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Although he didn’t find any trace of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, Yang Kai was certain that he is in the No-Return Pass.

To the Black Ink Clan, this place was their most important place right now. If the only remaining Royal Lord doesn't guard this place, where else can he go?

Was this guy healing?

Last time, Yang Kai had summoned the corpse of the Azure Void Pass’s Old Ancestor and fought with the Royal Lord. Although the Azure Void Pass’s Old Ancestor had died, the methods he had left behind before his death still allowed him to possess the combat strength of a Ninth Order master.

In that battle, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to escape unscathed. He must have been injured.

The best way for the Black Ink Clan’s masters to heal their injuries was to hibernate in the Ink Nest. In other words, the Royal Lord was definitely in a certain Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. After all, it had only been a few dozen years since that battle.

As for which one it was, Yang Kai couldn’t be certain. After observing it for a few days, he could tell that there were more than a hundred Royal Lord-level Ink Nest here.

This was also in line with the information the Human Race had obtained before. Many Royal Lords had emerged from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, but many of them had been killed and the Human Race had paid a great price for this.

At the end of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction battle, the number of Royal Lords remaining was around a hundred, corresponding to the hundred or so Royal Lord-level Ink Nests.

Right now, almost all of the Royal Lords had died, but the Ink Nest remained and became ownerless. In the future, if the Black Ink Clan matured, they would be able to enter these Ink Nests and become these Ink Nest's master after promoting to Royal Lord.

At this moment, each time a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest was destroyed, the chances of the Black Ink Clan producing a Royal Lord in the future would decrease.

Determining that the Royal Lord should be recuperating, Yang Kai observed more carefully.

The amount of energy required for the Royal Lord to heal his injuries must be enormous. Since this was the case, Yang Kai wanted to find out where the Royal Lord was, he didn’t want the Royal Lord to suddenly appear in front of him.

Although there were many Black Ink Clan in the No-Return Pass, the defenses weren’t very tight, this was only natural. Now that the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds and the Human Race was in a terrible situation, who would come here?

What’s more, they would have to pass through the Spatial Territory if they want to come here. There is still the Ink Giant Spiritual God guarding that place, so the Human Race wouldn’t be able to easily pass through.

No one from the Black Ink Clan's side could have imagined that not far away from the No-Return Pass, there was another Eighth Order Human Race master eyeing them.

Yang Kai didn’t become impatient. This operation was extremely important, so he had to wait patiently.

In the blink of an eye, several months passed.

After several months of observation, Yang Kai had roughly determined the location of the Ink Nest where the Royal Lord resided, because compared to the other Ink Nests, these Ink Nests required a massive amount of resources. Almost every few days, the Black Ink Clan would send in a large amount of resources.

Although the other Ink Nests also had supplies being delivered, there were also new Black Ink Clan that had emerged from them. This was not limited to the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, it is the same for the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest.

Only a few Royal Lord-level Ink Nests had not given birth to a new Black Ink Clan.

With such a massive supply of resources and no Black Ink Clan being born, where could these resources go? They were obviously used by the Black Ink Clan’s masters to heal themselves.

Yang Kai noted down the distribution of the several Royal Lord-level Ink Nest before beginning to choose his target.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to take action too many times, and the first time he did, he would definitely reap the most benefits because the Black Ink Clan would never have thought that a Human Race master would attack at this time.

As such, this was the first time he made a move, so he had to destroy as many Ink Nest as possible.

For this reason, Yang Kai even changed his hiding spot several times to observe the distribution of the Ink Nests.

Several days later, he finally found his target.

It was a human race mountain pass about thirty thousand kilometers away from the No-Return Pass. Yang Kai didn’t know which one it was, but the reason he had chosen this mountain pass was because there were two Royal Lord-level Ink Nests standing atop it.

The other mountain passes only had a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest or a few Territory Lord-level Ink Nest at most, so their value wasn’t high.

This meant that as long as he acted quickly enough, he would at least be able to destroy these two Royal Lord-level Ink Nests in an instant. Moreover, there were also some pieces of Universe World nearby this mountain pass, and on one of these pieces, there was also a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Therefore, if his luck was good, he would be able to destroy three Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, and some Territory Lord-level Ink Nest.

Having determined his target, Yang Kai no longer hesitated, nor did he need to make any preparations, nor did he need to sneak in.

The Space Principle fluctuated wildly as he instantly arrived above the mountain pass from his hiding place. The Azure Dragon Spear had long since been drawn out as it was slashed down.

Now that he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, the power he displayed was extraordinary.

Under the stimulation of the World Force, the sky was filled with spear images that almost enveloped the entire mountain pass.

In the mountain pass, many of the newly born Black Ink Clan members who were cultivating with the Ink Force around the Ink Nest were instantly killed or injured. No one survive under the Feudal Lord-level, and even the Feudal Lord was unable to resist the power of this spear. Even if they didn’t die, they would still be injured. As for the two Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, they were instantly reduced to countless pieces and scattered everywhere.

The rich Ink Force stored inside the Ink Nest suddenly exploded, and from a distance, it looked like two giant black ink clouds were rapidly sweeping outwards.

