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[MSN: Just want to say that i might change the name of Head Office, Chief, and Vice Chief in the future.]


However, this was the situation the Human Race was currently facing, and the situation on various battlefields was quite tense. The Head Office had no choice but to consider the possibility of defeat, so reserving their base near the Domain Gate was the best course of action.

Of the dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields, although the resistance between the Black Ink Clan and Mysterious Nether Territory's people wasn’t the most intense, it is not peaceful. The defensive line set up by the million strong army was originally very long, but as the Black Ink Clan army continued to press forward, the Human Race’s defensive line continued to shrink. Currently, the number of air space the Human Race could control was less than thirty percent of the original.

Once the defensive line shrank to a certain extent, no matter how unwilling the Mysterious Nether Territory forces were, they would have to consider withdrawing.

The evacuation of the million strong army was not an easy matter, so they had to plan ahead. Otherwise, if they were pursued by the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race would suffer heavy losses.

Compared to the war between the two races in the Ink Battlefield, the current invasion of the Black Ink Clan made the conflict between the two races even more intense.

At almost every moment, large and small battles broke out, and as they fought, the two races’ soldiers fell.

At this time, less than half a day’s journey from the Human Race’s base, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan were engaged in a fierce battle around a huge piece of Universe Fragment.

The Human Race had deployed three hundred thousand soldiers on this universe fragment, and countless Spirit Arrays and Artifacts had been set up to resist the Black Ink Clan’s attacks.

This battle had been going on for three months.

With the help of the various arrangements made on this universe fragment and the reinforcements behind it, they had managed to repel the Black Ink Clan’s attacks more than a hundred times during this time, but killing them was difficult.

However, the Human Race had reinforcements while the Black Ink Clan also had reinforcements, and they were even larger.

Currently, the Black Ink Clan had occupied almost all of the 3000 Worlds’ Great Domains, and every Great Domain had its own Ink Nest. With the supply of resources, the Black Ink Clan’s forces were endless.

Although many hunters had secretly destroyed many of the Ink Nest, compared to the total number of Ink Nest, it was still a drop in the bucket.

If they didn’t destroy the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest from the source, no matter how many of them they destroyed, it would be useless. If the Human Race destroyed one of them, they would immediately replenish their resources.

For the Black Ink Clan, which now occupied almost all of the 3000 Worlds, resources were the most abundant, not to mention that the Ink Battlefield was also providing them with resources.

Outside the universe fragment, a fierce battle was taking place as the Human Race Battleships shuttled back and forth, the light of their Spirit Arrays and Secret Techniques constantly repelling the attacks of the Black Ink Clan army.

On top of the universe fragment, a middle-aged man in golden armor sat cross-legged, gazing at the battlefield with a worried look.

The current situation in the Mysterious Nether Territory was not good, but this battle could not be lost. If this battle was lost, the Mysterious Nether Army would no longer have any room to retreat. At that time, the entire Mysterious Nether Territory would be abandoned and the Human Race would lose another frontline position to resist the Black Ink Clan.

This was unacceptable to the current Human Race, and it was likely to affect the morale of the entire Human Race.

However, the difference in strength between them and the enemy was obvious, so how could they protect the Mysterious Nether Territory?

The middle-aged man know that devising strategies had never been his forte. His forte was to charge and break through enemy lines! At this moment, the battle was extremely tense. Although he wanted to go up and kill the enemy, his injuries weren’t light, so he could only suppress the restlessness in his heart.

A figure suddenly fell from the sky and landed not far from him, staggering slightly before coughing lightly as blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

The middle-aged man turned his head and saw the newcomer grinning at him, “Old Wei, are you healing?”

Wei Junyang thought to himself, ‘What nonsense are you spouting? If I don’t heal my injuries, why am I sitting here?’ However, the two of them were old friends, so there was no need to be so polite with each other. After thinking about it for a moment, Wei Junyang said, “Ouyang, you should also quickly heal your injuries, don’t force yourself.”

The newcomer smiled arrogantly, “Don’t think that this old master’s injuries aren’t light, that Territory Lord isn’t having a good time either. Just a little bit more and this old master would have smashed his head. What a pity, what a pity!”

Although he said so, he still sat down cross-legged, took out a Spirit Pill, and stuffed it into his mouth.

If Yang Kai was here, he would definitely be able to recognize this Ouyang who had been called by Wei Junyang was Ouyang Lie, the one he had brought back from the Ink Battlefield several dozen years ago.

They're familiar with each other and had many dealings in the Great Evolution Pass.

The two Eighth Order masters both liked to charge into battle and naturally had similar temperaments. They had known each other for thousands of years.

The number of Eighth Order cultivators in the Mysterious Nether Territory is not small, and the million strong army under their command was composed of a dozen or so Human Race pass remnants from the original Ink Battlefield.

These dozen or so human race passes included the Great Battle Pass and Great Evolution Pass.

Wei Junyang was the former Regiment Commander of the Great Battle Pass.

Over the past several hundred years, the armies of the Human Race’s various mountain passes had experienced the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction's battle, the No-Return Pass battle, and the Spatial Territory battle, all three battles. All of the armies had long been crippled.

As such, after the Human Race withdrew to the Star Boundary, the various armies were no longer organized and replaced with armies named after these dozen or so Great Domain Battlefields.

The Human Race army of Mysterious Nether Territory was the Mysterious Nether Army!

If the Mysterious Nether Territory were to fall, the Mysterious Nether Army would also be disbanded and divided into other armies.

