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As their eyes met, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and made a gesture around his neck, threatening him in an extremely childish manner before plunging into the gate.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was about to explode!

His figure flickered as he tried to pursue, but he quickly regained his senses and his expression changed.

He couldn’t leave.

The No-Return Pass was now the most important base base of the Black Ink Clan. There were too many Royal Lord-level Ink Nest and Territory Lord-level Ink Nest here, and he is the only Royal Lord alive now. If he were to leave now, if something were to happen to the No-Return Pass, it would definitely shake the entire Black Ink Clan's momentum.

Therefore, although he really wanted to personally pursue and kill this Eighth Order Human Race master, he still suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

“Sir Royal Lord…” A Territory Lord stepped forward to ask for instructions.

The Royal Lord didn’t pursue the enemy, so they didn’t dare to do so. In this half a year, three of the Territory Lords had died under the hands of the Eighth Order Human Race's Spear, and this was the result of that person not deliberately attacking to kill them.

This person’s main objective was the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and all of the Black Ink Clan could see this. If he had deliberately ambushed and killed the Territory Lord these two times, the three Territory Lords would not have been the only ones to suffer.

The other party’s strength was beyond imagination.

If they were to pursue at this time without the Royal Lord taking the lead, what if the other party was lying in wait outside the gate?

No one wanted to die so easily.

However, if it was under the orders of the Royal Lord, they had no choice but to go.

Fortunately, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord also understood this point, especially after seeing Yang Kai’s tyrannical strength with his own eyes. Most of the Territory Lords on his side were injured, so after a brief struggle, he said, “There’s no need to chase him!”

The Territory Lords all felt like they had been granted amnesty.

Looking around, all the Territory Lords had heavy hearts.

The losses were simply too great.

Putting aside the fact that one of the Territory Lords had died in battle, there were also four Royal Lord-level Ink Nest destroyed, and more than a dozen Territory Lord-level Ink Nest had been razed to the ground.

Originally, only two Ink Nest had been destroyed by the Eighth Order Human Race master, but when the dazzling white light burst out, it instantly destroyed all the Ink Nest that were enveloped by the white light, including the other two Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

There were more than a dozen Territory Lords whose auras had fallen to the level of Feudal Lord, while the remaining Territory Lords who were illuminated by the white light had suffered some damage to their strength.

What made their hearts palpitate was that the Royal Lord’s aura seemed to have weakened significantly…

Half a year ago, that human had suddenly appeared, destroyed a total of five Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and killed two Territory Lords.

This time, although he had only destroyed four Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and killed one of the Territory Lords, the degree of destruction was even greater than last time.

This was not even counting the low-level Black Ink Clan members who had been enveloped by the light of purification.

All of the Black Ink Clan masters only had one question in their minds right now. What kind of method was it to have such a terrifying suppression on the Black Ink Clan?

They only saw the Human Race suddenly summon two armies of a million Small Stone Race soldiers, and then everything happened.

Now, the two Small Stone Race's clans, each with a million members, had been reduced to rubble, no longer existing.

Just as the Territory Lords were still in a state of shock, Yang Kai was already waiting outside the gate. Unfortunately, no one was chasing after him, causing him to feel quite disappointed.

After confirming that the Black Ink Clan did not dare to pursue him, Yang Kai slowly sealed the gate.

Although the Black Ink Clan still had methods to reopen this gate, they would have to pay a price, if he could cause some trouble for the enemy, Yang Kai is more than happy to do so.

After examining his gains and losses, Yang Kai was quite satisfied. The only thing he felt distressed about was losing two million Small Stone Race soldiers.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. If he wanted to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, he had to pay a price. The only method he could use to deal with the Royal Lord was to use a large number of Small Stone Race members to activate the Light of Purification, something even the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel couldn’t compare to.

Although the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was his most powerful Divine Ability, it did not have the ability to restrain the Black Ink Clan.

When the gate was sealed again, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. Although he had taken a great risk this time, his injuries weren’t light either. At the last moment, in order to activate the Sun and Moon power in the bodies of the Small Stone Race’s Territory Lords, he had no time to resist or dodge.

Although most of the attacks had been dispersed or weakened by the Light of Purification, there were still many Territory Lords who had attacked him at that time.

None of these injuries were fatal, so Yang Kai simply took some time to tend to them and didn’t deliberately try to heal them. Turning his head, he flew towards a certain direction, where he could hear a great commotion. Yang Kai had felt this when he passed through the gate.

The last time he had come to the Spatial Territory, the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan had engaged in a fierce battle, almost turning the entire domain into a battlefield.

Today, there were only traces left behind after the great battle.

As he flew forward, he saw many broken limbs, some from the Human Race, some from the Black Ink Clan, and many Human Race’s Battleship, and there were lots of big and small black in cloud.

Every once in a while, the loud noise would shake the entire Spatial Territory.

As Yang Kai moved forward, he became more aware of this disturbance.

At one point, Yang Kai stopped and looked into the distance, seeing two massive figures reflected in his vision.

