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On the floating continent at the front lines of the Mysterious Nether Territory, Ouyang Lie suddenly appeared. At this moment, he was in an extremely sorry state, his body covered in blood and his aura extremely chaotic.

The successive battles with the Innate Territory Lord had exhausted almost all of his strength, causing his consciousness to become muddled and he might fall asleep at any moment. Such injuries would take at least a year or so to recover.

It was worth celebrating that he had escaped death, but he didn’t know how he had survived or why he had appeared here.

Recalling the familiar voice he heard just now, he had a faint guess.

He forced himself to look up into the sky.

At a glance, he saw a familiar figure fighting with the Innate Territory Lord who had ambushed him.

It really was this little brat! Ouyang Lie’s heart trembled.

Just now, he had been mentally prepared to die, but in that moment of life and death, the space around him had been distorted. He clearly felt as if he had entered another space, and it was because of this that he was able to survive the attacks of the two Territory Lords.

Space Ability!

Only this brat could do such a thing. As for why he had suddenly appeared on this floating continent, it was obviously because he had used some kind of space ability to teleport him here.

It's good that you're here!

Ouyang Lie let out a long sigh and sat down on the ground, finally unable to hold on any longer, his momentum quickly slipping.

Looking at the battlefield, Ouyang Lie suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart as he saw the Innate Territory Lord being attacked by Yang Kai.

Since when did this little brat’s appearance make everyone so at ease? It was as if with him here, this battle would definitely not end in defeat.

He smiled absentmindedly. He and the other old fogeys really were trash. After cultivating for so many years, they still had to rely on a junior.

Counting the time when he was in the No-Return Pass, he had already been saved by him twice!

“Honored Master, take your medicine!” A voice suddenly called out from beside him.

Ouyang Lie turned his head and saw his precious disciple crawling beside him, holding a jade bottle in his hand. Inside the bottle was obviously a valuable healing pill.

Gong Lian’s injuries were also quite severe, and there was a huge wound on his waist that nearly cut him in half. If it weren’t for his severe injuries, he wouldn’t have retreated.

Lowering his head to look at his disciple’s sorry state, and then at Yang Kai’s imposing manner, Ouyang Lie couldn’t help sighing, “Truly useless!”

This disciple of his was extremely talented, or else he wouldn’t have been able to enter his eyes, taking him in as a disciple and carefully nurturing him for many years. Now that he was already a Seventh Order Open Heaven, he was indeed outstanding, but compared to Yang Kai, what was he?

Why hadn’t he thought of taking Yang Kai under his wing?

Gong Lian had kindly climbed over to deliver medicine to his Honored Master, thinking it was just a show of affection between master and disciple, but after hearing his Master’s comment, he immediately felt somewhat wronged, “Honored Master, Disciple’s cultivation speed is quite fast.”

Two hundred years to the Emperor Realm, another hundred years to condense the Dao Seal, another hundred years to break through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven, and after that, less than a thousand years to break through to the Seventh Order, it only took him 1,500 years to reach his current level. [MSN: Pretty sure he's a direct 7th Order, right? Is he nerfed too? xD]

A Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator at this age was rare even in the entire 3000 Worlds.

But now that his Honored Master had evaluate him as useless, Gong Lian’s heart ached.

“Sigh, forget it, after all, not everyone is as freakish as that little brat, I can’t force you,” Ouyang Lie sighed again before taking the pill from Gong Lian’s hand and swallowing it. If his disciple was a genius, then Yang Kai was definitely a monster.

Gong Lian squeezed out a smile, feeling even more hurt.

At this moment, the sound of another Innate Territory Lord falling rang out from the battlefield. Ouyang Lie looked up and shouted excitedly, “Good job!”

As expected, it was Yang Kai who had killed the Innate Territory Lord who had ambushed him.

From the moment Yang Kai appeared until now, only thirty breaths had passed, and two powerful Innate Territory Lords had been killed.

He had a feeling that this little brat was even stronger than he was when he first met him outside the No-Return Pass.

“Honored Master, look over there!” Gong Lian noticed something unusual and pointed his finger.

Ouyang Lie looked over and saw that the back of the Black Ink Clan army had suddenly become extremely chaotic. Under the cover of the dense Ink Force, numerous Sun and Moon rose up into the sky. Under the illumination of these rays of light, countless strange creatures rushed over from the back of the Black Ink Clan army and broke their formation.

“Small Stone Race!” Ouyang Lie’s eyes lit up, quickly understanding that this should be brought by Yang Kai.

Yang Kai had a large number of Small Stone Race in his possession, so the Human Race masters more or less knew a thing or two about them. After all, there were many active members of the Small Stone Race on the various battlefields, all of which had been gifted to them by Yang Kai.

There were also some in the Mysterious Nether Territory Battlefield, but there weren’t many of them. After so many years of fighting, the number of Small Stone Race members that Yang Kai had sent out was not small.

Small Stone Race was indeed useful against the Black Ink Clan, but their only weakness was that they were difficult to control, and their strengths varied greatly.

In terms of the average combat strength of the various armies, the Human Race’s army far exceeded the Black Ink Clan’s, and the Black Ink Clan’s army far exceeded the Small Stone Race’s.

As a result, although the Small Stone Race had a large number of members, each battle would result in a massive loss.

Half a year ago, the Head Office had calculated that Yang Kai had given over thirty million Small Stone Race members, but only thirteen million remained. The remaining seventeen million had all been destroyed by the Black Ink Clan.

