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Xiang Shan didn’t beat around the bush and directly said, “Yang Kai, everyone should have heard his name before.”

Everyone suddenly understood.

Someone asked, “I heard he has already advanced to the Eighth Order?”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “Yes, Yang Kai is already an Eighth Order. When Ouyang Lie and the others were able to return from the Ink Battlefield, it was Yang Kai who led them.”

The person who spoke said, “Even if he has broken through to the Eighth Order, he is only a newly promoted Eighth Order cultivator. The No-Return Pass has a Royal Lord and Territory Lords guarding it. How could he do such a thing alone?”

Although this person knew Yang Kai and had long heard of his name, he was not familiar with Yang Kai, so it was inevitable that he would have such doubts.

Mi Jinglun thought in his heart that this Eighth Order was no ordinary Eighth Order. Killing a Territory Lord was no different from slaughtering chickens and dogs, and his strength was no weaker than everyone present.

He had heard a lot of shocking information from Ouyang Lie, but because this information was quite important, he had suppressed it. Now, not many people knew about this, including Yang Kai’s own strength!

This was also a form of protection to prevent Yang Kai from being exposed to the eyes of the Black Ink Clan’s masters and being targeted by the enemy.

But now, even if he, Mi Jinglun, wanted to protect Yang Kai, this little brat was not someone who would keep a low profile. Now that he had run all the way to the No-Return Pass to destroy the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, how could the Black Ink Clan not see him as a thorn in their side?

After pondering for a moment, Mi Jinglun said, “It may be difficult for him to accomplish this by himself, but don’t forget, even if he is acting alone, it doesn’t mean he has no help.”

An Eighth Order cultivator suddenly understood, “Small Stone Race’s army!”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “That’s right. When Yang Kai first appeared in the various Great Domains and refined those Universe Worlds, he even provided the cultivators of those Great Domains with many Small Stone Race armies as protection. These Small Stone Race armies were of great help, so without their escort, the number of cultivators who evacuated from the various Great Domains would definitely not be small. According to our calculations, the number of Small Stone Race armies he sent out has reached thirty million, with nearly a hundred of them equivalent to Eighth Order Human Race masters!”

Although everyone already knew this information, when Mi Jinglun brought it up again, everyone was still shocked.

Thirty million Small Stone Race soldiers…

There's still the hundred Small Stone Race equivalent to an Eighth Order Human Race master.

There were even more comparable to Seventh Order, Sixth Order, Fifth Order…

Everyone was curious as to how Yang Kai had managed to cultivate such a Small Stone Race to produce such a powerful force.

They had already investigated the origins of the Small Stone Race. It was a strange creature born from a Universe World in a new Great Domain in the neighboring Star Boundary. In the vast universe, only that Universe World had such a creature, and no one had seen it anywhere else.

However, they had also investigated the Small Stone Race before. All of them were dumb, lacking intelligence, and weak. Compared to the Small Stone Race Yang Kai had gifted them, they were like two different races.

Less than half of the thirty million strong Small Stone Race army was left, and the other half had already been destroyed in the battle with the Black Ink Clan. Even so, this more than ten million strong Small Stone Race army was an indispensable force for the Human Race, especially since they were not afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force and were not afraid of death in battle. These characteristics often allowed them to gain a great advantage in battle with the Black Ink Clan.

Currently, the Small Stone Race’s army had already made a name for themselves on various battlefields, and the Human Race had also found some methods to control them. Although they weren’t perfect, they were much better than before.

It wasn’t like in the beginning, when someone summoned the Small Stone Race in their hands to fight the enemy, after the Small Stone Race killed all of the Black Ink Clan, they couldn’t take it back, making it quite awkward…

The loss of the thirty million Small Stone Race soldiers was so great because of the Human Race’s previous mismanagement, but after the Human Race found some methods to control them, the losses became much smaller.

Since Yang Kai was able to gift them thirty million Small Stone Race soldiers, it meant that he definitely had some left. With his own strength and the support of the Small Stone Race, it was not impossible for him to destroy some of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the No-Return Pass.

In this current situation, the Human Race had barely managed to stabilize themselves and had withdrawn all of their forces to resist the Black Ink Clan in more than a dozen battlefields, but they were only able to protect themselves and were unable to launch any effective counterattacks.

However, Yang Kai was all alone, yet he had turned the situation in the No-Return Pass upside down. Compared to him, these veteran Eighth Order masters felt somewhat ashamed.

“What a pity!” Someone sighed.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai had broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven back then. Even after consuming a Mid Rank World Fruit, his current Eighth Order realm was already his limit. Wanting to break through to the Ninth Order was difficult.

The Universe Furnace is elusive, and no one knew when it would appear. Even if it did appear, it would likely be a bloody storm, and the Black Ink Clan would definitely not allow the Human Race to easily obtain it.

“This little brat… how could he not be from the Cave Heaven Paradise?” Another Eighth Order cultivator asked. [MSN: No, the question is, why you force people to advance to 6th order if you were to recruit them. Why not let him advance to 7th order.]

Back then, Yang Kai clearly had the qualifications to directly break through to the Seventh Order, but in the end, he was forced to break through to the Fifth Order. Everyone knew why.

