, each of them panting and sweating profusely, many of them with traces of blood on their bodies, obviously injured.

In such a chaotic battlefield, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t be harmed, there would always be accidents.

Yang Kai didn’t return. He first mobilized his Sun and Moon Marks to gather the remnants of the Small Stone Race’s army before returning to the Battleship, but no one paid him any attention. Yue He wanted to talk to him, but Yu Rumeng deliberately separated them.

Sigh, the misfortune of family! Yang Kai sighed in his heart as he looked at the women sitting cross-legged one by one, not showing the slightest intention of paying attention to him. He couldn’t help but miss his most gentle Little Senior Sister.

If his Little Senior Sister was here, she would definitely not let him be alone…

Although he didn’t see Xia Ningchang here, he knew in his heart that Xia Ningchang shouldn’t be on this battlefield. She didn’t like fighting, and Alchemy was her forte.

At the moment, the Human Race’s armies had an extremely high demand for all kinds of Spirit Pills, so Alchemists like Little Senior Sister would definitely be at the back of the safe line to refine Spirit Pills and deliver them to the front lines.

Such talents could not be lost, and the Human Race’s higher-ups would not easily allow them to enter the battlefield.

As the army retreated, several Eighth Order masters flew past, but all of them only nodded slightly towards Yang Kai, not intending to disturb him.

They obviously knew about the relationship between Yang Kai and this ship full of women. Now that Yang Kai had returned, he must have a lot to say to his wives, so how could they disturb him?

However, what puzzled them was that the atmosphere on the Battleship didn’t seem quite right. Although there were no battles or killings, there was a kind of asura atmosphere that made them shiver…

Secretly exclaiming in admiration, Yang Kai’s luck with women was really quite good. There were so many wives in his family, and most importantly, all of them were High Rank Open Heaven cultivators. It was truly enviable.

Luan Bai Feng was also watching from the side. Among all the people on this ship, she was the only outsider, but she didn’t treat herself as an outsider at all, instead enjoying this strange atmosphere.

All of them were healing their wounds, so Yang Kai could only sit down cross-legged and stuff a handful of pills into his mouth, silently licking his wounds like a wounded beast.

Seeing this, Yue He’s heart ached, but before she could do anything, Yu Rumeng opened her eyes and glared at her.

Yue He sighed. Although her heart ached for her Young Master, Yu Rumeng seemed to want to teach him a lesson, so she couldn’t interfere in such family matters.

On the other hand, many of the wives had followed Lady Rumeng’s lead. With Lady Rumeng’s decision, everyone else would cooperate.

On second thought, it would be good to teach the Young Master a lesson so that he wouldn’t have to run around all the time. After going out for a dozen or twenty years, it wasn’t a long time. But, he had been traveling through the 3000 Worlds for hundreds or even thousands of years, and it was quite risky to walk around like this.

In the void, someone was cleaning up the battlefield and cleaning up the corpses of the fallen soldiers. It was a silent yet sorrowful scene.

As Yang Kai healed his wounds, he asked Bi Xi about the current situation of the Human Race.

After the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, he had been running around for hundreds of years, never having a moment of peace. He hadn’t even been able to participate in the No-Return Pass or the Spatial Territory, so how could he have known about the current situation of the Human Race?

Now that he had returned, the first thing he needed to do was obtain some information.

Bi Xi naturally told him everything he knew.

After a long discussion, Yang Kai gained a basic understanding of the current situation of the Human Race.

After the passage between the Spatial Territory and Wind Mist Territory was broken through by the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race began to evacuate and migrate towards High Heaven Territory, where the Star Boundary was located.


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Xue Ying
Xue Ying
Aug 09, 2023

Nearly a thousand years? I don't think so. Just in celestial phenom it was 512 years. Then while in blue sky and GE pass he spent many many years.


Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Dec 06, 2022

Man, i really wish they had done away with the tsuntsun bullshit and given them a proper reunion. The human race wouldn't fuckin exist anymore if he wasn't off doin the shit he's been doin and they damn well know it, not like he's been fuckin around. There's no reason for it whatsoever other than the typical chinese "women are petty" mindset.

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Yeah, it is annoying to see this kind of writings.

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