After Yang Kai’s first spear strike succeeded, he instantly pounced towards the nearby third Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

At the same time, inside a Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, a majestic will awakened from its slumber and a figure several zhang tall swept out from it and rushed towards Yang Kai.

The Royal Lord’s reaction was incredibly fast, even faster than Yang Kai had anticipated. He had only just succeeded when the other party had already rushed out.

Looking at it this way, even if this Royal Lord was still injured, it shouldn’t be a big problem, otherwise it would be impossible for him to react so quickly.

From afar, a sharp aura locked Yang Kai in place. Before the Royal Lord arrived, a powerful Divine Sense poured towards Yang Kai like a tidal wave, obviously wanting to use this Divine Sense to kill him.

If it was an ordinary Eighth Order master, even if they didn’t die, they would definitely be intimidated by the other party. However, Yang Kai only felt a slight chill in his mind before he completely dispelled the Divine Sense impact of the Royal Lord. Without stopping, he arrived in front of the third Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the blink of an eye.

In the distance, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he roared, “Damn ant, you’re destined to be torn to pieces!”

He immediately recognized this Eighth Order Human Race cultivator who had suddenly appeared in the No-Return Pass, the one who had killed his way through the Ink Battlefield several decades ago and then returned from the Spatial Territory Battlefield to seal the gate.

He had a deep impression of Yang Kai. After all, it was rare for an Eighth Order Human Race master to make him suffer such a loss.

Over the past few years, he had sent a Black Ink Clan master into the Ink Battlefield to search for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but unfortunately, he had found nothing.

What he didn’t know was that after Yang Kai had escaped from the Ink Battlefield, he had taken Ji Old Third through that hidden Void Tunnel and returned to the Black Territory, thinking that he had been hiding somewhere in the Ink Battlefield.

Unexpectedly, this Eighth Order Human Race master had once again appeared and destroyed two of the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. From the looks of it, he wanted to destroy the third one.

How could he tolerate this?

Right now, these Royal Lord-level Ink Nests, were the last thing the Black Ink Clan could rely on. Destroying any one of them was an incalculable loss, because it wasn’t just the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest that had been destroyed, but also the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest and Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest that had been born from it.

This Royal Lord’s injuries were indeed not fully healed, but there was nothing serious about them. After discovering Yang Kai’s identity, he immediately used his powerful Divine Sense to attack him, what surprised him was that this Eighth Order Human Race master acted as if nothing had happened. This attack should have cause him to panic, at least hurting him, but it was completely ineffective.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had arrived above the third Royal Lord-level Ink Nest. Just as he was about to attack, a thin, bamboo-like Black Ink Clan master flew out from the Ink Nest, his aura shockingly belonging to a Territory Lord-level.

However, compared to the completely intact Territory Lord, this bamboo-like Territory Lord’s aura was clearly somewhat weak, and Yang Kai could even see traces of Dao scars on his body.

He instantly understood that this Territory Lord was injured, which was why he was recuperating in the Ink Nest.

Normally, when Territory Lords healed their injuries, they could only choose their own Territory Lord-level Ink Nest. It wasn’t easy to enter the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest, but now that there were so many Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in the No-Return Pass, and all of them were ownerless, he naturally had a chance to enter.

Although the bamboo-like Territory Lord had yet to recover from his injuries, his status as an Innate Territory Lord was enough to pose a threat to Yang Kai. As long as he could stall for time, the Royal Lord would arrive.

This Territory Lord obviously knew this, so as soon as he appeared, he stretched out his hand to capture Yang Kai.

It wasn’t just a single hand, but more than a dozen. On either side of the Territory Lord's body, there were nine arms in two rows.

The dozen or so big hands seemed to blot out the sky and earth, possessing a shocking sealing effect.

At this critical juncture, Yang Kai didn’t retreat but instead advanced, a cold light flashing across his eyes as he took out a Soul Shattering Spike.

Yang Kai had long since become accustomed to the pain of his Soul being torn apart, so he thrust his spear forward without changing his expression.

The bamboo-like Territory Lord had never expected Yang Kai to go all out and use such a powerful killing move as soon as he attack. In a moment of carelessness, his Soul trembled as if it had been stabbed by countless needle, causing him to howl in pain. He was already seriously injured and his strength had fallen greatly. Now that he had been struck by the Soul Shattering Spike, how could he fight back?

Yang Kai fly with his spear, brushed past him, and ruthlessly thrust his spear towards the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest in front of him. On the tip of the spear, a great sun burst open.

After stabbing this spear, Yang Kai fled into the distance without even turning back.

With the arrival of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, if he didn’t leave now, it was likely he wouldn’t be able to escape. Not to mention, he could feel powerful auras coming from the other side of the Ink Nest. It was obvious that the Black Ink Clan masters who were healing their injuries in the Ink Nest had been alarmed.

Not far behind him, the head of the bamboo-like Territory Lord flew high into the air, blood spurting from his neck…

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s Divine Sense attacked again, and at the same time, a violent force struck Yang Kai’s back, causing him to tumble and cough up blood.

However, with the help of this force, he was able to quickly pulled a little distance away.


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