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After several more years, the two of them finally passed through the ancient battlefield.

Wu Kuang finally couldn’t bear it any longer and asked, “Boy, what are you trying to do? We’ve been travelling for almost ten years, are you sure the No-Return Pass is in this direction?”

Over the past ten years, the Subtree in his Small Universe had grown quite a bit, and the living creatures he had taken in had gradually stabilized, but he hadn’t even encountered a single Black Ink Clan member, so Wu Kuang had lost his patience.

Yang Kai also knew that there was no way he could continue lying, so he could only say, “We're not going to the No-Return Pass.”

Wu Kuang was furious, “You lied to me!”

Yang Kai ignored him and simply said, “When the world first opened, the Primal Chaos suddenly separated, giving birth to the World's First Light, and at the same time the deepest Darkness…”

He recounted the many secrets he had learned from Cang.

Even though Wu Kuang had lived longer than Yang Kai, he had never heard of such a thing. For a moment, he was completely absorbed in the story and didn’t have the time to become angry with Yang Kai.

Ancient Holy Spirits Era, Ancient Monster Race Eaa, Ancient Human Race Era…

The rule of these three races represented the change of the three ancient eras.

Although Yang Kai’s narration was simple, Wu Kuang seemed to have personally experienced the unfolding of that era’s painting and finally understood the origins of Black Ink.

After Yang Kai finished speaking, Wu Kuang pondered for a long time before saying, “As you said, if we want to completely eliminate the Black Ink Clan, we must find the World’s First Light?”


Wu Kuang frowned, “How do we find this thing?”

“I’ve made some progress, but this is not something you should be concerned about.”

Wu Kuang thought to himself, 'I don’t really care.'

However, Yang Kai asked, “Wu Kuang, was the Heaven Devouring Battle Law really created by you?”

Wu Kuang snorted, “Naturally it was created by this King. Is there anyone in this world who can teach this King this Cultivation Technique?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “The Star Boundary is located in a remote corner of the 3000 Worlds, and the Martial Dao is in decline. No matter how talented you are, Wu Kuang, you have never come into contact with the outside world, so how could you have created such an ancient technique like the Heaven Devouring Battle Law? Have you ever wondered why this cultivation technique has been able to help you increase your cultivation so quickly until now?”

In the past, the strongest cultivator in the Star Boundary had only been a Great Emperor. If the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was at the Great Emperor level, it would be understandable, as it was not beyond the scope of the Star Boundary’s Martial Dao. However, even if Wu Kuang had broken through to Open Heaven, it would still be of great help to him, which was somewhat abnormal.

This time, Wu Kuang didn’t try to act tough and simply frowned, “What are you trying to say?”

Yang Kai said, “I don’t think this Cultivation Technique was created by you, or rather, it was created by you, but… perhaps it’s not the current you!”

Wu Kuang’s heart trembled as he stared deeply at Yang Kai, a dangerous light flashing across his eyes.

Yang Kai doesn't care.

After a long time, Wu Kuang finally managed to suppress the thoughts in his heart. Yang Kai revealing the biggest secret of his life had truly shocked him.

After a long time, Wu Kuang finally said, “You’re right, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law may not have been created by this King. When this King was young, he often comprehended some cultivation technique fragments in his sleep, and that was the foundation of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Cultivating this technique will allow one’s cultivation to increase day by day, and when one becomes a Great Emperor, the Heaven Devouring Battle Law will be completely perfected!”

It wasn’t that Wu Kuang hadn’t thought about how he was able to comprehend such an unparalleled technique in his sleep. It was through this technique that he was able to become a Great Emperor.

In his era, he was a supreme existence.

In the battle between the Great Emperors in the Star Fragments Sea, he had single-handedly killed five Great Emperors of that time, relying on the power of his Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

Over the years, as his cultivation rose, he had often seen scenes he had never experienced before. He had a vague guess that his origins were somewhat extraordinary.

Wu Kuang had also come into contact with the theory of the past life and the next life, so he naturally suspected that he was the reincarnation of some powerful master, but unfortunately, he had no evidence.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai had exposed him.

“Do you know something?” Wu Kuang asked seriously.

Yang Kai remained silent and continued to lead him forward.

Wu Kuang hesitated for a moment before deciding not to ask any further. He knew that when it was time to speak, Yang Kai would definitely tell him. Since he didn’t want to say anything now, it is not the time yet.

After half a year, Yang Kai finally stopped, and Wu Kuang also stopped.

Just as he was about to ask, he suddenly felt something and looked up, his eyes narrowing.

In front of them was a vast void filled with the remains of human race Battleships and countless broken limbs and pieces of flesh from the Black Ink Clan.

Wu Kuang even saw an extremely massive mountain pass, but this mountain pass had been torn apart by a great force and was now broken into several pieces!

This was a battlefield!

Wu Kuang instantly came to a realization. Moreover, this battlefield shouldn’t be from a long time ago, because Wu Kuang found those Battleships very familiar. When he was serving the Spatial Territory’s Great Evolution Army, the Human Race’s soldiers had used these Battleships to kill enemies.

“This is…” Wu Kuang turned to look at Yang Kai.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said bitterly, “The battlefield outside the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, this is also the forefront of the Human Race army’s expedition. It was here that the Human Race’s armies suffered their first defeat.”

