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Yang Kai sighed and said, “Since you understand, you should know why I brought you here. Make a choice. Do you want to stay here and guard this place for the benefit of the common people, or do you want to leave?”

Wu Kuang glanced at the Azure Dragon Spear in Yang Kai’s hand and his eyes twitched, “If I say I don’t want to stay, are you going to stab me to death?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “How could that be? Shi is Shi, you’re you, you can’t mix the two together. Shi is one of the Ten Martial Ancestors, one who holds the world in his heart and guards the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction for hundreds of thousands of years. Even when he is on the verge of death, he is still a role model of our generation. You, Wu Kuang, are notorious throughout the world and your reputation in the Star Boundary is enough to stop children from crying at night. If you say you don’t want to stay, I can understand. After all, guarding this place isn’t something that can be done in a day or two. It may be thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years! Many years of loneliness isn’t something anyone can bear.”

A cold light flashed across the Azure Dragon Spear.

Wu Kuang sneered, “Don’t give me that! You spent more than a decade bringing this King here, if I dare say no, I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive today.”

Yang Kai said firmly, “No, I’m afraid you have some misunderstanding about me.”

Wu Kuang coldly snorted and turned to look towards the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, laughing loudly, “However, there’s no need for you to threaten me, this King will guard this place!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “I won’t force you.”

Wu Kuang shook his head and said, “There’s no need to force me. If this King is unwilling, you can kill me and this King still won’t stay. This is… this King’s own choice.”

Yang Kai immediately put away his Azure Dragon Spear, his expression solemn as he bowed towards Wu Kuang, “Senior is truly a noble and virtuous man. Yang Kai thanks Senior on behalf of all the trillions of people in this world. If we can eliminate Black Ink one day, Senior will be honored!”

Wu Kuang snorted coldly.

When he had nothing to do, he would call him Wu Kuang, but now he was calling him Senior. This little brat’s skin was extraordinarily thick.

Yang Kai continued, “May I ask Senior, why are you willing to endure thousands of years of loneliness and be willing to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Wu Kuang glanced at him, knowing that this little brat was still worried about him lying. After all, guarding the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction is not a joke. Once he left, Wu Kuang could find an opportunity to leave, so he immediately said lightly, “Fine, I’ll just take it as a way to appease you. This King’s current cultivation is only at the Seventh Order Open , so although I can barely be considered a threat, I’m still not strong enough. You know more about the characteristics of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law than anyone else, so this King can use it to rapidly increase my cultivation. In this vast universe, is there any place that can compare to the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction?”

Yang Kai immediately understood, “You want to swallow Black Ink’s power?”

Wu Kuang smiled evilly, “Black Ink’s power is the essence of the Black Ink Clan. If I can swallow a bit of it, it’ll be much stronger than if this King were to kill some of the Territory Lords outside.”

Yang Kai praised, “Senior really has great foresight.”

“Don’t flatter me, there’s no point.”

Yang Kai continued, “Although Black Ink is currently in a deep sleep, I don’t know when he will wake up. Senior’s cultivation is currently at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, so even if Senior is willing to guard the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, how much of its power can you display?”

This was a very realistic problem. Wu Kuang's Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation probably couldn’t even display a tenth of the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction. If that was the case, he might not even be able to trap Black Ink.

Wu Kuang proudly declared, “In three thousand years, this King can advance to the Ninth Order. As long as Black Ink doesn’t wake up within three thousand years, there won’t be too much of a problem.”

Three thousand years, advancing from the Seventh Order to the Ninth Order. In this world, only Wu Kuang dared to boast like this.

However, for Wu Kuang who cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, it was not necessarily a lie. He was confident he could use the power of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction to swallow Black Ink’s power.

Once Wu Kuang really broke through to the Ninth Order, he would be able to completely control the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction.

After all, he was not an ordinary cultivator, but a reincarnation of Shi. This Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction was created by Shi together with his nine old friends, so he was more familiar with this Great Restriction than anyone else in the world.

Three thousand years was a hurdle.

This is the hurdle for Wu Kuang, and it was the same for the Human Race.

Three thousand years later, even if Wu Kuang was able to break through to the Ninth Order and completely control the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, if the Human Race didn’t have the corresponding strength, they wouldn’t be able to find the World's First Light.

Yang Kai nodded, “Then I wish Senior a long and successful Martial Dao.”

“That First Light…” Wu Kuang frowned, “Have you seen Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer?”

When he asked about the First Light, Yang Kai only said that it was not something he needed to worry about.

However, now that Wu Kuang had obtained the Soul Remnant of Shi, combined with his life’s experiences, it wasn’t surprising that he was able to guess the relationship between Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer with that First Light.

“I have seen them.”

“What did the two of them say?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “They're also not clear, but the only thing that can be determined now is that those two really do have some kind of relationship with that First Light. Perhaps they were separated from that First Light, but when I asked them to try to fuse together, it didn’t have any effect. There’s still one key point missing.”

Wu Kuang frowned.

There was one key point missing. If he couldn’t figure out what this key was, he would never be able to find it.

