Zhu Jian seemed somewhat unwilling. Three thousand years was not a short time even for a Holy Spirit.

But before it could say anything, Yang Kai said, “If you can’t even guarantee three thousand years, then there’s no need to say anything.”

Seeing that there was no room for negotiation, Zhu Jian sighed in resignation, “Then three thousand years.”

Only then did Yang Kai put it down and put away the Golden Crow True Fire. After that, the two sides each swore a bloodline oath to their respective Source. Yang Kai needed to take Zhu Jian away from the Great Ruins Boundary, and within three thousand years, Zhu Jian would swear allegiance to Yang Kai and then be free.

“Lead me to the resting place of the other Holy Spirits,” Yang Kai ordered.

Zhu Jian understood that Yang Kai wasn’t just trying to subdue it, but all of the Holy Spirits in the Great Ruins Boundary, probably no one can escape.

However, this was not necessarily a bad thing for the Great Ruins Boundary's Holy Spirits. They had been unable to escape from the Great Ruins Boundary for so many years, so no one would want to miss such an opportunity.

Realizing this, Zhu Jian didn’t waste any time and immediately led Yang Kai towards the nearest Holy Spirit.

After about an hour or so, in front of a cave, Yang Kai quietly waited while Zhu Jian entered to discuss matters with the Holy Spirit inside. After a while, a big snake with three heads and a body length of 1000 zhang swam out of the cave, its head held high as it stared down at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai recognized at a glance that this was Feiyi, and Qu Huachang was the Bearer it had chosen in the past.

The three heads of Feiyi's tongue flickered as it spoke, “Do you have the ability to take us out of the Great Ruins Boundary?”

Yang Kai said, “Under the bloodline oath of the Source, no one dares speak nonsense.”

Feiyi nodded, “If that’s the case, working for you for three thousand years is not impossible.”

With Zhu Jian mediating between them, it saved Yang Kai a lot of trouble. The two sides once again made a bloodline oath, no different from before.

Half a month later, Yang Kai wandered around the Great Ruins Boundary and saw one Holy Spirit after another. With the previous Holy Spirits he had subdued acting as a middleman, the following matters became easier.

Because Zhu Jian was the first to submit to Yang Kai, it played an important role in the process of subjugating. As such, it had a vague sense of responsibility as the leader of the many Holy Spirits.

By the time Yang Kai returned to the old tree, there were already more than a hundred Holy Spirits behind him. These Holy Spirits all had different shapes and sizes, and their rankings on the Holy Spirit List were also different. However, it was undeniable that each of these Holy Spirits was comparable to at least a human race Seventh Order Open Heaven master.

More than a hundred of them were already quite powerful.

Wu Kuang was still frozen in place, unable to move. When he saw Yang Kai return, he was so angry that if it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t speak, he would have already cursed him.

Yang Kai arrived in front of the World Tree and bowed, “Old Tree, I want to send them to the Star Boundary. Please lend me a hand.”

On the World Tree’s trunk, Old Tree’s face appeared, “Do as you please.”

Yang Kai nodded and connected his consciousness to the World Fruit on the World Tree, which corresponded to the Star Boundary, and activated his Space Principle. In an instant, a Void Tunnel appeared.

He turned his head to look at the Holy Spirits behind him and said, “From now on, you will be entering the 3000 Worlds. Right now, the 3000 Worlds are in a state of war, so you will need to work hard to resist the enemy. Once you arrive on the other side, immediately head to the Star Boundary’s High Heaven Palace and look for a woman called Hua Qing Si. Tell her that I asked you to assist her in the war, when I’m not there, all of you must listen to her orders. If anyone dares to violate the law or disobey her orders, I will have my own methods to deal with them.”

Many Holy Spirits felt the strange aura coming from the Void Tunnel and were excited. Although Yang Kai had repeatedly promised to bring them out of the Great Ruins Boundary, seeing was believing. Now that they had seen Yang Kai’s methods with their own eyes, they knew that he was not lying.

Through this door, they would be able to break free from the shackles of the Great Ruins Boundary and restore the power of the Holy Spirit.

Zhu Jian cupped its fists and said, “Sir, please rest assured. Since we have made a bloodline oath, we naturally dare not violate it.”

Yang Kai nodded and raised his hand, “Go.”

Zhu Jian was the first to rush towards the gate, followed by others. The many Holy Spirits all converged and transformed into figures that could pass through the void tunnel, disappearing one by one.

After the hundred Holy Spirits had left, Yang Kai sealed the door.

Ignoring the effects of the appearance of these hundred Holy Spirits outside the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had already grabbed Wu Kuang and said to the World Tree, “Old Tree, I need to go to the Black Territory, I need to ask for your guidance.”

Each of the World Tree’s fruits corresponded to a World Great Dao that had yet to collapse. These Universe Worlds were scattered across various Great Domains, but they did not include the Black Territory.

Because the entire Black Territory was a Dead Territory, there was no Universe World there, only emptiness.

Just like how Yang Kai couldn’t directly go to the Ink Battlefield, he couldn’t enter the Black Territory right now, so the best way was to head to the Great Domain next to the Black Territory before entering it.

