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Numerous Universe Worlds had fallen, and most of these Unvierse Worlds were filled with towering Ink Nest. The rich Ink Force filled the entirety of these Universe World, turning countless living creatures into Black Ink Disciple.

Along the way, Yang Kai and Wu Kuang were shocked by what they saw.

If there was something he could conveniently destroy, Yang Kai would not hesitate to take action, but he did not specifically target the Black Ink Clan’s Ink Nest.

Now he had more important things to do.

A few days later, the two of them arrived outside a Universe World. This Universe World also had Ink Nest on it, but from the looks of it, it hadn’t been here for too long. The aura of the Ink Force wasn’t too strong, and the World Great Dao was quite well preserved.

Yang Kai looked at it carefully for a moment before saying, “Now that you have a Subtree to seal your Small Universe, do you want to take in some living creatures? If there are living creatures living in your Small Universe, they can help you increase your cultivation faster.”

How could Wu Kuang not think of this? The High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe had transformed from illusory into a solid physical body and was now qualified to raise living creatures. However, cultivators often needed to fight, so the Small Universe would often become restless. Without treasures like the Subtree or Universe Four Pillars to seal the Small Universe, even if he raised a living creatures inside, they wouldn’t be able to live for long.

Only the Small Universe, that is perfectly round and unaffected by external forces, could ensure the safety of these living creatures.

Since Yang Kai had given him a Subtree, Wu Kuang had thought of raising a living creature, but before he could act, Yang Kai had already act on it.

Now that Yang Kai had said so, he understood his intentions and secretly thought that this little brat was quite generous, bringing him to this place.

Immediately nodding, he said, “I’ll make a trip!”

Saying so, he rushed towards the Universe World.

If Yang Kai and Wu Kuang ignored this Universe World, it wouldn’t be long before the World Great Dao was completely destroyed and the Universe World died. At that time, all the living beings living on this Universe World would become Black Ink Disciple.

In this vast world, there were countless such Universe World.

Wu Kuang entered the Universe World and began taking in living creatures. Yang Kai could clearly see that all of the bustling and crowded cities were being taken into his Small Universe.

Wu Kuang didn’t let go of the Ink Nest and the Black Ink Clan who were currently rampaging through this Universe World.

In any case, his Heaven Devouring Battle Law was capable of devouring anything. To others, the Ink Force was difficult to dispel, but he was able to refine it into his own strength.

In less than ten days, there was not a single living creature left on the entire Universe World, all of which had been collected by Wu Kuang into his Small Universe.

Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised. Although the number of living creatures in this world wasn’t very large, there were at least a billion of them. Wu Kuang’s ability to collect all of them with his Seventh Order Open Heaven showed that his Small Universe's foundation is not small and solid.

When Wu Kuang returned happily, Yang Kai began refining this world.

Wu Kuang was puzzled, “This World’s World Great Dao has already been damaged and there are no living creatures here, why did you refine it?”

Yang Kai said mysteriously, “I have my own uses!”

Wu Kuang couldn’t be bothered with him and sat down cross-legged next to him, beginning to sort out the various things on his Small Universe. Now that he had taken in a billion living creatures, he needed to properly settle them down. At the very least, he needed to provide these living creatures with everything they needed for their initial stage in living there.

He calmed himself down and busied himself.

Two days later, a World Bead appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. This World Bead was refined by that Universe World, but this World Bead was different from the one he had refined before. It was completely empty inside, without any living creatures.

After greeting Wu Kuang, he continued on his way.

After passing through the nearby Great Domain, Yang Kai quickly led Wu Kuang into the Black Territory.

As expected, there was no trace of the Black Ink Clan in the Black Territory, only an endless void, it was likely that the Black Ink Clan was not interested in this place.

A few days later, the two of them arrived at the center of the Black Territory, the Void Tunnel that connected to the Ink Battlefield.

Previously, Yang Kai had used this Void Tunnel to return from the Ink Battlefield to the 3000 Worlds, but he had never imagined that after only a few years, he would have to return from here to the Ink Battlefield. This was truly the work of fate.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai turned to Wu Kuang and asked, “Are you willing to enter my Small Universe?”

He was currently an Eighth Order, while Wu Kuang was a Seventh Order, so taking him into his Small Universe was not a problem. This also made it easier for him to act. After all, the Void Tunnel was filled with dangers, so if he had to divert his attention to take care of Wu Kuang, it would be somewhat inconvenient.

Wu Kuang frowned, “Why?”

Under normal circumstances, if it weren’t for mutual trust, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator wouldn’t allow others to enter their Small Universe, because if the person they accepted were to cause trouble in their Small Universe, it was highly likely they would bring great trouble to themselves.

Those with lower grades were unwilling to easily enter other people’s Small Universe, doing so was equivalent to handing over their lives to the other party.

So even though he knew Yang Kai wouldn’t harm him, Wu Kuang still couldn’t help asking.

Wu Kuang nodded to Yang Kai in understanding, “If you’re not afraid, why should I be?”

“Then do it,” Yang Kai opened the door to his Small Universe and Wu Kuang did not hesitate to enter.

Without Wu Kuang as a burden, Yang Kai activated his Space Principle and reopened the Void Tunnel he had previously sealed up before entering.

