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Yang Kai didn’t really care. It was best if he had a chance to act, but if he didn’t, he would return to the 3000 Worlds.

This secret Void Tunnel had played a great role in recent years.

What he needed to do now was to focus on healing his injuries.

He had completely hidden himself, while the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield had been bustling with activity for a long time, but from beginning to end, they had not gained anything.

This made the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord feel like he had a fish bone stuck in his throat. Knowing sthat such an enemy is eyeing the No-Return Pass, he is definitely not his opponent, but he couldn’t find where he was hiding, causing him to feel extremely depressed.

The existence of this Eighth Order Human Race was like a sharp blade hanging above his head, ready to fall at any moment. The consequences of this were so great that none of the Territory Lords, including him, dared to enter a deep sleep to recuperate. All they could do was drag their injured bodies and wait.

Half a year after Yang Kai destroyed the five Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, in a Great Domain adjacent to the Star Boundary, the Human Race Army's Head Office received information from various Great Domain.

This domain had not even had its own name in the Universe Chart before, only a number of E-39.

There were many Great Domains like this in the 3000 Worlds because these Great Domains did not have any outstanding Martial Dao. Even if there were some Universe Worlds, the cultivators in those Universe Worlds would not be able to break free from their shackles and could not cross the void.

There were even some Great Domains where there were no human race living there.

The Star Boundary’s Great Domain used to be like this, but now, because the Star Boundary itself was famous and the strongest Sect in the Star Boundary was High Heaven Palace, it was named High Heaven Territory.

Several dozen years had passed since the Black Ink Clan had opened a channel between the Spatial Territory and Wind Mist Territory and invaded the 3000 Worlds.

Under the orders of the two Ninth Order Human Race masters, Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing, the Human Race’s army evacuated from the Spatial Territory and dispersed to various Great Domains to preside over the evacuation and migration of the various forces there.

Now that they had all evacuated, those who needed to evacuate had also moved.

With the help of the various armies of the Human Race, most of the forces had arrived safely in High Heaven Territory, but many of them had suffered losses, just like the Sea Devouring Territory's side. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s assistance at that time, not many cultivators in the entire Great Domain would have survived.

There were even some who were being pursued by the Black Ink Clan’s army on their way out.

Although there were still some people who had been delayed for various reasons, the overall situation had stabilized.

The Human Race’s armies were also scattered across the dozen or so Great Domains with High Heaven Territory as the center, fighting against the Black Ink Clan’s armies. There were countless battles of all sizes, and at almost every moment, the Black Ink Clan and Human Race’s soldiers fell.

There were also many elites from the Human Race who had banded together to create trouble in the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan and kill powerful enemies.

Because the E-39 Territory was adjacent to the Star Boundary and was the only entrance to the Star Boundary, the Human Race’s army had made it their last stop.

The Head Office of the Army was set up on a Universe World in this Great Domain.

The Human Race had never had a Head Office like this before. On the Ink Battlefield, all the mountain passes were divided and no one could give orders. Only the North, South, East, and West Army who have their own military office.

However, now that the Human Race’s main army could no longer fight alone, they naturally needed a place to give orders.

This was how the Head Office was established.

There were several Chief and more than a dozen Deputy Chief in the Head Office, all of whom were peak Eighth Order Open Heaven masters of the Human Race, all of whom Regiment Commander figures.

With Smiles Old Ancestor and Old Wu Qing Old Ancestor restraining the Ink Giant Spiritual God and had no time for other matters, these dozen or so Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were the leaders of the Human Race army.

The arrangements for the war with the Black Ink Clan, the adjustments of the various defensive lines, and the allocation of personnel were all issued from the Head Office.

The former Regiment Commander of the Great Evolution Army’s Eastern Army, Xiang Shan, and the Northern Army's Regiment Commander, Mi Jinglun, were now one of the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Head Office.

On this day, more than ten Eighth Order masters gathered together to discuss the war. After a brief discussion, they quickly came up with a plan and passed down orders.

Xiang Shan turned his head and looked around, “If there’s nothing else, you may leave.”

These dozen or so Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators had not been stationed here all this time. All of them were top Eighth Order Human Race masters, so naturally they would often hunt down Black Ink Clan masters, but generally speaking, most Eighth Order masters were required to stay behind, making it easier for them to discuss countermeasures in emergency situations.

Xiang Shan received information a few days ago that a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was alone. These past few days, he has been planning to kill the other party. The last few days are the best time, so if there is nothing to do here, he will leave.

All of the Chief and Deputy Chief were silent, indicating that nothing was wrong. Mi Jinglun, on the other hand, raised his hand and said, “Please wait a moment, I’ve received some interesting news a few days ago. Please take a look.”

Saying so, he raised his hand and shot out a stream of light.