However, he didn’t know which World Fruit corresponded to the applicable Universe World, so he could only ask the Old Tree. The World Fruit is tied with him, so he knew better than anyone which World Fruit corresponded to which Universe World.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Old Tree didn’t say anything, but on the towering tree’s body, a fruit faintly flashed.

Yang Kai understood and looked up to see that the fruit was completely black, and there was a faint Ink Force leaking from it. The entire fruit was on the verge of withering, and such fruits were not uncommon. Obviously, it was because of the Black Ink Clan's invasion, the World Force had been lost and the World Great Dao is about to dissapear.

This was the worst case scenario, and there were some that were slightly better, only showing a sickly color. However, it would not be long before these sickly fruits turned completely black and eventually withered away.

“Take care, Old Tree!” Yang Kai said before grabbing Wu Kuang and throwing him towards the World Fruit.

The small World Fruit rapidly expanded in front of their eyes, transforming into a real Universe World.

By the time Yang Kai and Wu Kuang came back to their senses, they had already appeared on the outskirts of a Universe World. Looking up, they could see that there was an indomitable Ink Nest in the middle of the Universe World that was madly devouring the remaining World Force in this world, the rich Ink Force enveloping it.

Although he had seen many similar scenes over the years, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing.

The World Great Dao had almost been destroyed, so there is no need to refine the Universe World filled with the Ink Force.

All of the creatures in it had long since been transformed into Black Ink Disciples, becoming slaves of the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, had the ability to directly destroy this Universe World, but in this way, the Black Ink Clan who had been transformed would also be exterminated.

There were hundreds of millions of them, so how could Yang Kai make such ruthless action?

At this moment, Wu Kuang had already broken free from Yang Kai’s control and flew into a rage, “Boy, this king will never forgive you!”

Yang Kai’s words immediately extinguished his anger.

“I’ll give you a World Tree Subtree!”

Wu Kuang was stunned for a moment before his anger dissipated and he asked in disbelief, “Really?”

During this trip, Yang Kai had obtained three Subtrees from the World Tree. Although Wu Kuang was still thinking about them, he knew that Yang Kai would definitely not split them with him. If it weren’t for the fact that his strength was inferior to Yang Kai’s, he would have already taken action to snatch them.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai took the initiative, causing Wu Kuang to feel somewhat flattered.

If the Subtree could seal his Small Universe, Wu Kuang would no longer need to worry about the Small Universe showing signs of instability due to his sudden increase in strength, and the Heaven Devouring Battle Law would be able to display its full power. In the future, he would not need to worry too much about it.

Yang Kai didn’t answer, “But you have to come with me to a place.”

Wu Kuang immediately became vigilant, “Where?”

“Don’t ask too much, you’ll know when we get there.” Saying so, Yang Kai took out a World Tree Subtree and tossed it to Wu Kuang.

Wu Kuang quickly caught it and after confirming that it was a Subtree, he was overjoyed and quickly put it away into the Small Universe. In an instant, Wu Kuang’s aura seemed to become deeper.

When he first obtained this Subtree, he felt that his Small Universe had become much rounder and flawless. In a few years, if this Subtree really matured, the benefits would be endless.

He had also learned from the World Tree about the mysteries of the Subtree, which was extracting the power of other Universe Worlds. With the Subtree, he would be able to save many years of cultivation, and it would be easy for him to break through to the Ninth Order.

Other cultivators had the shackles of Open Heaven, but Wu Kuang didn’t, he didn’t know what exactly was going on. In the past, when he had obtained Great Demon God Mo Sheng’s body, he had broken through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage. Logically speaking, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was his limit.

But now that he was already a Seventh Order, he felt that his Martial Dao had yet to reach its limit, and he could still break through to the Eighth Order, or even Ninth Order.

Over the years, Wu Kuang had also considered this problem, but in the end, he could only conclude that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law he had created had broken the shackles of the Open Heaven Stage.

Unfortunately, only Wu Kuang was able to cultivate this Heaven Devouring Battle Law in peace. Anyone else who cultivated this technique would make rapid progress, but the higher their cultivation, the stronger the backlash, because there was only one Stainless Golden Lotus in this world.

After obtaining the Subtree, Wu Kuang glanced sideways at Yang Kai, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away?”

Yang Kai sneered, “You can try!”

Wu Kuang’s expression became ugly. Although he was a Seventh Order, Yang Kai was already an Eighth Order, so he really didn’t have the confidence to escape under Yang Kai’s nose, especially since this guy was proficient in the Space Principle. In terms of escape, there were probably not many in this world who could surpass him.

Immediately accepting his fate, he said, “Since you already give me a Subtree, you can take me where ever you want.”

Yang Kai looked at him deeply, secretly praying that he would not regret his carefree attitude in the future.

Although Yang Kai wouldn’t destroy the Universe World in front of him, he didn’t intend to let go of the Ink Nest that stood tall in the middle of the Universe World. He raised his hand and pressed down, instantly reducing the giant Ink Nest that was hundreds of zhang tall to dust. This caused the Black Ink Clan in this Ink Nest to panic, not knowing which Human Race master was passing by.


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