Along the way, he continued to block off the road.

This Void Tunnel was an extremely confidential route to the Ink Battlefield, and Yang Kai naturally didn’t want it to be easily exposed.

After an unknown period of time, Yang Kai finally passed through the Void Tunnel and once again arrived at the Ink Battlefield. The first thing he did was release Wu Kuang from his Small Universe and glare at him, “This old thief is too shameless!”

It's no wonder that Yang Kai is so angry. When he was traversing the Void Tunnel, Wu Kuang had actually used his Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour his Small Universe’s foundation.

This was simply inhuman.

Although he had been suppressed by Yang Kai in time, Wu Kuang still tasted some sweetness.

Facing Yang Kai’s scolding, Wu Kuang’s expression remained unchanged as he simply chuckled, “Where are we going now?”

Yang Kai glared at him hatefully, feeling that the older he got, the thicker his skin became. If it weren’t for this guy’s usefulness, he would have beaten him up to vent his anger.

He had originally planned to have Wu Kuang stay in his Small Universe so that it would be more convenient for him to travel, but with Wu Kuang’s virtue, how could he be at ease to keep him in his Small Universe?

Fortunately, the foundation swallowed by Wu Kuang wasn’t too deep, otherwise Yang Kai wouldn’t have been willing to let this matter go.

After a moment of anger, Yang Kai turned around and said, “Follow me.”

Along the way, the two streaks of light flew forward.

After a few days, Wu Kuang suddenly realized something and asked, “Is this the Ink Battlefield?”

He had never been to the Ink Battlefield before, but after all, he had once served in the Spatial Territory’s Great Evolution Army and had spent some time with Blood Crow and the others. He had more or less heard about the Ink Battlefield and knew that the Human Race had suffered a great loss in the Ink Battlefield, so they had chosen to retreat to the Spatial Territory.

The void here was completely silent, and all the Universe World he encountered along the way had died. There were even many traces of mining. Wu Kuang wasn’t an idiot, so he naturally guessed that this was the Ink Battlefield.

“This is the Ink Battlefield!” Yang Kai nodded.

Wu Kuang’s interest was immediately piqued, “Are we going to directly attack the root of the problem?”

Yang Kai had brought him to the Ink Battlefield for no reason, even using a World Tree Subtree as a reward, so it was obvious he had made some big move.

Now that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had been exterminated and the two Ink Giant Spiritual God had been restrained, the strongest person on the Black Ink Clan’s side was the Territory Lord.

Yang Kai’s ability was extraordinary, and Wu Kuang had personally witnessed him easily kill a Territory Lord, so he immediately misunderstood, thinking that Yang Kai had brought him here to do something shocking.

This is right to his appetite. When Yang Kai had killed the Territory Lord, he hadn’t dared to casually devour them because his strength had grown too quickly over the years, so he needed to stabilize himself.

However, now that he had obtained the World Tree Subtree, his Small Universe is perfect and flawless. Wu Kuang could even clearly sense that the World Tree Subtree had the ability to condense the World Force, so how could he need to stabilize his cultivation now? Naturally, the more he swallowed, the better.

Yang Kai glanced at him casually and nodded, “Yes, we're going to attack the root of the problem directly!”

He didn’t explain too much, only hoping that after this guy learned the truth, he wouldn’t hate him too much. After all, this was his life!

Along the way, Yang Kai didn’t forget to leave behind his Space Spirit Bead.

He still had to return. With the help of the Space Spirit Bead, he could save a lot of time.

As the days passed, Wu Kuang was filled with anticipation, thinking that following Yang Kai would allow him to eat meat and drink soup, but who would have thought that along the way, he would not even encounter half of a Black Ink Clan, only the endless void.

He gradually realized that something was wrong, and after asking several times, Yang Kai only said that the Ink Battlefield was too big. Now that the Black Ink Clan was gathered at the No-Return pass, it would take a long time for the two of them to arrive.

How could Wu Kuang know where the No-Return Pass is?

He had only heard from others that this place was originally the only channel connecting the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield. Originally, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had led many Holy Spirits to guard this place, but under the powerful attacks of the Black Ink Clan, it had fallen.

Therefore, although he still had some doubts in his heart, he could only obediently follow Yang Kai. After all, at this point, he wouldn’t dare to travel alone.

In this endless void, those who weren’t familiar with the Ink Battlefield would likely lose their way.

Several years later, the two of them passed through the endless void and stepped into the battlefield left behind by the Ancient Era. Wu Kuang gradually experienced the dangers of this Ancient Battlefield, and also experienced the beauty of many Celestial Phenomenon existences that could not be seen in the 3000 Worlds.

These things amazed him.

Currently, the Ancient Battlefield was no longer just a place left behind from the Ancient Era. There were also traces of the Human Race’s evacuation from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction several hundred years ago, as well as the battle between them and the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai saw many broken Battleship remains!

While the Human Race army was retreating from the Heavenly Beginning Great Restriction, Yang Kai was being pursued by the Goathead Royal Lord, so he didn’t know how the Human Race army had been routed.

But now, seeing the traces left behind by these battles, it was easy to imagine the desperate resistance of the Human Race’s army.


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