Wu Kuang suddenly understood. He had heard of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction’s battle, but after following Yang Kai for more than ten years, he had actually come here.

Yang Kai raised his hand and pointed forward, “Behind this battlefield is the Origin of the Black Ink Clan, where Black Ink’s true self is sealed.”

Wu Kuang’s heart trembled.

The Origin of the Black Ink Clan were no longer a secret. The Royal Lords, Territory Lords, and even the Ink Giant Spiritual God were all created by Black Ink. If even the Ink Giant Spiritual God could be created, it showed just how powerful Black Ink true body was.

“In the late period of the Ancient Era, there were ten people who believed in the will of heaven, got the help of the World Tree, and comprehended the Dao of Open Heaven, all of them is the Human Race's Martial Ancestors! These ten people were well aware of the dangers of Black Ink, so they worked together to set up the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction here to seal Black Ink. However, although they sealed Black Ink, they were unable to completely destroy it. For a million years, these ten people had been guarding this place, and as time passed, one after another, they fell. In the end, only one of them remained. The Human Race’s army came here on an expedition, and they meet the Martial Ancestor called Cang. It was from him that they learned the secrets of the changes of that Ancient Era.”

“Unfortunately, after the battle of the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Cang also fell. At this point, the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction no longer has anyone guarding it. Although Black Ink has fallen into a deep sleep because of the trump card left behind by another master, no one knows when it will awaken again. If there is no one guarding this place, when Black Ink awakens, it will be the momment it breaks free. At that time, no one in the 3000 Worlds will be able to resist Black Ink’s power.”

“Fortunately, before Cang fell, he gave me something, and now… I’ll give it to you!”

Saying so, Yang Kai stretched out a finger and pointed it towards Wu Kuang. Wu Kuang instinctively wanted to dodge, but how could Yang Kai allow him to? Under the manipulation of the Space Principle, his entire body was locked in place.

Wu Kuang could only watch helplessly as Yang Kai tapped his forehead with his finger.

In an instant, Wu Kuang’s entire body trembled as his eyes went blank.

“Shi, why aren’t you waking up?” Yang Kai shouted.

Although his voice was soft, it echoed in Wu Kuang’s mind like a great bell. As the golden light Yang Kai had pointed out exploded, scenes from the distant past flashed across Wu Kuang’s mind.

This golden light was a remnant of Shi’s Soul, preserving everything it had.

In the past, Cang had used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in front of Yang Kai, allowing him to see through some of it.

Cang was also quite surprised. After all, this Cultivation Technique had been created by an old friend of his. Now, after a million years, there had been no news of this old friend, but Yang Kai was able to recognize the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. This was a huge piece of information.

After talking with Yang Kai, Cang learned that there was a guy named Wu Kuang in this world who cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

At that time, Cang was certain that Wu Kuang was the reincarnation of Shi, because the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was the unique Cultivation Technique of Shi.

It was for all these reasons that Cang had given Yang Kai the little bit of Shi's Soul Remnant at the last moment.

At that time, Yang Kai didn’t know anything, but because of this incident, he had been targeted by the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and had been chased all the way to the Celestial Phenomenon Sea.

Over the years, Yang Kai had learned about the heavy responsibility Cang had entrusted to him when he died, so when he was in the Shattered Heaven, he had begun to inquire about Wu Kuang, hoping to find him.

In the end, due to fate, Yang Kai met Wu Kuang in a certain Great Domain. It was unknown whether it was fate or not.

Now that he had returned that little bit of Soul Rempant, he had completed his final task from Cang. Looking towards the distant Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai sighed lightly.

Although Wu Kuang was the reincarnation of Shi, he was not the real person.

Back then, in order to find a way to completely eliminate Black Ink, before he died, Shi had sent away a trace of his Soul and wanted to reincarnate.

After hundreds of thousands of years without any news, Cang thought the Shi had failed.

Now that Wu Kuang had been brought back by Yang Kai, he had also returned the Soul Remnant he had kept, Yang Kai wasn’t certain if Wu Kuang would do as Cang wished.

The Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction had to be guarded by someone, otherwise, once Black Ink regained consciousness, the unmanned Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction would not be able to imprison it.

This guardian was none other than Wu Kuang.

Yang Kai secretly made up his mind. If Wu Kuang wasn’t willing, then he would fight until he was willing. In any case, this guy wasn’t his opponent.

As the Soul Remnant exploded, information about Shi filled Wu Kuang’s mind, causing his expression to constantly change.

After several days, Wu Kuang suddenly came back to his senses, clearly somewhat at a loss.

Thinking about how he, the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, had spent his entire life indulging in pleasure, but now that he was suddenly burdened with a heavy burden, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Yang Kai looked at him quietly for a while before asking, “Do you understand?”

Wu Kuang nodded.

Now he understood. All the questions he had in his life were answered at this moment. Why was he able to obtain the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in his sleep when he was a child? Why was it that his advancement had no shackles? He had broken through to Fifth Order Open Heaven directly, but he felt that he could break through to the Ninth Order. After getting the soul remnant, he now knew more than Yang Kai.

Whether he was the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor or Shi, Wu Kuang couldn’t say for sure.


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