These were two Giant Spiritual God.

One of them was A’ Er, while the other was the Ink Giant Spiritual God that had awakened from the Ancient Battlefield.

Although Yang Kai had guessed this when he had first noticed the disturbance, seeing it with his own eyes still shocked him.

These two… had been fighting for more than a hundred years, right? The armies of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan had all retreated from the Spatial Territory, but they had yet to determine a victor and were still fighting fiercely.

From the looks of it, it was unknown how long this battle would last.

However, it was fortunate that the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Er, had suddenly appeared and restrained this Ink Giant Spiritual God, otherwise the Human Race would have suffered a great loss in the Spatial Territory battlefield.

The battle between the two Giant Spiritual God was extremely violent. There were no Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques, only simple punches and kicks, but each strike was enough to shake the entire world. The space where they collided was extremely unstable, and massive cracks constantly appeared.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if this Spatial Territory would be broken if they continued fighting like this.

After observing for a moment, Yang Kai raised his hand to his mouth and breathed into his dantian, shouting, “A' Er, kill it!”

As if hearing Yang Kai’s shout, the hair on A' Er head immediately became fierce and his attacks became more ruthless.

Yang Kai chuckled and looked around for a moment before turning around and leaving.

He couldn’t interfere in the battle between the two Giant Spiritual God. Although he now had the cultivation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, he didn’t even have the qualifications to approach that battlefield. Only Ninth Order cultivators had the qualifications to interfere.

He still have a long way to go…

Half a day later, he arrived at another place in the void. This place was pitch black, but strangely enough, there was not the slightest trace of the Ink Force leaking out. All of its energy was condensed to the extreme.

The second Ink Giant Spiritual God was guarding this place!

This Ink Giant Spiritual God was none other than the one Lu An and the others had awakened from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

At this moment, the Ink Giant Spiritual God sat cross-legged in the void, its massive body as imposing as a Universe World, and in front of it was a gate that connected the Spatial Territory and another Great Domain.

The Great Domain on the other side was the Wind Mist Territory.

The Black Ink Clan’s army had also passed through this portal and slaughtered their way into the Wind Mist Territory from the Spatial Territory before fully invading the 3000 Worlds. It could be said that this was the starting point to the current state of the 3000 Worlds.

At that time, the gate had not been fully opened, and Yang Kai had rushed to the Wind Mist Territory in time to stop it. However, this Ink Giant Spiritual God had fought its way from the Shattered Heaven to the Spatial Territory, and a giant hand had ruthlessly pierced through the unopened gate, completely opening up a passage between the two worlds.

It was still maintaining its position of piercing its big hand through the passage.

Not because it wanted to, but because it couldn’t move.

Looking around, Yang Kai saw that on the half of the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm, there were countless mysterious runes, like snakes, climbing up its arm. These runes formed a giant chain that bound the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm that was used to pass through the passage between the two worlds.

From these profound runes, Yang Kai felt a familiar aura.

Calming his mind and sensing for a moment, he suddenly realized that this was Smiles Old Ancestor’s aura.

Not only Smiles Old Ancestor, but there was also another person whose aura was no weaker than Smiles Old Ancestor’s.

Wu Qing? Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. Currently, there were only two Ninth Order Human Race masters left, with the exception of Smiles Old Ancestor, there is only Wu Qing. In other words, these two Ninth Order masters were currently in the Wind Mist Territory and had used some kind of mysterious technique to lock this Ink Giant Spiritual God in place.

The two Ninth Order Human Race masters naturally weren’t a match for the Ink Giant Spiritual God, but Smiles and Wu Qing had chosen a good time to act. In the past, the two of them had ordered the Human Race’s army to withdraw from the Spatial Territory, and after making some arrangements, they immediately set off for Wind Mist Territory.

In order to break through the passage between the two worlds, the Ink Giant Spiritual God's arm which had been placed between the two Domain Barrier could not be easily retracted. Before the entire Black Ink Clan army withdrew from the Spatial Territory, the two of them finally arrived at the Wind Mist Territory and joined forces to completely seal this arm.

As such, it was able to restrain the Ink Giant Spiritual God, it could naturally choose to give up one of its arms and escape, but if it did so, its strength would be greatly reduced, so how could it be willing?

Therefore, for the past few decades, it had been fighting two Ninth Order Human Race masters.

It was naturally aware of Yang Kai’s arrival and was secretly surprised at how lucky this little brat was. In the past, there was a Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord who had rushed out from the Spatial Territory and personally chased after him, yet he had not died. It was obvious what kind of fate the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had suffered, but at the same time, it was also puzzled why he had come here.

The Ink Giant Spiritual God didn’t seem to care about Yang Kai. Right now, most of its attention was focused on the battle with the two Ninth Order Human Race masters, so how could it have the time to care about an ant like Yang Kai?

It ignored him, and Yang Kai didn’t pay it any mind, only narrowing his eyes slightly as he quietly felt everything around him.


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