The Eighth Order masters received it and found that it was a jade slip. As they immersed themselves in examining it, one of them soon raised his brow and asked, “The Black Ink Clan’s self-destruct without being attacked?”

The jade slip recorded information about the sudden collapse of many Ink Nests in the various Great Domains. Most of these collapsed Ink Nests were Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest, with a small number being Territory Lord-level Ink Nest.

Moreover, there were quite a lot of them, scattered throughout over a hundred Great Domains.

Xiang Shan’s expression changed as he looked up, “When did you receive this news?”

Mi Jinglun replied, “Ten days ago.”

The many Chief and Deputy Chief each have their important position and role, and intelligence gathering is Mi Jinglun's responsibility, so he was the first to know about this news.

An Eighth Order asked, “Is the news accurate?”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “I can confirm that it’s true. Some of these things were discovered by the hunting team on the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan, while others were found in the dozen or so Great Domains occupied by the Black Ink Clan. There’s no way to confirm whether it’s true or not, but I’ve already sent people to investigate those dozen or so Great Domains, and it is accurate.”

The so-called hunting team he was referring to was a small team formed by many Human Race masters who had ventured deep into the Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan to hunt down the Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Some of these hunting team were incomplete squads formed by various armies, while many of them were cultivators who had been recruited from second-class forces.

These cultivators from the second-class forces had never participated in a large-scale war before and were more accustomed to having a small number of people fighting together, so the Head Office allowed them to do as they pleased. In particular, now that the Cave Heaven Paradise no longer restricted cultivators from the second-class forces, many second-class forces had broken through to the Seventh Order.

The existence of these hunting team was a great loss to the Black Ink Clan every year.

However, because they had a small number of people, most of them were in groups of a dozen or so, once they encountered the Black Ink Clan’s army, it would be quite dangerous.

Correspondingly, with fewer people, it was easier to act freely, everything had their advantages and disadvantages.

The range of movement of the hunting teams was generally a Great Domain occupied by the Black Ink Clan. Half a year ago, many of the hunting teams had witnessed the destruction of the Ink Nest on the Universe World, so they had thought of a way to send information back.

At the same time, a similar situation occurred in the dozens of Great Domains where the Human Race’s army and the Black Ink Clan’s army were fighting. Some of the Ink Nest had collapsed for no reason, and many soldiers could clearly see it.

Mi Jinglun was responsible for intelligence, so no one doubted his words.

An Eighth Order master's eyes lit up as he asked, “Have you counted the number of Ink Nest? How many Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest and Territory Lord-level Ink Nest is there?”

Mi Jinglun replied, “For the time being, the total number is 637 Feudal Lord-level and 13 Territory Lord-level. This is only the number that has been discovered, and what we can discover is only a small portion.”

There are more that were difficult for the Human Race to discover.

He turned his head and looked around, “I’m sure everyone here knows what this means.”

If it was just a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest that had self-destructed, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It just meant that a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest had been destroyed, but a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest had also self-destructed, so the information it revealed was quite significant.

Xiang Shan said solemnly, “The Human Race have yet to discover any traces of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the various battlefields so far, so we speculate that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Ink Nest should have been left behind in the No-Return Pass. For the Black Ink Clan, the No-Return Pass is very safe. Now that the Human Race has no way to protect themselves, who can still go to the No-Return Pass to find trouble with them? Now it seems that someone destroyed the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the No-Return Pass, which is why those Territory Lord-level Ink Nest and Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest self-destruct. Who is the person doing this?”

Mi Jinglun replied, “Although we can’t be certain about the situation over there, according to Ouyang Lie, there is a Royal Lord overseeing the No-Return Pass. To be able to stir up trouble under the eyes of that Royal Lord is no ordinary person.”

Ouyang Lie followed Yang Kai into the Spatial Territory from the No-Return Pass, so he naturally understood the situation there more than anyone else. He had also told Mi Jinglun about the whole situation.

An Eighth Order master speculated, “Could it be that Smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing Old Ancestor have taken action?”

Another person shook his head and refuted, “The two Old Ancestors are currently restraining that Ink Giant Spiritual God, so it’s impossible for them to go to the No-Return Pass. If that’s the case, it means that the Ink Giant Spiritual God has been dealt with by them, so there should be some news about it.”

The group of people discussed amongst themselves, but there was really no way to confirm anything. Based on the information they had just received, the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest on the No-Return Pass's side is definitely destroyed, which was why so many Territory Lord-level Ink Nest and Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest had self-destructed.

But it was impossible to know who this person is, whether it was a person or a group of people.

Xiang Shan suddenly raised his head and glanced at Mi Jinglun. The two’s eyes met and both of them saw what the other was thinking.

“Don’t tell me… it’s that boy!”

Of all the people they knew, none of them could do such a thing, but if it was that boy, perhaps there was a possibility.

Immediately, an Eighth Order asked, “Brother Xiang, who is this kid you’re talking about? He actually has such ability.”


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