Looking at it now, the suppression at that time was a big mistake, but according to the unwritten rules of the Cave Heaven Paradise, it was indeed necessary to suppress it. Of course, there were also some people who had their own selfish motives.

However, if this boy came from the Cave Heaven Paradise, who would suppress him and not treat him like a treasure? If he were to directly break through to the Seventh Order, with his cultivation speed, he might even reach the peak of the Eighth Order and reach the Ninth Order.

Once he broke through to the Ninth Order Open Heaven, he would definitely be able to achieve great things.

Xiang Shan gently knocked on the table and said, “There’s no need to say anything further, what does Brother Mi mean by this?”

Mi Jinglun’s expression became solemn as he said, “When Yang Kai was in the Great Evolution Army, I had a lot of contact with him. This child is not someone ordinary people can compare to. To my Human Race, he is also a great contributor. Without him, there would be no such thing as the Light of Purification, no Expelling Black Ink Battleship, and no Expelling Black Ink Pill. Now that he is alone in the No-Return Pass, should I send someone to pick him up?”

Pausing for a moment, Mi Jinglun said, “This little brat is quite bold, I’m afraid if something happens to him… the Human Race may lose an important talent!”

“Pick him up? How are we supposed to do that? What’s more, the frontlines of the various territories are currently tight, and our Human Race is barely able to protect ourselves, so how can we deploy too many people?” An Eighth Order immediately refuted. He wasn’t deliberately trying to argue with Mi Jinglun, he was simply stating the truth.

At the moment, the Human Race’s various armies had pulled back their defensive lines and opened up a battlefield to resist the Black Ink Clan in more than a dozen Great Domains, so their situation was not very good.

The others also nodded.

Someone said, “If we want to pick up an Eighth Order like him, we need to send out at least a few Eighth Order masters, but in the various battlefields, Eighth Order masters are indispensable. Where can we send them?”

Mi Jinglun remained silent for a moment before saying, “If there is no way to adjust, we might as well give up a battlefield!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expressions changed drastically, and the one who spoke stared at Mi Jinglun in disbelief, “Brother Mi, do you think that Yang Kai’s safety is more important than the gains and losses of the battlefields?”

Now, in these dozen or so battlefields, countless soldiers had poured their blood into each of these battlefields and piled up their corpses, none of which could be easily abandoned.

Mi Jinglun’s proposal was truly shocking.

Mi Jinglun shook his head and said, “Giving up a Domain Battlefield doesn’t mean Yang Kai is more important than the Domain Battlefield, it’s just that the Human Race is currently in a weakened state. If we give up a single one, the pressure will be lessened. Moreover, don’t forget, in this world, only Yang Kai can use the Light of Purification.”

The Eighth Order master remained silent for a moment before their Divine Sense surged and they began communicating.

Xiang Shan looked at Mi Jinglun helplessly. This was supposed to be a normal meeting, but in the end, Mi Jinglun had actually proposed to give up a battlefield. This was no small matter.

If this proposal was really accepted, it would definitely arouse the dissatisfaction of many people.

So many soldiers had died on the battlefield, fellow disciples in the same sect, their friends and family, who didn’t want to take revenge, who is willing to retreat?

Even if they went to another battlefield and still fought with the Black Ink Clan, the feeling was different.

If anything went wrong today, Mi Jinglun’s reputation would be tarnished.

During this time, Xiang Shan greatly missed the Light of Purification that Yang Kai had created. Now that the Human Race’s battlefront was in a tight spot, it had something to do with the Light of Purification. Currently, most of the Human Race’s Light of Purification had been consumed. Only one Expelling Black Ink Battleship had a bit of Light of Purification, which Xiang Shan and the others had deliberately left behind in case of emergencies. For example, if an important figure was being corroded by the Ink Force, so it would not be used in normal times.

Although the Expelling Black Ink Pill also had the ability to expel the Ink Force, the Expelling Black Ink Pill was far inferior to the Light of Purification.

As a result, when the Human Race’s soldiers fought with the Black Ink Clan, they felt somewhat restrained.

'This little bastard, since he didn’t die, he should quickly come back and create the Light of Purification. Why is he jumping around in the No-Return Pass?!'

In the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai sneaked all the way outside No-Return Pass.

It had been half a year since he had destroyed the five Royal Lord-level Ink Nests. During this half a year, his injuries had completely healed, but now that he had returned, the security outside the No-Return Pass was extremely tight.

Along the way, he had encountered many patrol teams from the Black Ink Clan, many of which led by a Feudal Lords, and there were even several Territory Lords who were constantly patrolling the area.

The Black Ink Clan was too careful! Yang Kai thought to himself.

What he didn’t know was that the last time he made a mess in the No-Return Pass, he had caused the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to fly into a rage. Now, not to mention the Territory Lords, even he himself had been guarding the No-Return Pass and hadn’t gone to the Ink Nest to recuperate, just in case Yang Kai attacked again.

The Black Ink Clan being so cautious made Yang Kai feel that things were quite difficult.

Originally, he had wanted to take action a few more times and destroy as many of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest as possible, but now it seemed that this would be his last time.

Since that was the case, it was time to make a last stand!


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