In just a few dozen years, 17 million had been lost, this is a terrifying number. If the Human Race had suffered such a massive loss, they would have been wiped out long ago.

On the Mysterious Nether Territory’s side, the Small Stone Race had about a million soldiers, plus the Human Race’s million strong army, totaling two million soldiers.

However, there were only 400,000 Small Stone Race members on the frontline battlefield. The other Small Stone Race members were scattered around the rear base or several other secondary battlefronts.

Otherwise, with just the Human Race’s three hundred thousand strong army, they might not be able to defend this frontline battlefield.

After this great battle, it was estimated that there wouldn’t be much left of the 400,000 Small Stone Race here.

But now, behind the Black Ink Clan army, the Sun and Moon soared into the sky, their brilliance illuminating almost half of the Mysterious Nether Territory.

How many Small Stone Race members were there? Millions? Tens of millions?

Ouyang Lie and his disciple didn’t know, they only knew that the Black Ink Clan was in big trouble in the Mysterious Nether Territory!

“Follow me to kill the enemy!” Ouyang Lie’s blood suddenly boiled as he stood up, blood pouring from his wounds.

Gong Lian was startled, “Honored Master, please don’t act rashly. You’re currently seriously injured and your strength is less than ten percent of your original strength, how can you continue to move around? You should quickly heal your injuries.”

Ouyang Lie slapped him on the head, “Enough nonsense, this old master knows his own situation. If I can’t kill a Territory Lord, killing a few Feudal Lords shouldn’t be a problem, hurry!”

Saying so, he flew away.

Gong Lian was speechless. Seeing that his Master had already gone up, he could only follow.

Behind them, the Small Stone Race suddenly erupted into action, and two Innate Territory Lords’ auras on the battlefield had withered. All of this had happened after the golden light had entered the battlefield.

How could the Black Ink Clan not know that a top master from the Human Race had arrived and was slaughtering the Territory Lords like chickens?

This caused many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords to be both shocked and angry. This time, more than a dozen hidden Territory Lords had suddenly appeared. The Black Ink Clan had planned to completely occupy the Mysterious Nether Territory, but just as the situation was entering it's critical juncture, such an unforeseen event suddenly occurred. How could the Territory Lords accept this?

Powerful Divine Senses flew through the air as the Territory Lords did not know whether to retreat or continue attacking.

Before they could come up with a countermeasure, the aura of another Territory Lord suddenly disappeared.

Looking in the direction where the aura had disappeared, They saw the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator standing proudly in the sky, looking down on everyone.

The third Territory Lord had been killed!

These three Territory Lords had only been killed in half a cup of tea time.

How could the Territory Lords dare to hesitate? Afraid that they would be the next unlucky one, they all roared and retreated.

After receiving their message, the Black Ink Clan army also began to retreat.

With such an opportunity, how could the experienced soldiers not see it? Without needing the Eighth Order’s orders, they all chased after them. For a time, the Black Ink Clan army fell into an awkward situation where the Human Race and Small Stone Race joined forces to attack.

Yang Kai’s figure also flickered back and forth on the battlefield, and wherever his spear passed, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties.

He didn’t kill the Territory Lord again, not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t.

Using the Soul Shattering Spike three times in a short period of time was already his limit. At this moment, his Soul was being torn apart and he was in great pain. If he were to use the Soul Shattering Spike again, he might lose consciousness just like he did outside the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

Without using the Soul Shattering Spike, it would be difficult for him to kill another Innate Territory Lord in his current state.

Since that was the case, he would kill some of the other Black Ink Clan cultivators.

With a pincer attack, the Black Ink Clan army suffered heavy losses, but the Small Stone Race only acted on instinct. While it was true that they were valiant when it came to killing enemies, they didn’t have any strategy.

It wasn’t difficult for the Black Ink Clan’s army to break through their blockade, they just needed to pay a price.

The Human Race’s precarious situation was suddenly reversed, and the World Force interweaved, releasing rays of light.

The Human Race had won this battle!

Now, it was just a matter of how many enemies they could kill.

Now that the situation had been decided, all of the Human Race Eighth Order masters rejoiced. Half an hour ago, the Human Race’s defeat was almost certain. They had even thought about giving up all of the Small Stone Race’s forces to protect the Human Race’s main force, but all of this had changed because of the arrival of one person.

In the blink of an eye, the Human Race’s army and the Small Stone Race had gathered together and were chasing after the enemy for hundreds of millions of kilometers. Along the way, the Black Ink Clan had lost many of their soldiers.

At that moment, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and he turned his head to look in a certain direction. There… was a familiar aura fluctuation.

He quickly flashed through the void and instantly appeared on a Battleship. Looking around, he saw many familiar faces, some charming, some cold, some dignified…

His sudden appearance shocked everyone on the Battleship, but after seeing his face clearly, everyone relaxed.

Yang Kai wore a warm smile on his face.


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Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Mar 05, 2023


Rudiansyah R
Rudiansyah R
Feb 15, 2023

Gong Lian is indeed a direct 7th order, and qualify to reach 9th order in the future. So it's seems it's the author plan at that time. To become MC's rival.

After so many chapters, author plan to end this novel.

He definitely advance to 8th order in this 3000 years and join in the final battle. And then this novel is done. So there's no difference of setting him as a direct 6th order or a direct 7th order.

Just forgive the author for his lack of memories 😂

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Yea I was WTF! was he introduced as a direct 7th order with an OP innate ability to assassinate

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