Currently, Wei Junyang and Ouyang Lie were the Chiefs of the Mysterious Nether Army. Without the Ninth Order Open Heaven, the former Regiment Commanders would undoubtedly have the authority.

The two of them weren’t the only ones in charge, there were several other peak Eighth Order who were all Regiment Commander-level characters.

The two of them silently healed their wounds for a while before Ouyang Lie suddenly bared his teeth, “Innate Territory Lord is indeed difficult to deal with.”

Compared to the Territory Lords they had encountered on the Ink Battlefield, these Innate Territory Lords who had walked out of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction were far stronger.

On the other side of the Ink Battlefield, Ouyang Lie could easily kill a Territory Lord if he used his Secret Technique. Of course, he would definitely be seriously injured.

However, in the face of these Innate Territory Lords whose strength was on par with his own, his all-out attack was ineffective.

On the battlefield just now, he had fought an Innate Territory Lord to the death, causing both sides to suffer heavy losses and forcing him to retreat to recuperate.

He and Wei Junyang were both peak Eighth Order Human Race cultivators, so it was obvious how much pressure ordinary Eighth Order cultivators would face.

In the Ink Battlefield, the Eighth Order Human Race was generally stronger than Territory Lords, but now, the situation had reversed.

“It’s normal,” Wei Junyang nodded lightly, “It’s said that Innate Territory Lords are born directly from the Ink Nest and possess a trace of Black Ink’s Source Energy. At the cost of cutting off their own future, they control even greater strength.”

It was impossible for Innate Territory Lord to become a Royal Lord, but because of this, they were born with extremely powerful strength, comparable to the peak Eighth Order Human Race.

Ouyang Lie muttered, “I know all of this, but I just don’t like it!”

The Human Race had painstakingly cultivated to the Eighth Order, so how many years and how much risk did they need to take? The Black Ink Clan, on the other hand, could produce many Innate Territory Lords with just a single Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. All they needed was a large amount of resources and a small amount of Source Energy.

Although he regarded the Black Ink Clan as an enemy, he had to admit that the way the Black Ink Clan’s masters were born was simply too inexplicable.

After a moment of silence, Ouyang Lie asked, “What did the Head Office say?”

Wei Junyang sighed, “The other side has sent a message. If the Mysterious Nether Army can’t defeat them, they should be prepared to retreat.”

“Retreat again!” Ouyang Lie’s expression changed slightly, gritting his teeth as he cursed, “Retreating from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to the No-Return Pass, fron the No-Return Pass to the Spatial Territory, then retreating from the Spatial Territory to this place, they still want to retreat? If we retreat any further, how can the Human Race still have room to survive!? What are Big Head Mi and Big Head Xiang doing, each of them claiming to have a hundred tricks up their sleeves, can’t they think of a way to alleviate the situation here? Sooner or later, this old master will tear their heads off and use them as chamber pots.”

Wei Junyang slowly shook his head, “Losing to the Black Ink Clan is not a war crime. You also know the situation the Human Race is currently facing. In fact, if the Mysterious Nether Army evacuates, it won’t be without benefits. The battlefronts of the other dozen or so Great Domains are also quite tight. If the Mysterious Nether Army can split up to support the other Great Domains, perhaps they can stabilize the situation. If they give up one Mysterious Nether Territory, the other Great Domains will benefit. The Head Office should be considering this.”

Ouyang Lie sneered, “As the saying goes, there are gains and losses, right? Listening to their bullshit, if we abandon Mysterious Nether Territory today, we may abandon the Heavenly Wolf Territory tomorrow, but what about next time? Are we going to abandon the Twin Polar Territory as well? Why don’t we just abandon all the Great Domains and gather all the forces of the Human Race in High Heaven Territory? I believe the Black Ink Clan won’t be able to break through.”

Wei Junyang looked at him and said solemnly, “You and I both know that it’s not impossible!”

Ouyang Lie’s expression changed several times. Although he also knew that there was such a possibility, he was still… unwilling!

For hundreds of years, the hearts of the people had been scattered, and he didn’t want to withdraw anymore!

“Where are the reinforcements? The Mysterious Nether Army has a million soldiers, but there are only three hundred thousand here. Where are the others?” Ouyang Lie asked again.

Although he was one of the Chiefs of the Mysterious Nether Army, he had always been a man who did not care about anything. When a battle broke out, all he cared about was charging forward and killing his enemies. As for strategy, as long as he could kill his enemies, what kind of bullshit strategy is needed?

Therefore, he didn’t know much about the situation of the Mysterious Nether Army.

Wei Junyang sighed, “Although the Mysterious Nether Army has a million soldiers, after all these years, many has died, only about seven hundred thousand is left. The Domain Gate’s base needs to be guarded, and the other auxiliary battlefronts also need to be defended against the Black Ink Clan. We… don’t have any reinforcements here.”

Ouyang Lie opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he could only curse.

Wei Junyang said, “However, I’ve already sent a message to the Head Office to request reinforcements from the Holy Spirits. It should be here soon.”

“Holy Spirit…” Ouyang Lie raised his brow.

There were many Holy Spirits fighting side by side with the Human Race now. Not to mention the Holy Spirits who had originally followed the Dragon and Phoenix Clan to guard the No-Return Pass, there was also a large number of Holy Spirits who had emerged from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. More than a decade ago, a group of more than a hundred Holy Spirits had suddenly appeared outside the Star Boundary, shocking the Human Race powerhouses who had been guarding it.


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