Turning his head to look in the direction of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Wu Kuang hesitated for a moment before saying, “Do you know why Shi took the risk to reincarnate? When he reincarnated, he didn’t reach the end of his lifespan yet. If he hadn’t done so, he would have had at least a few hundred thousand years to live, but he just gave up.”

Yang Kai’s spirits were immediately lifted. Although he had heard many ancient secrets from Cang, he had never personally experienced that era. Now that Wu Kuang suddenly asked this question, Yang Kai vaguely felt that he was about to learn another incredible secret.

Immediately, he said solemnly, “Please enlighten me, Senior.”

“If you want to completely destroy Black Ink, finding the World's First Light is one of the way to do so, but back then, Shi already had a premonition that this World's First Light would never be found, so he can only take the second path.” He turned to look at Yang Kai and said solemnly, “If you have the same realm as Black Ink or surpass it, you can destroy it with absolute strength!”

Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly, “What realm is Black Ink?”

Wu Kuang said, “Black Ink possesses the power of creation, it’s the World Creation realm!” He sighed, “This realm is also the realm that Shi and the other nine have been pursuing, but unfortunately they failed to reach it.”

Yang Kai was slightly dazed as he muttered, “World Creation Realm!”

He still remembered that when he had followed a group of Ninth Order Old Ancestors to pay a visit to Cang, the Old Ancestors had also asked about Cang's cultivation realm. Cang had said that he was still only a Ninth Order, but he had gone further than the others.

At that time, Yang Kai had vaguely guessed that there was a higher realm above the Ninth Order.

Now, Wu Kuang had confirmed that there was indeed a higher realm above the Ninth Order, the World Creation Realm!

Black Ink is at the World Creation Realm. It was able to create a Royal Lord, Territory Lord, and even Ink Giant Spiritual God. This was the power of a Creator.

“When Mu entered the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction in the past, she saw the power of Black Ink and knew that it was only a matter of time before it broke through to the World Creation Realm. Because of Black Ink’s characteristics, it was born with such an advantage, so not long after she returned, she sealed herself and left behind her final trump card. This trump card is probably the reason why Black Ink has fallen into a deep sleep,” Wu Kuang recalled the past, or rather, he was combing through the remaining information in the Soul Remnant, “Mu is indeed powerful, preparing for a rainy day. However, she is still a woman and is somewhat indecisive, so her methods are more conservative. The trump card she left behind can only keep Black Ink in check for a period of time, but it can’t completely solve the problem. Compared to her, the path Shi had taken is a different one.”

“Reincarnation?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly.

Wu Kuang nodded, “The ten of them used the World Tree’s power to comprehend the Dao of Open Heaven. This is a blessing bestowed upon them by the Heavens, but because of this, it is impossible for them to break through the Open Heaven Stage in their entire lives. No matter how far they walk on this path, they will forever remain at the Ninth Order Open Heaven. If they want to break through this shackle, they must find other methods, which is why Shi chose to reincarnate, hoping to find a way to break through the shackles of Ninth Order in the next life.”

Yang Kai asked, “Does Senior have any ideas?”

Wu Kuang smiled and said, “Since ancient times, the Human Race’s strongest force has only reached the Ninth Order. Nine is the highest number, so how could it be so easy to break through? Not to mention, I’m only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator now.”

After hesitating for a moment, he continued, “Perhaps I’ll be able to discover something when I reach the Ninth Order, but my current realm is still too low.”

Yang Kai also knew that this matter couldn’t be rushed, but if Shi wanted to find a way to break through the Ninth Order's shackles, reincarnation was indeed a way out.

The World Creation Realm, Yang Kai couldn’t help yearning for it.

However, he suddenly remembered that his Eighth Order Open Heaven was the limit of his life. Breaking through to the Ninth Order was just a dream, so how could he covet an even stronger realm like the World Creation Realm?

Wu Kuang seemed to see through his thoughts and turned around, asking, “In your life, you’ve reached your limit, the Eighth Order. Don’t think about anything else.”

After obtaining some information from Shi's Soul Remnant, Wu Kuang now had the demeanor of a Senior.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “There’s still some hope.”

“Universe Furnace?” Wu Kuang sneered, “The Open Heaven Pill born from Heaven and Earth in the Universe Furnace can indeed help a cultivator break through their shackles, but the Universe Furnace is the most mysterious thing in the world, it is ethereal and invisible, so who knows when it will appear? Taking a step back, even if it does appear, there are countless veteran Eighth Order master in the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so how could you have a share of that Open Heaven Pill? The number of Open Heaven Pills there is limited.”

Yang Kai secretly thought to himself that if the Universe Furnace really appeared and the Human Race obtained some Open Heaven Pills from it, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to use some to break through. After all, he had always had the ability to fight across realms, so if he could really break through to the Ninth Order, it would be more useful than an ordinary Ninth Order.

The only problem was that there really was no way to find the Universe Furnace, so no one knew when or where it would appear.

“In addition to the Universe Furnace, there is actually another method,” Wu Kuang suddenly smiled.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and immediately bowed, “Senior, please enlighten me!”


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